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[Review] Mizon - All in one snail repair cream

Using snail extract has been a huge hit in the (Asian) beauty world lately. Every single company seems to have their own line of snail slime for skin! I hadn't ever used any snail products before, so I was super happy that I got this chance, thanks to Jolse / iamloveshop.

First, let's take a little look at the store itself. Jolse is a very well known store on eBay (iamlove-shop)  - if you buy Korean cosmetics regularly, you may have seen their store selling your favourite products! They carry more than 4,000 "health and beauty" products in their store. Sponsored or not, I have never been disappointed with their service. 

Let's get on to the review!


The packaged box is pretty sturdy - the opening of the box also has the Mizon authentication sticker on it. It's slightly holographic and right on the opening. If the sticker is tampered (or if there is no sticker), don't use the product and be alert!

This is a skincare product best used at the "first step of skincare". It contains 92% snail extract, which has been known to provide the skin with numerous benefits. There's a whole slew of things that this cream claims to fix!

1. Excellent skin recovery strengthening (snail mucin recovers damaged skin and strengthens it for the future.
2. Fine wrinkle care 
3. Trouble marks care (fixes the reddish/dark sensitive trouble marks)
4 Widened pores (this product has beta-glucan, peptide and greentea extract)
5. Moisture and nutrition supplying (protects your skin from loss of hydration and nutrition.)
6. Protect your skin with external stimulatus (soothes sensitive skin)
7. Elastic skin (fills your skin up, makes you look more awake, and vitalizes your skin.)

The jar itself is heavy - I'm guessing it's made out of glass. It gives it an elegant, "expensive" feel to it, haha. It's not too travel friendly (you can always transfer a bit of product into a more portable jar, though)!

When you twist open the lid, there's a thin, white film covering the product in. This is a way to keep out dust or  bacteria (to a certain extent), as well as avoiding spills. 


The cream is a soft, white colour. Even though it's marketed as a "cream", it doesn't feel as heavy as a cream. It's more a moisturizer/emulsion, but it's got a bit more moisturizing capabilities. 

I was surprised to feel that this "cream" does dry up pretty quickly. I was expecting something similar to Laneige's Water bank moisture cream, but I guess (in this aspect), it's just not the same! 

Scent: Admittedly, the smell of snail juice does make me a little queasy! But this product doesn't have a gross, "ew" smell.

There is slight, peculiar scent to it, but the smell does go away very, very quickly. I also didn't get any allergic reactions from using this cream, so the fragrance (if there is any) doesn't irritate me.

Price: currently $18.84 on Jolse.

Some stores sell this same product for almost $50. As good as it is, I would not recommend buying this product for more than $25. Why pay $50 when you can get it for $18.84, right?

Directions: At your first skin care step, apply roper amount of it to over face and let it be absorbed into your skin.

Application: As you can hopefully see, it's got a bit of a gel-feeling to it. It's quite liquidy, and spreads very easily to your entire face. It does dry up (or absorb), very quickly, so I constantly have this urge to put more and more onto my face.

Admittedly, I did think it was a waste to pick out this snail emulsion (before I had used it). I don't know why, but I really wanted some miracles to work with this thing! For some reason, I just thought that it wouldn't work for me as well as it did for other people.

I applied this cream at night, and basically shrugged to myself, telling me to use my Laneige creams the next night.

But when I woke up in the morning, I was taken aback! The redness on my skin had disappeared quite quickly, and I couldn't really see any redness on its usual spots (cheeks, nose, forehead, etc). When I touched my face, it did feel plumper! It's not as "skin-plumping" or moisturizing as Laneige's water bank moisture cream, but it does moisturize better than Laneige's water sleeping pack_ex.

I do think that this product was well worth the $20. I've tried many different products from other companies, some drugstore, many high end. However, cheap Korean cosmetics have always offered quality that often rivals high end makeup brands in the US. It's definitely worth the $20!

The morning after:

There was a lot of redness before, but I do strongly think that the Mizon all in one snail repair cream has helped a lot with this problem! Bravo!

- Affordable ($20 for a tub)
- Moisturizing
- Snail extract (trendy and popular to use!)
- Easy to find
- Excellent quality packaging (not travel friendly, though)
- Easy to find (most online stores sell this cream)

- Slight smell (in the beginning of application only)
- Does not come with spatula (big pet peeve!)

Even though this cream works excellently (a little more moisturizing than my beloved Lanegie Water Sleeping Pack_EX), I do think I want to venture further into the skincare world and try new things.

Yay, random pictures! (and they hold a hint on what an upcoming review will be about - can you guess what I'll be reviewing soon?)

What about you?
Have you tried this cream before? What kinds of cream do you use? Have you tried snail products before? 


  1. omg I was thinking about buying this product for my upcoming giveaway :o It sounds ike a nice product and seems to be really nice :o Thanks for reviewing :) What product do you think would be a nice giveaway product? :o


    1. Hey, Mindy! This is a great product - and for your giveaway (how exciting!), can I suggest the Tonymoly bunny bars? People really seem to like them a lot, hahah. ^__^

  2. omg *O* your skin is so perfect!
    I like this review~

  3. I have a similar pet peeve too! I really hope all moisturisers that are in tubs will come with spatulas! You have such nice skin my dear!

    <3 Celly - Korean Ulzzang to KPOP Makeup Tutorials and MORE~

  4. Nice review, June! I'm going to look this up to see where I can get it around here. :)


  5. Ohh Great review ^-^ I was kind of wondering about Mizon products and if they work ^-^ Thank you!!!

  6. it reduces redness too? Omg I really need that bc my redness is no joke. You're so pretty by the way ;;;;;;;

  7. I have this too! It doesn't really work as well on me as other people even though I've been using it for awhile now. I don't really notice many effects except for softer skin OTL.

  8. your random silly pictures always look so cute <3 aww it's actually way cheaper, cause I saw in other online stores that they sell this cream for almost $40-50 O_O thank you for your review, is it only for redness? or it helps with bad acnes too?

    1. It does help acne as well, and problem skin overall! I just noticed the biggest difference in redness, because I don't have too much acne (at the moment... sigh!~) xD hehe, thanks Misa!~

      And ikr - so many store sell them for 40-50. Definitely crazy! ;n; I'd rather buy sulwhasoo with that money.

  9. Reduces redness and it does not have a scent cool. Great review doll. Have a great weekend no need to come over no new post today.

  10. Hihi great review! But I'm pretty sure jolse has an ebay store calls iamlove shop! Lol

    1. Good GRIEF, thank you so much Nhi! *_* I can't believe I made such a mistake, LOL. (Way too early in the morning...) Dx

    2. Haha, no problem June :3 at first, i thought that cosmetic love sent you one, and jolse sent you another one, haha ~ anyways, i really want to try this product like omg, for such a long time!!! I'll def will soon, after reading a few awesome positive reviews on it! thank you June!

  11. You have pretty skin anyway~ But this product looks really cool, thanks for the review! Is it really made from actual snails? *-* Or is it just because of the texture (not sure if I'm being stupid here, I'm not familiar with the concept lol) ^-^ x

  12. Now I'm wanting to try this along side of the Recovery Gel. Who knew snail slime could be so beneficial? xD

  13. I'm not sure if I could take the smell! It seems pretty worth it. Great product and review!

  14. the its-skin snail essence worked really well when i got a sample of it. might pick up this mizon once i'm done a few of my moisturizers

    A Beautiful Zen

  15. I love snail skin care. Been using nature republic snail line for 2 years. my holy skincare for the winter.

  16. ohhh ive been wanting to try this cream! everyone has something awesome to say about it! im just.. i just dont know if im ready for snails yet LOL

  17. ahh you made me want to try this now >.< I'm currently using one by Beyond though so maybe I will wait until I finish that one first ~ ^^ lovely review!

  18. Love the last picture. Lol. It's probably a good product. I love the Mizon snail related products and I definitely want to combat redness.

  19. Thanks for the review! I really want this now, I've heard alot of good reviews, maybe it's time to just buy it xD
    You're too cute ^.^

  20. i really want to try this now! your skin looks really pale up close, i'm jealous :o you're so photogenic omg XD

  21. never heard them before. curious to try out. thanks for the share

  22. you are so pretty and your skin is just perfect jeezzzzz
    please also check out my blog if you are free!

  23. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Currently I have the mizon snail eyecream and I like it a lot. It's not heavy at all but moisturizes very well. My doctor says my panda eyes have no cure, but after a whole month of using it, they do seem a bit brighter. I'm using a snail cream on my face as well but it's by Secret Key.

  24. This sounds really good! I'm not sure how I would feel about knowing it has 'snail secretion' in it, but either way, if it works, it works! :)
    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  25. Lovely review hun!
    Honestly, the 'snail' part is a bit eek haha but I might actually check it out and give it a go!

    The Forest Elf's blog

  26. That last photo is so cute! Thanks for such a detailed review!

  27. I had a free sample of a snail cream recently, i found it so moisturizing though was slightly put off by the snail part to begin with haha!

    Great review ^^

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  28. hahhaa you're so cute in the last pics, June ^^
    and i'm using this cream too, super love it! will make a review about it later :D

  29. How long did it take until you saw results? Did you use this during morning and night? Thank you for posting this ! (:


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