Friday, September 13, 2013

[Circle lens review] Neo Glamour Brown


Today's post will be on a circle lens! Y'all know how much I love the Neo Glamours - and today's post will be on the Neo Glamour Browns. I like natural looks, so yay brown! Thanks, Eyecandys~

I got another monkey case!
(Same picture used in Hazel review, wasn't necessary to take an identical one, y'know?)


Here’s some more information about these lenses!

Name: Glamour Brown
Brand: Neo Vision
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 45%
Diameter: 14.2mm
Base curve: 8.6
Life: 1 year (I do not recommended using any lenses for 3+ months)

Colours available (8): hazel, brown, honey, gray, green, blue, aqua, violet

Price: Currently $29.60 [here]


The design is super pretty, as all Neo Glamours are. They're 3 toned, so the colours blend nicely together and give a natural, pretty look.

This lens does have a pretty unique, interesting design. Instead of having a solid limbal ring like most circle lenses, they have jagged edges! These lines do look a lot more natural than a normal, solid limbal ring would. 

These lenses start (outside to in) by a thin, black limbal ring and changes to a warm brown colour, finishing off with a orangey yellow. 


The picture below shows me wearing the lenses in different lightings; the first is in flash, then window light, and the last one indoor. 

I thought I'd have pictures here comparing the Glamour browns to the Glamour hazels. Before I had either lens, I was debating on getting either the Brown or the Hazel. On the site pictures, it was difficult to tell the difference between the two.

NOTE: I haven't posted the review for the Hazels just yet - it'll be posted next.

My thoughts

I do really, really like this colour - the Glamour browns are pretty. I do think they're a bit too reddish for me. The hazels were super, vampy red; but the browns also have a tinge of red as well. However, I do like these better than the hazels (because they're more natural compared to them).

These lenses have a brown colour up close - but from further away, it really does have a hint of red that you can't miss. As pretty as it is, it's not natural enough for me to wear comfortably in public. Please take a look at the pictures on the bottom to see what I mean. (Again, I think I look like a vampire.)

 I'll happily wear these for a specific FOTD or for a post, though! The colour shows up very clearly, which I like! But for real-life wear? Hmm... maybe not.

Also... the comfort level on this particular lens seems to be different from my other Glamours. I have no idea why, but these aren't as comfy as my other ones. I can get maybe 3-4 hours in, before my eyes start feeling really dry. Sadly, this lens doesn't pass the comfort test! T___T

As always, these lenses really aren't meant for enlargement. They offer very little (if any) - so if you're specifically looking for a "big eyed" effect, these won't be a good choice!

= I like the lenses, but they're not as natural or comfortable as I'd like them to be. Sorry, Glamour Browns... but I probably won't be repurchasing you. T__T

Note: I don't give half marks. 

Colour: /5
Enlargement: /5
Comfort: /5
Overall rating: /5

More pictures 

So that's it for today!

What about you?
Do you like the colour of these? Do you like the "vampire" eye colour?


Question: My Korean cosmetic reviews seem to be much popular than my circle lens reviews (though quite a few people still read/comment on lens reviews as well). 

But I was just curious - do you guys want me to continue reviewing lenses? Or should I completely stop lens reviews and focus on cosmetics? 

(If its decided not to post more lens reviews, I'll just post the remaining lens reviews I have and stop receiving new lenses for review).


  1. Your contact case is adorable!!

  2. I actually quite like these lens reviews. I was never really interested in circle lens before, but I really like the way they look on you and I value your opinion. You're very informative, and the pictures you take are really helpful (in my opinion) for people who may be looking for a specific color. I say go on reviewing, but that's just me. I love me cosmetics reviews too don't get me wrong! XD In any case, I actually do not think they look very vampy. Maybe the green top you're wearing offsets the vampy-ness of the lens, but I actually kind of like the hint of red or amber tone. ^^;;; *Or maybe I just like looking like a vampire* XD <3 Great review as always June.

  3. wow from the lens close up, i think it looks super natural, i think it will look like natural brown eye colour when worn, but i'm surprised that it actually looks kinda red o.O

  4. What a cute packaging, i usually wear grey lenses but i really like this colour really suits out Asian eyes. Thank you for the review

  5. The monkeys are so cute. I like the border of these lenses...they make the eyes look mor soft. Thanks for the review :)

  6. I don't think you should stop reviewing lenses! They are really informative and I was actually debating on the difference between the Neo Glamour Brown and Hazel until I landed on this post ^^;;; I've been using the Neo Shimmer Honey and I might get the Neo Glamour Brown next after reading this~~
    Also I'm a new reader! Hi! Followed you on Bloglovin' ^^

  7. they look very natural these lenses

  8. Aw, it's really a shame that you did not like Neo Glamour Brown that much! :(
    They were actually my favorite pairs of CL like a year or two ago (to change my eye color) until I found out about Beaucon Natural Brown. Now they're my favorite pair of natural looking CL and yay for (almost) no enlargement. <3
    As for continuing with CL reviews, I say.. why not? I really enjoy reading them! :)

  9. I don't think they look too reddish, they look pretty on you!

    I have fine vision so I don't need to wear lens but I'm sure lens reviews are useful for those who wear them, so please keep doing circle lens reviews!

  10. omg you look a lot like SNSD's Sunny on the second photo!!!

  11. Thanks for reviewing this June, I always like reading you reviews~ they're so informative and detailed hehe^-^ I like the colour on you, it's so natural(: x

  12. Hello June~! I don't think these lenses looks creepy on you! They look 378945 times more natural than my lenses haha XD The hazel ones are really red tho :0 I think I know your circle lens taste now heh.
    And I think you shouldn't stop posting circle lens review because I really enjoy reading them because I love circle lenses! So just continue doing them ^-^* I like all reviews you make~:)

  13. You look adorable in photos Ms. June! I love the monkey case! So cute! ^^

  14. Such a cute case! The thin, black limbal ring that changes to a hue of brown is beautiful! I wouldn't have noticed it unless I looked very closely. Love the design and how it looks on you!

  15. These are so beautiful, and I LOVE the case!! SO adorible! XD

    I just found your blog and am a new follower :D

  16. I love how natural look they create!♥ Also I like to read your lense reviews I guess lenses are just one of the most popular subjects that many beauty bloggers make reviews about, so what I mean there are quite a lot of lens reviews on the internet.
    People know how lenses "work" better that some new amazing mega baby face BB- creams, so they just google for pictures about some lenses that they'd buy and then make their decisions... but my point is that it's good that people make these reviews even if they don't have that much comments! :)

  17. They look so natural!! :) Suits you so well, too dear!

  18. wow i love how your camera captures the beautiful details of the lenses <3 your eyes are really pretty :)

  19. I like that they still look natural~ the hazel ones look really red though, not really hazel LOL. I feel like the comfort in circle lenses varies even though they're from the same line, like I have the Beaucon shimmer grey and brown, but the brown one is really uncomfortable, whereas the grey one is fine D:.

    I like both your reviews, but make-up reviews probably tend to get more views since there's more variance in opinion (especially with skin related products, so people want to find as many reviews as they can before purchasing). Circle lenses are pretty straight forward, and most sites have ratings on them, so you can get an idea of whether or not to purchase them. But your reviews are really in depth, so they're helpful for people who want further information on them, rather than a few sentences on whether they're good or bad ^^

  20. Pretty! I love how they look "feathery" around the edges, looks great with your lashes too *_* I like that they are not super enlarging, but too bad about the comfort! >.<
    Thanks for this review June!

  21. wow!! they look really nice on you~~
    aww the monkey case is actually really cute!
    The hazel one kinda looks really nice and natural on you (≧◡≦)

  22. I really love the spiky effect on the edge of the lenses! It's my first time seeing that~ but personally, I'm a fan of the big-eyes effect so I don't think I'd buy it. And yes, it really does look too reddish.

    Those monkey case are sooo cute <3


  23. your eyes looks so pretty with the lenses , and the design is so cool *O*

  24. I think the colour suits you. I got red-brown eyes from nature ^^ The only thing I dislike is the fuzzyness / spiky edge.

  25. The colour is completely glowing, it gives you a perfect look. I think colour like brown, hazel looks great on girls.

  26. No, don't stop lenses reviewing because you are really helpful, i read your blog before i purchased the neo glamour green :)


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