Tuesday, June 18, 2013

[Review] Atomy skin care products

I'm back with another review - this time, focusing on a number of the "Atomy" skincare products!

Atom美 (The last character is the "mi/y" part of "Atomy") is a South Korean company that makes skincare as well as health supplements. Their cosmetics claim to be made of 100% natural herbal ingredients using advanced technologies. It's a "members only" system, so you'd have to specifically buy it from an individual seller. Aka = harder to get than other Korean cosmetics. 

Atomy cosmetics in a nutshell:

- High purification technology 
- Korean medicine aging biotechnology
- Multiple nano-capsule technology
- Fresh organic herbal tea ingredients 

The combination of these features and technologies (supported by the Korean Atomic Energy research institute and owned by different Korean companies) create the Atomy skincare line. 

I know. A lot of science-y weird stuff. 

I've watched their CEO, Park Han-gil, speak about his products in this youtube clip (for non-Korean speakers, there are English subtitles provided). There's a lot of boiling organic stuff, enrichment, vitamins, "excellent absorption", etc in these products. Yet despite all of this, Atomy was created on the belief that prestigious, quality goods can be sold and distributed at a low price. 

All that aside, I'll tell you how this line worked on my skin. 
TL;DR: It's horrible, and I wouldn't recommend it for people with sensitive or allergy prone skin. 

The products 
I will be reviewing the following 5 skincare products from Atomy Cosmetics (in order):
- Evening care foam cleansing
- Milk lotion
- Skin lotion
- Essence
- Eye cream

Price: They're around $20-30USD each. Obviously, prices depends on what you're buying, but I haven't seen any Atomy product over $35USD. 
So despite all the "luxurious" and "prestigious" marketing labels, they're still affordably priced. 

Evening care foam cleansing

- Removes pore sediments
- Trouble care with trichloro acetic acid contents
- Removes sebum in pores to help maintain clean and health skin
- Fine and rich foam power
- Rich moisturizing and nutritious effect of beta-glucan and vegetable worm extract (I know - worms?!)

Experience: I did think this foam cleanser helped me clean my skin well. There wasn't anything really wrong with it. Foam cleansers often make my pores firm and tight, and I think Atomy one did this a little too well. It's hard to explain, but my skin felt quite "botox-y" after using this cleanser. The feeling went away after an hour or two. 

It didn't break me out, nor did it hurt my skin. However, it wasn't anything special and I can't notice a difference between using this cleanser and something "less luxurious", like The Face Shop ones. 

Repurchase: No - I can find cheaper products that work just as well. 

Milk Lotion and Skin Lotion

- Moisturizing care
- With Black yeast beta-glucan, a moisturizing factor developed by fermentation life science, attracts moisture in the air to continuously moisturize the skin

Experience: The ingredients all promise to provide excellent absorption and all that jazz - but these did the opposite for me. If I used them at night, I would wake up the next morning with A LOT of product still on my face. It barely absorbs! (It looks quite nice in the pictures though @___@)

On top of that, these lotions seriously irritated my skin. I personally don't think it's  wrong with the company and the quality of the ingredients. A lot of people have been raving about the lotions (my mum and grandma included), but I'm not one of them. 

Update May 13, 2018 
- Father Junniku tried the Atomy line and got the same reaction I did. We don't like this brand. 

My face got really irritated and red when I used them. It stung painfully when I touched my face, and this lasted for almost a week. I haven't been allergic to anything I've put on my face till then, but there was probably something in there (one of the herbs, or maybe the fragrance) that I reacted to. 

Repurchase: No - and if you have sensitive or allergy prone skin, I wouldn't really recommend these products for you!~


- Nutrition care
- Culturing and fermentation of Phellinus linteus mycelia on brown rice = made into 100% nano particles = penetrates deep into skin

Experience: The essence also has fragrance, but after using the milk and skin lotion (which made my skin crazy), I found that it soothed my skin slightly. I haven't really used the essence on its own (I used the Atomy skincare in set formation, so yeah), and because the ingredients are similar to the milk and skin lotion, I'm not too willing to try it like that either. 
- Soothes irritated skin, gives nutrition to the skin. 

Repurchase: No, not really. Despite all the natural ingredients and the "science" behind these products, I find that they work the same as regular Korean skincare stuff (well, at least the ones that don't irritate my skin)

Eye cream 

- Wrinkle improvement and prevention
- "Functional cosmetic product"
- Important for the "energy metabolism of the skin"

Experience: I know I've reviewed Atomy pretty negatively so far, but this one takes the cake. 

The giant, angry blogger cake. 

Note: I've used this at least 4 separate times (each time between a span of a couple weeks), for at least 2-3 days consecutively. The eye cream was in the evening just before sleep, and no other eye products
were layered on.

Every single time I've used this eye cream, it's given me milia. Little, almost "whitehead like" seeds that  form around my eyes, on my eyelids, etc. They are an absolute pain to get rid of, they're terribly unsightly, and used to take me forever to get rid of them. (Side note: I've found that applying a tiny, tiny, tiny bit of Differin really helps. Zaps it away, but it's very drying and not recommended to use on the eye area.) 

I had to make 100% sure that it was the eye cream that was responsible for the Milia, so I tried it several times before coming to full answer. It was. And I hate this eye cream. Arugh. 

Like the usual eye cream, it's has much more moisture than a regular moisturizer. But it is incredibly heavy, blocks my skin from breathing, thus causing the milia seeds. It barely makes a difference on my eyes as well - Shiseido's benefiance WrinkleResist24 eye cream works WAY better, and doesn't give me any milia either! 

Repurchase: NO. Again, I wouldn't recommend this eye cream to people who have sensitive and allergy prone skin. I wouldn't recommend it to people with oily skin as well. 


It may be formulated with natural ingredients and created with cutting edge technology, and even labelled as a "luxury skincare brand", but I would not buy nor use Atomy again. 

Even when it's used on my family members (mum, grandma and a couple of aunts), there really isn't much of a visual difference. Although they like it and think the price is decent for the amount they get, it's no miracle product. I've asked them about it, and most of them just use it because it's natural, works decently on them, and "it would've been a waste if we keep buying different products!". 

My advice? Skip Atomy, and try out Laneige or IOPE. Those 2 brands have never failed to disappoint me!

Thanks for reading this very lengthly review-rant!


  1. Your blog is super cute, love it. Great reviews =)

  2. Such an awesome blog!! Thanks for the great advice1

  3. Awesome post! Very informative, I had never heard of this line before, but will have to avoid it since I have sensitive skin! ; ;

  4. I'm using milk lotion and atomy bb cream right now, wow i love both so much!!! Thankyou for your review <3

  5. awesome review and love your blog :)


  6. I use all there products especially Evening Set 4 one of favorites. From deep cleanser,foaming cleanser, gel scrub, and the peel of mask. You should try the Evening Set 4 before using other Skin, Milk lotion, Essence, BB creame, eye cream,and moisturizer. If you have very thin and sensitive skin product might not be right for you. There also is a Calming Care Set which is for sensitive skin. I personally love all of their products especially the peel off mask and eye cream. Give their lipstick and compact a try. Compact better than Lancome or Sheisedo at 1/2 the price. If you want more info let me know.

  7. I recently tried all the products you just reviewed and I broke out like crazy and after reading your reaction to the product now I know why. It was because of the skincare and now I stopped using it and my skin is back to normal. I have the same white spots around my eyes and now I know why! Thank you so much for this blog :)

  8. Thank you for this review, experienced similar problems with other Atomy products and wasn't sure why this was happening to me when it's supposedly really good and even tried to "stick it out" thinking that it had to get worse to get better, NO!! There needs to be more Atomy product reviews NOT sponsored by Atomy!! Thank you!!!!

  9. Can i ask where to buy this skin care?

    1. Ebay or Amazon have it otherwise it is a MLM representative company.

    2. Hi I am an ATOMY USA agent and I would be delighted to assist you with any ATOMY Product need. I can be contacted at WWW.BJPROTECTOR.COM Please go to Contact Us page and send me your information. I will contact you. ATOMY products are quality products and priced inexpensive. The only way you lose is if you don't use them. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product you can return for a refund or another product of equal value. Thanks for contacting me. Have a super great day! Beverly

  10. I can relate; the morning after I used Atomy Sun Cream, my face had several red blotches and blemishes.

  11. Thank you for sharing, my friend had been asking me to get this product, had my doubts.

  12. I love atomy products.Since i used it ,it made my skin smoother, clear and glowing.Same experience as those people I know who are using the atomy product.My sensitive skin has no negative reaction at all.

  13. Thank you for a terrific blog. I learned a lot from each of the comments.

  14. What can you suggest on acne marks,pimples having sensitive skin??

  15. Hi. Thanks for the review. I have personally been using Atomy facial products for months, and have not experienced anything bad. I think different person's body is different, so may experience different results. Perhaps also if you had not used them properly, like really washing your face properly after applying, your face may react.
    Anyway, I have nothing bad to say about the Atomy products I've been using.

  16. I have just started using the Atomy products via my sister's recommendation. My long term product was and is still "Dermelogical".... I have to say Atomy is not giving me any problems too.

  17. Thank you for this review, I was about to buy something but...I guess no. lol

  18. I like Atomy BB Cream, so far, it's doing my skin good. :)

  19. Yesterday, we visit your website and after reading your blog I realize that it is very informative. I am highly impressed to see the comprehensive resources being offered by your site.

  20. I have been using atomy for 2 years now and its really working well for my skin .. i absolutely love it :) i have got a very sensitive skin that is why it leads me to using this and it works well for me..

  21. I just started using Atomy evening care and their morning 6 and I absolutely love it! Its have dry skin. Especially during this time of the year. This products keep my skin soft and radiant. One of my friend who have sensitive skin is now using this product line. She use the evening care and calming set and she love it! The blog is nice but you should consult with skincare specialist or your dermatologist which products line is suitable for you. The Morning 6 set may not be suitable for you is you have sensitive skin. Start out with 4Evening Set and Atomy Calming Care. Personally I think Atomy is one of the best products I've used.

  22. Hi, my friend recommended Atomy products to me recently and i noticed and found out that the smell & the products feature look the same. I think the products is average not a luxury type just one of the normal regular Korean skin care products. This is not a miracle but more on a strategy & marketing products.

  23. I've just started evening care for a week & the result is amazing! U need to massage the deep cleanse for about 1-2 mins, wipe off with tissue paper & u can see the dirts & residues on it. Squeeze out about 1 inch long of facial foam on a cleaned palm, add in water slowly to foam lather & bubbles, as much as possible because it will also create more amino acids which is a protein to moisture skin. Some ppl didn't form enough lather may cause dryness because lack of amino acid. Massage all over the face & rinse off. Can feel the skin is so clean & soft after use.

  24. Atomy morning 6 care system is so good. I recommended it to my sister who is on graveyard shift and is experiencing painful episodes of breakouts. Then i let her try the toner, nutrition cream and eye cream. It did wonders for her. She can testify that in a week of using the products it cleared her skin and the only thing she has to deal with was the pimple scars. After 2 weeks the scars lightened up. I too have sensitive skin. I've noticed that if you put all of those products at the same time, it attracts dirt on the face and causing the face to be oily. Personally, i skipped the lotion part because it makes my skin sticky. The rest of the products gives amazing results for me. It brightened up my face and increased the elasticity of my face therefore giving it a youthful glow.

  25. Hi. :) Like you I am using ATOMY PRODUCTS for months now because I worked in a Korean Company before unfortunately, I was not working in their company which sells ATOMY PRODUCTS. I am a Filipino though. I Can you please tell me where can I buy those products in a certain store? Thaaaank you so much!

    1. Hello i have a korean friend who is agent of atomy ifyou would like i will sell it to you.and be a member of atomy..it will introduce it in our country by september..kindly give me your number.

    2. Hello I'm atomy member, you can contact me at J3n_snowygirl@yahoo.com, I can register you to the member and you can get the member prize.. pls contact me ya.. thanks

  26. Replies
    1. Have you found it? it is coming to Hong Kong soon.

  27. Do you know how to buy this product in korea?

  28. I had "Break outs" 1 week after using the evening care.
    They said it was a common reaction of any cleansing products to get rid of embedded impurities or chemical based cosmetics that the person used previously.

    Also, it is cleansing off whiteheads or blackheads or oil deposits under our skin.

    I was advised to keep on using it until the break out dried enough to be able to use the 6 system.
    Now my skin is great. Firm and clearer than before. Also my sunspot is getting lighter and lighter.

    1. really??? hurmm.. u make me just thinking many times again to buy it or not.. hahaha

  29. thank dear, actually i want to try it this atomy skin care. but after read your review i just think many times to buy it hahaha..

  30. Hi, for those staying in Malaysia.. interested to buy products.. please contact me 018-9544122.. tq

  31. So sorry to hear your experience on Atomy skincare. Anyhow, if you have sensitive skin, 6 system product is not suit you. Check with the person who introduce you Atomy skincare for correct product line to get the result you wanted.

  32. Hi, thanks for the review. Did you go back and try this brand again? A friend recommended it earlier today and I thought I'd Google it first as I have never heard of it.

    1. Hi faz..ive been using this for 3mths and it work wonder to me. U can wassap me for further info 60162150317

  33. I had use Evening Care and it doesn't work well on me.

  34. Hi,
    I thought I am the only one who has a negative review for this product. All I can search are all fans of Atomy Products.
    I agree with all your reviews..the lotion gives me pimple-like or rashes like on my face. I had to make sure that it's the lotion causing it and it was. I applied it on my face differently and it really sucks. Really like my pores are all raised haishh..I think all the sellers and reviewers just wanted to get points and earn money from sales they can get.

    The essence, smells good but it only works for let's say an hour. after an hour, the itchy and hot feeling comes.I still use since I bought 2 sets of the morning set, but only in the evening whenever I feel like my face needs moisturizing. I really dont use in the morning.

    And the Milia caused by the Eye Cream..I swear that is real.It's a nightmare! coz this milias are not easy to get rid of.

    Foam cleanser, nothing special. The peeling gel works just fine but since I used this product, like my face get easily accumulates dirt so I really wanted to apply the peeling gel everyday otherwise, I don't feel like my face is clean. It's rough even after the foam cleanser but I'm afraid that using everyday might be overdoing it..maybe I have to gradually break off from this product.

    The Mask, there are other products a lot cheaper and more beneficial than this. :-)

    Lastly, I still have the other set unopened..if you wish I can sell at a 50% off the member's price


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