Sunday, September 8, 2013

[Review] Missha M SUPER BLACK Brush Pen Liner

If you're reading this right now, I'm guessing you've tried (or heard of) the Dollywink liquid liners.

Today's review will be on a similar product! It's Missha's "M SUPER BLACK brush penliner". Have you ever used a pen liner like this?


Packaging - The product comes in beautiful, classy packaging. It's royal blue with gold letters and accents on it, really pretty! Other than the name of the product, the actual pen doesn't offer any information (expiration date, etc) - you'll have to get that from the box itself. The cap is surprising secure and tight, and opens and shuts with a spring to it.

Brush - As for the brush itself - it's quite thick (thicker than Dollywink's), but the fine tip at the end allows you to create a super thin liner look, if desired. It's flexible, but still offers ease when applying. I personally find regular liquid liners (not in pen/brush) super hard to apply because of the flimsy brush.

Colour - The colour itself is a dark, intense black.

*Important note - This product does not claim to be waterproof.

The liner has 0.6g of product. The pen is similar to Dollywink's size (12.8cm).

This product currently sells for $15.99 on


Rub test!

I tried rubbing the top half of the liner off - but it barely moved. The skin around my hands got quite red after (thats how much force I used)! It's safe to say that this liner is solid, strong and won't rub off. Bravo!


*Important - This product never claims to be waterproof. It instead claims that the "super black polymer provides long lasting benefits against water, sweat and sebum - unless rubbing it."

This is a product that contains "mild pigments for delicate eye area", and thus the eyeliner is easily removed by steeping and rubbing with water.

When I had running water over the swatch, it didn't move at all. It does live up to the claim that it's waterproof (unless rubbed). The times I wore it, it never rubbed off on me as well, and I have oily eyelids.

This is what happens when I swiped my wet hand (not too forcefully) 3-4 times. It's very easy to remove. It's safe to say that if you use a cotton pad or Q-tip to remove your liner, all the pigment will be easily removed.

My experience

I really believe that everyone should have at least 2 types of favourite liners - waterproof and non-waterproof. It's nice to have both for different days. You may need a solid, iron-like, waterproof liner for those days you know you'll get teary.

But for those days when you want to take off your makeup easily, with a wipe or some water; you'll need that other one.

However, I never really had a "HG" non-waterproof eyeliner before. This is because all the ones I tried were so... shoddy. Even if it wasn't waterproof, they'd completely fail the rub test.

SO YES. I have found my other HG liner! I'll wear this liner mostly in the fall/winter time, because I get insane allergies (hello, teary red eyes) in the spring/summer.

I really, really LOVE that this liner is so strong and stays on for the entire day with no flaking, etc. And at the end of the day, when I stumble home from a nightmare a late night lecture, I want my makeup off ASAP. No fiddling with oil-based removers, no extra nonsense like that. I want water + cotton pad = GONE. This liner offers me exactly that, and I love it dearly.

This is truly one of my favourite products from Missha! (And one of my most highly rated!)

Note: I don't give half marks. 

Color: /5
Price: /5
Quality: /5
Wearability and ease of use: /5

Overall rating: /5


Yes, I would absolutely recommend this product - but this is for people who are looking for a non-waterproof, liquid eyeliner. I'd recommend anyone to have a non-waterproof, easily removable liner! The quality for price (for this product) is excellent; this is a quality liner. I paid a lot more for my past liners, so the $16 doesn't bother me much. Even dollywink eyeliners are more expensive than $16.
I'd strongly recommend this for anyone to try! Give it a try, and tell me how it goes! *u*

But if you're looking for a waterproof one; you're in the wrong place!

If you live in Toronto - an official "Missha" store just recently opened. They're currently still having promotions and lots of sales (I saw so many red tags when I went), so if I were you, drop on by! C:

If you live in elsewhere, Missha does have stores around the world - as well as online stores!

What about you?
Do you strictly use waterproof liners, or do you like "easily removable" ones? 


  1. Wow! This is my first time hearing about this eyeliner. The packaging is sleek and the outcome looks great!

  2. I always love your reviews, so detailed.
    Check out my beauty blog

  3. I like how the colour is so pigmented! And the packaging, although simple, looks very classy. :)

  4. Sounds like a nice product. Great review. But with the kind of oily lids that I have and the kind of sweating I have, anything water proof is of no use to me! :(
    Do check out my blog too sometime! :)
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  5. I like that even though it's not waterproof it doesn't smudge at all
    taking off eyeliner and mascara is a lot of work ~.~

  6. -sigh- That is one hella ~fine~ packaging
    Sounds like a fantastic liquid liner, considering the only other liquid liner had ink running off my hand when water hit it ._.
    But that is $16 I currently don't have, so wait list it will be!

    Also, everytime I pass by the Missha store at PMall, it's empty ._.''
    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

    1. SAME, I find that it's quite empty as well! (compared to HH or Tonymoly or TFS) - It's a shame, because they've got quite the crazy sales sometimes!

  7. I have never tried this kind of eyeliner, and I am actually looking for a good Korean eyeliner.
    Your review of the eyeliner definitely makes me want to buy it haha.
    By the way, can you recommend me a good Korean gel eyeliner ? Thanks :)

    1. Haha, yay! And I'd have to say that the Tonymoly backstage gel eyeliner is pretty pretty pretty good. I use the 02 brown version of it (black is too black for me, hah) and it's been one of my favourites! Very smooth and creamy, but doesn't quite smudge. ^_^

    2. Thank you ^^ And can you recommend any Korean brand for an eyeliner brush ? Cause I bought one from Etude House and it was really bad, I couldn't find a brush in the shape I want actually :(
      I miss my french makeup lol.

  8. the packaging looks so sleek and expensive and what a color pay-off
    thanks for a really complete review

  9. Ohh great review!!! This is interesting but, I have oily eyelids as well! I like that it stayed during the rub test though! Thank you for the review!

  10. Great review! I haven't try any Missha product yet, but this looks really good ♥
    New follower here !~

    Oh, thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog ^____^

  11. Great review! Love the pigment of the liner. I love my "water resistant" liners, but I love gel liners as well and those are usually waterproof. ^^b My fave water resistant liner is Dolly Winks liquid liner. Sharp, precise application brush tip, rich pigment, and easy to use. ^__^b

  12. This eyeliner sounds really good June thank you for sharing! Though waterproof eyeliner is really great but when I come home late in the middle of night I want my heavy eye makeup is easily removed and getting eyeliner off is taking the longest time. so thank you for this :D I will look it up ^^ great review as always <3

  13. Like a great product! :-)
    Nice post:-)

  14. It look's like a great product :) Thanks for sharing~


  15. A good information for me to improve my make up skill especially i'm not good to make up myself. Hehe =D

  16. Oh, this seems to be a great liner worth looking at. :D I should try it when my other eyeliners are done. Thank you for reviewing!

  17. i also like missha eyeliners! i've repurchased the auto eyeliner for three times and the nib liner is super black, just like your brush liner, so yes it's my HG eyeliner too (^0^)/

  18. It look really glad =)
    well I've barely use waterproof for eye liner, I think this is a good eyeliner =)
    thx for the nice review, I'm so following your blog =) hope you followed mine <3

  19. Impressive review like that you could control the width of the line you want and its waterproof.

  20. I like that idea about removing with warm water. I don't like toooo sticky eyeliners. Is it easy to handle? I'm a mess with liquid eyeliners because my line is always thick >.<

    1. Hey Lila (and thanks for all the comments, guys!) - it's totally easy to handle. I'm not an expert at lining with pens, but I found that this one is a lot easier than Dollywinks. I think it's because the actual pen is thicker than DW, and is easier to hold? xD

    2. Thanks for your reply. I'm used to gel eyeliners but I won't buy a black one again because I use it too seldom. I think I should try that one. I heard also good facts about the dolly winks one but it's hard to buy it in the internet.

  21. I usually only buy waterproof eyeliners but they would still smudge after about 7 hours of wear Q_Q
    Is this eyeliner smudging like hell when water+rub or does it just fade away? I'm looking for a nice eyeliner which won't smudge to my upper lashes at the end of the day :O
    And thanks for this review, June~!

  22. Oh wow, this looks like another AWESOME liner pen! I've used Peripera and Kiss me heroine make up's versions of this! And I loved both and really want to try more from other brands! This looks very black and shiney! I like it!

  23. Great review June! Wow, this eyeliner looks amazing! :D It's a shame that I look kinda terrible with black eyeliner... *sob* This one seems to be great quality though, and I love how it easily comes off with water, so much easier than having to look around for special makeup-removers xD

  24. Wow, first time hearing about this eyeliner(:
    It looks like a great liner pen and I also
    like that it's waterproof(:
    I don't own a waterproof eyeliner yet so this
    might be the one^_^
    Thank you so much for sharing!!

    Much love,

  25. Looks amazing, I'm on the look out for a really good liner pen so will definitely look into this :). It's so good how waterproof it is as well!


  26. OMG!!
    Thank you for reviewing this! It was really helpful.
    I was looking for a nice liquid liner because I currently use gel liners and I find they smudge by the end of the day.

  27. I love eyeliners of that type but am usually too cheap to buy them. :P I actually prefer non-waterproof when I use liquid liner, because I don't want to spend ages rubbing my eyes to get it off at the end of the day. This liner looks really great so I may have to give it a try!

  28. This is a good alternative for those who want the Dolly Wink one! Thank you for reviewing this, I love pen brush eyeliners the most!

  29. Dang! That is really black. But I always find that pen liquid eyeliners dry out easily. But, really, this looks amazing. Thanks for the review! XD

  30. definitely what I've been looking for!!! OMG thank you so much for this post! Hhahahaha... I can't live without my eyeliner and I'm still on intense searching of the perfect eyeliner (both waterproof and non-waterproof). So far my favorite is Holika Holika because it's some hardcore waterproof pencil eyeliner, lol... but to clean it is a pain in the eyesssss... (wee pun intended) I always love brush pen eyeliner because they're easier to use compared to pencil for me, so yessshhh I gotta try this~ x)

  31. I just wanted to say that you're my absolute favorite beauty blogger! You make it look so fun that even I want to review beauty products. :) Thanks for your great reviews n_n♥

    1. Bwahhh, noo - thank you! *o* Comments like this totally make my day, haha. <3 ^-^

  32. uwahhh! Thanks for this review!! I've been looking for another pen liner! It's way easier using a pen liner than gel liner everyday... OTL

    Is it better than the Dolly Wink eyeliners in your opinion?

  33. Thank you for recently commenting on my blog!

    Thank you for this review. It sounds like a very good product. My all time favorite is from Japan--K-Palette, which is also a long-wearing, non waterproof eyeliner. My friends travel to Korea several times a year and always ask me what I want. I never know what to ask for since I don't know Korean products well so this will be something I will ask for the next time they go, which might be next month.

    I have started following your blog via bloglovin since you have nice reviews on Korean products. Thank you!


  34. this is one great eyeliner !!! thanks for the review !

  35. This is awesome! Usually, water-based liners are easily rubbed off but I like that it didn't budge :)

    Beauty By Telie

  36. I almost bought this the other day but in the end went for an Etude House one. Have to try this out next time.

  37. I love the design, its so unique :)


  38. I love how detailed your reviews are! I can tell you put a lot of work into them. They're really helpful! ^^

  39. It looks cool :) I almost love every of Missha products. Thank you for the review, complete and detail ^^

    Anyway, I invite you to join my giveaway :)

  40. So lucky that there's a Missha store opening up near your area! This eyeliner looks promising since I'm on the hunt for a good waterproof eyeliner. Might check this out online, hehe.

  41. This looks like an interesting product to try out from Missha! I never really saw the benefits of non-waterproof liners until you mentioned how much hassle it is to remove! I might check it out ^^ Thanks for the review

  42. I use non-waterproof eyeliner daily so this might be something for me. I've seen it few times in Japanese makeup tutorials so it was nice to read your review on it ^^ Only thing I'm wondering is: Does it get dry quickly?
    That is a common problem with these "pen-like" eyeliners :c I hate it when these usually get dry in just 2-3 months :s

  43. Can you please tell me the address of the missha store in toronto? It seems like I cant find it online >. <

    1. It's in Pacific mall - 4300 Steeles Ave E, Markham, ON L3R 0Y5. The Missha store is in the inner aisles (the middle aisles), near the Tonymoly and the Amore Pacific!

  44. I’m using waterproof liners sometimes but I use the “easily washable” more often.
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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