Saturday, July 27, 2013

[Circle lens review] Geo 3 tone brown!

Hey guys! 
I'm back with another review, this time on a circle lens pair!

I purchased the "Geo 3 tone brown" from a few months ago for $17.50. I mentioned these in a post a couple of days ago - this series is my absolute favourite! The colours in this line are super pretty, and even though I'm a brown lens kind of girl, I'd even try this in violet!

Description and information

Brand: Geo Medical
Base curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 14.2 mm
Life: 12 months 
Colour: 3 toned
Water content: 38%
Made in Korea 

"World Series is the tri color lens that blends shades of different color and the brown in the middle in order to imitate the natural eye color. The printing also blends in the natural eye color, resulting in not too vibrant, but definitely noticeable, even from afar. World Brown is recommended for people who want to change the color of their eyes, but do not want any enlargement effect."

This line goes by several different names: 

- Berry Cessy
- World series
- Geo 3 tones 
- The "official name" for these lenses are CM90_. (There's a different number at the end for each colour.)

My favourite colour has got to be brown (for now), it looks really nice in the shop photos! They're 3 toned, so it'll blend quite nicely with your real eye colour. I personally think these are the prettiest lenses I've seen so far, but I'm just an overall fan of 3 tones aha. 

Anyways, I was really nervous when I saw them in person though - the colour doesn't look brown, but it looks orange-y. Definitely not what I had imagined, so I was pretty much sure that I'd have to toss these. 


I'll have to say that I worried over nothing, though! When worn, I don't really mind the colour at all - in fact, I actually like it a lot! 

Up close, they look a little unnatural because of the pixels - but really, what lens doesn't? No idea how to describe it up close, but I remember someone mentioning that they look like reptile eyes. That's basically the closest description I can think of right now, haha~ 
(By the way, sorry that the eyelashes look a little wonky!)

My normal eye:

With lens and makeup: 

As for enlargement - these aren't meant to be big on the enlargement factor, which I really like. Please note the some of the "comparison" pictures are a little unrealistic and not true! This is because I've got a "head tilt" from hell, and this makes 1 eye at a different level than the other (and look a different size). My head ALWAYS tilts when I take photos. It's like instinctive. 

When worn on both eyes, it makes my eyes really pop! Yeah, it's quite different from my natural eye colour - but I don't think it's a crazy, unnatural pop. Meaning: It's noticeable, but not in a creepy way (at least I think so.)

And now for the actual photos!


Well, I really like these lenses - did I mention that they're my very first pair? They are! I'm happy to say that my first experience with circle lenses had been a good one, hehe~
Note: I don't give half marks on circle lens ratings!

Color: ♥ / 5 
Enlargement: /5  
Comfort: /5 (they feel a bit dry after 5+ hours, but it's expected and they're not too bothersome.)
Overall rating: /5

I do have other pairs of lenses right now, but these remain my favourite! I just love the colour and like the fact that it doesn't look too crazy on me. They're not really enlarging at all, which I like as well - I'm not a big fan of big, huge dolly eyes on me. They look great on others, but for my face... I don't quite think so. xD

The comfort level is pretty good! I never expect circle lenses to be as crazy comfortable as my Acuvue ones, so it's not a disappoint to me when circle lenses feel dry after a good couple of hours. For the first 5 hours of wear, I can't even feel these lenses and they feel literally just like my Acuvues.

- Natural colours, blend in with your own eye
- No enlargement
- Only a subtle change
- Works quite well on dark eyes
- Pretty comfortable 
- No complaints from me!

I guess I'll wrap it up here - thanks for reading my first circle lens review, hehe. ^-^ 

What about you?
Have you tried these lenses before? What do you think of them? (+ Any suggestions for me in later lens reviews?)

And plus - don't forget to join the Etude house CC cream giveaway!~ n___n

Disclaimer: I was not sponsored by - these lenses were purchased by me with my own money. All opinions are my own.


  1. Those look really pretty! Gosh I want to try GEO again but the last time i did they really irritated my eyes. I stick mostly to EOS now. Have you tried any other brands?

    Thanks for the review! The brown looks super pretty on you and goes well with your hair colour and complexion ^^

  2. you are beautiful my sister^^
    and also lenses are amazing.

  3. Wow you look sooooo good with them on! They look very natural on you! If i didnt know it was contact lens I would totally think they are ur natural eye color!

  4. What a coincidence June ^^ I just got mine today and can't wait to try it on tomorrow :D I agree the color looks so pretty!! And you look pretty on your pictures ^^ great review~ <3


  5. This really enhances your natural eye colour June! :D
    I really like small diameter ones, since they look most natural.
    I just ordered a pair of circle lenses recently and this was one of my top choices, but I got the geo granggrang instead. hehe ^^
    Thanks for the review!

  6. This look amazing on you~ So pretty and natural. I want to try out these circle lenses now~

  7. You have gorgeous eyes!!!

  8. The colour is actually really pretty! You look really good with it on :)

    x Gi

  9. These look really great on you! I have never used circle lenses but I always find how they transform people's eyes and how it creates a sort of finishing touch to makeup fascinating! <3 Great review!

  10. Such a sweet blog you have :) Thank you so much for stopping by to my blog. Great post but in my opinion your orginal eyes better than contact lenses :)
    Check out my new outfit post.

  11. these lenses are amazing.

  12. So pretty! I love your blog :)

  13. I've always been too scared to try circle lenses, I don't like things near my eyes*-* But they look really natural and pretty on you June ~ thank you for the review!^^

  14. i bet the next review is a cc cream ok you can ignore me
    your face is so dewy there
    i don't really like light color circle lens but might want to try it out next time!!

  15. Great review they look amazing on you . Keep in touch.

  16. They look great on you:) I've never worn contact lenses before...ever!

  17. this is my favorite series of circle lenses!

  18. They look amazing.

  19. I love them and they look great on you. I actually want a pair, but do you know where I can get them so that they are prescribed? Let me know! Thanks so much and love your blog!

    xx (◕‿◕✿)

  20. So pretty :)

    Marisa Silva

  21. I've tried the Berry Cessy series and didn't like the pattern much, i think it looks quite pixelated? Love the colour though!

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  22. You're so pretty ; u;~

    I like the geo 3 tones too! They're really natural looking. I can't seem to pull off the dolly look, with lenses that are bigger than 14.5mm OTL.

  23. Tho I will probably never wear circle lens (I'm chicken, haha!) I love seeing the effect on others! You look pretty dear =)

    - Che

  24. I haven't tried them yet but I think these lenses look really nice even though they don't enlarge that much! I think you should go for circle lenses with a black limbal ring ^-^* They would look perfectly nice on you c:
    Thanks for reviewing these nice pair of natural lenses :D

  25. I have lenses from this brand! Except they feel extremely uncomfortable :(

  26. Your eyes are so pretty~ I'm thinking of getting these lenses in grey for my first pair :D I'm very happy to know that they work so well!

  27. I have these lenses aswell but they look SO much cuter on you! i look like a vampire with them on haha.

    Check out my blog >>>><<<< to see my review of them

    Also i noticed you followed me on twitter! haha thanks :)

  28. They look nice on you!


  29. They look very natural. Me likey!!!!

  30. Hellooo Gorgeous!
    These lenses are uber natural. I'm currently really loving brown lenses myself, but I always go for large sizes haha :'D The tritone of these lenses looks really cool.
    Thanks for the review~

  31. I really like these! I am into lenses which are hazel/green/lighter brown. I used to wear a lot of colored contacts but for the last few years I'm still a contact lens wearer just sans colors!

  32. They give your eyes a pop with the intricate design but it seems pretty natural! Really nice :) I'm really digging the light brown lenses.

  33. Hi June! I checked your blog right away after I read your comment on my post.I'm always happy to find people who are into Korean cosmetics, too :)
    I'm currently searching for lenses that would look natural on me, thanks for this review! Can you recommend one that looks similar to Go Ara's eye color?
    You are so beautiful, btw! :)

  34. These look so pretty on you.

  35. too bad i can't wear contact lens for the moment as i've scar caused by infection on my right eye and i like higher water content lens not sure if you've heard of ifairy before? used to own geo lens in the past but too dry for my eye too

  36. They are so pretty! Thanks for the review, I'm looking for new lenses at the moment (:

  37. I love how these look so natural yet give a pop of colour! x

  38. Great review! These are my favourite series of lenses too. :)

  39. What a pretty light brown color :D

  40. Oh reallycute and lovely the color. The enlargement not is to much but is really pretty too.

  41. The lenses looks good on you! I haven't tried GEO yet coz it's a little harder for those with grades because of availability. Where do you get yours? :)

    I followed your blog, by the way. Thanks for dropping by my blog too :)

    P.S. on JDrama recommendations:
    - Hana Kimi (original version with Horikita Maki) - if you liked To The Beautiful You then this is the original one
    - Hana Yori Dango - if you liked Boys Over Flowers and Meteor Garden this is the Japanese version

  42. They look natural !
    Have you ever tried purple or pink lenses ? I want to give em a try haha.
    By the way I added a GFC widget on my blog (not sure it works lol), mind following there too ? ^-^

    - May

  43. They look natural in an unnatural way...if that makes sense! I really like them on you <3

    For DIYs, makeup tutorials and reviews:
    This is Bisque

  44. Love this review !!!! I just started liking brown lenses and i think i just found one that i might purchase!!

    Evelyn^^ - Come visit my blog sometime <3

  45. loveee the review so much , anywany i'm a new follower ;)

  46. Really awesome blog post :), nice to meet you :)

  47. I normally wear geo contacts to correct my vision, so I'm used to wearing them and I found these particular ones very comfortable as well as so cheap :D

  48. WOW!! The color of your lenses is glowing. It suits you and giving an amazing look.


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