Tuesday, July 30, 2013

[Review] Tonymoly Luminous Goddess Aura Make-Up MIST


I'm back with another review; this time, it's on Tonymoly's "Luminous Goddess Aura Makeup Mist"! (The name is so long, seriously.) Endorsed by Kpop group, T-ara!

I picked this product just on a random whim. I do have a few mists in my collection, but they haven't really been used a lot. Maybe a single spritz? I'm not sure why I picked this one - and after having it in my hands, I even regretted it!

But no worries! After using this mist, it's become one of my favourite products, and I use it every time I apply makeup.

Product description

I'll describe it pretty briefly here: It's a mist mixed with both oil and water, and can be used before or after makeup application. The below description from online shop Momomango describes it excellently!

Tony Moly's Luminous Goddess Aura Mist is a multple use mist which can be used both before and after makeup.  It's no secret that heavy makeup use can do a number on your skin, so keep it fresh and protected with Tony Moly's hydrating mist!  A 3:7 ratio of oil and water layered mixture helps keep your skin skin soft, moist and hydrated to prevent dry and flaky skin.

Packaging: It comes in a pinkish bottle made of plastic. It's pretty sturdy, and I have no fear of accidentally dropping this baby! (Not that I'd want to, but y'know.)

The spray nozzle is strong, and gives a good spritz. I only need 1 spritz to cover my entire face.
I really dislike the nozzles where it gives a choking, "half hearted" spritz, and you've got nothing on your face after a good 4 pumps. Bleh!

Size: It comes in a 80ml bottle.

Scent: There is a scent to this mist. I can't really describe it, but it smells... fruity? I really like it, ahaha.

More info:
- Mixture of oil and water (shake before use)
- Lasts 12 months after first use
- Prevents dry skin
- Multi use, can be used before/after makeup
- Bottom of bottle: Manufacture date


1. Shake well before use.
2. Hold bottle 20-30 cm distance from face when spraying

Initial/after thoughts 

Like I said - I actually pretty much regretted picking this product up. I realized after that it had a 3:7 ratio of oil and water. I thought "OIL? OIL?" and freaked out, because I thought it'd mess up my skin and give me clogged pores, or something crazy like that.

When I used it, I was really happy though! It made my skin feel really fresh, and it didn't feel heavy at all. After use, my face felt really, really soft and smooth - smoother than a baby's butt. I likeee. I also really like that the main ingredient in this product is Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract (Aloe Vera)!

My skin looked super dewy after use, but it does die down later. It still gives you a healthy glow on your face (nothing too drastic), so I really like it!

So, in summary:

- Inexpensive
- A little goes a long way, so it's cost efficient too!
- Makes skin smoother, softer, moisturized
- Gives a dewy look
- Prevents dryness/flakey skin
- Prevents "cakey" foundation application (or fixes it)

- I honestly can't think of any...

Repurchase: Yes! It's not expensive, and it really makes my skin super soft and gives it a fresh feeling. I really like this product. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a good, inexpensive mist!

What about you?
Do you use mists? What do you think about this product?


  1. My -Junniku blog post senses- were tingling and bam, you have a new post.

    Ngl, I freaked out when you said 'oil and water' because I was like "...wouldn't it separate?", but yeah, that's a weird ingredient to have in a setting spray, haha.

    I should actually try a setting spray (me gusta dewy finishes)--maybe I'll pick this up in the future! c:

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry | Makeup & Silly things

    1. AHAHAHAA, love all your comments Vanessa! :D <33 and yeah, you should definitely try a setting spray! (I was going l buy the UD one, but it'a so pricey... really happy I managed to get this one instead!)

  2. Nice review! I haven't heard of this mist yet but I want to give it a shot once my Juju mist is finished :D


    1. Hehe, please do! And oo, juju mist sounds pretty interesting! I like the name, heh. ^_^

  3. That looks really nice! Definitely gives a lovely dewy finish, nothing too oily either! Also it has super cute packaging lol. Thanks for the review~


  4. Nice review June as always ^^ the after result picture looks pretty with the healthy glow on your face :D I use face mist too sometimes when I have to go out all day I use urban decay mist ^^

  5. Great review. Although, I find I can't use mists with oil in them. (They clog up my skin for some reason.) (-.-) Great pictures ^-^

  6. Nice review! The packaging is cute :) The finish looks really great on you!
    Do you know if this spray also helps keep your makeup set or not? I've been using MAC's Fix+, but it's expensiiive :< It gives off that same hydrated effect, though!

  7. Thank you for this review, it was really helpful!
    I'm actually looking for a good mist right now since I don't have any, and I think I might give this one a try. (^v^)


  8. I love the dewy look, and your eye make is cute! I'll have to try this :) thanks for the pics + review

  9. i have a mist from tony moly but ehh~ its nothing special. i just bought it bc it was pink and had a rabbit head as the cap so its super cute >.< i might go check this one out later tho OwO

  10. This post is really timely because I was just thinking of buying a setting spray and I really didn't know what to buy! Thank you very much and this is a very nice review! ^_^

    Lemons and Carnations

  11. oo i like this review.. i think theres something new i need to buy... cuz thats what i need. something else to buy -__-"

    LaDeeeDa.blogspot.com <<< check it

  12. Glad this product worked out for you. Your skin looks very healthy.

  13. I find mists useless but the fact that this has oil is actually intriguing to me. Spritzes usually feel like they've dissolved immediately and offer no change. Maybe the oil helps..

    Beauty By Telie

  14. Nice review! I tried the Luminous Goddess Aura Beamer and I didn't like it because of the stickiness. I guess this one is a better alternative :)

  15. I don't use mists myself. I always find myself cringing and blinking when I've tried. Haha. Not good at misting my face. Still, really like the glow on you. *w*

  16. WoW your face looks amazing !

    So moist too I love it :D I know Tony Moly but just can't seem to find a way to order and ship it here :s N0O0O

    Just uploaded a new post and would love to know your opinion on it :D !

    Have a great day :D


    I l Love John Beerens - Review!

  17. Great review, I love TonyMoly products! Would def check this out when I visit Morning Glory next time when I'm in the city (: but I wonder does this mist make your make up last longer by any chance?
    Just Another Sydney Girl

  18. wow amazing product...

  19. I've never tried a mist, but this makes your skin look amazing! I've followed you on Bloglovin' :)


  20. dont need this mist i have naturally super deeeewy skin aka oily......................


  21. wow your skin really looks glowing, in a nice way of course! :D greatttt review! I think i have the same thing about mists, i have like 3-4 bottles but I always forget to spray them! D:

    I also blogged about my life in South Korea, fashion and Beauty related,
    kindly check my blog out :

  22. Like the packaging and your complexion
    Looks amazing.

  23. Interesting product :) i'll give it a try. thank's for the great review~ and you look so pretty and you have a nice healthy skin!



  24. Cool product, thanks for sharing! ^__^

  25. I love mists! <3 They're my lifesaver when dry patches appear on my skin.
    Your skin looks really healthy and radiant on the pictures, it seems like this product really does its job!
    Thanks for the review. :D

  26. omg you have such nice skin! *-* I never touched products like this in fear of them making my face look oily ~ but actually this review has interested me, now I want to try them for myself! ^-^ x

  27. This sounds lovely, I have been loving mists lately (:

    You look amazing (:

    Ash | Rambles Of A Beauty Addict


  28. I use another mist but its pretty pricey :(
    sounds like a good product to try and its affordable (that's always as plus !)


  29. Oh I really want this mist but I´m not sure if is good for oily snin because contains oil. But the package is really pretty and the package too. Thanks for your review!


  30. waah it has oil in it? for real? I mean oil could ruin make-ups but... the result is amazing, I love how dewy your skin is on the pic! Might give this a try hehee.. thanks for reviewing :)

  31. Tha skin loooks amazing! But i'm sooo afraid of dewyness! x.x I find it really pretty but i can' t use that kind of style :(

  32. your contacts look really pretty here ^_^ your makeup too! thanks for the review :D


  33. Ack! So jealous of your perfectly dewy glow in the last pic! I tried the mists that I have and I like them, but I think my skin chemistry ends up making me look "greasy" rather than "dewy" XD Awesome review as always June! <3

  34. Thanks for the detailed review!
    I haven't tried anything from their Goddess Aura line but this product seems nice.
    I really like your eye make up *o* Would you consider making a tutorial? :D

    1. Thank you for all the comments! ^-^

      Hi Marxie! Thank you, and I'd be really happy to do a tutorial! (It's colours from a 5 colour palette, though... so it's more of a demo. ^-^; )

  35. I should try this. LOL


  36. Ah, looks so good! I have the I'm Blooming Sebum Control mist by Etude House but I don't notice any difference. xD Maybe I'll pick this is up when I finish the Etude House one. :p

  37. Ooo sounds like a really interesting product! I'm not a heavy face mist user though.

    Louise | Vanity Corner

  38. Oh a face mist with oil! Honestly I was skeptical that this would work when I first started reading, but the effects looks great, dewy, but not oily at all! I'm honestly surprised. :D
    Too bad it takes me so long to finish a bottle of mist, I really want to try this ^^
    Thanks for the great review June!

  39. Wow sounds great I really want to try! ^_^



  40. For some reason I never used a mist like this, but as there are a lot of companies releasing them lately, I might try one out. Thanks for the review dear!

    xoxo Pakize

    Madame Keke

  41. I love makeup mists and this sounds perfect.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog also hun x


  42. Lovely posts. Makeup mists are a must in this weather!
    Emma x

  43. Thanks for the review! I've been looking into getting a face mist. I might have to give this one a try. ^_^

  44. You are so beautiful, sweetie! :)
    And thank you for the product review, I'd like to try it as well! :)


  45. I bought this yesterday after see your post!!! ahhhh love it! I just purchased for 109.00 from 129.000 IDR beacuse 25% discount! yipppie *super happy*

    1. Yayyy! So happy you love it, and yay on the discount! 8D Whoohoo!

    2. hihihi just wanna say thaaankyouuu for review this one, I'm using it today and I love it.. my face is glowing like healthy <3

  46. Tbh, I never really understood the point of the mist but thanks to your review I'm going to give it a chance and try it out~~ It also has the cutest bottle ever hehehe


    Thanks for the great review!! o w o

  47. Hi June,

    Thanx for leaving a comment on my blog. Your blog header is so cute. Did you design it? Well I'm in the midst of changing my blog layout after accidentally replacing it. I'm into the white and sweet pink theme so your blog draws my attention too. OOOhhh... and are you a cat person? I'm thinking of drawing my header related to cats and your dancing cat in this post shaking its butt is just so cute. Just to be cheeky, I love shaking my butt at my hubby when I'm playful and this cat must have reminded him of me! I realised I could right click save it but I would need your permission or could you direct me to where it was originally from?

    Now on to your post, I've never tried make up mist on my face due to the humidity level in my country. I'm very afraid of them leaving my skin oilier. This product you review sounds really good though I'm not too sure it it works in my country's humidity.

    I think we are able to connect and do let me know if you want to follow each other.

    I think I know what you mean. I have rather flat feet and flats would pose some problems for me too. I think the arch of your feet is a little flat too. The insides of the Lanvin flats is padded and hence I was surprised it felt so comfortable. The only thing would be the edges bit me.

    Thank you for dropping by and leaving me a comment, June. I always love to be engaged with my readers and I will check out your blog soon! =D

  48. I can't see the photos.. something might be wrong with my internet or photobucket. :o It's my first time to hear of this product and I'm amazed on how oil and water can work nicely! I'm scared of products with oil since I have oily skin already, but this one sounds nice. :D

    1. Thanks so much for the heads up, Helen! It was my photo hosting account; I exceeded my bandwidth, haha.

  49. That product looks awesome, I would like to get it one day. Btw, you look so so pretty in those pictures. New follower here by the way, hope you can visit my blog <3



  50. That looks good on you but I guess my face would look like a frying pan..lol..nice review! :D


  51. Love how dewy this makes your skin look! What an awesome product!

    fashion and tea

  52. Wow you are such a popular lady. Look at all these comments. And very well-deserved too. What a fun post. So glad you stopped by my blog and let me know you were here. Following you for sure. :) Also really love you on Instagram.

  53. I love this product! I used to work for TM and I was super happy when they came out with this <3

  54. i love tonymoly... how do you like their makeup line?


  55. Have anyone ever told you that you look like Ailee?!

    1. LOL, just one other person! xD I don't think I do though ahahah (she's like a goddess wtf T-T)


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