Tuesday, July 16, 2013

[Review] Laneige Deep Cleansing Oil Moisture

I haven't hid my love for Laneige. They have always impressed me, and I continue to repurchase my HG products as well as trying out new ones! Laneige's "Deep cleansing oil moisture" was one of these first-time purchases for me. This product is an oil based makeup remover!

To be honest, I'm not sure why I bought it. I was pretty happy (but bored) with my Sephora oil-based makeup remover, but I guess I felt like a change in my routine!

Let's jump into this review!


- Mild & thorough cleansing for clear and bright skin
- A moisture cleansing oil that quickly and gently removes heavy makeup leaving skin moist and purified
- The smooth, gel-like cleansing oil stays on the skin. May be used with wet hands!
- For normal to dry skin types 

As you can see, the bottle comes in a pump form - and there's 175 ml of product that you get! It does last a pretty long time. I've used it a couple times so far, and it doesn't look like its been used at all! It still looks like there's 100% product left... o___o

Product benefits: Skin-soothing witch hazel extracts and moisturizing plant-based squalane sooth fatigued skin and leaves it moist.
- Mild cleansing oil that is free of mineral oil! 
- "Dermatologic test and non-comedogenic (non clogging) test proved that it does not cause or worsen acne"

Ebay (cheapest): $33
Amazon (cheapest): $29
Laneige: $30


- Pump 3 times and gently massage onto face for about 1 minute to remove makeup and residues.
- Add a little bit of lukewarm water to melt the oil and wash off with lukewarm water. You may use foam cleansing if desired.
- May also be used with wet hands!
- The oil retains its cleansing property on wet hands for easier application and more convenient use.

My experience 

This is a good product. It works, it takes off your makeup 100%, it doesn't dry your skin out, etc. It does what it says it'll do. I have no problems with that! Below are some pictures of the product in action.

1. Lancome 5 colour design eyeshadow palette (Bronze amour)
2. Lancome 5 colour design eyeshadow palette (Bronze amour)
3. Bobbi brown lip and cheek tint 
4. Tonymoly petite bunny gloss bar (#4 Apple)
5. Holika Holika jewel light eyeliner (Amber brown)
6. Holika Holika jewel light eyeliner (Pink topaz)
7. Holika Holika jewel light eyeliner (Black)
8. Dollywink liquid eyeliner (Black)
9. Etude house nymph aura pact (Natural beige)
10. Tonymoly backstage gel liner (#2 Brown)
11. Benefit tint (Posie tint)
12. Benefit sun beam
13. Benefit tint (Chacha tint)
14. Missha Perfect Cover BB cream (#23)
15. The Face Shop faceit auto gel liner (Brown)

Phew. That's a lot of stuff on my arm. 

The product is a clear colour (don't let the baby pink bottle fool you!), and it's pretty lightweight. It feel smooth on my skin. My Sephora oil cleanser (the "supreme" one in the green pump bottle) definitely feels heavier and "thicker" than this Laneige one. 

All that makeup gone! I do find that it removes makeup faster than my Sephora one! It's not hard to wash off, and does not leave an oily film over your skin! It removes the makeup 100%, even the waterproof ones. 

After use, the product really lives up to its claim and doesn't let my skin feel dry, tight or oily. (Y'know that feeling you get if you don't wash an oil cleanser off properly? I hate that!) I personally think it's a nice product to have, especially for people with normal to dry skin, as well as sensitive skin! 

I've used this product a couple of times now, enough to say that it does not break me out. I get no acne, no clogged pores, no whiteheads from using this product. That's pretty darn good! 

Now, to recap...

- The nice packaging 
- Portable (it comes with a removable pump-lock) 
- No mineral oil
- Doesn't clog pores
- Doesn't dry out or irritate skin
- Completely removes makeup! 
- 1-2 pumps is enough for me. A little goes a long way with this remover (it recommends 3).

- Expensive
- Works as well as good, $10 removers (my Sephora one)

Repurchase? No. 
It works as well as my cheap, $10, oil based remover. Even though this product does work, is effective and live up to all of its claims, it's just way too much for my wallet. Why would I spend $30 on something that I can get for $10? (I can totally use that saved $20 on food hehe.)

If I were rich, I'd definitely buy this as my regular remover. But I'm not, so eh - Sephora brand for me!

I love Laneige, and may be their #1 fan. But sorry Laneige, this one I'd have to skip next time! T__T

Rating: 3/5 
2 points (I know, that's a lot of points) docked for the price. 

What about you? Have you used this cleanser before?
Would you spend $30+ on a oil based cleanser? (Or am I just crazy cheap? Ahaha)


  1. Sounds lovely! I do agree though it's pretty expensive. What are your other HG products from Laneige? :) I'd love to know!


  2. Yeah it sounds a little expensive when you say it's just as good as the Sephora $10 one
    Great review!

  3. i wish there were sephora in my country T_T (totally irrelevant comment here)
    i wouldn't buy $30 makeup remover too tbh as I don't wear makeup everyday ._. well i wear bb cream everyday but lbr here $30 is a lot of monAY


  4. It works well. Too bad it's so costly. I agree with you! That's way too much to spend on a makeup remover. Excellent review.

  5. i'm glad to see it works well! i love laneige so much, but yea i don't see the point of paying a lot of money for this or like a shu uemura one when a much cheaper product works just as well :/ oh well. good to keep in mind for when we are (inevitably) super rich lol :P

  6. Oh wow, all those swatches on your forearm @__@. It looks like it's works really well, kind of like the Shu Uemura one, but they're both pretty expensive and it's easy to find a substitute for them that works just as well.

  7. $30 is quite pricey for an oil based remover (But mostly because I'm also cheap LOL ._.'')

    I usually just use olive oil/jojoba oil/whatever oil I can get my hands on, but they do leave a bit of an oily reside, so if the Laniege oil doesn't do that, that's pretty impressive.

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry | Makeup & Silly things

  8. Cool review, I've never used cleaning oils before but looks like I may give it a try ^^ and oo too bad it didn't do everything it claims TT

    恵美より ♥

  9. Ooow thank you June !
    You are soooo cute (●´∀`●)
    I love your blog!

  10. Wow that product looks really good! Answering your question : no hahaha. $30 is too much for a cleansing oil!

    I also blogged about my life in South Korea, fashion and beauty related,
    kindly check out my blog


  11. Lately you share so many good products from Laneige than now I really want try the brand. The only cons is that is really expensive and other cleansers works equal and are more unexpensive. Thanks for your review!


  12. This seems to cleanse really well, especially getting rid of the waterproof makeup in 1 go! I don't think I'd be happy to pay so much for it though. Thanks for the review :)


  13. looks like a great makeup remover, sucks about the price :( but I really want to give the Sephora one a go now!


  14. oh expensive oil cleansers. i definitely think that those are the better quality ones but ...so expensive. im working on one from shu uemura right now which is also pricey. i only got it because i was going through a duty free shop.

  15. You whole arm was swatched, and it managed to remove all of it, AMAZING!!! But I wouldn't buy it, too expensive.


  16. I agree that it is really expensive. Oh well. Thanks for the review! :)

  17. woaaaa this is such a good product :O
    anyway thank you so much for stopping by to my blog
    following yours too, now! :D
    you have such a nice blog~

  18. Hey June! I really love Laneige too, but have you tried in on waterproof mascara dear?

    <3 Celly

    1. Oo, great question Celly! To be honest, I haven't tried it on waterproof mascara (I use my separate eye makeup remover for that).

      I'll test it out, though, and I'll let you know! ^__^ (I'm 99% sure it'll work!)

  19. okay wow.. seems like an amazing product! and kilig is a real word :)


  20. Thanks for the review!!!=^-^= This stuff removes it all!! But, I just prefer cleansing everyting off with DHC Cleansing oil. It's a lot more cheaper. ^_^


    - kat

  21. Great review, i love your photos! I was actually going to purchase this but the price put me off >.< You should try the Juju Aquamoist cleansing oil, it works well and is probably cheaper than the sephora one too ^_^


  22. Thanks for the review! I really want to try Laneige product, maybe not this one because it's a bit expensive for makeup remover :p

  23. Great to know that it works well, especially considering the $30 price tag! I usually like to only pay around $10 for my makeup removers as well ^_^

  24. I know that the makeup remover seems to be good, but what I liked really was the Tonymoly gloss! The color is so sweet! Very good review, I like the pictures, they help to see how good the product is!

  25. For $30, maybe there are skincare benefits that we're missing out on? It's just heartbreaking when a good product is too expensive :(

    Beauty By Telie

  26. I've tried this too and I agree with you in that altho it does the job there are many cheaper alternatives ^^

  27. Oh wow it seems damn powerful! I would consider investing in something that can so effectively remove eye make up. I'm just needing something that can review my super waterproof mascara! That's all, I use other things for my face so this might be something I'd consider in the future! Thanks for sharing! ^^

  28. Laneige is a little bit expensive for me, but this oil looks that makes a really good work, now I'm testing out a cleansing oil from Missha and i'm very happy so far ^^

  29. I love your reviews, you are always so thorough and I love that you include a mini demo of sorts! I have yet to try any Laneige products but their packaging is always so attractive to me. However, they are a bit over priced for my wallet. ; ;

  30. this looks good but i agree, i would rather buy the 10 dollar sephora one. more money to spend on other things ^_^


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