Tuesday, September 3, 2013

[Haul] Korean cosmetics haul + Back to School! [Tonymoly, Etude House, Skinfood, Holika Holika, etc.]


It's been some time since my last Korean cosmetics haul (it has, right? uhh) and I'm back with another! I stocked up on products (and clothes) before the upcoming school year. I don't start classes until the 9th, see. I'm too busy to (frequently) shop during the school year, so hopefully these will last me until the Winter break!

The majority of these products were purchased by myself at Pacific mall (a huge asian mall), eBay and Eaton Centre (a mall in Toronto). Only the Etude tint, colorpop and Laneige pack were sponsored - thanks, ibuybeauti!

The picture below are taken all at Pacific mall: Holika Holika, Missha and Tonymoly. All of the stores had "Back to School" (B2S) sales, and there were lots of products marked down! I personally don't think it was marked down enough for me to go insane, but meh - better than original retail price, still more expensive than eBay.

On the picture above, do you see the red dot on the upper left hand corner? That was a product from Holika Holika - the packaging was absolutely gorgeous and elegant! It looked so expensive, so I was curious and asked the SA how much it cost.

It was $200+. *o*

Anyways - to the haul! I'll start off by showing my Korean (and a bit of Japanese) cosmetics, and then finish off with my "Back to School" clothing haul. 

List of items in this haul

1. Tonymoly sheet masks (10 green tea, 2 aloe)
2. Tonymoly lip scrub 

3. The Face Shop sheet masks (3 green tea)
4. The Face Shop eyelash curler 
5. The Face Shop acne solution foam cleansing 
6. The Face Shop pure water facial mist
7. The Face Shop jelly jello lip tint (02 enamel red)

8. Etude House CC cream - silky 
10. Etude House Fresh Cherry tints (PK001 and RD301)
11. Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer Baby Glow Balm (02 natural beige)
12. Etude House gradation nail sets (#2, #9)

13. Missha Perfect M BB cream (#23)
14. Skinfood sheet masks ("Time Magazine" food mask set)
15. Shiseido "pureness" deep cleansing foam 
16. eBay false eyelashes (3 packs) 

17. Mizon honey black sugar scrub 
18. Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel 
19. Kiss me Heroine make "long and curl" mascara
21. Dermal sheet masks (4 "red ginseng")
22. Bioderma micellar water 


Somebody save me - I have a true addiction to sheet masks. I kid you not. This stack was supposed to be bigger, but somehow I managed to summon all the willpower I had to not buy an extra 20. These face masks are from a variety of stores: C+F, Dermal, Tonymoly, The Face Shop, Skinfood. 

To be honest, I'm not a really big fan of Tonymoly masks. I find them just "average", and nothing that really benefits my skin. It's just nice to use every once in a while, that's all (+my addiction). 

The C+F and Dermal masks are my HG. I absolutely love them - and they're often much cheaper than Tonymoly, The Face Shop, Etude House, etc.! 

Lip products 

I bought the The Face Shop "jelly jello" lip tint and the Tonymoly lip scrub at Pacific mall. The jelly jello (love that name) tint was only $4 or something! TFS was having a "Back to School" sale, and I was able to grab this for 40% off the original price. 

The Tonymoly lip scrub was pretty expensive, though - no sales on that particular product. I think I paid $13 (with tax)? It's pretty pricey for such a tiny little thing. 

Face products (cleansers, skincare)

Okay, I admit - I probably bought way too much. I haven't even used most of these yet. The Sieseido cleanser is a repurchase for me. I used to use it back in 6th-9th grade, before I switched over to Laneige. I just thought I'd buy it again to relive my love for it! (It's so pricey though aurgh my wallet)

I know Bioderma isn't Korean or Japanese, but while I was buying the Shiseido, I decided to pick this up as well. It was on sale! How could I resist?!

I probably have way too many mists now (I rarely use any), but I also picked up that The Face Shop pure water facial mist. Why, I do not know. 

Can't wait to try this stuff! What do you want to see reviews on first? :)

Face products (makeup)

So many people were crazy about my last Etude House CC cream giveaway, and really showed interest in it. I hadn't used a CC cream before then, so I was curious about all the hype. My cousin went to Korea and while she was there, I asked her to pick this up for me! This is the silky version. 

The Missha BB cream is another repurchase for me. It doesn't match me currently (thanks, summer sun) , but I do find that it's alright in the wintertime. I just bought it... really, really early. 

The Etude House Balm (the circle thing) is a random purchase for me. I do not know why I bought it. I didn't even check the colour before buying it (I bought "02 natural beige"). I'm scared. .-.

Eye products 

The Face Shop eyelash curler was a measly $2.75. I used it before, and it was decent. It's a pretty good deal, and there's nothing to complain about, yay! 

The eBay eyelashes were a first time buy for me - they were approximately $1 per box. PER BOX. You really can't go wrong with $1, can you?! 
And also - they sell these exact lashes at Pacific mall, but charge $10+. Do not buy them, and just buy them on ebay. (They buy it there themselves, it's the exact same thing)

The Kiss Me mascara is also a repurchase, my HG mascara! It was $20, but I think it's pretty worth it. I haven't had good experiences with drugstore mascara here (Maybelline, etc), so meh. 

Nail products 

These Etude House gradation sets (09 and 02) aren't bad! They're pretty amazing, and I really, really like them! I have several other sets, so I'm not that new to these. I've never tried these particular colours though, so I'm excited! 

Okay, so that finishes up my Korean (and Japanese and "Western") cosmetics haul! I think I went a little overboard, but... YAY OVERBOARD. 

Onto the clothes that I bought! 
I didn't take detailed pictures, it's just basically a sneak peek. I'll most likely start having OOTDs on my blog soon, and these will be in them! 

These clothes were purchased by myself at Eaton Centre. It's a bunch of stuff from Club Monaco, F21, Roots and Abercrombie and Fitch (they have pretty stuff sometimes, I cannot resist). 

Club Monaco 

They had a freak sale a few days ago, and I went freaky. 50% off already marked down items? Count me innnnnnn. Some of the clothes I bought weren't 50% off though, sobsob. T__T They were just too pretty to wait until a sale came around. 

The scarf is SO soft, it's like... so soft I can't even. And it's so full as well, so poofy but thin! Y'know what I'm talking about, right? 
And it was $10. Original price: $80 or something (can't remember). 

Abercrombie and Fitch 

I bought 2 shirts, and a couple of jeans (not all of the jeans were pictured... because... why?). The sparkles and stuff on the blue shirt was just omg. I cannot get away from the sparkle. 

True, they're very shoddily sewn onto the shirt - but... sparkles! Me likes The Shiney! 

And I bought more skinny jeans. It's for the upcoming autumn/winter season, when I wear my children my lovely, lovely boots and tuck them in. I love boots so much, I can't even explain. *u* 

Roots and Forever21

I'm not sure why the pictures of my green F21 shirt came out so... "sketchy". No idea, but in real life it doesn't look like that! I love it, it's one of my current favourite shirts (wearing it right now hehehe). 

The Roots sweatpants... these are my first pair. Everyone raved about them, but I never really "got" the craze until now. Why are they so comfy?! These are for my hobo days, and those "its too cold to go out to school but I need to in order to get an education but argh why" days. 

Those Forever21 socks! How can I say no?! (I can't seem to say "no" to a lot of stuff, hnng). They're adorable! A piggy! A kitty! Made in Korea! Me likey. 
They were $1.50, too. *u* Hohohh I'm gonna go buy more soon.

Well, that's it for my Korean cosmetics and Back-2-School haul! 

What about you?
What'd you buy in your last haul? What'd you get for B2S? What do you want me to write a review on? Am I asking too many questions?


  1. ahahaha is that what you bought when you went crazy at club monaco when they had a sale?
    Can you wear this irl when you meet me? LOL
    Love the faceshop eye curler!
    And really wanna try the bioderma!


  2. I love haul posts<3 It makes me want to go out and shop myself...but i'm dead poor so ;___; Your clothes are so cute~ And I really want to try the etude house gradation nail polishes<3

    (I have an addiction to sheet masks as well <3)


  3. Wow so much stuff! *o* I'm jelly! What is that product that costs $200+? :O
    I have an unhealthy obsession with sheet masks too, I buy them quicker than I use them! Dx
    I still haven't gotten anything for B2S, but I don't think I will go on a shopping spree since I have been buying bits and pieces over the summer. :x hehe love the clothes you got!

    1. Hi Chee! *u* I'm not sure about the full name, but it was something-something "time capsule". yay for sheet masks! ayayayyaya! -crazy eye twitch-

  4. hehe I want all of it ^_^ I love the sparkly top and all the face masks! I'm an addict too :P What was the expensive $200+ product? I didn't know Holika Holika made such expensive products!

    1. Hey Nayoung! Ahh the $200 thingy was a... "time capsule" something. I forgot the full name! T__T It looked so cool, there were like little golden beads inside. o.o

  5. Awesome haul and those clothes!!! UNghhh the shirts and sweaters and socks! were really cute. The stones on the denim one <3 :)

  6. Oh my lovely haul! I love all the items you have in there most esp. the skin care and the ones for the nails <3

  7. You did well. I'm proud of you. I don't think I could show as much constraint if I had a giant mall devoted to Asian cosmetics within a reasonable distance from me haha. Lots of cute clothes too!! I look forward to reading the reviews later on ~


  8. Wow! Great shopping haul! (>_<) I'm curious about the BioDerma? Never heard of it before! I hope you like the mist though. . .I thought it was okay but, I've moved on to other ones (>_<)!

  9. Great haul. I'm hoping for a lot of reviews to come ;) Unfortunately we don't have an asian mall near by...or should I see, luckily?!:D I would spend all my money XD

  10. Wow! I love everything! ;-)
    And i wont all of it:-))))

  11. You shop to you drop and got amazing items well done.

  12. Really great haul. Im also addicted to masks, tried leaders masks lately?

  13. Ohhh you are making me feel jealous!
    I really wanted to try those crayons and lip tints. I really need to do korean Makeup and SkinCare haul!
    Please take care, have a nice day*


  14. Oohhh so many pretty things! I love the etude nail polish sets and also masks! One can never have enough masks! :D

  15. Wow! Great haul! This actually made me wanna go shopping


  16. holika2 product for $200???! that's a complete rip off! :p You bought so many things it really inspire me to buy too! XD


  17. OMG this is so damn huge haul ! I'm not kidding if I say that your cosmetic haul was bigger than all the cosmetics I EVEN OWN hahaha XDD

  18. Que hermosas cositas te compraste, yo quiero ir a esas tiendas :D ¡Ciao!


  19. To be honest I never hauls, usually buy a few things during the month and so I never do big hauls, I'm buying as needed, or some other product that catches my attention.

    I want invite you to Join to my Firmoo Giveaway for win 1 pair of Glasses or Sunglasses. You choose the model!

  20. I'm so jealous you have all of those stores near you!! (;へ:)lol Great haul!


  21. I love Kiss me Heroine mascara too... It last all day ^.^

  22. so many products ._____.


  23. I'm quite new to your blog and I just wanna tell you how much I love it! And the stuff you got!! Wow! There are so many!! Oh yeah what camera are you using for your photos here in your blog? And any editing programmes? Thank you~~


  24. Wow once I saw the amount you spent and how much stuff you bought my jaw literally fell open and wouldn't close :o

  25. All of the makeup is so pretty. It is such pretty packaging.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  26. omg that's a huge haul, June! drooling over your haul *.*
    i will wait for Heroine mascara review ^^


  27. I still haven't gone completely loco with my back-to-school shopping yet but I might when fall/winter items show up more in stores. lol I rarely use my facial mist either but for some reason I am tempted to buy more every time I visit TheFaceShop XD I just like the feel of it when I spray it on my face and the packaging a lot of times.

  28. So jealous. T_T I'd love to be able to swatch in person before buying. Thanks for the pictures. <3

  29. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang. O___O lol!! June you are an impulse buyer, I counted at least 3 times where you said you didn't know why you bought it! hahaha, you're so funny! ^___^ I've been super interested in the Juicy Cocktail nail gradient sets, they're so cute! Also, those lashes look bomb! ^^ Awesome hall! I wish we had a huge Asian mall here in the states T^T I'm tired of paying for shipping lol.

  30. OMG great haul! you bought so many great things *drooling~ *O*


  31. What a great haul! So much nice stuff!! I'm jealous! I haven't got round to my back to school shopping yet (not much choice over here in Morocco). I'll wait till I get back to Europe :)

  32. Holy crap you bought so many products! *___* I think you're going to love the Laneige water sleeping pack; it's so moisturising and makes my face feel so soft and smooth in the morning. I remember when I was overseas at Pacific Mall I was so excited to see the Korean cosmetic stores! Then I was even more excited when I was at Eaton centre because the shopping and atmosphere is so much better than Sydney :O

    Louise | Vanity Corner
    HAIR2GO Giveaway | MOOTTA Giveaway

  33. So much stuff * A*. I haven't gone to pmall in awhile, but I want to go just to get more masks OTL.

    The colours on the Club Monaco scarf are so pretty too omg, I wannttttttt

  34. OMG jaw dropping haul loved it dear :)

  35. omg you bought soo much *Q* There are even korean cosmetic shops where you live T^T omg I'm getting so jelly askfhlksjdfhjkasf Wanna go there too and buy tones of stuff ; n ; I really wanna reas a review about the lip products! They look really nice *-* And I didn't know that Holika has products for $200+ :000 I always thought they'd only sell products for drugstore price :o


  36. cosmetics heaven! i don't even know if i could stop myself if they we had a huge selection of asian cosmetics here. love your purchases. great back to school haul as well, love the denim blouse with the diamante on the collar.


  37. Forever21 makes some of the cutest socks. Although the quality isn't great, I just want to get one in every design. Also, I've noticed that Abercrombie's quality has been falling lately, so I've held off buying from them.



  38. Please review Etude's Color Pop, the round thingy you bought randomly and The Face Shop's Acne Solution Foam Cleansing!

    asksdsmfls I love your haul! Especially the Heroine Make mascara!

  39. JFC WOMAN ._.
    Effing motherlode of motherlodes like who is your leprechaun gold/money dealer because hook me up so I can haul loads of beauty products too ._.''

    ALSO, I've never actually tried a sheet mask! -coughcough reccommend me one?-
    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

    1. LOOL - and huh a sheet mask virgin?! How can this be?! You reallyreallyreally should try C&F masks (Galleria supermarket sells them) or Dermal masks (H-mart sells them). They're much cheaper than other brands like Tonymoly, Etude, Holika - but I swear they're AMAZING.


      Thankyouthankyou!! c:

  40. woww you got so much stuff!! :o I'm super jealous ;A; How much did all of it cost? :o
    I absolutely love the scarf by the way :3 Super cute~

  41. yoooooooo this haul looks so nice! Love it when people really do a huge haul!! Its so nice to see.
    Omg it does have nice/elegant packaging!! <3<3 200$? ;w; noooooooooo <3
    Have fun going back 2 school with yo nice products gurl!!

  42. yep, gotta get the face masks. I love face masks ^~^

  43. Lovely haul!! Wow you're all set for school now ;)
    A great selection of products and the clothing are absolutely gorgeous! I especially like the shirts with the detailed collars and the scarf! Gorgeous!

    Very well detailed post and really like how you have include some tips and advice regarding your purchases.

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for the very lovely comment :)

    Sheen xxxxxxx

  44. thank you very much for stopping by :))). You have such a sweet header! And so many beautiful products! Nice blog!

    Kisses, Xenia

  45. Can you leave prices next time for the cosmetics! I would like to compare the prices at PMall and Ebay :)

    1. Absolutely, Cindy! *u* Thanks for reading! <333

  46. Wow!! A big haul!! I´m so envious hehe

  47. I'm so jealous that you can go buy Korean products at a store. I think I would go gaga if I stepped into a store, and probably go WAY overboard on purchases. So it might be best that I can't, lol!
    I've only tried Etude House face masks so far and I love them! I'll have to try the C&F and Dermal ones.


  49. Biggest haul i've seen so far! Korean makeup is looove! :)


  50. Omg you are so pretty!! and everything you bought was so cute <3 Just followed you ^_^ If you have time could you pleaase check out my blog?

  51. greetings from Poland : )
    I'd like to know what you think about the aloe gel : ) I love products with this ingredient


  52. Wow that's a lot. I always wanted to go some korean stores but we don't have any here since I'm only living in a province. I usually buy some of the korean products that I'm using online. You are soo lucky.


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