Tuesday, September 17, 2013

[Review] Innisfree Juicy Gloss Pencils


School's catching up to me - fast. But apparently, my agenda (yeah, I still keep one of those) tells me that my year won't be too bad, though. Much better than last year. Last year was just "......omg", but this year is a simple "..omg"!
Y'know what I'm sayin'?

Okay, enough of that bamboozle. Today's review will be on the Innisfree Juicy Gloss Pencils. After reading some positive reviews on these, I was so pumped to try them! Lip crayons/pencils have been quite the rage then, and it's still pretty popular in Korea right now. These pencils are from KollectionK, a well known online Korean cosmetics shop.

I haven't had a positively raving review in a long time now.
Will these be The One?

The Innisfree juicy gloss pencils come in 5 different colours - there's probably one for everyone's taste! Onto the review, hooha!


"It's a lip pencil containing moisture that softly melts on the lips. The cute case looks like a crayon. It's easy to carry and good quality. This moisture lip gloss is naturally dyed and melted gently on the lips."
- Easy dialling type with vivid limited edition designs (twistable)
- Highly moisturizing, emollient
- No sticky texture!
- Vitamin E and Camellia flower oil included for moisturized, healthy lips

Colours available 
#1 = Lemon
#2 = Green grape
#3 = Strawberry
#4 = Grapefruit
#5 = Cherry

The glosses come in 5 different colours, as stated above. "Lemon" and "Green grape" are the only 2 colour changing glosses of the bunch, and are quite sheer in colour.

The other 3 colours (Strawberry, grapefruit, cherry) do not change in colour and are extremely pigmented. There are many ways to use these pencils - you can use a little bit, and create a gradient on your lips... or you can use it all over (the lips, not your face).

Price + where to buy

As these glosses are quite popular, you can buy these glosses at multiple places. Prices range, but KollectionK sells these for $10.39 USD (fair price). I wouldn't recommend paying $12+ for these.


I've taken some pictures for you guys, so you can see what the glosses look like in colour! Which colour do you like best?

#1 = Lemon
#2 = Green grape
#3 = Strawberry
#4 = Grapefruit
#5 = Cherry

Onto the lip swatches!

I applied the colour all over my lips - (obviously) these lip swatches aren't done in gradients or whatnot~ 3, 4, 5 are so pigmented it's crazy.

You can use these pencils in a variety of ways, the colour on my lips aren't necessarily what you'll get if you use them yourself. You can easily control how much you want to apply.

For the 2 "colour changers", Lemon and Green grape - as you can see, they're quite similar.
However, Lemon is slightly more on the "orangey" side. Green grape is on the "pinkish" side.

Texture, application, scent

These pencils are ridiculously smooth. They looked quite "plastic" and "hard" at first. I thought they'd tug at my lips and just be a nightmare to apply.

They're SO smooth, though! Smooth to the point that I was very, very surprised. They're super moisturizing as well (certainly living up to their claims!). In the swatches, I didn't apply lip balm at all. I usually apply a layer or two before lip swatches, but this is the first time I haven't.
BRAVO. Saves me time!

As for scent - each gloss has a distinctive scent. Compared to the Tonymoly bunny bars (which all smelt pretty similar), these glosses are very different. I LOVE IT.
Favourite scents = Lemon and green grape
Least favourite = Strawberry (smells too strong, too artificial and... "medicine" like)

Wear time

1 word - forever. 
Okay, maybe not forever. But certainly longer than any other gloss (or lipstick) I've tried!

#1 and #2 (Lemon and green grape, the colour changers) don't last as long as the others. But 3, 4 and 5 last for a long time - maybe 6-7 hours. Grapefruit and cherry last the longest. Those two colours leave such a pretty stain at the end!

Extra thoughts 

How amazing are these glosses? I have to say - it's been such a long time since I've raved about a product before, but finally! This is a rave-worthy product!

They're super glossy, super moisturizing and come in a variety of colours. There's something for everyone here.
If you like sheer glosses, try Lemon or Green grape.
If you like super pigmented glosses, try strawberry, grapefruit or cherry.
If you like tints and "natural gradient" lips, this is it.
If you like bold lips, this is it. 
I love these.

On top of that, they're super affordable! I always love Korean cosmetics because most of them are so affordable and easy to find what I'm looking for. $10 in Canadian drugstore cosmetics =/= $10 in Korean cosmetics (well, not easily for me. I find it so hard to find a Can. drugstore product I LOVE).

The application was smooth and hassle free. Truthfully, I sometimes have difficulty applying lipsticks, especially if they're this pigmented. Y'know my Etude House Blooming lipsticks that I reviewed? Those were way harder to apply, because it was so pigmented and the colour just kept settling into the lines and... argh. I needed to exfoliate a lot.

But these? No.
The colour doesn't really settle into lines - not as bad as the Etude House Bloomings. I didn't even apply lipbalm or exfoliate before using these!
It was "bam bam gotta go bam" and I'm done.
Easy. No hassle.

(Wow, that was deja vu...)

- So pigmented
- Quick and easy application
- Creamy, smooth texture
- Affordable
- Lovely scents
- Something for everyone
- Moisturizes lips (+doesn't flake, etc.)
- Long wear time
- Adorable packaging
- Twistable - and it doesn't break/get stuck/damaged. YES. 

- Strawberry scent is a little too strong for me

Repurchase? Yes. 
I'll buy lemon, green grape, grapefruit and cherry.
All the colours except strawberry - I just don't think the colour matches me too well, even if I apply a little bit (and scent is too strong).

I absolutely recommend this for anyone. If you've got $10 around, just take the mini-plunge and buy a pencil! You'll never know if this is your next HG - it was for me, hoho.

Note: I don't give half marks. 

Colours: /5 (darn that "strawberry" colour!)
Price: /5
Quality: /5
Wearability and ease of use: /5

Overall rating: /5

When was the last time I gave 5/5 for so many traits?
(Never, right? Don't remember.) 

Thanks for reading this review! Hope you liked it! 

What about you?
Have you tried these? Do you like lip crayons? What's your favourite colour here?

Note: The products in this review were sponsored for review purposes. This review is 100% honest. My opinion cannot be bought. 


  1. lol it's like I'm reading a diary of a little girl seeing her crush!!! you're so in love and expressive and excited lol and you even repeated words to emphasize! LOL nooooow this is bad, from this blog alone my to-buy list is already as long as nile river ;A; it's all your fauuuult~!!! I love it tho, I think I gotta try the grapefruit, it looks pretty <3

  2. June, seriously I love your reviews. XD Seriously entertaining and informative review! I might have to give these a go! I really love the Grapefruit color and I think I like the Lemon as well! I love lip crayons, so convenient and easy to use and super travel friendly! ^__^ I have a few Revlon Kissable Balm stains and I have a few "glossy crayons" from Holika that I like. If I pick this up the first one I will get is grapefruit for sure! Such a lovely and juicy color! Thanks for the swatches! ♥

  3. i want the lemon and grapefruit one omg!!! the cherry looks pretty nice too^^

    great review June :)
    ☼ ☀Summer Solstice☀ ☼

  4. These are cute. Not seen them before. Lovely review.


  5. No. 3!!!!!! I was like that until I saw your complains about its strong smell xD the color is super pretty though x.x they all look so pigmented! Seems easy to apply as well. All of them look so lovely on your lips but I love strawberry color the most >_> haha but thank you for such interesting and detailed review June you're the best at it! XD

  6. Uwaaah! I absolutely love lip products<3<3<3 And I'm glad that they last for so long! Grapefruit and Cherry look absolutely gorgeous~ And the funny thing was, I was going to buy stuff from KollectionK this weekend~ Adding this to my list xD Thanks for the review June~


  7. The color's are amazing i absolutely adore these lip pencils <3
    Great review as always :) Looking forward for more of your blog posts pretty!

    By the way, I invite you to join my first "giveaway" which is open international!


  8. thanks for the review :D I'm so tempted to buy and try these! you gave 5/5 rating, that must be something!


  9. Oooh I want!!! :D These look (and sound) fantastic! :D

  10. Wow these look great! I think I might get a few for myself now (: You can get so creative with all these colors! Thanks for the review ^^


  11. Haven't tried these but I do like lip crayons! I especially like the looks of #3 and #4. Oh, and I also kept an agenda when I was in uni... otherwise I never would have been able to remember when any of my papers were due, haha.

  12. Great colors never heard of the brand but will love to try it. Come and read my post doll I have an important message.

  13. Amazing! The packaging looks so pretty. I wish I could get these in the UK.


  14. I love love love your reviews, they are always informative and full of pictures and swatches! I think the pigmentation of 3,4,5 is awesome too! Coming from just a stick, amazing! Innisfree is not so easily available in SG, but I would love to get my hands on one! ^_^

    <3 Celly

  15. Wow! I haven't tried these yet! But I really like the 1# Lemon and 3# Strawberry!! I really think I should buy those two :D I like the packaking too! :)

  16. Very nice. ^_^ Good to hear they're long lasting. Often hard to find with a glossy finish.

  17. I love the grapefruit tone, is beautiful

  18. I love #3 the baby-pink shade,it's super adorable! I might wanna try these out some time!


  19. Thanks for reviewing these June, I was really curious about them but now I can tell that they are actually good products~ my favourite is number 4# hehe^-^ x

  20. omg It's awesome you got all 5 pens ;O; I'm so jelly that you get a lot of stuff for free T^T I like the #5 cherry the best because it should look awesome for gradient lips *w* Lemon and green grape look like basic lip balms haha. The strawberry one has a cute color but I hate the scent you're describing :/ pass on that one but I might want to try the cherry one when my lip products are all empty and I need something new haha :D
    Thanks for your review, June~! ^-^*

    -Mindy ♥

  21. These innisfree juicy gloss pencils are just soo adorable, like all korean costmetic packaging, hehe The third one has to be my favourite :D Your reviews are always the best June and I really enjoy reading them~~<3 You're really honest about the products & Amazing photos as always x ^__^

  22. grapefruit and cherry are sooo gorgeous! i think it would make a really pretty gradient lip c: will be checking these out!

  23. The Pink and red one are my favourites! I really want to try them out.
    Please take care, have a nice day!*


  24. I want to try this!! I love the cherry one =)!

  25. I loooove lip makeups and these look great! Cute, moisturizing, pigmented and all. I think I like the grapefruit one the best, it looks really sweet on you! And since I have dark skin I suit warmer color like orange!

    I suppose this is a must for all lip junkies!

    1. Thanks for all the awesomely sweet comments, guys! T-T Y'all really the bestest of the best.

  26. Whenever I have sth to know about korean/japanese/chinese products( well, Idk where they r from) I know you gonna review it...thanks so much.. I have only tried revlon..I love super pigmented lippy..they looks like awesome collection to try..

  27. I think strawberry should be heavily pigmented. That shade with a sheer coverage isn't very flattering, but otherwise, the rest of the collection looks nice! Cherry is awesome :D

  28. Ok, to make it short: Thanks for the review and the swatches. I will buy #4 and #5 now XD

  29. Oh what a complete review ~ !
    Now I would like to buy one of these gloss ehehe !!!
    Greetings from Italy *^-^*

    My blog : Chibilaria ღ Cute Random Lifestyle and Beauty Blog

  30. I love the way you post~ Always so cute and lovely with your text colors and all ^^ Hope to see another review from you soon ^^

  31. Never heard of this brand before, but I'm all for lip crayons!
    IA with everyone else LOL, you sound excited :D
    I would most def. pick up the lemon one too, because I love citrus scents,and that swatch colour is pretty!

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

  32. Loved the color swatches Ms. June! Also, it's not sticky! ^^

  33. beautiful colours !! i love jumbo pencils ! need to get some:)

  34. Omg Omg! I thought, are these highlighters?
    But nope, they are lipgloss! Very clever
    packaging really c: I have bought a yellow-ish
    lipbalm from Tonymoly and when you apply it
    turns pink as well! Xx

  35. Ohhh you got all the colours! They are amazing aren't they? :D I think the strawberry colour doesn't look too bad, but the cheery colour I must get! D: Great review~

  36. those were really lovely shades!! thanks for the swatches, very helpful ^_~

  37. The packaging is super cute!!

    Also, love #3 and #5 on you!

  38. Those juicy gloss pencils look pretty good!!


  39. It's nice that it works so well and the packaging is really cute too!
    But my problem is I don't like the colors collection..too bad or else, I would be buying these!hehe

  40. I want to buy all of these! I'm going to Seoul at the end of the month, so I'm writing a list of things to buy. ^__^
    These are definitely being added. Hehe. Great review as always, love!
    ♥ Bec


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