Wednesday, August 28, 2013

[Review] Etude House Color Pop Drawing Show Creamy Pencil Set

Well, I think that's got to be my longest title yet.

The very first eyeliner I had ever tried was my cousin's. We were going to a fancy shmancy dinner and I wanted to try makeup for the first time. But when I tried lining my eyes, it was so difficult. It was a pencil one, but omg - it felt like I was trying to line my eye with a piece of rock. The colour just would not show on me, and I must've stabbed that thing onto my eye a hundred times, trying to get even the tiniest bit of colour.
So from that day on, I've had a huge appreciation and love (and awe) for super creamy eyeliners. Seriously.

Today I'll be reviewing a set of Etude House eyeliners - they're the "Color pop drawing show creamy pencils". Ever since I've tried the Holika Holika gel liner pencils, I've been obsessed with these pencil/gel eyeliners. I've never tried Etude House liners, so a kind thank you goes out to ibuybeauti!

As always, let's take a quick look at "ibuybeauti" store. They're an online store that sells many different Korean cosmetics. Their website is very easy to surf through, as there are subcategories made for easy browsing. The store carries well known brands, such as Etude House, Tonymoly, Innisfree, Lioele, Holika Holika and more!

The thing that most stands out to me is that they carry other brands as well. All korean cosmetics stores sell the brands mentioned above, but oftentimes I can't different brands. It's definitely harder to find CNP, Dr. Jart, Espoir, Hera and (my favourite) Laneige. High five to IBB for carrying them, though!

You may have heard of ibuybeauti's store - but did you know they also have a well known Youtube channel? If you watch "Get It Beauty" on YT with English subtitles, chances are that you've watched it on ibuybeauti! They subtitle and upload such episodes for everyone, Korean and non-Korean, to watch!

Click "Read more" for more pics + swatches!


This is a set that contains 5 different coloured eyeliners. All of the eyeliners have some shimmer or sheen to them. Black & brown have the least noticeable shimmer, burgundy & orange have a more noticeable sheen/shimmer, and pink has the most.

The colours included in the set: 
1. Star night black BK801
2. Dolly brown BR402
3. Passion burgundy RD304
4. Swing orange OR201
5. Jealous pink PK104

The set's described as a "5 essential colour set", and each eyeliner has 1.4g of product. More descriptions about the set is listed below:

- Pop and hot colour for expressing unique eye makeup
- Waterproof and longlasting
- Creamy texture
- No flaking or crumbling

Price: 31.99 at Ibuybeauti (Click here!)


1. Star night black 
2. Dolly brown 
3. Passion burgundy
4. Swing orange
5. Jealous pink


If you look closely (or not), you'll see that the skin around my arm is pretty red. I tried rubbing off the eyeliner really, really hard and it just wouldn't come off! A bit of the brown and orange did, but that's because of my hulk strength.

This picture shows the swatches after I had running water over it (as well as rubbing it). The water didn't make the eyeliners budge at all. However, the eyeliners did erase a little bit where I had rubbed them off.
In reality, water or rubbing with water won't affect it at all. Because really - in reality, you won't have your eyes exposed to non-stop flow of directed water, or that much force on them.

My experience 

Even though I'm obsessed with super creamy pencil-y gel liners, I've only stuck with Holika Holika's. I wasn't "adventurous" or anything, and I held the thought that no other brand could offer the absolute 'amazing' that Holika Holika does with their liners.

Hooooookay. I was so wrong (I'm wrong in so many of my makeup beliefs, arghh!) - Etude House color pop liners prove to be a serious rival against my previous HG from Holika Holika.

If you're wondering what the difference is between the two, I've listed them below:
- HH has much more sparkle/sheen.
- EH has a sheen and a slight shimmer, but you can't really tell that there are actual sparkles in the liner.
- HH is slightly more creamy at application, and must take at least 10 seconds to "set" before it iron-grips your eye.
- EH liners sets faster than HH.
- EH (1 liner) is slightly more expensive than HH (1 liner).

The only thing "meh" about the Etude House liners is that one of the colours are super, duper creamy (Orange). They're creamy to the point that when applied, the pigment will actually cling to my eyelashes, no matter how careful I am. I guess one way is to super sharpen the liner, and apply it really precisely...?

As for colour - out of this entire set, I'd wear black and pink the most. I did really, really like brown when swatched - but when it's on my eyes, I want a slightly darker shade than what it offers. I wouldn't normally wear the burgundy or orange colours, unless I'm creating a specific look!

Is this 5-set worth it?

When something comes in a set, I immediately assume that there is some kind of discount. If I get it, it'll be cheaper than buying the same amount separately. Right?

Ibuybeauti does not currently sell the Etude House color pop liners separately. I found the price through Etudehouse's ebay store, where each sells for $10.36 USD.

So is buying this 5-set ($31.99 at Ibuybeauti) worth it? Compared to buying 5 liners at Etudehouse ($51.80), yes. Though it (the $32 price) can be improved, the price is fair. I've seen this set priced at $38+ in some stores, and some stores do sell it for less.


I would strongly recommend the Etude House color pop liners for all! Though people can be put off at the amount of shimmer in the Holika Holika liners, these offer a slight "oomph" without being too obvious. No one can tell I have a slight sheen in my eyeliner, even though I totally do. I think these are quality liners that are really fun to play around with! ^___^

Personally, I'd keep buying this eyeliner - in different colours. I wouldn't repurchase the set, because I feel like I won't use most of the colours on an everyday, "gotta get out of the house NOW, i'm late!!" day.

If you're one to experiment daily with colour eyeliners and love creamy ones - this is definitely for you! If you're one to stick to black/dark brown eyeliners, I'd recommend just buying a single (or two). ^__^

- Creamy and smooth
- Easy to find
- Extremely rub-proof
- Extremely waterproof
- Affordable
- 5 different, quality colours
- Shimmer isn't intense

- Some colours are "too" creamy and get on your eyelashes
- In the set: I find that some of the colours aren't really "essential" or wearable on everyday basis
- Need to sharpen (I'm lazy!)

Overall (the entire set)
Note: I don't give half marks.

Quality: 5/5
Colours: 4/5
Wearability: 2/5
Price: 4/5
Overall: 3/5

What about you
Have you tried the Etude House color pop liners? What'd you think about them?
BTW, do you often wear color eyeliner (burgundy, purple, green, red, etc)???

Disclaimer: This product was sent for review purposes. As always, this review is 100% honest. My opinion cannot be bought.


  1. the brown and pink are sooo pretty! i might buy some individually c:

  2. Ohh I like the burgundy one ^-^ Thanks for the review!

  3. I have this set and I really love it too! and omg! you have such beautiful lighting for your pics, do you have any pics June ? ~

    1. Hi, Nhi! ^_^ I'm not sure what you mean by "pics"~ o.o Do you mean if I have any pictures of my lighting equipment? (OMG if this isn't what you mean I'm gonna be so embarrassed lolol..)

  4. Its hard to find a creamy yet non smudging eye liner these days
    Really loving the brown and plum colour

  5. Why everything in Etude House is so darn cute :3 Love the product!!! Have to try them!

    great post


  6. weww I was on the verge on buying this one but I bought clio's creamy eyeliner set instead... if only I saw your blogpost first! But I liked them too anyway! haha nice review!

  7. I really loved the creamy formula. However, I'm not into eyeliners enough to spend that much getting the set (cheapskate). :P

  8. Great colors this liners♥♥♥

  9. I love the pink! Great for inner corners + aegyo sal looks :D <3

  10. I love the jealous pink one! :D and it's in a tin^^! so pretty :D

  11. The colors are so pretty and seem to be pigmented. I love no 5! It looks so cute <3 thank you for the review June ^^

  12. Great review dear. I like the colors.
    Have a nice day <3

  13. Love the shades great job in the review.

  14. Thank you for the in-depth review <3. I really like 2, 3, and 5 :D

  15. The colours look really pretty, and quite wearable! I would love to pair #3 and #5 together for a dainty, vampire look (which seems to be quite a trend lately). <3

  16. They look soo creamy! I can't stand liners that drag or tug >_<
    I really like the look of the pink liner here - such a pretty colour! The burgundy's kinda cool too~

  17. The burgundy one is my favorite! Great review!

  18. I agree! black and pink are for everyday look black serves as liner and the pink may serve as the teary drop liner because it shimmers! =) the other colors may be used on special occasions or if feeling trendy and poppy. ;)

  19. Great Review! :)
    I read another review of this set too and the other blogger said that the liners are as hard as a rock! she said the opposite :O I really like the colors tho ! The brown and the burgundy look super nice *-* It's just so expensive :/ The set is quite cheap but buying them seperately is pricey! :o
    Thanks for the review, June! :)

  20. It look's great make's me wanna have it also :)
    great review! <3


  21. I love creamy eyeliners as well, I really love that sparkly pink color! Great highlight!! I really like Urban Decay 24/7 liners, but they're too expensive if I can't get them on sale. So I really like NYX's Slide On Liners. They're pretty much identical to UD's 24/7 liners, but at a fraction of the price!

  22. they looks really smooth tho. i wouldnt get the whole set but i definitely like that jealous pink one!

  23. The colors are so pretty.
    Specially the Passion Burgundy.

  24. wow! looks like nice pigmented too!! love the review

  25. Wow great set!
    I admit I still can't use pencil liners to do my upper eye :(

  26. I recently purchased these and love how creamy and smooth they are! Their staying power is excellent as well - I am definitely in love with their gel liners. My current everyday liner is their Sweet Recipe chocolate smudge liner.

    Louise | Vanity Corner
    HAIR2GO Giveaway

  27. I've always wanted to try some eyeliner pencils and these look great to start with! Are they twist-up liners or do you have to sharpen them?? :o

  28. They look nice.
    From that collection I'm more into the lip pencils, because they have fun colours and most western brands only carry every-day colours (not bad but, it's nice to have some more fun colours to play with it)
    Considering that I almost order a eye-pencil kit from sigma, I would totally try to get one of these.
    Really lovely review!
    Please take care, have a nice day**

  29. Beautiful colors and the incredible quality of the products of Etude House.

  30. I would love to try those eyeliners, I've been looking for some nice colorful ones that work.

  31. OMG ! it looks so pretty *0*
    I think I have to try it too >.<

  32. how would you suggest removing the eyeliner? i'm doing a cosplay which needs lotssss of coloured eyeliner so i'd much appreciate some advice haha~ (also i'm allergic to some removers so they arent much of an option for me)

  33. i have 1 set too. but i couldn't twist my pencil. could you tell me how to fix the problem? thank you

    1. Hi, Dabu - as mentioned in the post, these pencils have to be sharpened. They're not twistable~


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