Friday, July 19, 2013

[Review] The Face Shop volcanic clay nose strips

This is going to be a pretty embarrassing (and gross) post! 

My nose has been pretty "pluggy" the last few days. Clogged pores were just happily clogging it up! So in order to combat this, I decided to arm myself with these volcanic clay (charcoal) nose strips from The Face Shop.

You've probably seen the other version of this product: The Face Shop volcanic clay nose pack! (It's the one that comes in the tube, and is a white coloured paste.

Note: This packaging is the "newer" version of TFS's old charcoal pore strips (the packaging design was discontinued)


These strips are made of New Zealand volcanic clay, which is described as being a "pore clear agent" and a natural mineral.

"There are volcanic activities in New Zealand Rotorua area. This activity creates hot mud spots. New Zealand Rotorua Mud is one of the best three muds in the world!"

I bought the box set of these strips. The box comes with 7 separately packaged strips! If you don't want to buy 7 of them, there is always an option of buying a single strip.

"It has strong blackhead and oily secretion absorption properties. Supported with pore minimizing ingredients, the charcoal pore strip will leave your skin feeling tight and smooth!"

Packaging and directions 

I bought the box, which contains 7 nose strips. If 7 strips is too much for you, most sites sell strips individually.

Packaging was straightforward - the directions come in both English and Korean (They both literally say the exact same thing, so there's no need for translation).

And picture demos! You know I love them!

(In case it's hard to read from the picture)

1. Wash face, leaving nose thoroughly wet (seriously, it needs to be REALLY wet!)
2. Remove the clear lining from the smooth side of the strip. 
3. Apply across the bridge of the nose, pressing down firmly to ensure maximum contact. (!!!)
4. Let dry for 10-15 minutes until the strip has hardened.
5. Slowly peel off. 


There's a fuzzy side (the side that should be facing up, not touching your skin) and the smooth, black side (the side that should be touching your skin)

Fuzzy side!
This is the smooth side - it's really smooth. Yep.
By the way, really sorry that the lighting is terrible and everything basically looks fuzzy as heck! It won't happen again in future reviews/pictures!


Box - $4.50 on eBay
Individual strips - $1 (everywhere)

My experience 
Welp, here comes the horrifying part.

The pores on my nose were super clogged. The lighting in the room was also super, super yellow, so sorry if you can't see too clearly! (Uhm, I'm sure you can still see a lot though.)

Super size me YAYYY.
(Okay, I'm disgusting.)

So after I washed my face with warm water and steamed it a bit (it is highly recommended that you steam your face before using these), I used a strip! You have to make sure that your face is really wet, or else the strip won't have anything more to stick to. 

When applying it on your nose, make sure you're actually pressing down firmly. You want the strip to stick to all the nooks and crannies of your little nose! :D 

At first, the strip felt really flimsy and floppy - like it would fall off easily. But it won't - the it really sticks on, given that your face is wet! As the minutes ticked by, I could really feel the strip hardening on my nose. It felt weird crinkling my nose, because the strip was all tight and clingy on my face. Yay. 

After 15 minutes had passed, I pulled it off! And no - it didn't hurt at all. Some black parts (like on the edge of the strip) ended up still stuck on my face, but it can easily be scrubbed off with an exfoliator. 


[My nose after the strip]

Well, it definitely pulled some gunk out. Like most strips, it mostly just pulled out my face fuzzel (those little fuzzy hairs on your nose). 

But after using the strip, my face really did feel smoother. Like a baby's bottom! It also felt a bit tighter, but not in a "omg the botox feel" way. My nose felt less oilier as well, which is always a nice thing.

Before using the strip, my nose felt cloggy, gross and... I don't know, like it was harder for my nose-skin to breathe? But after using it, my nose felt lighter and cleaner. And it felt like my nose could breathe.

I must sound crazy right now, LOL. 

To sum it up:

- Cheap
- Easy to use
- Black coloured, so you can see what you pull out! (Everyone likes looking at their gunk.)
- Lightly scented (it isn't overpowering)
- Nose less clogged
- Nose less oily
- Tightens skin
- Doesn't hurt when peeling off

- Mostly face fuzzel removed

Yes, I'll repurchase this when my nose isn't in the best of shape! I think it's great for the price, and definitely worth it. It's fun to look at the gross nose strip too, so... it's basically cheap entertainment as well. Amiright? 

Overall rating:

4/5 (Because it's nothing "OMG this has changed my life!")

What about you?

Have you tried these nose strips, or nose strips in general? Do you like using them?


  1. Awesome review june~<3 this is soo helpful i wasn't sure whether to buy them or not and if it worked or not ^^ can't wait for more~ xx

    sindy x

  2. xDD hahahah i love your review, i will try This nose trip

    thanks for the review♥

  3. Heh, the pore strip somewhat resembles the Batman logo, heheheheheh. (What is wrong with me...)

    ANYWAYS, I like the results! I'll probably pick this up because I'm in some need of pore strips, and these look like they do the job decently.

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry | Makeup & Silly things

  4. I want to try this too, I just love such stuff.

  5. Muito legal ficou o resultado *uu*,aqui no Brasil ainda não achei esse produto ç_Ç
    Mas ficou bem legal Ju ^-^

  6. Wow looks like a product than really works. Usually this product doesn´t work for remove the blackheads this is really nice. And is really cheap too. MAny thanks for your review sweetie!

  7. I love your pictures June! :D They are always so clear and focused, even the ones where you say it's not. xP
    I've heard a lot about the volcanic clay products from the face shop, this one looks really good too! I love using pore strips because it makes my nose feel so clean too, but I heard it can make pores bigger too, if used too often. :O
    Thanks for the review!

  8. yea i find that the case for most peel of things that they only peel of face fuzz. they never get to the sebum.

  9. I've been using the same ones from Biore (The black ones which also need water to be able to stick it to the nose) ^^
    But yeah.. the results are nothing miraculous, but it works pretty decently and removes the worst parts ;) I also keep on using them since it saves loadsa time! :)

  10. Me and my mom are like "WOW THATS AMAZING TAKE MY MONEY"
    definitely buying these, great review!


  11. It looks like it worked really well! I used the Biore ones, but those ones are a lot more expensive than The Face Shop's, so I might just order a bunch of these when I get the chance c:.

  12. Lol the first time I tried this I was really skeptical since it felt so thin and weak. BUT I had a similar experience to yours. My nose felt tighter and "cleaner" i guess.

  13. Your pictures are really gorgeous and hi-def! I just followed and I must say that I adore your blog. Keep up the good work and thanks for your review! I look forward to your future posts! ^_^

  14. The one I like to use is the Biore black one. I don't know the real name of it. You can find it at Japanese stores/markets. Sometimes it's in the men's skincare section. But, it's similar to this one but, I find the the Biore one pulls out the fuzzy hairs and a lot more gunk than the volcanic clay nose strips. Also, as a tip, massage your nose with ice right after. It will help tighten those pores up!

    - kat

  15. Good review! I agree pore strips are entertaining. I feel awful if I do 't do my nose once a week. It's funny how much of a difference it can make!

  16. haha face fuzzle! I am the same, pore strips just dont seem to work well with me. I my black heads are too small I find! :P

  17. I've never tried these before; they do look interesting! :)

  18. June is it weird that I love seeing your close up before and after nose pics? Haha I swear I stare at them lol cause it just seems amazing. It's a bit funny cause I just took some pics of my nose strips too yesterday and it looks somewhat like yours but it doesn't pull out most of white & blackheads like TFS :/ great review though <3 I really wanna try The nose pack too someday if ifs finally in stock again xD

    1. Lol what OMG NOOO. Stop staring stop staring, ahahaha. T__T -covers picture-

      And oo! I really want to try the TFS nose pack version of this, but... it's white. I can't see my nose gunk properly if it's white! D: (Damn I sound disgusting but okay)

  19. I've never tried any nose strips before! I'm kinda afraid because I heard that they can make the pores larger. t_t So instead I just use a clay face mask all over my face. I'm not sure if that's any better;

    I agree, it is pretty fun to see the gunk afterwards. Delicious! LOL 8DDD I think it looks better in the after photo so yay!

  20. I love pore strips! And I do admit I love looking at the strip afterwards which sounds a bit weird but I do!! Especially when the strip does a good job lol! Great review :)

  21. Nice review (: !! Definitely worth the try and it really works its purposes!! xx can't wait to read more of your reviews!

  22. I haven't tried nose strips before, but I love the results you show in your post!

  23. Wah I also have this nose strip, but didn't really do a wonder to me, -.- mine not pick up much as much as yours >_< ah the nose pack is way more better, it can pick up the black & white head perfectly than the nose strip, already tried and really love it, you should try the nose pack

  24. I have to buy this!! :o I want to try it too! :D And don't worry about how embarrassing or gross this post is! I think it was nice and helpfull because I haven't heard of this product before! :)

  25. i have the clay version and it ONLY removes the "fuzzle" too
    my friend always raves about this product saying that it's the best she has ever tried
    but i guess it will work just like the clay one :< i'm still gonna try this out though haha!!
    (my nose is worse than yours and i have bigger pores bc i like to squeeze TT__TT ok gross)

  26. Very helpful and informative post ^_^ I used to have alot of whiteheads and blackheads but since i'm using this cleanser that is also made of charcoal i never got bothered by those guy's anymore hehehe. Anyway, I'm Following you now :) You're blog is awesome and i love its content's and also you look so cute! Hopefully you can follow me back so we can keep in touch <3
    Thank you~


  27. This looks like a good product!

  28. Great post! I love trying nose strips as I have the exact same problem. Afterwards my nose feels softer but to be honest, I dont think it unclogs the pores. Id love to try them but I dont think there available in Ireland, *sigh* :(

    TinkieBeauty|Beauty Blog

  29. Hmmm, performs as an average strip, they usually find dry parts of skin and just peel them. Maybe because pores are small. I want to try Mizon range for this.

  30. Pores are just pure evil D: haha. I can see the difference though, worth trying these since they're so cheap!

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  31. Great review!
    The product seems to be really nice. :)

    Glitter & Blush

  32. Oh !!! Great product review, I'd love to have a try ^^ I have black heads on my nose T^T

    恵美より ♥

  33. Can defo see a difference! Thanks for sharing such honest photos - you are braver than me!

    Corinne x

  34. Kudos to you for giving us a close-up like that... really shows how it works!! Thanks for the review :)

    xo, alison*elle

  35. 나도이거해봤는대, 정말잘돼드라고요~
    great post!

  36. Another great review June! Those nose strips look awesome, I may need to pick some up! I recently decided to pick up Holika Holika's Sponge Oil Blackhead remover and am going to give it a go soon! By the way, what kind of camera are you using? Your picture quality is fantastic, and I need a better camera. T^T

    1. Ahah, thank you Anna! ^__^ Hope the HH remover goes good for you, I absolutely LOVE Holikaholika! And loool - my picture quality is far from fantastic, but thank you~ xD

      I'm currently using a Canon EOS Rebel xsi! (Had to grab the camera and check what the heck it was, hehe)

    2. Ah, that's a popular camera many bloggers use ^^b I like it's quality, I better start saving up. lol T___T

  37. HAHA your commentary is so cute XD and this looks pretty good :o most pore strips don't do as much as i would hope, but it is pretty fun looking at the gunk ^_^

  38. I tried this volcanic clay nose, too!
    Too bad I didn't really like it even though it's "okay" effective but I shed tears while peeling them off when after 30min. Maybe I left them on too long... :(
    I love your detailed review June! :)

  39. LMAO "cheap entertainment" lol
    Its true tho. I like looking at the gross gunk and saying to myself "eww~ gross tehehe" T_T

  40. Sounds like a pretty good product! Pity theres nothing like this in the UK; I'm forever looking for a decent nose strip! X

  41. woaah, didn't even know this kind of product existed. Definitely want to try! ^^

  42. Your nose definitely looks a lot better afterwards but thats probably only because of the nose fuzz. I dont have any blackhead but thinking about getting some strips just to remove the fuzz haha

  43. Lol removing nose fuzz could be a pro. Makeup would go on smoother. XD

    Your pores looks similar to mine, and mine's really oily (but my cheeks and forehead's super dry). A friend did recommend using gel moisturiser to keep my skin hydrated and to prevent pores from becoming too oily.

    I'm also guilty for being too aggressive with my nose from over scrubbing etc. =P


  44. Oh even though seems like it works very well I'm to lazy to buy nose strips from ebay lol I just use random ones that I found in my local beauty shop =D

  45. Hi, June!

    Wow, those are some HD photos! O_O Don't worry, your nose looks great, though xD

    It's a good value, even if it's not lifechanging ^^ thank you for the review!


  46. I bought a box of these awhile back too lol I wasn't really pleased with them. They did their job but biore still does it better for me XD It's a nice price though!

  47. WOw such a thorough review! I use the biore ones!

  48. Looks nice! I feel like pore stripes removes better when i use some pore opening product before since my blackheads are really hardened x.x Have you tried it already? x.x Your blog is supercute OMG love it x.x

  49. This was an awesome review!!! I really appreciate you taking us step by step. I can definitely see the difference. I saw these and was interested in buying them. Now I will :D

  50. Hey June my dear, I know it is gross, but I really enjoy looking at my blackheads and whiteheads on those stuff! Hehe

    I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award my dear, hope you can have a look too ^^
    <3 Celly

  51. yay! i love nose strips. haha..

    Thanks for the great review.


  52. Wow! Looks like those strips worked amazingly!

  53. wah.. !
    i wanna try too, looks so great :D

  54. I tried these nose strips and I liked them. They did their job on my nose and my nose felt great afterwards :)

  55. I've never seen nose strips based upon something such as charcoal before, I would love to try something like that :)
    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  56. oh I know how it feels staring at those gunks in the black strip! I LOVE IT! (now I sound as gross as you, yay! Gross buddies! lol) but really, there's something so satisfactory in doing that hahahaahhahahaha...

  57. Great review thanks for sharing! I haven't tried nose strips in years.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  58. This was a great post, it's really helped me thanks.

  59. Hello! ^-^ I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Please go check it out :)

    - kat

  60. Nose pore strips are great! May I know what your camera is? Your pictures are sooo clear! Love em! :)

  61. I love pore strips and i get a lot of satisfaction when i see alot of black/whiteheads sticking to it when I'm done hehehehe

  62. Thanks for leaving advice on my blog! i've actually been looking at these pore strips at my local TFS...might go buy them next time i drop by, you've convinced me!
    Excellent blogger, exactly the type i follow for korean beauty products, earned yourself a new follower :)

  63. such a nice review... and that nose strips are really great, huh! you must try the iWhite nose pack, it's a cream base, but it will dry on your nose easily. when it dry, you can remove it like a face mask. 90% of your white/black heads will remove.

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  64. hey thanks for the comment on my blog! OMG u know DAVE DAYS too!!! i didnt send it to him though, i helped him put on as a necklace hahha :p met him earlier this year :3

  65. The funniest part is to look at what is on the strip after pulling it off. Even if it's gross.

  66. Hey (: I nominated you for "Versatile Blogger Award" do check it out on my blog. xx

  67. wow these nose strips look really effective XD i'm going to grab a pack for my bf next time i'm in asia :D

  68. It certainly works but I'm scared of nose strips...sounds painful! I'm def a traditional clay mask gal at heart...I prefer rinsing the mask off....

  69. I love the feeling when you take off a pore strip :P it is so satisfying
    Wonderful review <3

  70. I would really like to try using the strip, it looks pretty effective ^.^

  71. WOW! This seriously is an amazing post.. I really admire you for doing this post, with the photo's. I love the sound of these xx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie ♥

  72. I love this strip too.
    Love your blog, I'm following you.
    Please kindly check my blog too <3

  73. I have been wanting to try these. I love doing nose strips its like a weird enjoyment. Haha awesome post


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