Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Korean Cosmetics Haul!~ [Online shopping]

Hello, I've got a haul to show in this post!

Title says "Korean Cosmetics Haul", but it's really a mix of both Korean and Japanese stuff. Just makes it easier.

So I went online shopping, and these babies were delivered to me a few weeks later. So happy I finally received them in perfect condition! Although one of the nail decorating packages came empty. Like what? I opened it, and there was only a business card and some package protecting, sponge thingymajigs. I was so confused, but I guess I have to take a picture of that and talk to the seller... hum!

Anyways! Here's the list of what's in the picture (sorry I didn't number the items in the photo, completely forgot) 

1. 2 Laneige water sleeping pack deluxe samples (came as a free gift with my Laneige cleanser)
2. Laneige  Multi Cleanser
3. All 9 TonyMoly petite bunny gloss bars!
4. Innisfree no-sebum mineral powder
5. Dollywink false eyelashes #9, "natural dolly"
6. Dollywink black liquid eyeliner
7. 2 nail art decorations (purchased around 6 of these, they're coming in one by one)

Laneige water sleeping pack deluxe samples! 
I love these so much, it's one of my favourite skincare products! The perfect skin pick-me-up! Whoohoo~

Tonymoly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar (x9)
I had the cherry version, but lost it a couple months ago. The packaging was so adorable, I totally fell victim to their deadly marketing. Ending up buying all 9 colours - the bunny faces are just too cute to resist!

Innisfree No-sebum Mineral Powder
I've been hearing really good reviews on this and wanted to try some different powders to set my foundation. I'll be trying this out and reviewing it (as with all the other products in this haul) on my blog soon! 

Dollywink false eyelashes #9, "Natural Dolly" 
Dollywink liquid eyeliner in black
Not new to both of these products, they're both re-purchases. Love them, but I'm planning to give the eyeliner away in an upcoming giveaway! (Currently hoarding lots of makeup/nail goodies for this, so exciting~)

2 Nail art decoration wheels
I just needed these (and the ones that will be coming in) to do future nail tutorials and to do my nails in general. 

Skin79 Snail Nutrition BB cream
Lioele V-line waterdrop sleeping pack
The seller gave me 2 samples that came with my Innisfree powder, but I won't be using them. I'm happy with my Laneige sleeping packs, and don't really feel too interested enough to try the BB cream so... I'll give them away to someone. 

That's all for today! The bunnies say goodbye, and thanks for reading!~ 


  1. AWWWWWWWWW so cute!!!! i really love the stuff you post, keep up the great work!!!!! <3<3
    p.s. i WANT those pens.<3

    1. Thank you very much! n__n and I think you mean lipglosses, ahaha. xD

  2. Really cute Tonymoly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar !! I really wanna get them but I heard they are not very good >.< Lovely haul tho! ;)

    1. They're not too pigmented or have quality oozing from them. xD I just bought them for the packaging!~ ;n; They're sooo cute.

  3. Which online store did you buy those Japanese cosmetics?

    1. I almost always buy my asian cosmetics on eBay (from reputable, authentic sellers of course!) You can buy the Dollywink stuff on ebay from quite a number of people, but I'd suggest buying from sellers based in Hong Kong, or better yet - Japan~

      Be sure to check feedback, as well. n__n

  4. Greatttt haul!!! <3

  5. Great haul! Wow you have all the shades for bunny gloss :3
    i followed u via GFC and Bloglovin' Hope you can follow me back ;)
    Thank you btw for visiting and commenting on my blog
    ~ Please join my On Going GIVEAWAY 7 Winners! :)

  6. nice haul!~
    been dying to try out innisfree products since we don't have it in Malaysia, please do a review on Innisfree no sebum mineral powder, pretty please? ^^
    Thanks for visiting my blog! I follow you!~

  7. argh all those bunny glosses!! I have the juicy orange and juicy apple and can't wait to buy the rest :)


  8. Oooh, I LOVE seeing makeup that isn't sold here in the US. It's interesting to see the packaging and products that are used elsewhere. I love those lip crayons- they're so cute and pretty colors! :)

  9. Amazing haul! I love the Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar so much! :)

  10. Those tony moly pencils! I need a few of those, I must check it out in store if I can! Neat stuff! You've got some huge skincare hauls! I like what I see...Do review! ^^

  11. interesting stuffs! lovely haul! looking forward to your reviews! PS: those bunnies are so cute! :)

  12. I have the peach one, the little angry bunny is soo cute!! Hahaha, cute packaging is my major weakness!

  13. I like them all :) nice products!

  14. You make me jealous! <3 Followed you :)

  15. I understand you completely! I bought almost all the bunny glosses because of the packaging.

    Ohdearmilk ✧・゜*


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