Friday, September 20, 2013

30 random facts about me! [+you?]


I thought today's post would be a little different from my usual review posts. It's been awhile since I've done any "personal" posts about myself, so... today's the day! Yeeee~ Apparently this is a "tag post" - but I wasn't tagged myself, I just randomly wanted to do this.

Below are 30 random facts about me! Are we alike? Do I do things similarly to you?
...Or am I complete alien?

1. I don't eat meat anymore (...but I do eat an egg once in a blue moon)

2. I wake up at 5:30am everyday, for the past 6 years.

3. My everyday showers are always 45min+ long. (I can't seem to go faster!)

4. I'm very, very... "experimental" with my skin. (Hot needles, random "weed paste", strange food concoctions on my skin, etc.)

5. In February2013, I suddenly developed severe allergies to everything. Found myself in the ER multiple times a month (at one point, 4 times in a single week).
It's gotten a lot better, though - but it's still a mystery as to wtf happened with my body.

6. I have a serious case of Wanderlust.

7. I have never "done" my nails. (i.e. Professionally)

8. I always carry ketchup packets (Heinz) in my bag. You never know when you're gonna need it. #crazy
(And, I'm allergic to basically every kind of seasoning/sauce/added flavouring there is... except ketchup. And a lot of eateries here don't have ketchup. I what?!
So I problem solve!)

9. I'm obsessed with animals. I've brought home random, lost dogs and fed them - and cried when they had to go back home.

10. I stress over everything. Bad, I know!

11. My favourite foods: Korean/Japanese curry, jjamppong, dolsot bibimbap, spaghetti.

12. I didn't keep in touch with a lot of my HS friends, and now I'm really regretting it.

13. I hate Tuesdays. (Uni from 10am - 9pm, yay...)

14. Obsessed with Korean dramas.
All-time favourite kdrama: Gaksital

15. Crazy ebayer - I'm on eBay everyday, looking for new Korean cosmetics to haul.

16. Childhood obsessions (in order): Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Beyblade, Inuyasha

17. I have a little dog named Happy. (She's the white thing in my blog banner)

18. I hoard lip products and face masks.

19. I absolutely hate touching cotton balls. (I'm getting shivers now, thinking about them)

20. When I get really emotional or angry, I lose all sense of grammar and suddenly talk with an accent.
Ex: "I was be sitting o'er there and she juz came and be took my magazine that I is reading" (+Angry Korean accent)

21. I'm a deal hunter.
I always haggle like an old lady (when I go to Pmall, that is.)

22. Speaking of old ladies... I love to knit!
I recently taught myself how to knit because I wanted to make a "couple scarf" for me and my future boyfriend... HAHAHAA.
That scarf will sit in my room for a long, long, long, long, long time.

23. I love red ginseng.
Ginseng masks, tea, skincare, etc. 

24. Sometimes, I wish I had colour-changing eyes. Like Nymphadora Tonks, but the "eye" version.

25. I am a crap liar.

26. I love the wintertime, and I love dark thunderstorms.

27. If I had an endless supply of money, I'd buy a hobby farm. (+animals!)

28. If it's handmade, I will buy it.
Yes, I will buy your handmade toilet paper. 

29. My current favourite kdrama: Master's Sun.

30. I have never confessed to someone that I've liked them. UGHWHYAMISOSHY. /punches self

Well, that was a pretty short post - hope it entertained you a little bit! I'm curious about you guys as well!

I'll just tag some bloggers here, and make the love go 'round? The "Liebster" and "Versatile blogger" awards (used to talk about oneself, etc.) are normally for bloggers with -200 followers, but I'd still like to know more about some bloggers who aren't in that range, as well as those who are!

Love for erryoneeee~

I tag:

1. Shin from Shinesque
2. Misa from Misaraisu
3. Wai from Ohsowai
4. Fräulein from Berries in the Snow
5. Sakura from Red Sakura Beauty 
6. Michelle from At First Wink
7. Kat from APieceofMi
8. Sindy from MilkiiBunnii 
9. Aimee from Chocobunnii13

(Like my rainbow? ...yes, it took me awhile.)

Note: You don't have to tag others if you finish! Your choice, obviously. *u*

All are awesome blogs, definitely worth a look (and a follow!) - if you're not included in the list (I'm horribly lazy and didn't find the willpower to tag more blogs T-T), please feel free to join in! :D 

Hope I can learn more about you guys!


  1. hihi~ Thank you for tagging me! I will gladly do it!. I love red ginseng as well! I currently bought yummy tea! I like those animes that you mentioned as well ^-^ They're awesome! I'm glad your allergies are better!!!


  2. You're so cute haha.
    You know I used to do the same thing as you with the ketchup thing but with salt haha.

  3. lol you aren't the only one I think lots of people lose their accents when they become irate myself included xD

  4. It's unfortunate that you suddenly developed allergies!:OO For me, I don't like ketchup but I loveeee chili!^^
    Interesting post, I'll be looking forward to your future posts! I'm following you on GFC and bloglovin:)


  5. We have #1, #4, #6, #14, #15 and #21 in common. :) I don't carry around ketchup, but I did travel to New Zealand once with a bottle of Italian herb seasoning - like they wouldn't have it there?! The bio-security people at the airport almost took it away too because they thought it had seeds in it, haha. Crazy condiment people unite!

  6. One word, interesting. Do you carry antihistamine now like Benadryl, in case you get crazy allergy flare-ups?

    I'm an Ebayer too. That's one thing I really hate about online shopping. It drains my bank like crazy. Though I made to myself to stop buying Korean/Japanese skin care products. I am now using Clinique's 3-steps skin care and I'm currently loving it.

    Your future bf would be very lucky. There's already a cute scarf waiting for him. :)

    Glad to be in this pretty page.

    1. Thanks for the comments, guys! I guess we're more similar than I thought, hahaaa. *u*
      Hi April!~ and yup, I do carry antihistamines (Benadryl and sometimes another random brand) with me al the time. I also carry an epipen. I heard a lot about Clinique's 3 step care, my cousins use it a lot as well. C:
      Heheh, thank you! *u*

  7. First of all, thank you so much for the tag! And omgggg, while I scrolled down I kept on thinking: We have so much in common Junniepie! <3 I bet that made you curious now hehe, but you will read all of it when I post up the tag soon. ;) <3

    As for your allergies, I'm happy to hear that it's slowly fading away now! P.S.: I think it's so cute that you talk in a different accent when you're mad hahaha. <3

  8. Aww it must suck to not be able to eat food that has seasoning or sauce on it other than ketchup :( Hope you're getting better ♥


  9. 3,7,10

    same here :D very interesting post :)

  10. You are sooo cuteeeee >w<
    I hope that you get better ;;___;; I can't imagine what you pass.
    Please take care, have a nice day :3

  11. I'm watching master's sun too ^^

  12. Very interesting. I can't believe you get up so early. o.o Is it because of a schedule or you're just a morning person? I could never do it. xD

    7, 9, 10.

    1. Ahah, its just because I'm a morning person!~ ^o^

  13. LMAO you hate touching cotton balls?

    1. It feels SO weird! .-. Like squeaky scratchy poofy death on a ball. Gives me a chill down my spineeee. T-T

  14. Hmm, we don't look a like at all! =P Except for the stressing and eBaying! Whenever something small happens at work, I overthink it the whole time, thinking the worst! And then it just turns out to be a tiny tiny problem o_o; and I am a major eBay addict ToT can't stop myself from buying stuff! XD somebody needs to put a lock on my Paypal!

  15. I never noticed your dog in your banner O_o!

    And omg, 5:30 AM? I bitch and complain that I have to get up at 7:26 AM on weekdays. Animals are the best, so much better than people. I've taken in lost dogs before and was sad/happy when they returned to their owners.

    I love dark thunderstorms also, especially the ones that make you feel like the end of is near and the thunder just shakes the earth.

  16. 5:30am every day? That's ... waa.. I wish I could do that actually I love the early morning!
    The way you type is so amusing *A*
    Admittedly I usually skip these tag posts but yours was really interesting to read!
    thx for sharing~ =^ㅅ^=

  17. Brilliant post. I can't believe that you wake up at 5:30am!!! You must sleep really early! :)

  18. 1. Interesting. I like meat
    2. Uuh, I tried 1 year but I hated it.
    3. Do you have dry skin o_O Its not that good to shower sooo long. It takes 10 minutes but when I'm putting makeup on my face I can stand there for hours.
    4. Uuh. Did you find something good for your skin?
    5. Could it be that you use to many different products? I dunno I also gut a lot of this s***
    6. Did you know that word is German and nobody uses it hier :D "Wandern" is a kind of going through mountains or natural places. When people want to travel they call it "reisen" or even sightseeing.
    7. Dito
    8. I hope they work xD But its cool. I sometimes caried an own ketchuo to the university hihi.
    9. How many pets do you have?
    10. xD
    11. Can you explain what this jjamppong and dolsot bibimbap is?
    12. I either, but I don't regret it.
    13. Thursdays are a mess.
    14. Great!
    15. Humn I hope you dont loose so much many hehe
    16. Yap, Yap, No, Yap
    17. Ahhh!
    18. I hoard lip products and eyeshadows... and nail polish.
    19. You're not the only one. I got a friend who also dislikes the noise. My worst noise is 9 kHz at the dentists, the polisher xD I get the creeps!
    20. This s really cute ^^
    21. Japs me too
    22. Yes I do
    23. Never tried it.
    24. I wish I head dark blue eyes. My father has blue ones but I got reddish brown -.-
    25. Haha dito
    26. They are nice. I like snow storms, when the sky is red and bloody. ;D
    27. That's cute. I would buy a house with a stone oven and a party room. (using it for private disco)
    28. Good idea!
    29. Don't know it ~.~
    30. I wish I had not done it. It was a mess xD

    Something I want to know:
    a) Where do you get those cuddly gifs?
    b) Which languages do you speak?

    1. Hi, Lila!~ *u* Ohoh, I don't have dry skin, no. It's hard to say what my skin is, because it's completely crazy. I normally have combination skin. Sometimes in the winter, the temperature will make my skin super super dry though, to the point where it kinda... cracks and bleeds. .-. I live in a cold cold place. I know it's not good to shower that long, but arghh. T-T So used to it, its hard to break the habit haha~
      4. Nope, not really - didn't find any weird concoctions that work. D:

      As for the allergies - it's not because of the amount of products I use. The sudden allergies started around the time of exams. I was pulling multiple all-nighters (and if I did sleep, it was only for 2-4 hours)... and a lot of fast food. My doctor told me to go see a neurologist as well (because it might have been my brain sending weird signals to my body, etc)

      I have 1 pet right now! (Happy the dog) I used to have a fish, but... it died when Happy came. Curious... >->

      Jjamppong is noodles in a hot, spicy soup. I usually get the seafood version (shrimps, mussles, etc), it's absolutely amazing. Dolsot Bibimbap is bibimbap (rice+veggies+hot sauce), but in a hot stone bowl!

      A party room sounds awesome - and omg. a stove oven. *u* I don't even know how to cook well but I'd want one too hehe.

      a) I just find them randomly on photo sharing sites! b) I speak English, Korean and a little itty bitty witty bit of French. (ty, public school education for 8 years)

    2. Hey ^^
      Okay, so I'm not the only one with a messed up skin. Mine is dry but I have real problems to find a cream because of allergies :-/ Too much glycerin is not good aswell as I'm totally allergic to Shea Butter. I want to try the asian market but where can I find the ingredients, when I don't any asian language properly?
      I understand that allergies have a lot to do with feelings and stress. Therefore I decided to study more semesters instead of hurrying. When my job is getting busy I redirect some tasks. I also tend to be a psychosomatic. >.<

      Humn I hope that Happy hasn't eaten the fish XD

      Thanks for explaining Jjamppong and Bibimbap. I heard those words for the first time though I dinner a lot Korean :D I like Bulgogi and Mandu. Omnomnomnom. I think I should ask for Bibimbap the next time.

      Stove ovens are *__* I like bread and pizza. When I get one, I'll learn to cool asap *o*

      You're English is great. I read some English written blogs around the world and sometimes their English is hard to understand.

    3. Ah, I'm not a fan of Shea butter either! Not allergic to it (I think...) but meh. Just not a fan of the scent. I think allergies have a lot to do with stress/feelings as well, so I've learned to not procrastinate and get my work done early. (: And I looove mandu+bulgogi (When I used to eat meat, hehe).

      I actually live in Toronto, so I've been using English all my life. C:

    4. I don't like the scent too :D Great thing you're saying. I shouldnt get too stressy.

  19. I can't believe you get up at 5.30 AM. I think I fall asleep around that time (no matter if I go to sleep at 10PM or 4AM)...

    And yay I love K-dramas as well ~~

  20. we got similarities :D i'm also allergic to almost everything like last year... it was a hell for me, it's like everything i have to put on my mouth i worry that i might itch and go all red... and worse i can't breathe anymore. I even remember one time the worse allergic attacked that i had... I almost fainted but i managed to crawl towards my mom on our living room and ask help. It was a nightmare... But now it's gone and i don't have any problem whatsoever... weird =_= i know right?
    Anyway, I love animals too! i'm crazy over them :3 Anyway, Why don't you like cotton balls? they're so soft & fluffy :O it's my first time hearing someone who doesn't like it...

    I invite you to join my first "giveaway" which is open international!


    1. ARUGH, THIS IS THE STORY OF MY LIFE. T___T So sorry it happened to you as well! I actually fainted like 3-4 times during that fiasco, but I fainted upstairs at like, 3am. My room isn't close to my other family members, so no one knew I fainted and I woke up by myself (my dog's water bowl spilled over my feet when I fell, so I guess the cold water woke me up later). I'm glad to hear you're better, though! It's a horrible time. T-T

  21. master's sun <3, wee~ still can't believe he lost his memory :(

  22. Amazing post june i really enjoyed getting to know you more and no awayy we are have so much in common - it's not weird at all to carry ketchup well i guess not cause i do that too XD
    thankyou x for tagging me~<3

  23. I love reading persnal posts from other bloggers so I'm really happy you made one too!
    We have a lot of things in common haha~ I wake up at the same time since years too
    I never heard of the dramas you like tho but I'm gonna check them out now! :D

  24. Uwaaah~ Thank you so much for tagging me~ :D

    >.< I've wanted to quit eating meat for two years now...but I just can't do it! Although, I've cut down A LOT since I entered my university xD (The vegans and vegetarians around me are influencing my healthy food choices :P)

    You wake up SO early too!! Haha~ I did that in high school...and hated every minute of it! Now if I have an 8:30am class, I wake up at 8:00 :P

    Yaaaey for long showers!!! xD I feel so bad for my roomy when I realize she's waiting to shower too >.< I just can't go any faster when the water is warm~ ^_^

    I sometimes try to be experimental with my skin, but I just get afraid >.< I don't want any future damages and...well...I'm lazy and poor so I can't do much xD

    I don't think I've ever had any allergic reaction to anything... O_o But I hope yous will get better~ ^_^ (And I love ketchup too! :P)

    Hehe~ I'm trying to stay in contact with my HS friends...but it's getting so hard with our busy schedules! But I shall try~ :D

    I absolutely hate Mondays through Wednesdays xD Haha~ And I used to have an obsession with KDramas...especially City Hunter and Answer Me 1997~ so Cute!! I haven't watched any though... >.< Once I do...I'll stay in my dorm 24/7 only leaving for food and school OTL

    I looooove Amazon right now! My obsessssssion!!! And thunderstorms #GG~~~ x3

    Hehe~ Don't worry~ Someone will confess to the beautiful you! You won't be single for long x3

    Thanks for the nomination again~ I'll definitely do this tag because it's so much fun!


    1. Ohohoh thank you Aimee and no problemo! *u* I heard so many good things about City Hunter, I can't believe I didn't watch it! And awhh, I wish I had a roomie. T-T (lives at home).

  25. You are a special girl! I love your blog

    1. Aw, thank you so much! 8D <3 You da besst. <3

  26. You wake at 5:30, I sleep at 5:30 (LOLjk, not often anyways ._.')
    I've never had my nails done professionally either!...but that's because I don't wear polish and I don't like strangers touching me...

    omfg, you're too cute with the dogs! :( I'd probably do the same, if I found random dogs :(

    LAUGHING AT YOUR TUESDAYS. WHY DID YOU STACK YOUR CLASSES? It's k, I've had a 11am-9:30 school day before

    Wait...can you actually haggle at PMall? ._. (because I might do the same...maybe)

    Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

    1. LOOL, I don't wear polish too much either, but I have a crazy obsession for them! It's weird. D: I buy so many, and I just hoard them in my cupboard like a little freaky deaky. D:

      and omg. My tuesdays. I can't even... ugh. It just ended up that way, and I can't even change it anymore. T-T Lolololol happy would love yo toilet paypah! 8D <333

      And YES, YOU CAN HAGGLE. <333 Not in the "actual" stores (i.e. the face shop, holika holika, tonymoly, missha), but the independent stores run by the owners. Esp the technology stores (phone cases, phone repairs, etc). My friends tell me I have no shame because I just troll in there and haggle for my pennies hehe. 8D

    2. SAME WITH THE POLISH. It's a waste of money because mine have gone all thick and goopy after sitting there for like three years :(

      That makes more sense, haha. I know my mom haggles with buying prescription glasses, but with the cheaper stores like phones/phone cases, I didn't know you could! (LOL) LOLLL THO I CAN'T IMAGINE YOU HAGGLING though I'd love that in action

  27. Thank you for tagging me June! ^_^
    I did it here, so voila~ :3

  28. I wish I can wake up that early everyday, good for you! *-*
    Haha I don't carry ketchup, but I carry a small bottle of hot sauce with me. xD
    I have never done my nail either, too expensive just for nails. :P
    I have classes from 9am-9pm on wedsdays, well with some breaks in between, but still... t.t
    I was so obsessed with Sailor moon too, almost every picture I drew would be of her. haha

  29. The only things that we have in common (according to your list anyways!) is I also don't eat meat, I LOVE winter and thunderstorms and I hoard lip products like they're going extinct!

    For makeup, reviews, tutorials and fashion:

  30. What a great thing to participate in :)
    About the ketchup packages, I've always wanted to do this! I put ketchup on so many of my foods my friends think I'm crazy, haha.

  31. Oh really nice post is very interesting know more about you sweetie

  32. I too have a serious cast of wanderlust (my wallet hates me for it) and I also love animals but haven't ever brought home lost dogs etc. I need me some lost dogs to bring home and cry about too haha

  33. this post is so interesting hahahah seems you're such a very fun person ;)

  34. Oh wow you're so interesting. I can't believe that you wake up so early every day!

    Stephanie | fashion and tea

  35. Dude how can you wake up at 5:30!
    Also I love thunder storms too, cloudy days make me feel energized!
    And tell me about the confession to someone I like, who has the guts to do that! not me....

  36. really interesting !!

  37. Haha I enjoyed reading this - I'm also an early riser and I'm kind of a serial knitter - every winter, my apartment looks like an old lonely widow lives there haha :]

  38. Great to know about you Ms. June! ^^

  39. Sailor Scouts unite! Sailor Moon was the first anime I ever became obsessed with, then it was DBZ and then it was Inuyasha. And now it's all kinds of things. I also love k-dramas too! My favorite one so far is Heartstrings (I love the soundtrack) and then 49 Days. *U* Also, when I was younger, I was just as shy as you were and never really told anyone that I had a crush on them or anything. Although, I will tell you, they always find out sooner or later. Thanks to some friends who "promised" not to say anything! OTL Eventually as I got older though, I became much more honest about my feelings, but it is definitely something that gets easier as you age >__>; <3 you June, you are too funny. So, if you don't like cotton balls, do you use cotton pads? Or anything cotton? O__o;

    1. Annnaaaa~ 8D Omg, I absolutely love 49 days - it was my favourite drama until Gaksital came along! I hope I get more honest-feely, haha. ;n; I hate "hiding"!
      And I use cotton pads (the Shisedo facial cotton pads are amazing), I could never ever use the actual cotton balls. D: They're so freakishly cottony and "squeaky" when you rub them together... T-T

  40. Hey June, you are so interesting~ ^ ^ Several of your facts similar to me too~ Hahahaha, you are really cute, sista~ ^ ^

  41. Just stumbled upon your blog and loving it :D ( just read through a few reviews -cough- )
    Anyway definitely havin a new follower here <3

    When you stopped eating meat but still eggs and diary products that makes you still a fully vegetarian. I am myself vegetarian but I stopped eating any animal products which people often call: vegan. ( it is hard to eating out as a vegan in germany though) I support you with that new eating habit!! :D
    Reading through your personal facts we do have a fair amount similarity. But on the other half I am much likely the direct opposite of you :D for example of you being such an early bird I would sleep until 1PM or 2PM on my free days, haha! But you sound really nice from what I've read in your post and I do have lots sympathy for you now! :D

    much loves,

  42. I enjoyed reading this post *^-^*
    I perfect understand you about being stressed over everything...maybe we should begin to take all things more easily !!!
    And I am a Korean drama addicted as well eheheh...I didn't watch Gaksital yet , so thanks for your suggestion (@⌒ー⌒@)ノ (my favorite one is Reply 1997 and currently I am watching Flower Boy Ramen Shop).
    We have another thing in common : I like wintertime ! I was surprised to read it because it seems everyone on the Earth loves summer or spring !
    Sometimes it's funny reading "personal" posts and not only beauty related ones !
    Best wishes ღ
    Chibilaria ღ Cute Random Lifestyle and Beauty Blog

  43. wow you get up SUPER early!

  44. I really enjoyed reading this! ^____^ you're so cute!
    I'm really crappy at lying too! hahaha

  45. Aww Happy is the prettiest name! :)

    Loved reading this, it gave me a good laugh! xx

  46. I've barely met anyone else who likes thunder storms! I'm not alone anymore ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

  47. ahaha, Ill try to get on a post about this asap...

  48. Hehe June your facts are so adorable! And I used to knit a lot for my ex boyfriend but now I'm lazy even though I promise my bf I would gift him my handmade scarf haha it was last year and it's not near done now haha but knitting is fun!! Thank you for tagging me <3 I always smile reading your posts ^^


  49. Oh my goodness, Master's Sun is just kfgnslkfjhnlgkh~~ When I try to tell my friend about this drama and how she has to watch it she's all like 'It must be a really dumb and ridiculous drama about a girl who sees ghosts, like, that's not innovating'.. She just can't understand the feels~ And you have some pretty weird habits, though fdgjnaldkfjg But dark storms are soo nice.. I sometimes, when having a headache or just wanting to relax, like to take a shower at night whithout any light source, completely immersed in the dark.. I guess that's weird too..? ;_; But I feel soo good afterwards.. No emo intended, though kjgdhsfg now that's a long comment ;_;


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