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[Review] Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask (2013)

Hey guys!

I'm back with another "Innisfree" review today - this time, on one of their popular skincare products. It's called the "Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask".

If you've seen my past reviews on pore-related products, you've probably seen a close up of my pores (specifically on the nose). I have huge, congested pores on my nose, and the pores around my nose are also quite large.

As you can imagine, I've gone through many masks (both clay and sheet) and strips and gels and creams - all trying to fix this up. Kiehl's, Neutrogena, Clean and Clear, Holika Holika, I've used a variety of brands trying to get rid of this problem.
None have worked. 

I've basically given up. I probably wouldn't have tried another "pore care" mask if I hadn't been asked to review this.

I kid you not - I'm so glad I did.


"It's more powerful than red clay and mud in terms of absorbing sebum. The micro 'multi-porous' structure of the volcanic clusters work to absorb the sebum inside your pores.
- Rare and pure ingredient from Jeju island
- Formulated from solidified lava caused by volcanic eruptions on Jeju
- Aborbs impurities and sebum deeply embedded within pores

- Tightens pores
- Removes sebum 
- Exfoliates dead skin cells
- Offers deep cleansing
- Enhances skin tone
- Provides cooling effects

This is a "7 free" product - this mask is free from:
1. Artificial fragrance
2. Artificial pigments 
3. Parabens 
4. Benzophenone
5. Ethanol 
6. Animal ingredients (ingredients taken from animals)
7. Mineral oil 

The 100ml comes in a little tub, and it does come with a box. No spatula was included. The tub is made of plastic, and it's quite small. I'd say it's pretty portable, because it's so tiny.

This product is apparently the "updated, 2013" version of the previous Innisfree clay masks. It comes in 2 different sizes - the 100ml, and the 200ml.

100ml comes in a tub (this one)
200ml comes in a large tube (pictured below with the tub)

When you twist open the lid, the clay mask is grey in colour. It has little beads as well, the volcanic pore clusters!

It's quite thick (but smooth) in texture, and easily spreads across the face. It's cold, and gives a cooling effect as well. After 10-15minutes, the mask hardens on your face but doesn't feel too stiff.

It has a volcanic-y smell - similar smell to the other "volcanic" skincare products I've tried. I personally like the scent because it smells fresh! You don't notice the smell when it hardens on your face.

- $15.88 on Jolse (100ml)
- $27.99 on Jolse (200ml)


It was a thick clay mask, but I think it's definitely a lot easier to apply than Etude House's "Wonder Pore" white clay mask.

It feels cool and soothing on my skin, which I really like! When hardened (I leave it on for 15 minutes, instead of the recommended 10), it feels stiff but not uncomfortably stiff.

So I leave it on for 15 min. These are the after pictures. (Below)
I'm breaking out, but I feel that after using this mask, some of the zits have gone away faster - and it definitely took care of cleaning my pores.

My thoughts + experience

Sometimes, I'm easy to please with makeup/cosmetics. If it's decent quality and I like the shade, I'll like it. It's a very different story for my skincare.

I am extremely picky with the products I use on my face. To be honest, the only skincare brands I've used (regularly) is Laneige and Shisedo. Even then, I pick out many of my Laneige/Shisedo products often and replace them with new products (same brand) every once in a while.

So it's a pretty big deal that I love this product so much! I've heard a lot of good things about Innisfree's skincare, but didn't know it was this good until now. The Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask (SVPCM) is my go-to mask now.

Right after use, my skin feels very fresh and clean. It feels smooth, light and "breathable". Deep cleansing? Yes, it does.
The pores on my nose are very clean after using this. There is a huge difference between using this simple (no-pain) clay mask and a pore strip. See below.

There is a clear difference between using a pore strip, and using this pore clay mask. The pore strip removes the "peach fuzz" off my face. It removes some blackheads, but it is not effective enough. It only (partially, barely) gets rid of the junk you have.

The pore clay mask is different. It deep cleanses your pores. It gets rid of the deep, embedded pore-junk I have. It cleans it so well that I don't have a lot "pore-junk" even later. It really does cleanse my skin and make it fresh, preventing more congested pores.


Within the first 5 days of receiving it, I used it 3 times. That's a bit more than recommended, but I just couldn't let go of this thing. I saw a noticeable change in my closed comedones (acne bumps), and they either shrank or disappeared. In 5 days!!! WHAT? o___o I still have some closed comedones left, but I have no doubt that this will take care of them.

I'm actually kicking myself for not discovering this sooner.
I could've saved so much money, by not buying those useless Kiehl's / Neutrogena / C&C / Holika Holika mask packs... T_____T

I am a huge fan of this mask. 
VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: It works well enough on its own - but I've actually been using it in conjunction with other specific "skincare routine steps". These steps are my ultimate "all kill" in skincare. It's noticeably changed my skin.
(My "all kill" skincare routine will be posted up soon, where this product plays a big part!)

- Deep cleanses pores
- "7 free"
- Cleanses and tightens pores
- Exfoliates
- Makes skin softer
- Cooling effect
- Gets rid of my closed comedones (saw results after 5 days)
Pictures of this will be posted in the upcoming "all kill" skincare routine post

- 100ml doesn't last too long (I went through this tub fast. If you like this, I really suggest getting the 200ml. It's cheaper for the amount!)

Wash it off after 15 minutes - no longer. I once pushed the limit too hard (I dozed off before washing it off), and had it on my face for 30-45min. My skin wasn't too great the next day. It was a bit dry and even a little "flaky" in some areas.

Rating: 4/5
The 100ml specifically gets a 4/5 rating. It loses a star because of its size and price. For the 100ml, I do believe that it's a bit expensive (even though its amazing). It's just too small, that's all.

I'd suggest getting the 200ml, if you're looking for an even "price vs. size" match.

Repurchase? Yes. I have. 
After hitting the halfway mark on this 100ml tub, I knew it was amazing. I quickly ordered the 200ml tube. I love the tube version WAY better - it's easier to use, more hygienic, and better price! I will now be repurchasing the tube version (not the tub).

Thanks for reading, guys!

What about you?
Have you tried clay masks before? What works for your pores?

Note: This review is sponsored, but is 100% honest. My opinion cannot be bought. (Repurchase of 200ml tube was not sponsored.)


  1. Wow! Your pores really do look much smaller, and the skin looks smoother too! I've never tried any volcanic products, but i'd love to try this one after reading your review ^^

    and YOOOO I have the same problem with my nose. It's super embarrassing and every time someone stands close to me and looks me in the face, I'm just like, 'can u not' because huge pores + blackheads :( (I'm not being paranoid though, even my mom's like 'Y SO MANY BLACKHEADS')

    So yeah. Probably gonna rummage for my credit card or something for this @_@ (ugh, they should have a shop at PMall for easy access)

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

  3. Wow! I was debating on getting this product last week xD
    Now I really have to get it! It seems like such a great mask.
    And I know what you mean about the quantity, 100ml for that
    price is a bit expensive especially since it gets used up fast.

    Thanks for reviewing this!

  4. Such a nice result! I am a huge Etude House fan, I would have thought they did better, but I am surprised of this! Really great product review!

  5. Wow its great product! I never have any volcanic products but I must tried!

  6. wow theres such a difference between the before and after photos! Great review.

  7. i haven't tried the new version but i already like the previous version.. i think i need to buy this then, it's really effective in curing my acnes too XD

  8. Wow what a great in depth review of this mask. I def need to try it. I'm a huge fan of any clay masks that declogs the pores! Thanks for a great post. :)

  9. nice review but does the mask become stiff or make your skin feel dry afterwards? xx love your post

  10. I love the result. Seems this works pretty well. The review is really nice as always, great pictures :)

  11. I just got this and I have only used this once! And after reading your review maybe I have to apply this mask right now!! It is a great product indeed, and your review encourage me to apply them more!

  12. wah!!! looks like it really works~~
    have to try this out one day!
    Thanks for the lovely reivew Juneeeeee
    xx Charmaine

  13. It looks awesome. o.o The pores on my nose have been terrible lately.

  14. I've tried their clay mask too, but I FREAKED OUT when I had a breakout after that! I got like 5 zits (and I hardly ever have zits, and even if I get like 1, it dissapears after a day or 2) and it took a long time before they left =( so I didn't dare to touch this product again =( but I guess its not for everyone's skin

  15. whoooot your pores look a lot better with the mask!!!! so amaziiing i have to purchase this too omg :O

    ☼ ☀Summer Solstice☀ ☼


  17. idk when you have the time to write these posts when your supposed to do your readings.
    want to try this since you rave so much about it all the time
    and since it has "beads" lol

  18. Omg i soooooo need something like this to clean my pores!!!!

  19. I hate my pores, but good cosmetics can cover that :(

  20. Great review! I actually may have to go and purchase this - I can see a clear difference in your skin! :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  21. OMFG !
    This looks like super epic amazing product !
    I remember I heard that the pore strips can actually make them pores even worse... ?

    Anyway I don't have that extreme pores so I don't think I need this one (Or maybe I could order it someday and just use it for my T-zone? )

  22. This looks like a great product!!
    I haven't used that many masks now I really want the
    pore clay mask because I can't stand the blackheads on my nose>_<
    Thank you for the recommendation and for sharing June^_^

  23. omg I heard so much good stuff about this too but I never really thought that it would be that good. I should get this because my nose looks similiar to your nose >< I will definitely get the 200ml version. I think I can trust you with this product haha~


  24. Ohh, I heard of this product before. I guess a friend of mine used it and was quite dissatisfied with it as she always got pimples after applying this mask so I wasn't impressed about it also. Well, think that every person has a different skin type. Thanks for sharing this review! :)


  25. It looks awesome O.O I need this stuff ;_;!!

  26. I got 3 samples of this mask and I think it works amazing. I agree with you that it smells fresh and you also feel fresh after using it. And it feels quite moisturizing too. ^_^

  27. Looks so amazing! I might purchase this now because you have totally convinced me!

  28. I have tried so many clay mask before. among them,I love the glamglow clay mask though its super expensive :(
    Love that this one comes as a tube....

  29. price is scary but i think i will give it a shot..... nice review!!

  30. Fantastic review, June! This mask sounds like it would be something that I would really like!

  31. i got a problem with my pores too, I've never used a clay mask before but i think i should give it a go!!

  32. This one is very easy to use, no need to add water unlike my aztec healing clay in powder form, which is a hassle. I'm going to try this out. Thanks for the review :D

  33. I am SOOO gonna get this when I go to Hong Kong's Innisfree! I really see a huge difference, I mean your nose really looks much cleaner! xD

    <3 Celly
    TheSnowFlowerrr - Beauty and Makeup Blog

  34. I'm going to try this one out for sure after reading so many great reviews on it! ;u; Thanks for the comparison pictures, I can definitely see a big difference.
    The tube one seems like a better option, much more hygienic.~ ^^

  35. yes!! clay masks! i love them. oh wow and your pores look really good?? thanks so much for the great review~

    xoxo Sarah (xlicious girl)
    Japanese Gyaru Makeup Blog
    Enter My $75 Halloween Costume Giveaway (Ends 10/10, worldwide ok)

  36. I must try this product! It looks like it works amazing.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  37. What a great, insightful review. Love it. xx

  38. i have huge pores but am too scared to try products like this. am scared that i might breakout. great review though, the product is so promising. although am not sure if we have that here in the Philippines.


    am following your lovely blog
    through GFC and Bloglovin.


    keyti of brushesandpens

  39. I love your reviews because they're so detailed and helpful! I've tried tons of masks but never a clay mask. I think I might have to give this one a try if I can find it.

    xo, Sarah

  40. Nice review ~
    I never tried a "volcanic" product , but it seems to be one of the latest trend and after seeing your before/after pics I am much more curious !!!
    The only thing that stop me is that perhaps a product like this might be too aggressive on my skin >.<
    Have a nice weekend ღ
    Chibilaria ღ Cute Random Lifestyle and Beauty Blog

  41. I think I might try this too! I have stubborn blackheads that I can't get rid of by using pore strips alone and I use twizzers to get them out. But this. This looks really effective !~

  42. So, I think I had this product at one point but, I think I left it at my friends house. So, I will ask her for it back if she hasn't used it up lol. Thank you for reminding me and for the review! I think this product works wonders (>_<)

  43. nice review! interesting, i want to try this product :)

  44. I heard so many good reviews on Innisfree Volcanic collection. I wanted to purchase for a few times but looking back at those mask that I haven't touched yet, it hold me back a bit..haha..but your review in nice, maybe i would want to try them near in the future :D

  45. Dangit June, you did it again! (>.< )o *adds another item to wishlist* I'm definitely picking this up after your review. I have been struggling with congested and clogged pores for a few weeks due to stress and such. I recently bought Skinfood's black bean nose strips because I had loved them before and ran out, used a strip the other day, and it really didn't help too much T^T The strips are also pretty useless for the cloggage on my chin and around my mouth area. I saw this a while back, but couldn't justify the price... until now lol. Thanks for the great review as always! I also tried a the blackhead sponge oil thing from Holika Holika, and that was useless -___-

  46. What a lovely product, looks effective and I'd love to try ^^

    恵美より ♥

  47. Hi! Found you after you commented on my blog (: (thanks for saying hi, btw!)

    I wasn't really interested in this mask before, now I want to get it! I hate my pores looking gross, and I hate pore strips (what to do!?). The review you did is great! I'm pretty confident it'd help me have the same results.


  48. this REALLY WORKS ???? i ve also give up after tried EVERYTHING !!! i will try it for sure *.* i will follow you :3 hope you will follow me back <3 thank you for your useful review

  49. Oh wow I must try this product! Thank you for the review!!!

  50. the pore mask seems like such a good product! thanks for reviewing. I don't really have a problem with pores but I think with a really hot summer rolling around soon I might need something like this!

    Metallic Paws

  51. Oh wow so this volcanic clay from Innisfree was upgraded to new version eeh?
    I have the old one with hard type and it works wonder on me <3 Just the texture of mine is like the real mud and thicker than this and hard to apply lolol

  52. this looks super good! and there's a def difference before and after. cant wiat for you 'all kill' post. i seriously need something to tackle the clogged pores on my nose!

    A Beautiful Zen

  53. I've been hearing good stuffs about this mask. I bet it's really amazing, huh? Well, is it way better that Etude House White Clay Clear? I've been thinking to get one but not sure whether I wanna go for Innisfree instead. I have the same problem around my nose area so if you can give some recommendation, that'll be great. Thanks!

  54. Thats a cool review...
    I love anything Korean


  55. WOW!! there is a HUGE difference in your pores!!! I have never tried any clay masks before,but this looks really interesting! btw you're reviews improved A LOT and has lots of pics !!

    Thanks for the great review

  56. thanks for your review, it seems really great and match for your skin!! O.O
    btw i'm a newcomer here xD
    soo let's be a great blogger-friends, shall we? :p
    btw i'm also curious about your skin type, do you write it anywhere in your blog? :3 i'm so sorry if i've been too lazy just from the start lol >,<"

    Cesca Diary

  57. Hello.
    I personally like Innisfree brand eversince I used their Jeju BB cream because it's not heavy at all!
    I had this same pore like you before and been trying a lot of brands to get rid of it, strips, scrub you named it,
    But later I found this Etude's I'm Blooming Mist; Sebum Control mist and IT REALLY WORK!
    I applied it like any other mist everyday and now my pore and blackheads are barely there and my nose is so smooth >.<

    You can give it a try :3

  58. Will definitely try this product in the future. Thanks for a nice and thorough review :3 you look a little like Yoon Eun-hye by the way!

  59. the clay mask looks really goood! really want to try it out :)

  60. In addition to a clay mask, you should also use Citrus Clear's Spot Treatment after you wash of the clay mask. I had HUGE nose pores and crap in the pores. I've tried strips and other garbage and nothing has worked as well. One week after the clay mask + Citrus Clear Spot Treatment the pores shrank and my skin is blackhead / black pore free compared to only a week ago.

  61. GASP!!! I've long given up on pore/blackhead products. I. Need. This. xD

    Thanks for stopping by my blog June~ your blog is awesome! so fun to read :D

  62. I should kick myself too for not discovering this product sooner TT
    I just bought this clay mask yesterday AND I'm loving it already! Thanks for the detailed review and would definitely buy the tube one next time if I ran out of the tub one.

  63. thanks for the review! its very helpful coz I wasn't sure if I should try it out but your review convinced me to try it out

  64. I also love this product so much 😘😘😘
    And I've been using it everynight. Which kinda confusing me, did you also use it evernight or just sometimes?
    I was kinda freaking out my sis ask me why I always wear a mask everynight and is it okay for my skin.
    I don't feel something wrong but still it freaks me out, so that's why ask you.
    It would be great if you could answer this, thankyou^^

  65. great review & clear pictures.. I have huge pores on my cheek areas.. I want to try this for sure..

  66. Have you tried scrub foam?? I want to know if it's effective

  67. Thanks for the review. I actually like to usr pore/blackhead peel of mask in conjuction with this volcanic pore pact.

    First, I scrub my face using StIves apricot scrub because I have oily skin and for the blackhead peel of mask to work it needs to be dry and clean so it can get a better grip on my nose. My favourite HG is the daiso charchoal peel off blackhead mask but they discontinued it T.T I only use this on my nose where there are a lot of blackheads and cheeks on the visble pore zone. I leave it for 25 mins with a strong fan because although it say leave for 10 to 1t muns it dries a lit slower but if I leave for 25 mins its seriously makes a difference in my blackhead.

    After that, it looks fairly cleaned and diminished to a huge extend but I love to use innisfree jeju volcanic pore mask all over my face to deeo cleanse it once more. When its all done, my blackhead are 97% dimininished and invincible lol whuch is amazing because I font need to depend on nose extraction mrtal thingy because it can be too hardh on my skin. I do this process twice a week to maintain.

    After all that of course you should follow up with heavy moisturization to bring back the moisture either by using a leave on mask (sheet or otherwise) OR face oil OR hydrating serum and moisturer. Its quite a lenghty process but its therepeutic and you obv can play with your phone in between doing these procedures.

    I thought itbe interesting t share my experiences ;

  68. I have combination, the worst kind of skin :/ So everything I use has been fine for my cheeks, even my forehead, but my nose and especially chin is a hit and miss. I struggled so long with us products I just tried home remedies for years, which are much better than us skin products (this was before Korean skincare blew up/existed)

    Btw, if you're wondering, my home remedies are honey, and olive oil. Two things you'll already see in korean skincare products!! Avocado, cucumber, and fish oils, egg whites, rice water also work well in their natural forms, and are popular products.

    Anyway, I have been living and Korea and pretty much got my routine down now, these products are so amazing and gentle on the skin, since mine is so sensitive. I finally got around to getting into fixing my pores, as actually they have become more noticeable big and irritated over the years, and the random pimple every once in a while. So I did my research and found this product, with tons of reviews. I bought it, and got a face cleanser with it, the same volcanic clay.

    Let me tell you, even after just using the cleanser, it cleaned some pores!! Those stubborn little f*ckers no pore strip could reach. Then I did the mask, after my toner of course. OMG this stuff is amazing!! It's not completely clear yet but it's been one time. I imagine my final skin issue will be resolved and I'll finally have the clear skin I've always wanted!!

    (Ok well for my face, I also have some sunspots but hey I'm in Korea with laser cosmetic surgery everywhere, they are next on the list. And laser hair removal too. So cheap too!!)

    Great post!! I'm going to browse around for more product reviews from you because you have the best one I've read so far in terms of photos, description, and way of writing that entertains me.


    PS If you haven't try switching out the products for some 1/3 honey 2/3 water mixture to leave on your face, it tightens and brightens your skin!! Also olive oil before bed works like a great night mask.

  69. Hey ! Awsome review, I was wondering if it's normal that it makes all your blackheads more noticeable ? Because when I used it I wasn't able to wash off the blackheads, it became more noticeable , maybe I'm doing soemthing wrong?


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