Monday, October 14, 2013

[Review] Iope Air Cushion XP Cover 23

Do you chase beauty trends? 
I don't - not really.

But even if you're not a trend chaser, you've probably heard of "air cushions". They were a huge hit in Korea recently, and is currently the product to use now as well. Almost every brand has their own air cushion product, but Iope's Air Cushion XP is the #1 best selling. It's seen as the cushion that started it all~

Literally every single Korean girl/woman I know has heard of this particular product. If they don't already have it, they want it. My friend, Shin, brought one back from Korea and she raved about it so much my ears dropped off.

At first, I didn't really understand the insane hype. It's just another way to put on foundation, isn't it?
Hmm. After actually trying it - I get the hype now. I've been bitten by the cushion bug! ): Oh NoOoOOo.

The Iope Air Cushion XP (upgrade from EX) - here's what's inside this small white pact.

1. Built in mirror (good size!)
2. Blue "air puff" (a special puff to dab at the foundation sponge and apply the makeup)
3. A sponge soaked with foundation

The air puff and the sponge are divided with second "lid". It holds the air puff in place, while keeping air out from the bottom compartment (where the sponge is).


"Not to mention the greatly increased SPF, it includes more than 25% of hydro-mineral ingredient to keep the skin moist and glossy.

It's application over makeup does not push away the makeup, and keeps the skin protected from the UV ray all day long.

Small container with more bang!

A 4-in-1 marvel of whitening + cooling + UV block + makeup with consumer's convenience in mind!"
- Description from

This product is actually really convenient - they're not joking about that. It's "bam bam apply done" with this thing. I don't need any brushes, soak a beauty blender, or get my hands dirty. A+!

The air puff is also made specifically not to absorb too much product. So what you have on the puff... will go to your face. Magic, isn't it? If only all worldly sponges were like that.

The pact itself is a little bulky, but small at the same time. It's easy to fit into a purse. It's also easy to pull it out in the middle of the day, and touch up. (I don't find myself needing to touch up, though.)

- SPF 50+/PA+++
- Sweat proof
- Vitamin B5, Vitamin E derivatives, Vitamin P.
- 30% mineral water 
- Usually comes with refill (warning: some stores will not include the refill, so make sure you know what you're paying for)

Types / Shades
I have the "cover" in shade 23.

There's 3 types of the Iope Air Cushion.

1. Natural
2. Shimmer
3. Cover

Then, there's 3 shades (colours) that you can choose from.

1. 21
2. 23
3. 22 (for "shimmer")

Size (amount of product you get)

It's a small pact and you can easily carry it in a bag, big or small. There's about 15ml of product in 1 pact. That's half the size of a MUFE HD Foundation.
- If you buy it with an additional refill, that's 30ml. (same amount in MUFE HD)


You can buy this for $39 at Mootta. (No refill)

If you buy it with no refill, it's quite expensive for that price imo.
But obviously, Iope is pricier compared to the "cute brands" (i.e. Etude House, Tonymoly, The Face Shop, Holika Holika).


Yeah, I probably took way too many pictures for this section. But overdoing is better than under-doing?  I think?

There are 2 pictures for each "set".
1. Picture with flash (the brighter one)
2. Picture with no flash (dim window light - it was a rainy day)
- "Natural light" photos will be posted as soon as this impossible Toronto weather gets better.

I've compared the "Iope cover 23" to other well known BB/CC creams/foundations. Below:
(Note: My skin colour is usually MUFE N120; and Cover 23 is similar to that.)

(Left to right)

1. Makeup Forever HD foundation (Shade N120)
2. Etude House CC cream (#1 Silky)
3. Missha BB cream (#23)
4. Etude House nymph aura volumer baby glow balm (02 natural beige)

1) MUFE N120
2) Etude house CC cream
3) Iope Air Cushion Cover 23 
4) Etude house baby balm 02 natural beige
5) Missha 23



The "cover" shades obviously (through name) offer more coverage than "natural" or "shimmer". Many of my friends/family use the natural version, and it looks like it covers any bits of skin redness just fine.

I'd have to say that coverage is good for Cover (23). It offers medium coverage - but it's buildable. If I have particularly red skin for a day, this will easily cover most of it up.
- That being said, I don't think it covers large, red, inflamed pimples that well.

It still looks natural, and I don't look "caked".
The Iope air cushion gives a healthy glow, but it doesn't look greasy either. I still like to put on some powder on top of it.

Which brings me to my next point - staying power is decent. Stays on for a good while, and I don't even think about touching up.

The "sweat proof" claim. If it's a bad day (i.e. hot and gross), it'll slip off a bit. I don't know why Iope claimed that this is sweat proof... I don't see anything that really helps support that.

Thoughts / Experience 

I actually really liked this Air Cushion! It's one of my favourite products right now - granted, there are a few "cons", but the overall experience of using this was awesome.

I'm quite tanned from the summer, so the shade doesn't fit me perfectly right now.
For much of the year (October - May), I'm a MUFE N120 and this is a very close shade match to it. So it'll match me later on in the upcoming months. I hope I get a bit paler, I really want to use this more often!

Convenience? This is convenience in a pact.
You don't have to soak a beauty blender, bring out 'yo brushes, get your fingers dirty, etc. Take out the air puff and use.
Touch up throughout the day? Easy.

It looks really natural, and light - but still offers enough coverage for me. (Again though, I don't think it'll cover large, inflamed acne too well.)

Additional note: I don't think this is easy to use on dry skin, though. I have combination skin (usually), but when I'm a little drier than usual and use this product... it will show. It will. If you have dry, flaky skin, it'll accentuate that more than other BB/CC/foundation pacts I've tried. I guess you can exfoliate well and super moisturize, though. Hmm.

The Air Puff 

I thought this was a noteworthy thing to talk about. Some people  have been talking about the air puff, how difficult it is to clean, etc.

The puff is specially designed to pick up the foundation and apply in on your face "flawlessly", without absorbing a lot of product (compared to usual sponges). And it works!

But when it comes to cleaning said air puff... hm. I've tried to, just to see how hard it was to clean.
It's difficult.

So rather than spending time attempting to wash and clean this air puff (or using a dirty puff for a long time, or using a puff with soapy/remover remains still in it), in my honest-honest opinion... I would just get a new one.
It's not too expensive.
- You can find air puffs for $2-3 in Korea.
- They're around $4 (lowest) on eBay. Some are priced at $9-10, but... I say just get the $4 one. Same thing. (Just make sure you're getting an air puff, and not a "regular puff")

- Lightweight
- Natural looking
- Gives off a lovely, healthy glow
- Medium, buildable coverage
- SPF 50+/PA+++
- Vitamins included

- Accentuates flaky skin patches
- Air Puff is difficult to clean
- Not sweat proof
- Expensive (If you're used to buying the "cute brand" foundations/BB/CCs)


Yes, I would definitely recommend this product if you're looking for a natural, pretty, healthy look! I'm a big fan of this cushion, and I'm really happy that I had a chance to try this out.


Yes, I will be repurchasing a refill of this. I won't be buying a full, new set (i.e. a new pact + refill) because I don't need a new pact (the "shell" part).

Yeah, the price for the Iope Air Cushion is pretty pricey.
But if I had to shell out that $35+ for a new pact, I'll bite the bullet and get it. It's too good to pass up.

Note: I don't give half marks.

Coverage: 3/5 (medium but buildable)
Quality: 5/5
Ease of use: 4/5 (loses a point for the "air puff problem")

Overall: 4/5

That concludes the review! Maybe you'll jump on the cushion bandwagon?

What about you?
What do you think about the "legendary" Iope Air Cushion? Have you tried cushions before? 

Note: This product was sponsored. The review is 100% honest. My opinion cannot be bought.


  1. i have this too, June, and love it so much! but mine is natural :3
    so from your review I know that the 'cover' type doesn't really cover like foundation do, but you are flawless already *.*

    1. LOOOL NOT REALLY but thanks Rini! *o* And yeah, it doesn't offer as much coverage as foundation but oh well~ I like it the way it is, hahah :D

  2. I LOVE THIS product!! I'm so glad you finally tried this too! But recently as the weather gets colder, I prefer a liquid bb cream over this because it doesn't moisturize as good as other liquid types, but for summer, this is da bomb!!

    great review June!

  3. Wow this IOPe Air Cushion looks interesting, I also really want to try cushion product too, but still can't look for shade that can match with my tan skin (NC30) well this one is quite interesting thoo~ btw the picture where you add the zoom pic of the cushion, they looks so disgusting -_- I feel itchy all over my body when see the hole of the cushion >3<

  4. Haha I'm Korean but I've never heard of this product. (Korean status gets revoked) This looks quite interesting - I've never really seen a product like it before and I must say, it works great on you!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  5. This one look very interesting, it's not the first time I see it on a blog! Cushion is a really great product, I've tried one and I'm not disappointed!

  6. I'm intrigued. I'm not sure if I'd buy one for that price, but it was nice to see a comprehensive review. ^^

  7. Everyone seems to have this cushionny thing i want to try one too T_T but it's waaaaay too much for my budget and the amount it gives isnt a lot too ;;;; i really want to try it sobss

  8. I never really caught onto the air cushion trend but this product really looks interesting. I like how you compared it to other well known bb creams and cc creams. :) Thank you very much for sharing! <3~~
    Greetings, Elina x

  9. Great job on this review like the makeup forever shade.

  10. oh woah the first product! looks interesting, i've never seen those types before hahah

    please join my giveaway! it features cute handmade phone charms and lot other goodies ~
    k a t h e r i n e

  11. I wanted to get myself that cushion too but it's so so sooo expensive ; o ; I was thinking about buying the cheaper one from Etude House but idk if that one is good T^T If you ever try the Etude House one you should write a review about it haha xD I'm really interested in trying out a cushion too they seem to be the new hype haha I also checked out the blog from your friend Shin and her dog is so cutee *__* LOL

  12. I'd love to try one of the cushion pacts some time. This one looks interesting, cause it has so many different kinds and shades compared to others. Your review is great by the way ;)

  13. It looks really nice!
    I've been looking after Make Up For Ever's new powder foundation, but this is a nice alternative as well.
    Thank you very much for your post!
    Please take care, have a nice day!*

  14. wahh looks good!
    lol...I've never heard of this before~
    xx Charmaine

  15. I have the Etude House version and I loved it when I first tried it, sadly I purchased it in the wrong shade T____T I am loving the concept and I find it gives a flawless finish. Don't think I would try this one though... so expensive!! O__O

    Louise | Vanity Corner

  16. The finish looks so good in your photos! It doesn't look like you're wearing any face make-up at all. I was considering buying this (or the Laneige one), although I'm not too sure since it's getting colder now, which means drier skin D:.

    Great review as always!

  17. I've never tried these but they look really good! Thanks so much for reviewing this June, if you ever get the chance to test some of the more affordable alternatives I'd love to see a review on those too! ^-^ x

  18. Etude also has this. It look's interesting, might try this! thanks for the vivid review about it :)

    I invite you to join my October "giveaway" which is open international!


  19. I definitely need to get my hands on this!

  20. i dont really chase trends but just pay attention to them on the periphery. i actually won an air cushion foundation from clio which is still sitting on my desk waiting to be tested out. i really like how some of these compacts can be refilled and it sounds like that puff is really good. have you tried cleaning it with olive oil and then soap? the oil might help break down the makeup before you wash it off.
    A Beautiful Zen

  21. oh, God, June, you just made me really into this product!! I was thinking if I should buy the Etude one but many of their products have disappointed me, so I'll just save some and get this one instead, thank you for reviewing this, June!

    and that covered-bare comparison looks--very tempting, seriously.

  22. June, this product seems to be awesome. Thank you for sharing!
    ❤️ Crystal Michelle

  23. This looks like a really good product!!>_<
    It's my first time hearing about it and I'm already so interestedlol
    Sad that it's pricey but I think I'll splurge for this once I read
    up more on it^_^ I'm always scared to apply anything new to my
    face because I'm always scared it'll break me out):
    We'll have to see how this one goes!!Thank you so much for sharing June!!

  24. Woah this sounds so interesting *o* I thought usually I'm on top of the latest beauty products but I guess not. Thanks for sharing!

  25. I haven't seen a review for these yet, so I was excited to see this! Very interesting, I may have to give this a go. ^__^b

  26. This sounds sooo nice...You're right about the air cushion trend...I always want to try new trends, but I haven't gotten this one yet! *_* The only sad part is how expensive it is for the amount of product received...

  27. I heard good reviews/feedback about IOPE products and I really wanting to try 'em! Unfortunately, it's not available here in the Philippines! >.<

  28. I'm really fascinated by the cushion foundation trend! But the sponge like part with all the pores unsettles me a bit >_<
    I like the coverage and finish of this - it looks quite dewy and fresh!

  29. Love your blog! xxx

    Love Sim x

  30. the coverage on this is amazing! i figured that the puff would be hard to clean but it's pretty cheap :D

  31. Really really good and detailed review! I love reading your posts because you are always so detailed, which is really great for when I'm considering to buy a product :)
    2 Girls and a Blog

  32. I have not heard of air cushions before! But I don't it would fit me well in this season as it tends to be very windy and therefore my skin gets dry a lot!
    This was a fantastic review! I really like how detailed it was, great job! :)
    Your chance to win a dress of your own choice! (International Giveaway!)

  33. That sounds like such a great product. :) Liefs

  34. I agree that the puff is superrr hard to clean! I'm currently using Laneige's snow bb cushion and I just bought like almost a dozen of puffs to replace old ones lol. This sounds interesting so may be I'll try this next! Thanks for review :)

  35. Why are you so flawless? O_o I want your skin!! Haha the air cushion seems really good I heard rest things about this product ^^ I have étude house cushion but haven't tried it yet haha. But the idea of not dirtying fingers is really nice lol thank you for this detailed review ^^

  36. This is an amazing review! I've never seen a foundation like it, because I don't keep up with Korean products enough =__=' And your skin looks really good with and without it!

  37. wow you skin condition is so good!
    unfortunately, this product is not available in my country ) :
    hope we can follow each other

  38. Just wondering how it will be on oily skin..

  39. ah, now i get a little idea of what this air cushion about! seriously at first, i was just same like you (and still do -_-') i dont understand what this air cushion is all about, it must just another way to apply foundation/bbcream. but yeah, when you review this, it sounds awesome... thanks for the nice review. :D

  40. I never try air cuchion before (>_<) *poor me* but after read your post i was liked "aha!" xixixi
    I still stick on etude silky cc cream :-D now i wanna try air cushion but maybe not iope because this brand is hard to find in my country

  41. wow these products really sound amazing! :)


  42. never tried this before but your review was super informative and interesting :)

  43. Ugh I hate having dry and flaky skin, too many products wont work with my skin!

  44. Thank you for the detailed review. I love how natural it looks on the skin. Putting this on my wish list for sure~~

  45. Hi June ^^ great product review! I love Iope, such a great Korean brand! I want it too and i'm not Korean kkkk


  46. Neve heard of this product before but it sounds good! Will check it out- thanks for the review! =)

  47. This sounds promising though more pricey than the other brands.Nevertheless,im tempted to buy this because of your review!

  48. just tested it today. I was never really obssessed by trends but this got my attention. The girl at the store said this could stay as the final layer and I wouldn't need to apply any powder over the texture. At first I freaked out with the moist and how easy it could be ruined. I decided to apply another layer of two way cake to fix it. Ok there I was, the texture was more stable and all, but then I couldn't really see the difference it makes as expected. Should I have waited longer?

  49. Sweet! I didn't have good experiences with BB cushions but now i'm willing to give it a try. Thank you for the review! <3


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