Friday, August 16, 2013

[Circle lens review] Neo Glamour Green!

Hi! It's 12:39am right now, and I'm absolutely dead tired. My eyes feel kind of heavy and whatnot, but I really, really wanted to write about these pair of lenses right now. I'm a happy lens camper, you see.

I've mentioned that the Geo world series were my first lens, and when I first saw them on a store website, I was all "that. is. mine!"

Well, I'm here today to talk about the 2nd line of lenses that made me go ga-ga. It's another 3 tone lens (yes, we know I'm crazy about 3 tones), from Neo Vision. I'll be talking about the Neo Vision glamour lens in green!

Thank you very much to Honeycolor, who has sponsored this review.

First, let's have a quick look at Honeycolor - they're one of the most well known online circle lens stores, known for their huge circle lens collection. On top of having such a selection, Honeycolor also has great selection of false eyelashes. You can find famous brands like Dollywink, Jumily, Diamond lash and Eyemazing there!

The lenses came in this little box, which I really like. The front of the box has the Honeycolor company name printed on it - the back shows pictures on how to insert the lens into your eye! Its great help for beginners, who may not know how to put on lenses. The lenses also come with an adorable case! I got a purple fishy case, heheh! ^o^

So, I'll begin by telling you a little more about the Neo Glamour green lenses!

Diameter: 14.2
BC (Base curve): 8.6
Water content: 45%
Life: 1 year 
Certified by: KFDA, UKAS 054, ISO 13485, CE 0499, GMP
Colours available (8): Green, hazel, blue, brown, honey, violet, gray, aqua

Price: Currently $26.32 [here]


This lens does have a pretty unique, interesting design. Instead of having a solid limbal ring like most circle lenses, they have jagged edges! These lines do look a lot more natural than a normal, solid limbal ring would. 

The green colour of the lens doesn't show up too much when it's in the case, but there are 3 colours that blend in together. It begins with black/dark gray colour lines, and changes to a natural green, then finishing off with a deep yellow colour. 


You can see that the lens colours do blend in well with my natural eye colour. It doesn't really give off a vibrant green look, but rather a natural, murky green. I really, really like that! (As usual, I wasn't going for a vibrant eye look!)

In the picture below, I'm wearing the lenses in different lightings. 

Update May 13 2018: OMFG LOL why do i look like this, my eyes are uneven omg

My thoughts

Honeycolour service: I'd have to say that the store service is brilliant - they always reply quickly, and very politely. Not all stores can offer the 2 (speed and politeness) together in customer service, so I like that a lot. 
The shipping was extra fast - it only came in a couple of days for me. Honeycolour does offer several different shipping options, so you can choose whatever option fits your budget. On average (if you choose the cheapest method), it'll take approximately 2 weeks. 

As for the lenses - I do really, really, honestly like these. They give off a natural look, which I can always appreciate! They're not as HUGE on me as the Geo nudys, it only gives off a slight enlargement. When in regular room light, it's not too obvious that you're wearing lenses. However, they do change your appearance a little bit, enough to make a slight, nice change.

Comfort is brilliant. I can't even feel them in my eyes (as all contacts should be, haha), and I forget I'm wearing them! These lenses have a 45% water content - this makes them super, duper comfortable and I can easily wear these for a long time (7+ hours). Brilliant. 

The only thing I'd have to point out is that sometimes, the right lens doesn't seem to "stick" onto my eye properly. It moves around a very, very little bit. It's nothing that other people will notice (if it does indeed move). It's not much to worry about and no one notices it, though. (It's probably just my eye adjusting to it.)

(Note: I don't give 0.5 marks!)

Color:  / 5 
Enlargement: /5  
Comfort: /5
Overall rating: /5

Brilliant lenses, love them! I hope I can try out all the colours in this line, hehe. My next favourites (by colour) are hazel, honey and brown! 

I've taken some more pictures, in case you guys wanted to see more of these lenses in action! 

Update May 13, 2018 - What was I doing with this ribbon? Where did I find this ribbon????????

What about you?
Have you tried these lenses before? Do you like natural lenses? ^___^

Disclaimer: I was given these lenses for review purposes. As always, this post is 100% honest. My opinion cannot be bought. 


  1. They look so good on you! Great review too!


  2. Cutest blog design ever!

    These are a beautiful color! They're not huge. I wonder
    why they decided to make them so small. Either way.
    You look gorgeous.

  3. June I love the design and color. You look absolutely cute with the ribbon haha xD where's your disqus? O_o thank you for the review the lenses look so beautiful on your eyes :D


    1. Awwh, thank you for the comments guys!~ ^-^

      Hiii Misa ~ thank youuu, and ackk!~ I have to get on installing Disqus! I've just been way too busy lately and totally forgot about it. Will do, will do, will do... soon! xD

    2. keke it's ok XD just wondering... but didn't you use disqus before? D:

    3. Some people say that I did, but I've never had Disqus on my blog before! o.o

  4. They look sooo natural! *-* especially on your eyes, your so pretty June~~
    What eyelashes are you wearing? (○´∀`○)❤

    1. Hi Kirsten, thank you! I'm wearing the Dolly wink lashes in #10, sweet cat! (I should definitely get on making a review on my lashes... hm.)

  5. It looks very natural actually, I know some coloured contact lenses can look very "fake" or too huge for the person but you carry it off really well! ;)

    <3 Celly

  6. wow thats an interesting outer rim design. haha they look very natural and pretty on u!

  7. Ah! they just perfect..i don't really need enlargement, I just simply adore the color :)


  8. You look really tired, sweetie... The lenses looks good on you though, hope you got a good rest after posting this up =)

  9. the caes are so cute!

  10. omg you looks so pretty with these lenses! I love them on you! I generally love natural lenses so much~ Thanks for reviewing this pair of lenses ^-^*

    ♡ Mindy~

  11. The lenses look so pretty and natural on you :D
    I'm jealous xD

  12. Oh that lens looks absolutely pretty and cute on your eyes sweetie. That blends very nice with your natural color eyes. Many thanks for your review. By the way many thanks for remove Disqus always made me problems to comment on your blog.

  13. Were these lenses comfortable, and they look really nice ^-^

  14. The lenses sound wonderful and they sure make your eyes pop! Great review!


  15. You look so natural and pretty in those pictures, I love the lens colour on you^-^ x

  16. Wow, you look so pretty! I just noticed how nice and healthy your hair looks; what hair dye do you use? How about a haircare routine, maybe?

    About the lenses; they look gorgeous on you T_T I've always wanted to try circle lenses but I am afraid the enlarging effect won't look good on my Caucasian eyes, I'll probably look like: O_O

    And if I try colored ones without much of an enlargement like the ones you reviewed, I'll keep worrying about how I'll go up to people with a different eye color xD Like 'YO check out my sparkly green eyes'

    Okay, okay, I don't know why I talk so much in comments (x

    1. Hi, Electra! ^_^ Awhh, thank you very much for the compliments. I actually don't use hair dye, and have never dyed my hair in my life. (Well, I did get red highlights back in 3rd grade...)

      I'd be super happy to write a haircare routine, but I really don't do anything special! (I actually do bad things to it, like washing it everyday, and using a hairdryer almost everyday. o.o) I'm a bad hair person. D:

      And hahaa, I'm sure you can find super nice lenses on you, if you looked! C: I do think a simple black limbal ring lens would look stunning on you. :D (Maybe in a 14.0-14.2 size?) ^_^ Hohoho~ I like long comments! :D

  17. The lenses look so natural on you and the colour of the lenses are so amazing! you look so pretty in your pictures~ ^-^

  18. I was really tempted to buy these the other day, because they look really natural, and they have a high water content! I don't usually wear circle lenses because my eyes tend to get dry .__.;.

    I'll probably buy a few pairs (probably brown/honey or these ones) after vacation :D

  19. These are really pretty lenses! ^-^

  20. The're so pretty you look gorgeous with them! :D

  21. HAHAHA! The last picture!! ^ A ^

    This has a really unique design to it. Razor sharp ends
    I love how it blends in with brown too!

    Love the eyelashes you used here!

  22. These look fantastic! I had tried some special effects lenses for Halloween last year but they were horrible and uncomfortable and I had to remove them after 3 hours. On top of that they scratched up the inside of my lids and my eyes hurt for the rest of the day. I was actually scared that I had damaged my eyes. I used to wear contact before, for like 15 years, so it's not like it was anything new (I then got laser eye surgery).
    I will have to give these a try because they sound really comfortable. Thank you for the review!

  23. Those are so pretty :) it look's really nice on. I love the fact that it has a natural effect on the eye's. Great review!


  24. These lenses look gorgeous on you! Very natural.
    Really loving the design.

  25. Hiyeee~ Thank you for checking out my blog! These lenses kinda remind me of my Vassen Glamour Green!

  26. Those look great on you! You are so photogenic I am jealous! :)

  27. I love the design, and I really like the fact that it doesn't look too big.

  28. These look great! I've seen some outrageous colored contacts before, but these are very natural- they add great depth and intensity to your natural eye color. I just learned about this particular type of circle lens the other day. I might try out a pair of blue ones just for fun- your review helped me make up my mind! :)


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