Monday, August 5, 2013

[Review] Tonymoly Fresh Aqua Cooling 24 Eyes Stick

Why do so many Korean cosmetics have such long names...? 

I'm back with another review - this time on Tonymoly's "Fresh Aqua Cooling 24 Eyes Stick"! I purchased this at the "Debbie" store in Pacific mall. You can see it featured in my latest haul here. 

[Before we get into this: I'm really sorry I haven't been posting often! I've got a deferred exam up in less than 2 weeks, so I'm pretty much trying to cram, ahahah... I'll definitely be posting a lot more after August 13th! ^___^]

When I bought it, the weather was super hot, and everyone was melting on the streets. Some of you may know that I don't have AC in the house, so at nights... it was really, really difficult to sleep. I ended up getting some serious dark circles and tired eyes!
I tried to find any way to cool off - so when I saw this, I was like "OMG. Mine. Cool eyes yes."

To top it off, I bought it on sale! It was regularly $10-13 (or something like that), but I actually bought it for $3. Debbie was having a crazy sale that day, and a lot of things were 50% off (or more).

On to the review!

Product description 

"Unique eye serum in stick form that's designed to provide relief and moisture for puffy, tired eyes. When applied, the stick gives a cooling, soothing sensation to the eyes."

It comes in a "twisty stick" (what do you call those, again?) and is light blue in colour. There's a faint, pleasant smell to it and isn't sticky when applied. Smells fresh, it does.

As for the size and price - the stick comes with 9g of product. If purchased that regular price, that's pretty expensive for such a small amount.

Initial thoughts 

I was super exciting having found this for only $3 (even though I would've paid full price anyways). The "cooling" claim got me really curious, and I just couldn't leave the store without it. I tried it out on my hand before buying, and did feel a cooling sensation.

It might've been a placebo effect.


Update (Dec 2019): IDK why I thought a "swatch" of a undereye stick would be useful. Lmfao, but here it be.

It's not coloured, and will apply clear. There isn't a sticky feeling to it, but my hand did feel slightly moisturized? The difference was so small that I couldn't even tell if I had actually swatched it.

Before (left), After (right) - not too useful but... here it be?

My experience 

It didn't work at all.
I'm not sure why, but when I swiped it on my hand it didn't feel "sticky" or anything. But when I was applying it under and over my eyes, I felt that the stick didn't have any "moisture" properties to it and actually tugged at my skin. It was like trying to roll a slightly (very slightly) damp crayon on your skin.

The product doesn't claim that it'll "fix" under eye circles, so I didn't have a problem with that aspect. However, it doesn't reduce puffiness. It didn't even "cool" my eyes! It doesn't make my eyes less tired, or even moisturize the skin. There was no difference to my eyes - I didn't see it, nor feel it.
Where was the cooling sensation?

What's more, 15 minutes after using the product and deciding that it didn't work, I decided to give it another shot (Maybe it'll work the second time?). I pulled the cap off, and BAM.

Red exclamation mark to show my shock! 

The stick broke off its "twisty" end, and stuck to the top of the cap! I didn't even twist it up that much, how can this be?! 
Either way, I was slightly annoyed. I had to dig it out, and shove it back in its normal spot, huhuhu. 

It didn't work the second time, either. I swiped it on each eye 3 times, and it might've been too much. The product started... clumping on my skin? It looked like dead skin cells or something (or eraser bits). I didn't take a picture of it, but you might be able to see the "clumping" on the picture below. (the left corner of the eye)

So in summary

- Smells nice ("fresh", light scent)

- Doesn't moisturize
- Doesn't relieve puffiness or tired eyes
- Doesn't cool the skin
- Starts to "clump up" if swiped 3+ times
- No cooling effect on eyes
- Expensive (for regular price)

No. I wouldn't even buy this for 50 cents.

What about you?
Have you tried this? Have you tried any other "cooling" product? 


  1. Oh no! It sucks this didn't work for you! The product detaching from the base is one of the reasons why I'm worried to buy products like this aside from the ones I have already. Maybe the Etude House once similar to this one would be better?

    Great review though! <3 :3

  2. What a shame >3<;; I bought one of Maybelline's bronzers and it didn't work AT ALL (complete waste of $11 UGH) so at least it was only $3! ^_^

  3. Wah too bad that this eye stick didn't work on you, I usually use cool aloevera gel to reduce my puffy and tired eye area. Just cool the aloevera down in refrigerator then pick up some, put on cotton pad then just press it on swollen eyes, leave it 10 - 15 minutes and voila~ my eyes are cooling and refreshed~

  4. I was soooooo excited for you when I read that you had gotten it for ONLY 3 bucks! lol! too bad the product wasn't good at all! it kinda reminds me of a glue stick. those always fell off the twisty thing for me too :O

  5. Thanks for sharing this Junniku =)
    Its like the etude house eyes cream mint. Its cooling at some point maybe a few uses to see the effect. =)


  6. too bad this doesn't work for you :<

  7. YES!! That eraser bits! It also happened to me with this product >_< My solution is to dap them on my finger first than put them under my eyes! Moreover it had a pretty strange scent don't you think? :(

  8. Ah I was so interested when I read the title of the post ~ it sounded like a product that I would get a lot of use out of. It's so disappointing that it didn't work! Good job you didn't pay full price for it though, that would have been a major bummer:P x

  9. Ohhh that's such a shame it didn't work! :(

  10. omg that's such a pity you wasted money for this horrible product!! I'm glad you reviewed this and could warn your followers! :o Just throw this stick away. I thought that this stick would be awesome and that it would actually work since i don't often read bad reviews about korean cosmetics :o

  11. Great post to bad it did not work like it said it will do. Nice review.

  12. Too bad it doesn't work for you~~ And since it's broken makes it even more useless

  13. I bought this too because it was cheap! Hehe. I love the cooling sensation, that's all it does. :P

  14. That's too bad that it didn't work :(! I can't imagine sleeping without AC... it must be terrible!! I hope you'll find a product that will actually be cooling!


  15. Oh that really sucks =( I tried this at the store, and even tried a similar one from Etude House and I dislike the texture. Seems like gel or cream kind of eye creams are better off... Such stick kinds are too tough and it also tugs my skin.

    <3 Celly

  16. That totally sucks that it didn't work! The packaging is nice though and the pale turquoise looks very relaxing. At least you didn't pay full price for it but it still sucks that it not only didn't work, but broke off.

    Thanks for letting us know that this one is a total dud!

  17. I wonder how great this product would be as a glue stick(?). But anyways, good thing it was only $3 and not regular price!

    Also, good luck on your deferred exam!
    (Also, through some twitter stalking, turns out you and I go to the same uni...el oh el ._.'')

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

  18. I wanted to buy this awhile ago... I'm glad I did not.
    I'm sorry that it didn't work for you (or anybody)...
    It broke off!! Perhaps that's the reason why they sold it at such a cheap price.
    well look at the bright side, you only spent $3 on this so don't be sad:)

  19. This really sucks! It's not expired or anything right? o.o Cuz, I was expecting this to be a nice product since Etude House has a very similar product called Eye's Cream, and It smells nice and it's cooling and doesn't clump at all! You should try that when you've got a chance.
    It's really too bad this doesn't work, but at least you didn't pay too much for it ^^

  20. I've always loved products from Tony Moly and I'm surprised that this product wasn't really that good! Thank you very much for this review ^_^

  21. I was so excited when you said it was only $3! I was even considering getting it! But well, I guess not after hearing your experience :/

  22. That's too bad! I usually love Tonymoly products :(

    For makeup reviews, tutorials and DIYs:
    This is Bisque

  23. Ugh that is such a bummer, and I totally agree with your first remark about how Korean brands have such lengthy names!!! haha! I have not tried this product, but I will tell you I have used the Garnier eye roller ball thingy for years and I quite like it. It's a bit spendy $12-$14 USD, but one tube lasts me like 6 months! I just repurchased one and it has a new formula now!! O__o I use it every morning and it does help cool the eye area down and gives a slight "fresh" feel and I notice it helps with de-puffing. Maybe it's worth a gander for you? ^__^ Good review as always though!

  24. uh oh that con list is definitely saying this is a no no product XD I can't see why they'd not test those basic necessities out that's a shame.

  25. That's really too bad =/ I definitely won't be purchasing this product then. Thanks for the review!

  26. Ahh thanks for sharing this review! Too bad it doesn't work for you >_<

  27. I was planning on getting it, thanks for the review!

  28. It's always disappointing when products don't work >< But thank you for your helpful reviews!
    I also love your blog & have followed you via GFC!


  29. thank god i read this review, thanks

  30. Thanks for the review, I almost bought it first ..Wrong product's name,lol

  31. Oh dear, too bad it didn't work. Thanks for the review ^^

    恵美より ♥

  32. That's no good! I was thinking of buying this, thank goodness you did a review on it first! Such a waste of money. Thanks for the review!

  33. i have tried this but you surely had a bad day :( sorry the product didnt work out for you..thanks for the genuine review :) :P

  34. this seems like a terrible product :c it even broke! i'm glad that you didn't pay the full price :O

  35. That's really bad! Thanks for warning us and giving such an honest review. :)

  36. too bad this didn't work out for you... I've been wanting something from TM for ages!! their products are so cute~ :3

  37. hi! I really like your blog! When I buy something for make up I always try the tester before I buy it ><

  38. Mine was also detached the first time I used it lol. still observing if it's gonna work, but i do love the scent :)


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