Thursday, June 20, 2013

Laneige haul!~

Time for another haul!~

My recent Laneige shopping came in yesterday, and I'm happy to say that I'm happy about it! Most of the items aren't "first time" purchases, for me - in fact, they're staple in my everyday skincare routine.

Laneige is one of my absolute favourite Korean brands - I trust them everyday with my skin, and they've yet to fail me! When my skin is at its worst (ahem, when I burned off my face with Differin 0.3%...), Laneige's "Water Sleeping Pack_EX" was the only thing that helped.

Here's a list of the things I bought, along with a quickie review on the product's I've used before!

1. Laneige basic care set
- Power essential skin refiner LIGHT (+deluxe sample size)
- Balancing emulsion LIGHT (+deluxe sample size)
- Multi cleanser (deluxe sample size)

2. Laneige water bank essence

3. Laneige water bank moisture cream

4. Laneige multiberry yogurt peeling gel

5. Laneige foam cleanser moisture

6. Laneige deep cleansing oil moisture

Super duper excited to use my favourite products again, and really pumped to try the new ones, ahah~ n__n

1. Laneige basic care set

These are a part of my everyday skincare routine. I tone and moisturize my face with these products every morning and night. The "multi cleanser" is used at night, after I've taken off my makeup with an oil based cleanser. Double cleanse, whoohoo~

2/3. Laneige water bank essence + water bank moisture cream

I haven't tried out the Water Bank essence, but I'd definitely love to use this asap. I saw it on Laneige's website a few days ago, and they recommended using this as a part of your nighttime skincare routine, right before you sleep.

My skin's been pretty problematic lately (crazy skin mood swings, dryness, etc), so hopefully these products will soothe it down and make it all good again~ n___n
By the way - how pretty is the packaging?! I love the blueness!

4/5. Laneige multiberry yogurt peeling gel + foam cleanser moisture

Again, part of my daily skincare routine. I use these two in the morning - yogurt gel first, then the foam cleanser. The yogurt peeling gel is really, really gentle. You can barely feel the little beads in there! The foam cleanser really brightens up my skin and my pores feel so squeaky clean after using it, ahaha.

6. Laneige deep cleaning oil moisture 

I have no idea what to expect from this one - I'm pretty happy with my current makeup removing routine (Sephora oil based remover, and Laneige multi cleanser). The Sephora remover is cheap and really gets rid of all my makeup, but it takes absolutely forever trying to get the oily film off your face. This one is pretty pricey compared to the Sephora one, but I'm open to try new stuff. Maybe this'll be amazing, and squish itself into my staple routine!

That's it for my haul! 

Have you tried these products before? What do you think of Laneige?~


  1. Awesome Haul! I've always wanted to try their BB cream :3

    Please do a review about Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Peeling Gel!

    1. Thank you! I've heard that their BB cream isn't as good as their other products, though - it's really sheer and really, really shimmery apparently. D:

      Sure, no problemo. n__n

    2. Oh really? I don't like shimmery BB creams D: I like mines matte and dewy. Thanks for telling me!

  2. Woaah so much products ^_^

    This costs a lot of money but good for the skin <33

    how about following each other?

    greetz, lenie

  3. Ahh envious! I have two Laneige products- a little mini sample of the Water sleeping pack, and the Perfect Renew essence. I'm planning on getting the Perfect Renew Emulsion as well, but I'm not sure if I want to get the toner to go with it or if I should just use Missha's time revolution whatever one. I'm slightly upset with Laneige though @_@

    1. *obsessed!!! sorry, just woke up lol x_x

    2. It's honestly so, so good! n__n I'm crazy about the water sleeping pack - I have way too many samples and full sizes to finish up... I'm quite freakishly obsessed. .___.

      I just love the special, limited edition tubs they come in! I like to collect them ahah... >__<

  4. Always wanted to try Laneige since months ago , but my friend suggest me to use Lioele over laneige , so , i havent try their product yet hehe. Youre a huge spender btw lol xD

    1. LOL, this made me laugh - I guess I really am a huge spender, though! ;n; (I did get a 30% discount on the Laneige items, because a family friend works at the store~)

      Ahhh, Lioele cannot compare to Laneige imo! D: Their V-drop water sleeping packs is almostttt like Laneige, but Laneige's one will always be #1 in my book muwahahah.

  5. Hey! Thanks for dropping by.
    Your blog is really nice, I followed!

    Where do you get your Laneige products by the way?
    They seem really nice! The bottles are really pretty too (I don`t know, I like my products to have cute containers haha).
    I`m super interested in trying some.

    1. My Laneige stuff is the only stuff I don't buy on eBay - I buy it at my local "Amore Pacific" store. n__n They're so pretty, yes! I like my products in cute containers too, hahaha <3

      I would highly recommend Laneige's Water sleeping pack_ex. 100%!
      I sound like a commercial... but seriously. xD

  6. Heeeeelllo! Thanks for checking out my blog, heh.
    I read some of your posts, and you have quite interesting stories ... LOOOOOOOOL (Wanna be my woman) LOOL.
    Anyways! Yeah, I'd love to follow each other (: heh

    Btw , do you live in Ontario? I heard you mention pmall!

    -followed you first-

    1. LOL, only my friends know how scarred I was after that ahahaha - demanded a buddy to be with me in public at all times for a week! xD

      I do live in Ontario, yes! (Toronto) LOVE pmall, but it's so expensive sometimes!

      Thanks for the follow! <3

  7. Nice products! :)

  8. Thank you for your comment and your well wishes!
    I absolutely love your blog so am definitely following back :)
    These products look absolutely amazing, I must start trying to hunt them down so I can try them out :)

  9. I've never tried Laneige. It's a little out of my budget, I think. I'm a cheap-skate. xD Still, you're making me lust for it.

  10. I wish I lived in Korea, so that I could try all of your amazing BB creams :/ lol
    Btw, thanks for stopping by on my blog and leaving such a lovely comment!♥
    Tina from the Style Sinners

  11. Wow, that's a whole lot of haul..

  12. Is Laneige safe for acne prone and combination skin?
    I've been wanting to try this but my skin is not on the best condition :(

  13. Awesome haul! Laniege packaging looks super luxe - I've only tried a small jar of the sleeping pack, but I really liked it!

  14. so many skins products, lol. how much it all? sorry i just wanna know.

    anyways, thanks for sharing this.


  15. Nice! I've heard so much good stuff about Laneige - would love to try it but its much too far out of my budget haha
    I've also nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award! I hope you can do it ^_^

  16. nice blog you have here! followed you! ;)

  17. Wow~~!!! What an awesome haul!!
    I never tried anything from Laneige, but thanks to you now I feel the need to at least try something!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    I'm following you now!!

    xoxo from Girls that glitter love the dark

  18. Eepp such a glorious haul! I've recently purchased the sleep pack and loved it! I'm in need of a cleasing oil and I may try the Laneige one. After reading your blog post, I'm gonna research on the Sephora one! Yay!!

  19. First off, new follower yay! Haha and we have the same last name ^^ and also I was born on June too <3 (I assume you were born on June as well lol) anyway Laneige!! It's been forever since I crave for Laneige products but I'm not sure if it'll suit my skin since my skin is sensitive and break out easily lol. But I really wanna try their bb cream. Have you tried it before? Their skincare products look good :D

  20. Amazing products, lovely snapshots as well! Just started to follow you with GFC and on Bloglovin', hope you can follow me back;)
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  21. Great haul! I looooove Laneige's products and I've been using their products almost religiously ever since I tried the Water Sleeping pack. I really like their peeling gel too, but I wish it wasn't so pricey!

  22. Hi June, thanks for dropping by my blog!

    I've never tried Laneige products before (have always been a Hada Labo user), but I'm always up for new stuff. Might try these when my current supplies run out. :)

  23. I don't own any laneige products sadly! I love the simple packaging which makes it look like a top end product! I'd love to try the peeling gel, I've read a few good reviews on it :) x


  24. Whoa, you bought a lot of products from them! I've never tried their products though.

  25. They're also one of my favourite korean brands and their moisture cream is the best! <3


  26. I have always wanted to try out Laneige products, they are a bit spendy where I can purchase them though T_T Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope to see more posts from you soon! ^___^

  27. Great haul and review Ms. June! :) I really want to try their products but it's too expensive here in the Philippines! >.<

  28. I really want to try the sleeping pack, it sounds like such an interesting product! I've not tried any Korean skincare, I would love to though it seems amazing and Korean women have beautiful skin :) x

  29. waaa... really envy with u. so many items =)
    love to use korean skincare regime too^^

  30. i wish u enjoy them all


  31. I followed you my dear, please follow me back too ^^ And support each other!

    By the way, do you recommend the Laneige Light series for combination skin? I have tried a sample of it and I really like it, but I am not too sure if I should invest in it hehe.

    <3 Cel

  32. Thank you for visiting! ;)
    Wow you have a huge collection, the products seems to be great!

  33. I have never tried this line. I don't have any real facial care products because when I used them they just broke me out. My skin only breaks out on my period and it isn't even a lot.

  34. Have you ordered this products online? If so could you please let me know where? I am so interested in trying these out :-)

    xoxo Pakize

    Madame Keke

  35. Wooo!! Another Laniege lover like myself!!
    I also have all the blue bottles and the two pink squeeze bottles (too lazy to type all the individual names :P). I love Laniege and trust it with my life too!!
    You should also try out their "Perfect Renew Dual Touch Eye_EX" eye cream! Works wonders for me!!! :D
    Oh and let me know how the cleansing oil goes!! Never used that one before :P

    -Miss Sennnaa

  36. I used their Water Bank Essence recently and am so in love with it now! Laniege is so so so fabulous!<3


  37. I love Laneige water bank essence and sleeping pack ^^they are amazing esp for asian skin :D

  38. Wow I love your haul! I've been wanting to try their Water Bank Essence and Moisture Cream and I'm planning to purchase it soon. Would love to read your review soon! ^^

  39. wow amazing haul! i havent tried anything out from Laneige but I'm really interested in trying out the water bank essence products! :)

    Maxie <3 ||

    1. following you on google friend connect by the way! :)

  40. Wow that's a huge laneige hauls :D
    I'm so curious with the sleeping pack and water bank essence, i've not try one of them :(

    Following you on GFC and bloglovin
    Thanks for drop by on my blog :)


  41. OMG That's a very huge laneige haul! I even can't afford one of the product above >.<
    could you please review the balancing emulsion and the essence?? :D I'm really curious about those product, I heard that those product could give moisture without sticky feeling?
    Followed your blog <3


  42. I tried Dr Jert skin care line and another company but I can't remember, anyway, I fell in love! & I didn't break Out at ALL!
    Now, you make want to try this company now! I can never find any Korean stores in Town But do you know a really Good Korean skincare store online? Thanks :D
    Xo Pam

  43. 0.0 These are lots of Laneige products, you’re a certified fan :)
    ~Pauline @Kallony

  44. What are the ingredients of the oil cleanser?


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