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[Review] Laneige Firming Sleeping Pack + Giveaway winner!


So I've done a review on Laneige's famous water sleeping pack. Today will be on Laneige's other famous skincare pack - the Firming Sleeping Pack, sold at ibuybeauti.

This product has won several different awards, including the Allure "best of beauty" award. 1 tub is sold every 30 seconds! Next to the Water Sleeping Pack, this product is similar in that it repairs your skin while you sleep. While the Water Sleeping Pack's main goal is for skin hydration, vitality and brightening, the Firming Pack is used mainly to restore skin firmness.


"A supple and resilient sleeping pack that restores skin firmness while you sleep"
- Laneige

"Laneige Firming Sleeping Pack takes care of your Sleep Line, the potential wrinkles that are formed while you sleep. It relieves skin wrinkles and fortifies skin barriers by preventing skin damage during daytime. This light gel-type pack contains Sleepscent that relieves the skin from stress; it is applied on the skin before going to bed."

The Firming Pack comes in a really pretty, blue tub. It's made of hard plastic, but has a "glamorous", heavy feel to it. Though the size is small enough (smaller than the Water Sleeping Pack_EX), I personally don't find it too travel friendly. The product comes in a small box with a spatula (yay, spatulas!)

Inside, the product is sealed and there is also a secondary white, plastic film over it to keep out air and bacteria (to an extent).

The pack itself is an off-white, cream colour. It's got a jelly like texture - definitely not the same feeling as the Water Sleeping Pack. It's called a "memory foam gel" that "instantly reshapes and rejuvenates sagging skin during the night". There is no need to wash off this mask (you do this the morning after).

Skin type
The Laneige Firming Sleeping Pack is meant for "all skin types"

This product comes in a 50ml tub. It is smaller than the Water Sleeping Pack_EX.

You can get this product for $29.99 at ibuybeauti.

Directions for use

1. After cleansing in the evening, apply toner and emulsion (I use Laneige's LIGHT toner and LIGHT balancing emulsion from their "basic care" set)

2. Apply an appropriate amount of sleeping pack and gently spread from the chin to the centre of the face toward its contours.

3. Let it stay in the skin during the night and wash it off in the morning.

NOTE: Use only 1-2 times a week. 


It's jelly-like, and jiggles on the spatula. *u* Hehehe.

 Look! The jelly "melts"!

It leaves skin feeling quite moisturized and plump.

Note: Sorry I didn't have an "applied on my face" picture - I was really breaking out at the time. I'll upload one here in the future!

My thoughts 
First of all... this product is so fun to apply! :D It's so "jelly-like", and when the jelly melts on your face, it's cool (how juvenile do I sound?), haha.

Though its named the "firming pack", I never expected it to really firm up my skin and do anything miraculous. During the times I've used it, I've experienced realistic (but satisfactory) outcomes. My skin does feel a little plumper the morning after. The "plump" feeling also gives me a feeling that my skin does indeed feel a bit firmer (Sounds weird, but true). It doesn't give a really noticeable firming effect (as in, "clay mask" kind of "firm), but it's big enough to notice. Not only does it firm your skin, it makes it quite soft as well.

Though the product did what it claimed... it wasn't for me. I don't particularly need a firming product right now, and simply picked this out because I was curious as to how it worked, comparing to Sleeping Pack_EX, etc. Though I don't need it NOW, I know I'll buy this in the future when I do.
Until then, I'll happy use my Sleeping pack!

The Firming Pack is apparently meant for people in the 20-30 age range, which makes sense. This would be a good product for you if you're in that age range! For $30, it's a fair buy and I'd recommend this for you to try out!

I personally wouldn't recommend this for people in elementary/high school, because... why would you need it? My advice - the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX would be a way better choice for you.

- Noticeably firms your skin
- Fair price
- Softens skin
- Easy to find
- Award winning product (Allure Korea)
- Doesn't break me out
- Pleasant smell (not overwhelming, etc.)
- Lasts a good while
- Comes with a spatula

- Not for all ages

Overall rating:
Note: I don't give half marks.


I'll repurchase this in the future - not now! I don't quite need it at the moment, but definitely see myself buying this product when I do. Until then, I'll be using more of Laneige's Sleeping Pack_EX. If you're interested in the Sleeping Pack.

If you're interested in the Firming Pack, you can easily buy it (hassle-free and fairly priced) at ibuybeauti.

Thanks for reading this review!

What about you?
Have you used Laneige before? Have you tried this product before?


EXTRA: Here's the "candylens" giveaway winner!
Thanks to all of those who entered this contest - hopefully it was a fresh change from the usual Rafflecopter giveaways, haha. ^___^

The answer: Vassen Latte Brown

Congratulations to Mindy Tran
You got the answer right, as well as having an adorable entry. 

I know all giveaways end with a "oh, I wanted to give all of you prizes!" - but seriously, I really did! Thank you to all that entered, hope you had fun with it.

I'm also having a big "thank you" giveaway very very soon. (I've planned this thing since forever, it's actually quite sad buhahha.) Hope you join in - you never know if you'll pull a lucky one. *u*


  1. Looks interesting, i love how it goes back to it's original shape after a few seconds.
    Wanting to try this later on when I get slightly old T-T

  2. Congrats to the winner of the giveaway! :D

  3. I saw this last month while I picked up my sleeping pack and was intrigued. Nevertheless, I doubt I'd need a firming pack yet, even though I fall between that 20-30 age group. I'll probably end up trying it out when my firm starts going cray cray on me and when I'm in a desperate state, lol T_T

    BUT YEAH, thanks for the review!
    ALSO, OMG at the circle lens story. Yikes, I sympathize (,Mindy)! @_@
    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

  4. Great to know that it comes with a spatula.. thanks

  5. Haha, love the second picture of you.
    I'm in my 20s, but I'll probably wait a few more years before moving onto this kind of firming product.

  6. Ya know, I picked up the regular sleeping pack EX and I really like it, buuuuuut... I think I need this one instead... I don't want saggy skin!!! T^T Lol but seriously people would tell me I don't need to worry about saggy skin or wrinkles, but I'm all about prevention, there's no cure for that. XD Great review as always June! ^_^b

  7. I always used the water sleeping pack (which is one of my favorite masks), think I'm gonna try this one too!

  8. Thanks for the review, June~! I love Laneige products but I think I will rather grab the Sleeping pack_EX because I'm still in high school haha- The products from Laneige are all really pricey compared to Etude House or Skinfood ; o ;
    And omg THANK YOU SO MUCH,June !!
    askjhdakdksd I never won a giveaway this is my first time huehuehue Completely worth it to share my awkward circle lens story Lol

  9. I've never used Laneige products before but I would really like to try them out one day ^_^ Good review!

    Joyce @

  10. looks very high quality!

  11. Awesome giveaway :) Congrats to the winner!


  12. I just bought a Water Sleeping Pack...

    And now I regret it.

    Beauty By Telie

  13. i'm in the 20s but don't have enough money to spend T.T (i go to italian university, and is expensive) but in the future i will try this product ;)
    Thank's for the review :D

    My blog ----> University Life

  14. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!! I love this brand!! :) Maybe I'll pick one up next month when im in asia :)


  15. heyy Pretty and Lovely June

    I did not try it as i am using korean brand products Like tony Moly CC cream ! how are u my pretty friend ! Do drop by my lovely post

  16. Haven't tried it before. But maybe just the regular Laneige sleeping pack. :)


  17. Seems like an amazing product Ms. June! Congratulations to the winner! ^^

  18. Hello lovely, thank you for the sweet comment on my blog, really appreciate it! :)

    Now following you!!

    Great blog, looking forward to your next post!!


  19. Ahah Jelly!!
    It sure does look like it'd be fun to applylol
    I like how it goes back to it's shape, though
    I'd probably have some fun and stare at it for
    a long time ahah
    This product looks really nice and it'll be
    probably be really nice to have down the road(:
    Thank you for the wonderful review^_^

  20. Wow!!
    That looks so so awesome! thank you for sharing always nice to find a good new product

  21. I want this sleeping pack in my life!! I have a whiteneing sleeping pack from Innisfree. It's also a gel-like consistency. I wonder if all sleeping packs are gel textures? My skin has been feeling 'old' lately (ugh, or I'm just actually getting old). I think I might look into getting this or something similar. Thanks for sharing!! :)


  22. ooh I've never tried a firming mask and this looks like such an interesting product! :)


  23. Looks like an amazing product! I've heard really nice things about it!
    Please take care have a nice day!*

  24. Oh woah~ a firming product for 20's~~ :D
    I personally am a huge fan of laneige products!! Been using for a super long time and they never fail to give me the best skin! I usually use the water sleeping pack, but might give this one a go the next time I go purchasing my skin care products again~

    -Miss Sennnaa

  25. I've used this before. Sadly, though the cream feels good upon initial application, it didn't anything to my face. It wasn't moisturizing enough for me. I didn't even see any changes. And it was pretty expensive too plus the shipping cost to US.

  26. I want to ask something, since it named as firming, so it must be supposed to firm our skin right? Can this sleeping pack firming our pores too? :D


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