Wednesday, July 3, 2013

[Review] The Face Shop's mini pet perfume hand cream

Hey guys, I'm back with another review. This time, I'll be reviewing The Face Shop's mini pet perfume hand creams - in 2 scents, "sweet" and "floral"!~

Aren't they absolutely adorable? 


The packaging is adorable - it's what made me go crazy over it!~ There's currently 4 different versions of the hand creams, so you can pick out different, unique ones to fit your own tastes.

[There's the kitty, bear, monkey and hamster/bear/puppy]
I have no idea what the last one is, so yeah.

Although the bottle part is adorable, the product doesn't come in an outer box. So if you're planning to give this one as a gift, well, no box. There's just a little plastic wrap around it, that's all! It doesn't detract any cuteness though, so that's just a very minor thing.

"Fruity floral" scent

You've got to twist the kitty's head off to get to the product inside - when you first open it, there's a little clear film over the bottle.

It's not a sticker, so you don't have to peel it off. Just a tiny flick of a finger will do. I don't really get why TFS did that, though. I see no point in having a flimsy seal, if it's not going to seal the product in...?

And on the bottom of the bottle are the product's information. 

- "Lovely me:ex"
- Mini pet perfume hand cream
- 03 white floral (04 fruity floral for "sweet")
- 30mL
- The Face Shop
- Made in Korea
- Expiration date: 2015/ 09/ 04 (2015/09/15 for "sweet")

You can flip the sticker, and it opens up to have some more information, mostly about the product's ingredients.


In Korea: $4
(Lowest) on eBay: $6
In North American stores: $8-13

The product: 

Basically, people buy this product just for its adorable packaging. There aren't any "WOW!" properties of the hand cream that make it stand out, and worth buying. 

It's got no anti-aging claims, no sun protection, etc. It's just a simple hand cream that smells very nice. Ideal for a young person, or someone who just loves cute stuff.
Note: Both of the hand creams, "floral" and "sweet" are white in colour. 

I took a little dab of the product and applied it to my wrists. Surprisingly, the smell lasts for quite a long while. It's not heavy nor is it sticky, and leaves a very nice scent that goes strong for a couple of hours, actually!

Between the "floral" and "sweet" scents, I'd have to say that floral is better. It's got a light, pleasant, flowery smell to it. It's got a stronger scent than "sweet", though. The smell reminds me of flowers (really nice flowers), and all that good stuff.

"Sweet" has a lighter scent - it would be good for people who only want a FAINT scent on their hands.  It doesn't really remind me of "fruity florals". It smells like grandma perfume, actually. (I have no idea how to describe that so yeah...)

- Isn't sticky or heavy
- Not oily
- Smells nice
- Small and cute bottle, very portable
- Bottle is hardy (will not break if you drop it)

- If you apply too much, it will get oily, greasy and have a overpowering smell. If you don't go crazy over this and smear it all over yourself, you'll be fine.


I would repurchase this product if the price was $4 (or less).
Anything more than that is overpaying for it, and I wouldn't recommend it if you had to buy it for $6+. 

It's an adorable, lovely smelling product. But with that $6+, you can find yourself a hand cream that actually does wonders, and a lot of it. Aveeno has a really good oatmeal one that comes in a HUGE pump bottle that costs around $7.




  1. omg the packaging is to diee for! very cute ^^

  2. This is definitely one of those products that you buy for the packaging. But it's still nonetheless! At least it does the job of moisturizing your hands.

  3. These are so cute! But I have more than enough hand creams >__< Great as gifts though, hehe.

  4. Omg they're so cute! ^^ if I were in the face shop, I'd just but this only because of their packaging hehe (;

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. The packaging on this is super cute!!! I will probably buy as soon as im out of the hand cream I have now. Nice review!!!
    Ohh I finally got that bloglovin' thing. Please add me :)


    - Kat

  7. The packaging is adorable! People in the marketing world are really smart these days - I would probably buy these hand creams based on the packaging alone :P

    The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  8. I have always neglected my hands..... and I think it's time to invest in some quality products for hand care. Looking back, my hands help me do a lot of my daily rituals like cleansing, moisturising, blogging and doing homework.

    Thanks for introducing this product! I might try the Aveeno one since I'm sure I have seen in it in my local supermarket.

    Y-OONYEE [click here]

  9. Wish I spotted these during my last visit to The Face Shop! They are so cute :)
    Followed you on bloglovin' too ^_^

  10. omg they're so adorable! I need to get my hands on one(no pun intended)!
    Great review, very detailed and informative!

  11. It's so cute! The packaging is so adorable, thanks for the review!

  12. the packaging are adorable.

  13. The packaging is so cute. It is that I still have too many unused hand creams, otherwise I would have already bought one of these. ^_^

  14. Awww it's too cute! My sister has the red one same as yours. :D I think they focused more on the packaging than the quality of the product itself though.

  15. The packaging itself would make me buy this, it's so cute. ♥

  16. I love the packaging so much! I have a hand cream that's in a little owl tub <3

  17. Thnaks for the review, it's so cute!!

  18. Sooo adorable!!


  19. omg the packaging is too cute :)

  20. Sounds brutal when you mentioned, to twist the kitty head.... haha

    <3 cel - do visit my blog too ^^

  21. Ahhh it's sooo cute! I have something against greasy lotions. It just drives me nuts cause I can't touch anything for at least 5-10mins.

    ♡ M.May

  22. I have the blue one, I think it's a dog? It's probably the mysterious animal one ;)

    I really like this product and I was surprised that it actually moisturized quite well. I thought it'd be total crap because of the cute packaging.

  23. Totally adoooorable packaging c: Nice pro's as
    well c: I thought 4 bucks for so little cream
    is slightly overpriced. Xx

  24. Sometimes we buy a product because of the packaging. but, IT'S TOO CUTE!!!~

  25. too cute! I want the kitty one, because I love kittys! I could never throw the container away, I'd have to find some other use for it x


  26. The packaging is incredible, it's sold me already, love it! xx

  27. I love the face shop! true their packagings are cute. I want to try their stamp lip products. its very unique and I've never seen anything like it before.

  28. Ohhh so cute!! We need to be international package buddies!! I would die for that stuff. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following you on all your sites. Hope you do the same! I would love to have you!

  29. Omg these are the cutest things I've seen whaaa I so want one of them!!! ^^

  30. Every time I went to The face shop, the cute packaging of this hand cream is just tempting me to buy it!! But then, I live in a humid country. There's not point in applying hand cream. :/

  31. Ah I've been eyeing this for such a long time.....the adorable packaging is the main reason^^
    I like your review, it tempted me to buy this immediately lol ^^

    thanks for visiting my blog, following you via GFC now^^

  32. Bah! It's $9 at TFS in Australia. I swear everything in Aus is so expensive compared to everywhere else. I'm only buying Korean beauty products from the internet from now on.
    I bought these because of the packaging. So damn cute! >^.^<
    ♥ bec

    p.s. seriously though, sorry for giving you like a zillion notifications by commenting on everything. ;P

  33. I have the floral one and I love the packaging. Since I'm a big fan of cat, that's even better.
    I agree with you that the hand cream is just a basic hand cream.


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