Sunday, October 21, 2018


Hey y'all. 

It's been awhile since I posted anything, but I thought I'd get back into blogging. It's been 3 YEARS since I did. Years.

Where the hell did the time go?

It's a little weird typing this all out, because I remember when I used to do this so often (back when I first started the blog).


Anyways, I hope to blog more regularly and update this space! It'll be more of a space for me to write down any thoughts, so I can always look back and remember lol.



Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What I got for Christmas 2015! (hi lol)

Hi lol.
As always, I'm back after poofing for so long.
You guys seem to really, really like my haul posts

Today is a different type of "haul" - it's one of those infamous "What I got for Christmas" posts. I've literally watched so many WIGFC videos on Youtube, I legit feel the need to go all

"And just a disclaimer, I'm not trying to brag in any shape, way, or form"

LOL. You know they say that stuff in the beginning of every. single. video. LOL.
But seriously, take it easy man. It's just a Christmas haul-ish post.
It makes a really good gift guide, too. Am I the only one that uses it as a gift guide?


I'll organize this post a bit. Here's a (very loose) Table of Contents.
1. Skincare
2. Makeup
3. The other cool stuff


Saturday, September 26, 2015

[Review] Berrisom OOPS! My lip tint pack SET (6 shades) - UPDATED 2018

This post has been updated as of March 18th, 2016. 

This post has been updated as of May 13, 2018. (Photobucket messed up my blog completely - years later, I am beginning to attempt to salvage it. lol.)

For the longest time, I was dead from asian beauty/makeup/cosmetics news. Basically, I was completely disconnected from ANYTHING.
I was a caveman.

But even within the underdepths of my caveman rock, I HEARD ABOUT THIS!!! The hype about the Berrisom lip tint packs were unreal. So many of my friends came back from Korea this summer raving about them.

"LIP TATTOO! PEEL OFF YOUR LIPS!!!" and interesting, all-caps statements like that. 

So many people were talking about this. Youtubers, GetItBeauty and my friends.

stare at this rainbow forever

The set was provided to me for review by 
For those of you who don't know, this is the same store as the previous "". They just rebranded.
They're known for their insanely low product prices. The shipping pretty much evens it out, but I'd recommend stopping by their store and checking if they have the stuff you need.

Description and Packaging 

Yeah, you might be asking, "what is this??????"
The OOPS! My Lip Tint packs are basically a "lip tattoo". Each colour comes in a 15g tube.

1. You apply the product directly on your lips. 
2. Wait 10 minutes. 
3. Peel it off.
4. You now have a tinted lip that will last FOREVER. 
(i.e., 12 hours.)

There are currently a total of 9 colours.
The set comes with 6. 

The OOPS! My Lip Tint Pack (OMLTP) has gotten so popular.
Berrisom (the company) actually patented the product. 
Meaning: Berrisom is the only company to produce this product. 
Meaning #2: Don't make unauthorized copies of this product. Or u go 2 jail. 

This product was featured in multiple magazines, the #1 bestseller in stores (Eg. Olive Young, and NS Home Shopping) and recommended by Korean star celebrity makeup artists.

Clinical tests were apparently run, and the results:

1. Lasts for 12 hours 
2. Exfoliating - improved keratin 
3. Moisturizing - raised moisture levels for lips


Just to let you know, the lip packs are sold separately as well. However, it's usually a better deal to buy the set (if you want more than 1, etc.)

(From left to right)

#1 - Virgin Red
#2 - Vivid Scarlet
#3 - Lovely Peach
#4 - Pure Pink
#5 - Bubble Pink
#6 - Sexy Red

From what I've heard and seen in numerous different shops, "sexy red" is one of the most popular colours.

Below: "Virgin red" (lol)

Swatches and tips (for application)

It took forever swatching these (lip swatches) because I literally needed 1 day at a time to use 1 colour!
When they call it a "lip tattoo", they really mean lip tattoo. The colour will not budge without some next level power.

Okay, so it was really difficult applying these. Especially the first time, with the first colour "Virgin red". It feels a little tingly when you put it on. I have no idea why.

And no (if you have relatively smooth lips), it doesn't hurt peeling the tint off. 

(From left to right)

#1 - Virgin Red
#2 - Vivid Scarlet
#3 - Lovely Peach
#4 - Pure Pink
#5 - Bubble Pink
#6 - Sexy Red

My top 3 tips for a smooth application?

1. Have smooth lips (Don't be chapped. Really.)
2. Do not overuse! (Put on a thin layer. Not too thin that you can't peel it off properly, but not too much. If you overuse, i'lll lengthen the dry-time by FOREVER.)
3. Use it directly from the applicator. (No, don't use a Q-tip. The threads of the Q-tip will...make it...messier. I tried... sob.)

Natural lip colour, above^

Update may 13, 2018: DEADASS LMFAO WTF MY APPLICATION 10/10

Still clearly messy but gg

Peeled off like a rattlesnake yo

All the swatches

My thoughts?

If you like bright lips with an insane staying power, you really need to try these! Definitely. Each tube  has 15g of product.
Some stores claim that a tube lasts for "20 applications", but... nah... to be honest, I'd be surprised if it got 10.

I really enjoyed trying out the Berrisom lip packs, and will repurchase the colour "pure pink" and "sexy red". 
Personally, I liked the colours a lot more after they had slightly faded, leaving a soft, pretty tint.

My biggest tip?
Seriously ----- if you get your hands on 1 (or more), and want to wear it in public... try it the night before at home, first. 
These aren't like usual liptints/sticks.

"Oh, ewwwww, I don't like the colour on me"
-wipe wipe-

It doesn't work that like here, girl!!!!!!

If you put it on (assuming you did it correctly), the colour will legit LAST. Trust me on that. The worst thing is to YOLO-put-on-a-random-colour before work.

I put on the "Vivid Scarlet" before my NEW JOB, ok? LOOOOOOOOL. 
I'm sorry, but LOL.
Orange-red does not look good on me. No matter what I do. I can't. Not even. No. 
I was so embarrassed for the rest of the day.

Price comparison: - $25.26 USD - $32 USD (BB cosmetic) - $30

(If used correctly: smooth lips beforehand, proper application, no overuse, etc.)

- Insane lasting power (12 hours)
- Vivid colours
- Exfoliates lips
- Moisturizes lips
- Easy to wear (no transfer, no replication)  *UPDATED
- Weightless, doesn't feel like you have anything on (obviously)
- 9 different shades to choose from (If purchased individually)

- Difficult to apply at first (but you'll get used to it!)
- Not recommended for "quick make up" routines
- Takes forever to dry
- If you mess up, you mess up. FOR A LONG TIME. (Hard to erase completely off)
- Weird scent for some of the colours ("Vivid Scarlet" smelt like blood...)


Hi, this is March 18th 2016 June speaking.
I originally gave this product a 5/5, but with a warning that the product needs to be used "properly". (You need moisturized lips, no chappiness, etc.) I gave it a 5/5 because it met all the promises it had, like lasting long, moisturizing lips (it didn't dry me out), and vivid colours.

But that was, TBH, way too high of a rating.

I'm giving it a solid 3/5 now. Maybe 2/5. 
I don't usually update my reviews, I'm consistent with what I like, and what I don't like. What I think is good, what I think is not good.

But man.
I used it again a couple times (usually when I'm bored, never "serious" makeup application... which says a lot), and it's just not 5/5 material.
It's hard to use and it's not practical. The lasting power is, obviously as a "lip tattoo", awesome. But if you mess up, you really mess up. It's not worth it.
If I had an important date, meeting, a day when my makeup had to be on point... hell, I would stay away from this.

Knowing how clumsy I am, using this product on an important day... it'll mess up my life LOL. It's a cute and quirky product though. Great for some days, and some situations.
BAD for others.


What about you?
Have you tried these lip tints? What'd you think about it? Which colour is your favourite? 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

[Review] "Beauteque" BB bag! - August 2015

Hello guys, I'm back with a review - this time, it's on a company called "Beauteque" and it's "BB bags". 

I've said it before on my blog, but subscription boxes aren't really my "thing". A lot of my friends do, they love that stuff.

But uhm... $20 for a box can get me lunch/dinner/lots of Pocky. So going into this review, know that I have super high expectations HAHAA. I want to see value, I say!

Beauteque sent me a BB bag, and I'm here to give you all the details. 

I use "bag" and "box" interchangeably. 

What's a "BB Bag"?

It's a monthly subscription service that gives "at least 6 full sized luxury products". These can include skincare, makeup... and even jewelry!

Each BB bag has approximately $65-85 worth of products! You get a lot more than what you pay for.

There are a lot of different subscription options. Each of the options are prepaid.
- Month to month option, you're gonna be billed on the 15th.
- Subscribe after the 5th? You're going to get the next month's bag.
(If you subscribe on June 6th, you're not going to get the June BB bag. You'll get the July one.)

Easy peasy.

Can I choose what's in my BB bag?

You have some options.
On the 15th of every month, they will send you an email survey. Fill it out and you can have some option-power over your bag.
- Options: lotion scent, lipstick colour, perfume "flavour", etc.
- If you don't fill it out within the deadline, Beauteque will choose for you.


- Month to month = $24/month
- 3 Months = $24/Month
- 6 Months = $24/Month
- 12 Months = $22/Month
Shipping charges apply. 
Yo... I wrote "Month" so many times... it's starting to look weird to me. Does that happen to you too? I'm legitimately tripping out here.

Tip: Use coupon "JUNNIKU10" to get discount to get an additional gift in the bag!


Bags get shipped on the end of the 2nd week (of each month).
- Beauteque ships to: USA, Canada, Europe, Australia

August 2015 BB bag

This is such a pretty bag. Ugh. I would have loved it so much.
Unfortunately, they had put the info card on top of the bag, and in transit... I guess it imprinted onto it.

IT'S SO SAD. :( 

Not sure how any of the products here can be appropriately themed as "treasure" or anything nautical, or "under the sea" or even pirate...
But yeah!
I like the theme concept LOL... pretty cute. 

The information card gives you a brief about each of the items in the bag, and how to use. AWESOME.
They also give you a "value" for each item, so you know the approximate cost of the bag. 

= $71

Additional pictures 

-Han Aka V-Line chin patch 
-Botanical Choice "shiny and hydrating hair mask"
-Purederm "Clean & fresh apple peeling gel"

The Han aka V-line patch is actually curious... very curious. I heard from another person that they actually work, even though its for a limited time. WANT TO TRY. 
Purederm stuff... it's ok. I already tried the peeling gel, it's fine. The hair mask is an automatic give-away to Mr. Junniku. I hate using hair products other than shamp+condi. 

The SAEM "Cover perfection TIP concealer" 

I lost my two (2!!!!!!!) MUFE concealers, and... yo girl don't have enough $$ to buy another one. Ok? So I was concealer-less.
BUT THANK THE HEAVENS THIS WAS IN THE BAG. It's so good, so creamy... so... YES. It's an awesome concealer, and thankfully matches my colour. Will be buying a separate one of these in the future! YES. 
I had no idea this concealer was so popular, but whaaaaoow. Thank you for including this in the BB bag, Beauteque!!!!!!

Update: May 13, 2018 - YEARS LATER, I still love this concealer. Went to Korea last summer and stocked up. It's so cheap. 

Holika Holika "Wonder drawing" no smudge liquid eyeliner 

I can't use eyeliners like this to save my life. But I guess I can practise lol.

Mizon all in one snail repair cream (tube)

The famous Mizon snail cream - in a smaller tube format! I reviewed the cream already on my blog here, but I like this format better. Tubes are better than tubs!!!!!!! FOREVER.

Opalis "Best wish" facial oil blotting paper

Oil blotting sheets; comes in super sturdy packaging and it's really nice to use. Same quality as the Sephora collection papers, which... are like... $12? Or something. YAAASS.


If I were have to paid $24 for this box, I think it would be okay. 
I wouldn't be disappointed. 
I'd be pretty happy with my box right here. Happy enough to buy it again.

However, I have to say that the number of masks in this box disappointed me a bit - if I had paid for this box, I would have hoped for other products, preferably not masks. 
If I had wanted so many masks, I had probably gone with their "mask maven" subscription. 

When you see their "at least full sized luxury products!" I don't really think of masks as "full sized"... is it just me?

According to Beauteque, this box is worth $71.25.
The products' listed value is obviously overvalued at times (ahem, the Mizon snail repair cream), but still. Either way...
For $24, it's a pretty fair deal. Sweet.

The fact that they include popular products (Mizon snail cream, the Saem concealer) and a bunch of versatile products (eyeliner, everyone can use another black liquid liner)... 
for me, it's enough to overlook the previously mentioned cons. 

Pros (Why you should subscribe)
- Premium, good quality products
- Comes with at least 6 products 
- Always will be more than $24 retail value; you always get more 
- No 2 BB bags will be the same (month to month)
- Offers options for each bag
- Multiple subscription options (month to month, 3 months, 6 months, etc.)
- Fast customer service
- Company has transparency (they tell you exactly when to expect certain things; emails, surveys, shipping dates, etc.)
- Ships to multiple areas, not limited to North America

- Some products overvalued; so the box may be overvalued (still worth over $24, though)
- Too many masks in this bag (in particular)

Would I buy a BB bag? 

It's $24 for a bag - and you get enough items to make up for the cost! Because they include a lot of Korean products (which I always appreciate), I like it. 
Subscription boxes are a risk, but sometimes you gotta take a risk. How else will you find your next HG? 
Maybe it's in the next BB bag. ;) HEHEHE.

I know that personally, I'll be picking up the "The Saem" concealer. I tried it out thanks to Beauteque, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. 
Please try it!!! 

There's always going to be that ONE product I don't like in a box, but... I mean, I have friends. They can have it, hahahahaha. 

What about you?
Have you heard of Beauteque? Do you subscribe to any bags/boxes already? Do you like them?

Disclaimer: The products above were sent to me for review. All opinions are my own. My opinion cannot be bought.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Junniku's "SUMMER 2015" Giveaway Extravaganza!

Again, I continue to call myself "Junniku" for giveaways. Hmm.

Thank you for sticking with me, even when I was basically non-existent in 2014, and definitely non-existent in 2015.

To celebrate and acknowledge y'all, here is a extravagant giveaway! (I just call it extravagant because it's a big-ish word, and it looks legit in the title)
Again, same with the last giveaway, I have seriously been planning this giveaway forever, but recently bought some stuff in Korea (and Japan) to share!

Giveaway details 
- Giveaway ends: September 1, 2015.
- International giveaway (shipping shouldered by me)
- 2 winners will be chosen by Rafflecopter 
- 2 different prize packs

- You choose what prize pack you'd like (If you win, I'll contact you and you'll pick then)
- First drawn, first pick. Last drawn, last pick.

- Must follow all the mandatory rules. No exceptions. 
- Must be 18+ to enter, or have parental permission to join.
- False entries will automatically merit disqualification.
- All items are 100% new. Not swatched, not expired, etc. 
- Sealed/unopened

There are 2 prize packs. 

Prize Pack 1 ("SKINCARE")
- The Face Shop (TFS) konjac sponge
- TFS Vita B, C and E masks (3)
- TFS special care hand mask 
- TFS foot mask 
- It's Skin Power 10 serum ("LI")
- My Beauty Diary masks (4, Aloe and Apple)
- Biore Aqua Rich Watery Essence sunscreen
- Japanese eyelashes
- TFS eyeshadows (3)
- Nature Republic Botanical Vanilla foundation (w23)
- TFS Rice water bright cleansing foam
- Innisfree "It's Real" mask - tea tree (3)
- IOPE Special cleansing set
- TFS blackhead out strips (7 in a box)
- A lot of samples (Tonymoly, Banila Co, TFS, Innisfree, etc.)

Prize Pack 2 ("MAKEUP") 
- Skinfood Deep Sea Water gel mask
- Innisfree "It's Real" mask - rice and pomegranate (3 in total)
- Missha mushroom mask (2)
- TFS sebum control soothing mask sheet
- TFS Smim deluxe set
- Nature Republic eyeshadows (2)
- Nature Republic nail polishes (2)
- Etude House proof 10 eye primer
- Innisfree lip tint
- TFS oil blotting sheets
- D.U.P. false eyelashes (#923)
- A lot of samples (Skinfood, Purederm, Clio, Etude House, Lioele, etc.)

Giveaway Rules 
Mandatory: Follow me on GFC (publicly) and Bloglovin'. (Both platforms, please.)

- All other entries are "bonus".
- No giveaway blogs/accounts may enter.
- Failing to follow on GFC+BL = disqualified.

- Winners have 48 hours to respond to my email. If no response is given, new people will be chosen.

- Fill in the Rafflecopter entry below. 

Giveaway banner 
(host it on your blog for more entries!)

Shoutout to my Homie Vanessa, who thought of some weird-ass questions to ask you (in the giveaway comments section)
(You can either answer these, or the question in the Rafflecopter)

- If all jobs paid the same, what do you wanna do
- Who are you when no one is watching
- What comes running to your mind when you see blood 

That went from 0 to 100 real quick. LMFAOOO. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

[July 2015] INSANE JULY HAUL (Innisfree, Cure, Dollywink, D.U.P, etc.)


For TOO LONG have I been gone, my buddies!!!! MY PALS!!~
Thank you for still being here, hahaha. I promise I won't leave for that long again! Phew~

Did you miss me? Ya, right? 

As in "yeah, you did, right?"
Not a "ya rite lol."

As I am writing this, I am eating a Tokyo Banana. I'm guessing you know what it is?

It's one of Japan's most popular snacks, and is apparently a #1 tourist souvenir thing.
It tastes so WEIRD... but I can't stop eating it omfg.

In the past couple of weeks, I have spent over $100 on these Japanese snacks.* Boxes of the Hangetsu crackers (!!!! SO GOOD!!!!) and some Tokyo Banana!
You have no idea LOL. Onomnomnomnom.
(*: For fam/friends, ofc! Not just mine!~~~~)

My friends are all "you're actually psycho".
You know, I've heard that a lot in the past couple of weeks. Nahahahhaa. 

I'm now called "the cracker lady".

If I'm whining about anything to my friends, they immediately go for the "well..... this wouldn't have happened if you hadn't bought your crackers" line. 

.....which is almost always true. 

Anyways - I come back to you with a gigantic skincare/cosmetics haul. I got these products this month, and many of these products are hauled straight from Korea and Japan!

I'll divide up the haul into sections. "Skincare", "Makeup/cosmetics" and "lol random".
(Because in every haul, there's always a WTF purchase.)

[Laneige, IOPE, Sulwhasoo, etc.]

Eee~ Lotte Duty Free offered up much duty-free goodies. Much yes. Much yay.

L to R: Laneige multi cleanser (foam cleanser), IOPE trouble clinic (foam cleanser), Laneige oil free cleanser, Laneige water sleeping pack

Laneige Multi Cleanser(s)
I actually bought 3 of them - I can't remember the exact price, but through the conversion (Won to CDN) and duty free, it ended up being around $20 each.
I pay around $28 for them in Toronto, so... yes. Got 3.
Need to wash face.
I use these in the night time - they have tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny little exfoliating beads. You can barely feel them. 

IOPE Trouble Solution Cleansing Foam 
I should have bought more of these. Darn it. I bought 1.
I use this in the morning - it has a slight peppermint scent. Cleanses well. It's actually a huge part of my daily skincare regime.

If you have acne-prone skin, oily skin, combination skin, or trouble skin --- try this out.
I don't get acne too much, but I had these horrible clogged pores on the side of my cheek for the longest time. I think this product might have helped to get rid of those.
(Tbh, along with several other products, so I have no idea what actually helped.)

Laneige oil-free cleansing liquid 
Didn't like this at first, I liked their moisture cleansing oil better (pink bottle). But the pink bottle was nowhere to be found. So I settled on this, because I didn't just want to waste $22 USD.
Eh, it's alright. Would buy again.

Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion (Medium Beige, #23)
Had this before, it's grown on me. I like it. It matches my skin colour a lot better than the other cushions out there.
I like this better the famous IOPE one, and the Laneige ones.

Got this at the duty free for $41 USD. Comes with refill.

I love, love the limited edition packaging!
It's so beautiful, so much beautifuller (hehe) than my original Sulwhasoo one (pictured above).

Laneige Water Bank Essence_EX (x2)
Duo package - I saved money!~

I love this essence. It's really nice, light, but still very moisturizing. Doesn't make my face sticky, I find that it's perfect for summer and winter season.
This set was $57 USD.

Laneige Bright Renew Plus (Serum and Cream)

They repackaged the "White renew plus" line to "Bright renew plus".
I was obsessed with getting brighter skin because I looked so... idk, DULL.
I already reviewed the serum on this blog, I really liked it.

Yay, I got a new serum, and yay for the cream! I've really been loving both.

Innisfree "It's Real" Mask sheets 

I got a lot of them. 10 are in each bundle (I think).
I used a couple tea tree, it's alright.

Dermal "Red Ginseng" Masks 

I don't even know how many I have.

I originally had 30 or 40 of them.
My friend bought these for me, because the Amazon seller didn't ship it directly to Toronto. :(

These are my ALL-TIME favourite masks.

Love, love, love!

Biore watery essence sunscreen

I am terrified of getting wrinkles!!! It's gonna happen, but oh gosh.
Pls no sun!!!

Sunscreen is good. Yes.

Nexcare Acne Patches
Because sometimes I get pimples. :(

These were picked up from Korea, at Olive Young. 1+1, oh yay.
I like these patches a lot more than the ones at The Face Shop. Those barely work, tbh... not on me, at least.

I'm gonna keep 1 sheet for myself, and 1 for le bff.
I'm so nice, right?????? :D

Sheseido "Perfect Whip" foam cleanser
This is a super popular cleanser - but it's so marked up here in Toronto... Meh.

My friend picked this up in Japan, and gave it to me. Arigato, lice-sama.
Where your vlog at?

Apparently they're like $3-4 in Japan? Wat.

It's Skin "Self Care Foot Peeling"
Y'all have probably tried some brand of the famous "foot peelings", but this is my first time. I still haven't used it, I'M SCARED. D:

Someone described the skin-peeling as "standing on top of mushy grass" 

Omg... not sure what to feel about this, but to be perfectly honest, I think I need it. My feet need it! Hoho.
I'll do a review on them, if y'all wanna see my mushy skin peeling off.


Cure Natural Aqua Peeling Gel(s)
Y'all already know The Amazing. 

Another product I've heard endless talk about. Everyone says it's absolutely amazing, etcetcetc.

The price was always the "nty" point for me. At approximately $45 a bottle, it's super expensive...
But in the end, I bought 1, and my friend bought me another.

CURE is basically an exfoliator and chemical peel. You put a good dollop on your face, and rub gently. It is said that people can see their dead skin peeling away, and rolling up into little balls.

Have you used cure? 
(Haha you probably have... I'm always very late at jumping the bandwagon.)

End of skincare stuff!!!!

[Dollywink, D.U.P, etc.]

Tbh, it's basically just eyelashes. 

Dollywink false eyelashes 
I got some of the famous dollywink falsies.
Y'all already know I've basically tried every single DW eyelash out there.

But I just had to stock up on these.

I got multiples of the #15, and one box of the #23!

The #15 is called "pure girl".
It's half lashes, so it fits the end-half of your eye. These are similar to DW #4 (I think it's called "feminine girl"?), but these are much more natural. Shorter, too.

When worn, these look barely noticeable. It just adds that extra "ump!!!!!!" to your eyes, in a subtle way. Lol.

Especially if you have short, asian lashes like I do.

Not sure about #23. Never tried this yet. Tbh, I just bought it out of impulse.


Will you ever understand my love for DUP?

TBH, these lashes were created from the eyelash pixies up in heaven and sent down on a rainbow of PURE 24K GOLD.

I used up the boxes I showed you last year (in this blog post), so... I BOUGHT MORE! :D

I just HAD to pick up these boxes of DUP. It'll last me... a while. I see it as an investment, yo.

But no seriously, these are so good. You need these in your life.

Update May 13, 2018: GOD, I'M STILL TRYING TO USE THESE UP. I USE THEM EVERYDAY. I still have more than half of the boxes.

We make money to spend it, right? 

Most of these boxes are my favourite, #923.
They have a mix of brown and black - so they look super natural. They're so soft, so wispy.

If you have anywhere from $12-25 (yo, markups are HIGH), do yourself a favour and buy a box. Please.
It is so amazing. pls pls pls.

Sailormoon eyeliner
I just bought this because - hello, SAILORMOON CUTIE MOON ROD. 
This was around $21 CAN.

I can just see it now.
I'll be on the TTC, trying to do my makeup on the train.

Everyone is just in their dead, morning states.


End of makeup stuff!!!!~~~~

The "lol random" stuff
Because it was neither "skincare" or "makeup", but still equally as essential to purchase. 

Sailormoon socks from Korea
Because I need the sailor scouts on my feet. 

My kind friend got me these in Korea. 
She had to legit look through sock vendor after sock vendor. 
Until she found it. 

Even then, 2 of the characters were missing (Mercury and Chibi), and STILL SHE LOOKED ON. 
All in the midst of the MERS scare.

What a pal rite???
Btw I awarded her efforts with crackers. So all is good!!!

Rohto eye drops
Because I need eye drops.

When you wear contacts, omg. These are life saving. 

They have that "minty fresh" feel, so it casually burns your eyeballs for a second. But in a really refreshing way. 

Also, I stupidly over-paid for that Lycée one. $$$$$.
Never again. Ugh. 
It's a good product, but so many stores in Toronto mark these up so high, it's ridiculous. 

Tonymoly hair tint 
Because I need to have green hair sometimes. 

It's hair tint. It comes in a little pan, and you basically just swipe your hair with it.

Repurchase? No. 
It's way too messy.

I only used the green one so far, but it's incredibly messy and difficult to use. Green dye was all over my clothes, my skin, MY FACE. 

Cheap, but too much work. 

omg, that's it. we're done.
that was a long post, right?
are you tired?

me too. 

do you think I spent my money wisely?
hell ya!~~~~~
okok. phew.
here is a candy for your efforts.

What about you?
What have you bought recently?

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