Friday, August 30, 2013

[Circle lens review] Neo Glamour Gray

I'm addicted to the Neo glamours, I swear!

Small diameter, 3 tone lenses have always been my favourite - the big eyed "dolly" look does not go well with my face, I assure you. Small diameters are more comfortable for me, and don't give a freaky deaky look. Also, the blending of the 3 colours in Neo Glamours are so pretty and natural looking.

I know what the Neo Glamours are like in terms of size, comfort and wearability, but I've never tried a gray lens. Thanks, Eyecandys!

Eyecandys is one of the biggest and well known circle lens sites online. They've got an absolutely adorable store layout, it's the cutest (and most elegant) I've seen so far! It's easy to browse around and look for the circle lens design that you want. If you're new at circle lenses, have no fear - there's an information section for new lens wearers. I'd recommend giving it a peek.

On to the review!

Here's what I received - a pair of the Neo Glamour Gray lenses in a cute little "star" mesh sacky (uh, what do you call those things?). It also came with the cutest little lens case I've seen. Monkey case, whoop!

These 3D "Mio Friend" cases are really cute, and they come seperately and securely packaged. They also come with a little tweezer, which has been helpful for me. I don't really use tweezers to take out my lens from the actual case (admittedly, I use my clean fingers to do that - is that bad?) but they've been a lifesaver at taking out the lens from the vial. Those little suckers can stubbornly stick to the bottom of the vial!

Eyecandys is also randomly giving away these lens cases when you make a purchase! ARGH I WANT THE FROGGIE. T___T

Description of Neo Glamour Gray

These lenses give a "sweet and natural look". It's one of Neo Vision's bestsellers on Eyecandys, and there have been lots of people who are super happy with these.

Name: Glamour Gray
Brand: Neo
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 42%
Diameter: 14.2 mm
Base curve: 8.6
Life: 1 year (I do not recommend using any lenses for more than 3 months)

Colours avaliable (8): Gray, brown, hazel, honey, blue, aqua, violet, green
Price: Currently $29.60 [here]


Y'all know that the Neo glamours are one of my favourites, the design is lovely and very, very natural looking. The lenses themselves aren't too big either, but do give a little wee bit of enlargement. The following design description is from my Glamour green review. 

This lens does have a pretty unique, interesting design. Instead of having a solid limbal ring like most circle lenses, they have jagged edges! These lines do look a lot more natural than a normal, solid limbal ring would. 

It begins with black/dark gray colour lines, and changes to an "icy" gray, then finishing off with a deep yellowy gold colour.


Up close, the lenses have almost a "blue" colour to them, instead of gray. But from further away, it definitely looks more gray than blue.

Really, how freaky do I look like with the "up stare" + no lashes? Tell me, hahaha. ("Indoor lightning" pictures of the worn lenses will be posted in the next few days, don't fret!)

My thoughts

Store service was quick and nice, and I had the pleasure of talking to one of their employees, Chloe. As for shipping, it was pretty fast! I think I received these lenses within 2 weeks, and they were decently packaged (They came in an envelope, not a box).

Hum, I do like these lenses! As always, the Neo Glamour lenses are super comfortable - I honestly do not feel these in my eyes, and they don't irritate me in the least. The 42% water content is nice and comfortable, heh. I think I can wear these lenses for a good 6-7 hours before feeling anything. Inserting them in, wearing them, and taking them out - each "stage" of using these lenses was easy, simple and comfortable. No hassle dassle~

When I wore my green Glamours, I mentioned that sometimes the lens didn't "stick" to my eye, and moved around a bit. It kind of looked like a "halo" effect, but not as nice - it looked like a misplaced lens. This weird effect only lasted for a bit before returning to normal, and it wasn't a big deal.

But with the gray Glamours, I don't have this mini-problem whatsoever. It doesn't move around, and gives me no trouble at all.

As for design and colour - I do like it! I'm not too big of a fan of gray lenses because I don't think the colour looks as good on me, but it was alright. The colour payoff was good, and the lens colour covered my natural brown eyes excellently. The colour doesn't look too obvious from a distance - in my opinion, it looks really natural and gives a good "oomph" to your eyes. There's a slight, pretty change to the eyes.

Note: I don't give half marks - and I like random red "A"s. 

Colour: /5
Enlargement: /5
Comfort: /5
Overall rating: /5


If you're looking for a pair of lenses that are natural (in both colour and size), I'd highly recommend these lenses. They'll be perfect for a natural look! These lenses have made me love the Glamours all over again. Maybe when these expire ("Expire" means 3 months for me), I'll buy another exact pair! (I say "maybe", because I'm not yet sure if the other colours will blow me away and make me want to buy those, hah.)

If you're looking for a large size, "look at me" lenses, I wouldn't recommend these. They're not big, and offer little enlargement; and the colour is too natural to be used for standout, obvious lenses.

More pictures 

Here's some more pictures of the lenses in action! (Lighting again was a bit everywhere, please excuse.)

Hope you enjoyed the review!

What about you?
Have you tried the Glamours before? What do you think of the grays? Do you like "natural" lenses?


  1. love the lens .. looks prettty on you

  2. EXCUSE ME WHERE CAN I FIND CUTE LENSES CASES (...even though I don't have lenses)
    Wait...I thought we were always supposed to use our fingers for lenses? Because tweezers sound damaging ._.''
    (This is also one of those moments when I gross sob in the corner because attractiveness everywhere ;-;)(Also, I still owe you a doggy doodle because I keep getting forgetful with that)(Your dog is so white and fluffy and I want to excessively pat him/her)(ALSO WHY ARE OUR POSTING SCHEDULES SO ALIKE WTH)(Ok I'm done talking)
    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

  3. hahahahaha (you know what i'm laughing about)
    The lenses are very natural and pretty for every day use!
    And I really like the frog shaped lens case! (:

  4. This is my first time seeing a "3D" shaped lens case. They're really cute and eye-catching! <3
    The gray color look lovely on you, I think asians could never go wrong with subtle blue/gray-ish hue. If any, they would only look hotter with it. ;) And I love Neo Glamours too! They're my favorite lenses since I dislike circle lenses that are larger than 14.2 dm. Those huge dolly eyes just doesn't fit me. :(

    PS: THE LAST PICTURE IS SO ADORABLE! You and Happy are the perfect duo awwwhh~ <3 *squeals*

  5. Those eyes contact are perfect.

  6. I don't like super big dolly lenses too! 14.2mm is definitely the perfect diameter for everyday! :) I don't really like gray lenses though :P but still this one looks amazing on you!

    Bella / everythingaboutbella

  7. Oh the lens looks pretty on you♥
    You look fantastic!

  8. These lenses are so amazing on you! I really need to get myself a pair ;u;
    Great review!
    (Btw, I'll be hosting a giveaway at 50 followers :3)

  9. Those are seriously the cutest lens cases i've ever seen aw ><
    i really like these on you, so natural but really pretty!

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  10. Oh that lens has a soft and retty color very natural but really cute too.
    Thanks for your review dear,

    I want invite you to Join to my Firmoo Giveaway for win 1 pair of Glasses. You choose the model!

  11. I think these lenses looks really nice and natural! I honestly really like the grey tone because it looks soooo freaking natural like you would have grey eyes for real :O I never tried them but I like natural lenses with a small black limbal ring with a bit dolly effect haha I think the Geo Angel series would suit you really well!! They have a small diameter but a black limbal ring but still they look nice, I think! :) you should give them a try for your next pair of lenses~
    Thanks for this review, June~! :D


  12. Awesome review. Smaller lenses look so cute one you!
    Check out my post. I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

    Stay amazing!

  13. you're gorgeous :)

  14. Aww~ the lenses look so good on you! :3 It's really pretty~ And it matches your eyes so well!

  15. Neo Glamour Grey are my everyday lenses, they are my favs ^^ <3

  16. Love how they look! The case is super cute :)

  17. I've never worn circle lenses, and have never really had an interest in them personally, but I always thought they looked amazing for cosplay and for beauty gurus to give an extra "something" to their look. I love this gray color! They look fabulous on you June! I also like that the lenses aren't obnoxiously "dolly" or huge and alien-like lol! (Sometimes they scare me T^T) I would totally try these out if I ever decide to pick up lenses. Great review, thanks for sharing <3

  18. These lenses look really pretty on you! An the container is super cute as well! Regarding your comment on my post. . .
    The Peeling itself doesn't hurt. It will peel off naturally like when your skin get sunburnt and the dead skin comes off. (>_<)

    thank you for the review!

  19. These contacts look so natural and gorgeous on you! The second to the last picture of you, it reminds me of Tiffany from SNSD (Girls Generation).

  20. you look awesome with them on!

  21. Those contacts looks amazing on you! :) I actually have the same colored lenses, except that I have a grade and it's a little lighter than your shade.

    Amazing post!

  22. I love grey contacts, these look so natural on you! The little monkey contacts case is so adorable too :)

  23. aw your dog is sooo cute june :)

  24. This is a really great review! And thank you for the sweet comment on my blog :) I've always wanted to try circle lenses but I think I read somewhere a couple years ago that they weren't the greatest for your eyes... But the look awesome!

  25. I really want to buy colored lenses but scared of using wrong and hurt me.

    But be very beautiful.

  26. Really lovely review! I had a pair of circle lens in green but I threw them out since I was keeping them a bit too long.. Reading your post I kind of miss them now :P haha


  27. You look great! I've never tried circle lenses before but I'm quite curious how I look with a different eye color :)
    Those lenses cases are so cute!


  28. Great lenses, although, I prefer your natural brown eyes! ^_^
    Maria //

  29. You are sooooo beautiful!! with lenses or without gaaaah!
    The Blushing Giraffe | A New UK Beauty Blog

  30. oooh haven't tried new lenses in so long! these look so pretty, love the color and the pattern/effect. thanks for sharing.


  31. They are gorgeous! Those lenses with the eyelashes make for a striking look!

  32. These look really pretty on you! From the gray lenses I've tried, and the ones I've seen reviewed by other bloggers, the majority of gray circle lenses seem to look blue up close but gray from afar. These enlarge your eyes quite a bit too :)

  33. The lens look great on you!!
    Very pretty and you have such a cute dog!!^_^

    Much love,

  34. Oh, really really nice! : )
    The gray color of the lens blends well with your eyes.


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