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[Review] Etude House dear my blooming lips talk + giveaway winner!

I'm back! Hi!~

I've got a review for you guys today, and it's on Etude House's "dear my blooming lips talk" line! These have been a hit with many people, and lots of people seem to like it. It's a bestselling item in most online stores, and I'm super duper happy that I get to review these thanks to Keautystore.

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" stands for Korean Beauty Store which is an online store selling items from Korea. was founded in November 2009 (as and has been operating successfully until the present day. We are an online retailer/wholesaler of women's and men's cosmetics, contact lenses, Korean fashion wigs and much more." 

So let's get on with this review!
*Giveaway winner at the bottom of the post.


Smooth textured lipstick supplies vivid color and moist shine. 
1. Expressed as vivid colour on the lips. Smooth and good colour. Clean, bright lips express. 
2. Smooth lips without keratin. Soft as cream.
3. Abundant nutrition and moisture. Maintains healthy, moist lips. 

These lipsticks are pretty much exactly as described. I was pretty surprised at how smooth and creamy they were! They didn't feel "crayon-y", nor did it feel like I was tugging it around my lips. The colour is pretty vivid, but note that some colours may look very, very similar to each other. 

Net wt: 3.4g (0.11oz)
Size: Small, but enough to last a while. The bullet is maybe 3.5cm, from base to tip. 

Price: $14 
You can find it here at Keautystore!

Colours: There is a huge range of colours to choose from. There are currently 31 colours in the whole line!


I'll be showing you 5 of the 31 colours! (If the PK009 sticker looks tampered with, it totally is. I peeled it off for fun and stuck it back on... entertainment at its weirdest.)


The packaging is super pretty -  they're slightly shimmery, pink tubes with ribbons on the bottom! Super girly and pretty. It's the little details that make the whole thing really cute, no?

They've got product information stickers on the bottom of the tubes. Although all the tubes look exactly the same, you'll have the product name and code (ex. OR204) on the bottom. 

The lipsticks

From left to right, we have: 
1. BE101 (Tease beige)
2. PK005 (Excited pink) 
3. PK009
4. OR204 (Bashful coral)
5. OR205 (Exciting orange)

The bullets are really vivid in colour, and are super smooth and creamy! They even have little carvings on them - I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be cinderella's carriage? It sure looks like it. Eee, little pretty details make me squeal in a really weird way ahhaa~

Again, in the same order: 
1. BE101
2. PK005
3. PK009
4. OR204
5. OR205


With flash, blended out! 

Lip swatches

These lipsticks are really creamy and smooth - it's a breeze applying them to your lips, but I highly recommend that you exfoliate your lips beforehand. It really won't look good if you apply this lipstick when you've got chapped, "damaged" lips. The colour will settle into lines, "clump up" a little on chappy lips and... it's just a mess. I really tried exfoliating the best I could, but meh, it did settle into lines a bit. Not a big deal, though.
- These lipsticks aren't drying, either. They really do make my lips moist, I likey!

I really like how each colour shows up pretty well on my lips - I could actually see the colour difference on these lipsticks (unlike some other lipsticks, which may all look the same). They last decently long, but you might want to reapply after eating or drinking. I don't really care for reapplying though, and find that it still gives a faint tint even at the very end of the day. I don't mind! 

My favourite colours have to be BE101 and OR204. Even though they're super pretty, I do think the pinks (PK009 in particular) are a little too strong for me. 

Lastly, for the price - I think it's worth its price range ($8-14). They've got lots of quality for the price. I personally would never spend over $40+ on a lipstick (okay, maybe if I suddenly had the money), and because these are so good, I'll probably see myself buying more of these in the future! 

Because of their quality and affordability, I'd recommend 1 or 2 to anyone interested in lipsticks! I don't think you'll be disappointed. ^__^

- Creamy, smooth texture
- Affordable
- Easy to find + buy
- Lightly scented 
- Really pigmented
- Huge colour range to choose from 
- Adorable packaging! 

- Absolutely must exfoliate before use (unless you've got amazing lips... I'm jealous!)

Repurchase: Yes! I'd love to try more of the beige colours, they're pretty and so wearable! 

What about you?
Have you tried these lipsticks? What do you think about them? ^__^

Disclaimer: This review was sponsored, but has not affected my opinions in any way.
My opinion cannot be bought. 

Update: We have a giveaway winner for the Etude House CC cream! Congratulations, Rika! You've got 48 hours to answer my email and claim your prize. If you do not answer, a new winner will be picked! ^___^ 

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  1. I always love ur review and in this post I love no 4 & 5
    if u have time please visit my blog ^^

  2. i also got this lipstick in shade or204..
    but i don't really like it cause it looks bad on dry chapped lips :(
    thank for the review, Jun ^^

  3. Awesome review! These look so much fun to have. I love how pretty they look. Now I'm wanting some!

  4. OR204 is the prettiest to me! <3 I've always loved Etude House's super kawaii packaging~

  5. Oooh I think #4 and #5 are my favorite colors, I'd love to test those one's out! Great review as always June <3 And congrats to the winner! ^__^b

  6. Aww June I love the colors they look so pretty on your lips especially number 3. But too bad it doesn't look that good on dry chapped lips. I have dry lower lip that looks like I haven't drink in weeks haha. Thank you for the review ^^


  7. pretty colours ^^ . Etude House always have very pretty packaging.

  8. I love the appearance of these lipsticks♥! I've seen loadsa reviews of these and they all say that these are a nightmare if you have naturally pretty dry lips (as I do) :c I remember when I first saw the shell of these lipsticks.. I really wanted to have one just because of the cuteness of it, hahahh~! ;D But yeah, what's the point if I can't really use it.. :D I'll just stick my Tonymoly petite bunny glossbars :D At least they're also super cute on the appearance ;)

    My Blog: s w e e t i m p a t i e n c e

  9. I love the packaging.. so cute and girly!!! the colors are gorgeous too..Never tried them but really interested to try some.. Agree with you- affordable price,... thanks for the share..

  10. Ihavent tried these lipsticks but now I want to try some after looking at the swatches :) Thanks for sharing the review..

    Current Post: Collective Hauls & Freebies

  11. Oooh! I love how they've inscribed the Etude House logo on the actual lipstick! The colours are so pretty :)

  12. Wow! I'm so jealous you got so many colors! Great review ^-^

  13. The package its gorgeous and the shades are amazing.

  14. Thank you for the review. I've been curious with this product, too but I wasn't sure where I should get it. I gotta check out keautystore :) It's hard picking one color though; they all look great!


  15. wow the BE101 looks like a pretty nude colour! i really want to try it ^^

  16. I love the color #4 it's so beautiful! I heard a lot of got things from this lipstick and I'm currently looking for one too so omg I wanna have this *^* Thanks for reviewing~


  17. This is so pretty~ It sucks that it settles into fine lines though >.< I always seem to have dry lips D': Thanks for the review~

  18. I have been debating be101 I am so glad you watched it! Good review!

  19. I have the pk005 colour! I really like it too, so creamy isn't it? :D But I don't think the colour is suitable for everyday wear, for me at least, I always have to blot it to make it more muted. Nice review and comparison of the colours! :D

  20. or204 looks really pretty! the texture seems good too ^_^

  21. I think Bashful coral looks the prettiest (biased towards anything orange/coral ^_^).

    Michelle | At First Wink

  22. That lipstick looks so creamy, and shaped so perfectly I'd be afraid to use it and ruin the cute little shape. The package is adorable.

    Visit my blog,

  23. June~ I really love the OR204 on your lips! Thanks for the lip swatches, they are definitely very useful! And Etude House always have awesome and cutsey packaging!!!

    <3 Celly

  24. I love your blog banner it's so cute when I just stumbled across it!!!
    And the lipsticks look so pigmented and the packaging it cute too! Might just go purchase a few next time~

    -Miss Sennnaa

  25. Wow OR205 looks so pretty! Thanks for sharing <3

  26. These are lovely, as most Etude House lipsticks tend to be. I like 2 and 4 the best. <3

  27. Beautiful lipsticks! I honestly wouldn't know which one to take since all the colours look great and not too intense. The package is wonderful too, it's like the perfect product O_O

    Congrats to the winner! I wish it was me XD (although I don't know if I actually joined or not...)

  28. Color 2&4 are so pretty!!
    Its hard to find a lipstick that wont go through the cracks of chapped lips. I think they're all kinda made that way T_T I wish I had perf lips.
    Surprised how the colors really show since they seem sorta light haha

    You have really nice lips! (:

  29. one and two are so lovely but i think 3 might be too cool toned for me. thanks for the swatches. makes purchasing that much easier :)

    A Beautiful Zen

  30. Those look really amazing!!!

    Greetings from Shirayuki's Beauty.

  31. I do have one of those~ and I really like the color..
    It'll stay on the lips but it didin't looks too matte that i like it~ ^ ^
    Love your review jane~ =3 <3

    Love, Sonya~


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