Monday, August 19, 2013

[Review] Wantable box!

If you're reading this, you probably know what a beauty subscription box is.

If you don't - it's a monthly (or a one-time box, if you choose) box that is delivered to you. You pay a set amount for each box, and receive items that have been picked for you. 

I've read so many reviews on different boxes (Ipsy, Glossybox, Birchbox, etc), but I've never subscribed to one. Never ever! A part of me really wanted to, but I guess I'm a tad uncomfortable with that (and protective of my money hahaa). It was a good idea, but the reality of having to pay $20, $30, or more for a box that I might not like... meh. 
Still, there was a little daredevil in me that wanted to go all, "screw uncertainty, I wanna try it!"


So when I was given a chance to review a Wantable box, I was so excited! They're a "box" company that offers 2 different types of boxes: makeup or accessories. You fill out a pretty lengthly survey (to determine what your style/preferences are) and your box is handpicked by their in-house stylists. 

The box is pricier than other boxes I've seen - it's $36 a month, or $40 for a one-time box. However, each box is valued between $80 to $100. It also comes with expert application tips or tricks for you.

Everything in the box is full sized, premium products.  
No "here you go, your paid samples!" shenanigans.

The box came quickly - it arrived on my doorstep in under a week. The box is sturdy quality, it'll be really hard to have anything squished or broken. On top of that, there's a lot of foamy, thick layers inside the box to protect everything inside. 

Your box comes with a little "thank you" card from Wantable, which has a little introduction about their company as well. 

It also comes with an information sheet. It lists what you filled out on your survey (what you said you loved, liked and disliked) as well as a list of products inside the box. Beside the product names, it has the retail price for those items. 

Looking at the sheet, the price of 2 products (the FACE gel eyeliner and angled foundation brush) easily exceeds the box price. Awesome. 

What I got (and its retail price):

1. FACE Stockholm gel eyeliner - brown. (It's awesome that it's brown - I almost never use black eyeliner.) $24

2. Besame 1930's mascara (good quality mascara, but not a favourite) $18

3. Japonesque Angled foundation brush (I said I wanted tools in my survey - I don't use brushes too often, but this is pretty good! I've used it every time I've applied makeup so far) $25

4. Michael Marcus nail polish - "Geisha Girl" (the bottle... is amazing. The colour is good, I like pinks/corals best anyway!) $15

5. Color Club nail polish - "First Looks" (color is okay, nothing special. But I do love the shimmer~) $8

6. [Additional sample: Echo Vie all natural lip balm] $15 full price
(The sample size looks exactly like the full size, though... not that I'm complaining.)

= $90

Additional pictures 

FACE gel liner - excellent quality, it's really creamy! Pretty long lasting. It reminds me of the Tonymoly backstage gel liner, but creamier and glides on easier. I'm impressed with this! 

Besame 1930's mascara - good quality, but I'm not too crazy over it. I'll stick to my Kiss Me Heroine Make (HG) mascara, and give this to my mom! She likes it~

Japonesque angled foundation brush - short handle, good control. I never really used brushes, but I like this one and have been regularly using it.

Michael Marcus nail polish in "Geisha Girl" - how cool is the packaging? Like the colour, too! Its not as scary looking as in the picture. In reality, it's a very wearable colour. 

Color club nail polish in "First Looks" - not too crazy about the colour, but I do think I'll use this a lot for nail art! (Gradients, etc). I love the shimmer! 

This is the one sample included in my Wantable box - I am SUPER happy that I received this. Through this subscription box, I have found a new HG.

Goodbye, Blistex. It's been a nice run.

Echo Vie's all natural lip balm is absolutely AMAZING. The full price is expensive at $15, and I'm not one to spend so much on a lip balm. But for this one, I will. I'll be buying a full size, and will continue to buy it.

Absolutely amazing. Moisturizing, slightly tinted, 100% natural. I am crazy over this. 

If you haven't noticed yet: I am in love

I've never experienced receiving a bad box - but I've read so many reviews by others, and boxes can be a serious hit or miss. Even if you fill out a survey, it's apparently very common to receive things that you specifically said you didn't want, cheap drugstore products, or lots and lots of weird samples. 

I thought filling out the survey was just for fun, and maybe box companies didn't even look at survey results. I was wrong. 

I am extremely happy with this box, and I never thought I'd say it but - here is a box actually worth what you pay for (and then some)! 

Pros (why you should subscribe)
- Premium, good quality products
- Comes with 4-6 full sized products
- Handpicked for you, to your tastes
- No 2 boxes are the same 
- Retail price of products is at least x2 more than what you pay for 
- No paid samples (There's no way I'll ever pay for a box, only to receive "deluxe" samples... nty.)
- Fast customer service
- Package is always trackable (during shipment)
- Free shipping (for US only, though)
- Not obligated to stick around (you can cancel/skip subscriptions at any time.)
- The box is refundable! (Don't like it? Return for full refund, no questions asked.)

- Only (currently) ships to USA, Canada and Australia! 

That abruptly ends my Wantable (pretty lengthly) review! My mum's convinced that this box is amazing, and she's planning to subscribe hahaha. ^-^ I'd actually recommend Wantable to anyone looking for a good quality, no-strings-attached beauty box. 

What about you?
Do you subscribe to a beauty box? How's that going for you?~

Disclaimer: This box was provided to me for review purposes. As always, this review is 100% honest. My opinion cannot be bought. 


  1. oohh~ i really want one of these box things but 36$ is kinda pricy for things that i may get but not like. im super bleh about getting full sizes and then having to use it even if i super dont like it! Dx haha

  2. wonderful
    -your friend, ns

  3. I have always wanted these boxes, but sadly most of them don't ship to my country...

  4. They look so nice June! But it's a bit pricey for subription box yeah but the products you got were awesome :D
    At Least you don't get bunch of samples like the box I subscribed haha. The gel liner looks so nice!! Hope to see the reviews soon ^^


  5. Está genial esta caja ya que son de tamaño real, lo malo que no hay envíos a mi país :(
    ¡Muy buen post!

  6. This box seems so nice! No crappy useless samples. I want to try it out ^_^

  7. This is such a great review! I'm now looking into Wantable boxes thanks to you haha and I'm loving the surveys that they get you to do :)
    Thanks for this! cc

  8. The wantable box looks amazing! :D

  9. sweet! loving the packaging of the mascara.

  10. omg I need to definitely get on this. The fact that they have full sized products is what draws me in the most and what quality they have too!

  11. too bad they don't ship to my country *pout*

  12. You received really nice products! I've heard about Wantable but I haven't taken the plunge yet but I might look into them some day :)

    Louise | Vanity Corner

  13. You got so many cool items like the color of the nail polish and the eye gel liner.

  14. Michael Markus nail polish bottle is so cute.

  15. I've been debating about this box for awhile. You may have convinced me it's time to try it.

  16. the mascara's packaging is sooo lovely <3 even if it's not great XD this box looks interesting ^_^

  17. Holy cow! Such good products in this beauty subscription box :D Definitely something I will look into if I want to join a subscription!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  18. That's what's always put me off about beauty subscriptions - what if you get products you'll never use and end up spending even more on products you need? :|

    You seemed to get a lot for the price you paid though. Not bad at all!

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  19. You're blog is soo pretty!
    Have subscribed to you on Bloglovin :)

    Megan xx

  20. Looks like some really nice products! :0 I've always wanted to try one of these beauty boxes. And nice that it doesn't come with samples lol, I really dislike having to pay for samples when they are supposed to be free. This one is a bit expensive for my wallet, but it looks like it's totally worth it! :o

  21. the nail polishes look amazing!

  22. Oh man, that is one pricey subscription box, but some of the packaging in that box is fancy schmancy (-coughcough mascara and marcus nail polish-)! I absolutely love the colour of that Colour Club polish!

    (Also, totally irrelevant, but today I went to PMall and ended up taking home the Laniege Sleeping Pack thingamajig because of your post! So yay for that!)

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

    1. It really is, but I actually think it's muchmucho better than paying for samples (like other boxes ahemmm)!

      Omg. How freaky is it that I was JUST re-reading my Laneige sleeping pack review (I know, I have no life.) was reading your comment there, and BAM! My email pinged and showed me this comment! GAOMGOFDGFDGKLFDJGKDFLGJ. fuhreaky or am i just weird?

      Hope the pack works wonders for you, Vanessa! it. is. amazing. I would buy 4938383 tubs if I could T-T

      I hope so too! I can't wait to see what it has done to my face in the morning! c:

  23. This sub box piques my interest in sub boxes in general (because like you, I am protective of my money and don't want a box I won't like lol). This one specifically because you get full sized, higher-end products, that are also more expensive, so you are getting bang for your buck... However, I want to love and or like everything in the box and not just a few things to be worth my money. lol

  24. I am soooo impressed with this beauty box! I think you've got a good bargain here haha, and sadly it doesn't ship to Singapore. Thanks for introducing such a great box, I wish boxes here could get better ^^

    <3 Celly

  25. Gosh! Look at these products! Very good price you got an amazing box.

  26. The only downside with very personalized boxes is box-envy. It's when you see reviews of different versions of the box and you can't help but feel envious even if you have a perfectly good box :P Oh women. Damned if you do, damned if you don;t :P

    Beauty By Telie

  27. that's an amazing box :D


  28. I've always wanted to try one of those subscription boxes, but never got around to it... This one looks really tempting, but I don't know what I'd do with all that makeup!

    You got a great box! Maybe you could do a more in-depth comparison of the FACE gel liner to the Tony Moly one??

  29. I would love to try their accessory box, but I'm always worried about getting leathers and feathers :(

  30. Wow I didn't know this was even possible! Too bad I live in France at the moment though...

  31. I agree, I love this box. I asked my husband to pay for a few of them for my birthday but I think I'll be sticking with subscription after his payment runs out.
    This month I received a beautiful single eyeshadow by Lise Watier in Charbon and it is a gorgeous shade of satin finish dark gray. Perfect for smoky eyes. I also got a lip product by company called "3" (??) and it was a nice red-ish shade that is sheer enough to wear every day since i personally don't like reds that much. And I got the same brush as you did and I love Japonesque company!!
    So, yeah those three were my favs so far from the box and I am excited to get more!


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