Thursday, September 5, 2013

[Review] Tonymoly Appletox Honey Cream

Tonymoly always has super cute packaging. Amiright?

I've always wanted to try their Appletox line. The green apple (peeling cream) and the red apple (honey cream) looks absolutely adorable! Today, half of that dream has come true, heheh. I was able to try out the Tonymoly Appletox Honey Cream, thanks to Jolse! They're currently having a "discount event" right now, so I'd highly recommend you to check it out. (If you follow me on Twitter, that's the cause of my mini "cosmetics-induced panic attack", lol.)

This product has been on my eye since forever. The first time I saw it on eBay, I went slackjawed and said "I need this", only for the packaging itself! Because really - who can resist The Apple of Cute?
I think the stem is the cutest part. It's just so.... 3D. (Okay, I'm so weird.)

Click "read more" to see more pics + full review!


"Tonymoly Red Appletox Honey Cream contains Manuka honey extract from the wild trees of New Zealand that provide an immunity and anti-bacterial effect. Royal Jelly extract cools down skin troubles, making it good for sensitive skin.

Black honey is rich in minerals and amino-acid, which nourishes and moisturizes skin. Apple acid ingredients smoothes skin while Propolis provides anti-oxidants. The sticky texture relaxes the muscle membrane to give elasticity."
- Tonymoly 

When the top half of the apple is twisted off, you'll find a white cap covering the yellow product. This is to prevent germs and bacteria from accumulating (to a certain extent), and so that the product doesn't slosh around too much. It also comes with a spatula, so you don't have to dip your fingers into the actual jar! I'm so paranoid about that~ 

Though the product's described as a "cream", I wouldn't really call it that - it's more of a thick gel. It's yellow in colour, and honestly - it's one of the best things I've ever smelt in my life. EVER. It actually smells like apple (not the stiff, artificial smell) and honey. I just want to eat it, heheh. 

The "cream" is quite viscous. It has a semi-thick consistency, and is pretty sticky at first. 

Size: It's the size of a real apple, just a little fuller around the edges. It contains 80ml of product inside. 

Price: $11.98 USD on Jolse. (Click here)


Apply appropriate amount to face, tap slightly until absorbed completely. Put your palms on your face and hold - the heat from your hands (as well as the tapping) will help the product absorb into your skin quicker and easier.


Because the gel is so viscous, it's easy to control how much you want to put on your face. It spreads easily on the skin as well!
(Pictures below are pretty yellow, they were taken in the nighttime.)

My Experience 

When applied on my hand, the product did moisturize it quite well, didn't feel sticky, and left my hand very soft and "plumpy". When applied on my face, the results were slightly different - I'm not sure why. It did leave my face very soft, moisturized and quite nourished, but it felt a bit stickier.

I'm not really used to sticky face gel/creams, so this was a first for me. It was kind of uncomfortable sleeping with the cream on my face, because I didn't want it to smear all over my sheets and pillow. I guess this feeling can be avoided by using a smaller amount of product (I used a good, generous dollop).

Stickiness aside, using this product was a decent experience! It did what it promised.
It made it softer and moisturized. I had been having some trouble skin recently (I tried fixing up a recent breakout with Differin, an acne medication. One of the side effects of Differin is extremely dry skin), and used this after. On top of this, I have extremely sensitive skin.
This didn't make me break out (more than I already am), or any other problems like that. I was happy that it worked well!

Honey is known for its skin beneficial properties, so its no surprise that the Tonymoly appletox honey cream works excellently for the skin.

I think this is a somewhat of an alternative to "higher end" skin moisturizers, but there is definitely an obvious difference between using this, and using a high-mid end moisturizer (Laneige, Iope, Sheseido, etc).
If you're looking to replace a high-mid end cream with this... well, I wouldn't suggest it.

The product itself is excellent for its price, don't get me wrong. It's very affordable (and we can't forget the cute packaging, can we?)
Because it's 80ml and you only need a bit each time, I'm pretty sure that it'll last a long while. I've used several days worth of this, and it hasn't made a dent! o.o

This product would be great to use every once in a while, to give yourself some extra pampering. I see it only as an "extra" product, and not a part of my daily skincare routine.

- Affordable
- Moisturizing, softens skin
- Provides antioxidants, rich in minerals
- Adorable packaging

- Quite sticky, can cause discomfort during use
- Not portable (travel-friendly)

No, I will not be repurchasing this Tonymoly honey cream. Although it does what it says it'll do, it's just not amazing enough for me to keep purchasing it. (I'm probably just spoiled because of the other skincare products I have, and might be judging this too harshly.)

But I won't be adding this to my daily skincare routine - it'll just be one of those products I'll just on a random, pampering weekend.

Want to give your skin some extra pampering? If you're looking for an affordable skincare product to try out, I would recommend this. Of all the $10-15 skincare products I've tried, this is one of the best and most memorable. I say memorable because if someone asked me to recommend them a cheaper product, this would be one of the first products that'll pop into my head.

However, if you're looking to replace or substitute this product in place of a high-mid end skincare product (or as part of a daily skincare routine), I wouldn't recommend it. You'll just end up disappointing yourself - there's a clear difference between a high-mid end, and this Tonymoly honey cream.

Yes, there are some $10-15 skincare products that totally beat out $30, $40, or $50+ skincare products. But this isn't one of them.


I thought I would include a little talk on the shop itself today. I was not asked to talk about them, but I always get a comment/question, asking where I buy my cosmetics online. I thought I'd use this chance to answer it here, straightforwardly while giving them extra love. 

Jolse/iamloveshop remains one of my all time favourite online stores. This is a store that I have always shopped at, and never had any issues with their service. 

I have shopped at their store for a long time now - before blogging, before any sponsorships, etc. Their prices are one of the cheapest, and they sell 100% authentic products straight from Korea. It is one of the few stores I trust and repurchase from. If you're hesitant on buying products online, or are currently looking for a reputable store - this is it. 

So ends today's review on the Tonymoly Appletox Honey Cream! I hope you liked it, heheh!

What about you?
Have you tried this product before? 
BTW, are you often suckered into buying something because of its packaging?

Do you like the random chicken pixel? Hahahhaha.


  1. Omg the little container for it is super cute!!

  2. Are you playing the role of Snow White June? LOL
    I definitely like the smell of this product and it moisturizes the skin but it is indeed sticky for a while on the skin.

    1. LOOOOL you kill me =_______= and yeah, the smell is SO GOOD. Even Happy wanted to lick it hahahahhh

  3. Thanks for this awesome review. I a so in love with gd packaging. Almost full of my watch list of their products just bkoz they are super cute. I Have never tried it before but would love to as my skin is super dry.. This gel cream looks awesome too

  4. I am debating on getting this just because of the container, hahaha! I love cute packaging :P

  5. Impressive review like the packaging concern that its sticky do not like that feeling on my face.

  6. Cute review! That last picture of you makes you look like SNSDs' Tiffany!!

  7. Yep, there's been quite a few time when I buyed something just because it looked cute :) Loved reading your review & thanks for your comment, dear :)


  8. I received this (bought it from jolse xD) not long ago and I'm totally in love with it. It made my skin evenly colored, less flaky and almost eliminated the problem. So I got what I wanted from it. Yeap, it's stickyyy, but I have no problem working it in.

  9. Very cute apple <3

  10. The packaging is super cute! It's a shame it's quite a sticky product though.

  11. this reminds me a lot to Baviphat Apple Sleeping Pack, June, which also feel a bit stickier but smells heavenly :D

  12. The apple is so...shiny. I'm a sucker for anything honey even though I hate putting sticky globs on my face (I just really love the taste of honey).

    It's great that it leaves the skin feeling softer but not so much that it leaves it stickier...ew.

    On a side note, that chicken at the end of the post made me laugh out loud. It's hilarious!

  13. This is so cute! I would buy it just for the way it looks hahaa!

    Love your blog <3

    Amelia - new follower!

  14. I Love the idea of it! It look great!

  15. The packaging is so pretty, but almost every product that I had tried by this brand has been a disappointment -_-.

  16. Lovely packaging! This looks similar like Baviphat's fruit series. They're both affordable, but yeah the result is also so-so! Well, at least they come in cute packaging!

  17. Wow the packaging is so cute!! It looks like a great product and I think I should try this one too *o*
    Thanks for sharing <3

  18. The packaging is sooo cute! Have you tried Tomatox? You might like it better! :D

  19. I heard soo many nice reviews about this product but I think you really can't compare them to high- end products! But it's really nice for the low price! :D I often only buy the product because of the packaging ; u ; Etude house always gets me :3 I just love their packages too much to not buy them! And YES I love your random chicken pixels LOL They're funny haha xD

  20. I really have wanted to acquire TomatoX, seems very good! this packaging is so beautiful! Korean cosmetics conquer people with such beautiful packaging like this

  21. You look super cute in the last photo!
    Thanks for the review. I was wondering if I should purchase this product or not. Meh even though the packaging is cute, I can't stand stickiness of something!! :c

  22. The packaging of it is super cute!!

  23. Thanks for dropping by! I love how detailed your reviews are :) And the packaging has totally got me... even after reading your verdict I still want to buy it just to SMELL it.

  24. so cute packaking :33


  25. This is super cute! I would buy this just for the packaging!

  26. This one is really cute. Do you think it suits for dry skin?
    What about the ingredients? Are they online anywhere?

  27. The stickiness would kill it for me haha but the packaging is cute!

  28. This looks adorable and the packaging is so fun!! :)

    Layla xx

  29. I love packaging... especially fruits >.> lol And yes June, I love the random chicken pixel, it's awesome! haha. Great review, I have a few products laying around that are just "extra" too. I think I'd mostly want this product just because it smells amazing! :3

  30. Is it okay to use it everyday? some say they only use it twice a day. I don't know how often i must use this product. What do you think?

  31. I use this as a sleeping pack. At night after cleansing and toning my face I apply a small amount to my entore face before I go to bed. Even thought it is a thick gel it dries up quickly no need to wait for minutes before you can snuggle your pillow☺ After waking up in the morning my skin feels so smooth, soft and hydrated

    The scent is absolutely heavenly and smeels like an actual fresh cut apples♥


  32. hello, can i ask something? i have pore and blackhead problem like you.. Blackhead n big pore in nose and around nose area.. but i saw ur last pic(when you make up) your pore and blackhead covered so well.. can i ask, what product do you use? please help T.T

  33. Hey wondering do you let the TONYMOLY Red Appletox Honey Cream soak into use skin over night n wash off or just leave it. Thinking bout getting the product, but really want a light, cute, gel-like consistancy (like this one) that im able to let soak into my skin to soften n moisten my skin (I have really dry skin for a young person). If this isnt what sounds like what I'd like do you or anyone know i product? Love TONYMOLY and other super cute korean products.


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