Monday, October 7, 2013

[Review] Tonymoly Green Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream


I'm back with another review! After reviewing the Tonymoly Appletox honey cream, I was curious about the green apple (ahem, for the packaging really). It turns out that one random day, my brother felt super nice and decided to buy this apple for me. Nice, ain't he?
He's not usually that nice but whatevs, y'know.

Anyways, tada - here it is! This is Tonymoly's "Green Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream"!


This '3-in-1' multi peeling cream contains both unripened apple extract and papaya extract, which work to remove dead skin cells and manage impurities. In just one application, this cream delivers 3 functions - massage, moisture, and peeling.

"Contains green apple extract. Minerals such as (Mg, Fe) and Vitamins such as (A, E, B1, B6, C) 
maintain skin’s natural firmness and brightness. This is a highly effective exfoliator. AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) accelerates skin’s natural exfoliating process. Acid loosens the bind between the skin and the dead cell, which makes them easy to remove. This will soothe the outer skin to make is fresh and silky."

The green appletox comes (obviously) in an adorable, apple shaped tub. It doesn't have the extra leaf design that the red appletox has, but still - it's cute nevertheless! There is 80ml of product inside here, same as the red appletox.

No box was included with this purchase (it came on its own, bubble wrapped). And unlike the red appletox, this one did not come with a spatula. That's a "boo"!

The cream itself is white in colour, and isn't really "thick". It's quite easy to spread around, so it's easy to use. As for the smell - it's not as "heavenly" as the red appletox, but there's still a light, fresh, "unripe apple" fragrance to it.
It's not overwhelming and it doesn't give me allergic reactions. So that's good!

Size: The size of a real apple, just fuller around the edges. It contains 80ml of product inside.

Price: Approximately $9 on eBay.


1. After washing, apply a moderate amount all over your face. Avoid the lip and eye area.
2. Massage for 1-2 minutes, and wait another half minute.
3. Massage again (dead skin cells should be peeling off and visible at this point), and wash with warm water.


Note: I didn't take a picture of the dead skin cells coming off my face, because... idk. I guess it looks better on the hand, yes? (Before/after face shots below)

I got a good dollop of the cream on my hand here. Wish it came with a spatula!

Massaging for a couple minutes - doop de doop.

I like to wait a bit longer than the 30 second mark - I personally find that the dead skin cells come off easier, quicker and less messier if I wait around 1-2 minutes.


My thoughts + experience

I thought this was an useful product.

Other exfoliators (like St. Ives apricot scrub) just exfoliate with those little apricot beads, and you feel it scrub away at your skin. This Tonymoly apple, though, there wasn't any "scrubby" feeling or any harsh abrasions. I've got really sensitive skin sometimes, and this didn't hurt my face. (FYI, it's painless.) Even though you can't really feel anything, you can see the dead skin come off! Whoo!~ 

After using this product, my skin felt really soft. Baby butt soft. I like that.


The downside, however... even though my face felt super smooth and soft, it didn't feel "fresh", or light. Because really - if a whole lot of dead skin was taken off my face, wouldn't I feel fresh faced, like my skin could breathe?
Hm... it didn't. Just felt normal. Meh.
(NOTE: If you like the "fresh" face feeling too, I'd recommend the Innisfree super volcanic clay mask. That is freeeeeesh.)

Below is Tonymoly's promo picture for this product. 

I will tell you right now - those are not accurate/realistic results. Sorry 'fo bustin' yo bubble. 

There is a slight brightening effect. (Obviously, not as crazy as the promo pic.)
Other than that - doesn't get rid of blackheads, acne, etc. 

How I use it

I just basically use this as a "pre" step before the actual skincare part. Meaning: I use this product only to make the effect of the other skincare products better and stronger.

Analogy: Y'know Yu-gi-oh? (The card game / old anime show)
Basically, I summon this "weak" appletox-monster and later morph/combine it with another monster... so that the final outcome (the fused monster) is better than the original appletox-monster. 

I would never ever use the "weak" appletox-monster alone in battle, and would never ever depend on the appletox-monster alone.

Omigod what did I just say. o____o
Ok whatever let's forget that.

Anyways. I don't think that this Appletox is good enough to use alone.
As in: "Scrub off my dead skin... and done!"= nono.

I use it to scrub off my dead skin, and then use products on top of that. Because you took off the layer of dead skin, products would absorb much easily into the skin now.
So after the Appletox, I use my essence, serum, cream, etc.

That being said - I think peeling creams like this are very useful. If you don't have a peeling cream like this yet, I'd recommend you to get one!

TL;DR: Useful, effective cream in getting rid of dead skin cells.
- Don't use it alone and think your skin will become amazing after using it by itself.
- Other products should be used after this to bring full use of the Appletox cream.

- Makes skin super soft and smooth
- Effectively gets rid of dead skin cells
- Cheap ($9)
- Slight brightening effect
- Gets rid of excess oil

- Doesn't get rid of blackheads/acne
- No spatula
- Not really portable

Yes, I'd recommend this product to anyone who doesn't have a peeling cream.
It's cheap! You can't really go wrong with $9. (And the packaging alone is loooovely.)

Unless I find a cheaper peeling cream, I'll repurchase this.

What about you?

Have you used this product before?
What's your favourite Tonymoly product? 

Disclaimer: This product was not sponsored. 


  1. bwhaha omg June!!!!
    I think this is the most cutest review you've done so far!!!~~
    lol I don't think my brother or sister would buy me stuff like this ever..
    That's such a bum it doesn't come with a spatula!
    omg I use to watch Yu-gi-oh ALL the time!!! never really understood if the taller guy(older?) and the smaller guy (younger?) were the same person or something...
    hehe I wanna try out this appletox now~ [but will attempt to "fuse" it with something else"]
    xxx Charmaineee

  2. XD I LOVED the Yu-Gi-Oh reference/analogy - I totally understood what you meant. Best analogy EVAR. I haven't tried an Asian brand peeling cream or product before, but I've tried Western peels before, and didn't care for them because they were rather harsh and irritated my skin. T^T I may have to give this one a go! I love apple type products, I dig the crisp, fresh scent! ^___^ Great review as always June!

  3. Aww, that's really sweet.
    Love that little green apple pixel. It cracked me up when I clicked on this post!

    Ugh, I have yet to go shopping for some beauty products.
    I have a whole list of products I need to buy and I'm totally adding this one on the list. Really cute packaging!! Too bad it doesn't have a mini spatula. I don't really own a peeling cream, so this will probably be the number one thing I have to buy.

    LOL @ the Yu-gi-oh reference.

  4. This looks interesting. I always see Gmarket and Tonymoly promoting this particular product and I remember it being really popular when it first came around a few years ago.. I've tried the Skinfood pineapple peeling mask the and Laneige strawberry peeling mask and really liked both! I want to try this one out too D: hahah
    LOL@ yu-gi-oh reference
    glad to see your posts again ^^

  5. I actually loved this product but find it unnecessary, if I remember it right though it did help in minimizing the appearance of the bumps in my skin and my freckles but have to really really wash my face first before using it

  6. love how you can see the skin peeling
    Lol at the analogy

  7. Lol @ the Yu-Gi-Oh,,btw if you want to try, just try the baviphat peach peeling gel :3 it works like magic, bigger size, and comes with spatulaaa :3

  8. Sounds really interesting. I especially love the box but if it's not that useful I guess I wont buy it.

  9. omg the tube looks soooo cute! *-*

  10. Lol! This is probably the most fun review I've ever read! The YuGiOh! Analogy was hilarious. :3 I wanted to try that apple anyway but now that I ordered the Etude House Baking Powder Cleanser, I guess I'll just skip the apple for now until I run out. Thanks for sharing <3~~~

  11. I never felt interested in that mask. I would love to try the tomatox one, but this one...mêh.
    Maybe it's because I'm not a huge fan of peel-off masks. who knows. But that mask from Innisfree mask is something I would love to try (along with the Vulcanic Clay one from TheFaceShop)

    Thank you very much for doing this review!Please take care, have a nice day!*

  12. Love the packaging but if it does not do what it promise not worth it right. Come and read my post its a dedication to all my followers.

  13. The packaging is too cute! I think this is one of their best sellers, along with the tomatox one? o:
    Gosh, this review was so cute and entertaining to read! *A* You're tempting me to buy this now~ xD I currently use the Laneige Multiberry Peeling Gel. xD

  14. I use a peeling gel from tony moly too currently!! It shows as blackish crumps when i exfoliate my dirtiest part of the body, but it doesnt do anythin like that when i use it on my face ;( so yea same, i wont be trusting usin this product alone

  15. I like the packaging very much, so cute *.* :D And I like peelings, too :D So this might be really good :D

  16. Lol. xD The battle. Haha.

    I love the apple packaging. That's what always makes me get Tony Moly skin care. I have the Ice Queen ice creamed shaped face mask, for instance. It doesn't do much but it's so cute. >.>

  17. The packaging is adorable and the product seems really effective...I would like to try it !!!
    I like your photos and the way you describe things...great review ^-^

  18. Omg the YuGiOh reference! :') Your reviews are always so informative but hilarious June, I always want to buy the products afterwards haha:D I'm almost just suckered in by the cute packaging (o_o) x

  19. I absolutely love Red Appletox cream and this one is on my wish list for a while.

  20. Ah, the packaging is so cute! I might try this. And thanks for visiting my blog dear, I'm your newest follower
    xo Jess

  21. Looks amazing. I can't believe the skin cells fall off that fast!

  22. I love peeling gel type face products as they make my skin feeling sooo smooth afterwards! Currently I am using one from The Face Shop =)

  23. That peeling cream looks like it works better than the crap I have I got off Sasa. It's called Rosehip...don't get it lol it's cheap but useless as helping my skin glow. It does feel nice but that's about it.

    Just so you know I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog you can join if you'd like!

  24. The Yu-Gi-Oh reference was amazing. This definitely looks like something I will be purchasing one of these days. Awesome review! <3

  25. Thanks for the awesome review. The packaging is appealing to me always.But I think I should skip it.i really need a good scrub though

  26. Juneeee~~~ just realised you changed your DP + tagged your for the Weezy Award~
    xxxx Charrmaineeeee

  27. we love the packagin!! But it's ashame that it does not fulfill the claims of removing blackheads. We've been looking for a good fash wash for blackheads, any recommendations?

  28. I love the packaging hehe but I would probably pass on this product cause the only thing I like about it is that you see the removed dead cells xD I think I will buy that volcanic clay mask because I want it freeesh eheh~ :3
    BTW, where do you order all your beauty products? I'm looking for a nice korean cosmetic online store with good prices and free shipping or low shipping the only one I know is beautynetkorea :s

    1. Mindyyy - I answered your question in your latest bloggie post! ^^
      M+K - "Answer" for the blackhead recommendation product is below, hehe. I don't know for SURE if the product I'm using is actually effective on blackheads, so I'll have to keep using for another month before I say anything~

  29. Hmm I might try this since it's seems mild on the skin. I've been wary of peeling creams since my skin easily gets irritated. Not to mention, the pot is so cute! Thanks to Tony Moly, I now have a barrage of odd looking pots on my dresser. Thanks for the review!

  30. I love every single on of your posts! You have such energy when blogging and the way you write and color things is just cute and captivating! Thanks for sharing this review xoxoox

  31. I love the apple shaped packaging, so cute xxx

  32. Great review! I cannot live without this at the moment. My skin is SO sensitive in the cooler months that I can't actually scrub, so this is a lifesaver.


    Other than that I don't care much for the product.
    I just came by to be all ~A+~ ~four for you glen coco~ for using that analogy.

    Ok ok, but tbh, cute packaging, but I'm going to need something more serious from a product that exfoliates dead skin. Perhaps with long term use it improves/reduces blackheads?

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

    1. YOOH yoooh yooohhh~ yes yes yugioh (I kid you not, I was addicted to collecting those cards... hnng.)

      Hi guys-asking-about-blackhead-products, I knoww - I'm using a bunch load of different products right now, targeted at blackheads. Most of them had absolutely no effect on the buggers, and only made my skin soft. -__- That's it.
      But actually, I THIIIIINKKK I found a HG product that improves and reduces blackheads (while obviously exfoliating). I think. I'll have to keep using it for a good month to see if there's improvements before I say anything, though. ;n; Skincare can be fickle at times!

  34. Aaaaah! this looks great!! my face is pretty oily and it's nice to see that it gets rid of excessive oil!
    Thank you for the review! I shall give this a try! :)

  35. I've tried this before and I totally agree with you Ms. June! It doesn't remove any of the blackheads I have! >.<

    I love Yu Gi Oh! ^^

  36. Your reviews are always so smart. Haha. I loved to read this one. I have a lot of blackheads on my nose as well. But actually, they don't disturb me.
    PS: I don't know why, but this peeling cream makes me hungry.

    World of Plastic

  37. This kind of reminds of Cure's aqua gel. Have you tried it? I was just wondering how it might compare, because I'm looking for a cheaper alternative at the moment and this look promising :)

    Beauty Challenged

    1. Ah, I haven't tried Cure but I've heard so much about it! I can't say much (if this is better than cure, etc) becuase I haven't tried. ;n; But I'm guessing if it works the same and peels dead skin, I guess it's worth a try? :D

  38. great review :):) I'm half korean myself so love korean skincare! I've just ordered the Cure aqua gel but this looks like a good cheaper alternative! | UK beauty blog


  39. hmmm when i started reading the review i was really hoping 'cauase i've been more curious about peels lately but it doesn't look like this delivers as much as, say, a REN glycolic peel would. granted that product is way more expensive so it /should/ work better than this tonymoly one. well, looks like i have to keep looking :)
    A Beautiful Zen

  40. I always curious with this product,,the promotion pic really make me believe this product is good but after read you review,,,i'll think twice to buy this,,lol

  41. How did you even think of Yugioh while reviewing this product? LOLOLOL. This is a really interesting product! I've been looking for a product like this where it removes the dead skin cells and you can actually see it.

    Louise | Vanity Corner

  42. I wish they did Tony Moly stuff in drugstores over here. ;_;

  43. From my experience, I feel like the best peeling gel is Cure Aqua gel (it really leaves your skin feeling fresh) but since it is quite expensive I quite like the Innisfree Green Barley Gommage Peeling gel is not bad too!

  44. Hey great blog! I'm a new reader ^_^

  45. I'd like to see how it does for a long time use. Can you please do a review on it? Thanks..

    I just posted Korean Beauty Secrets if you like to stop by :-)


  46. nice good sharing product most helpfull

  47. hiii! I just read ur review today! my mom came back from korea with a bunch of tony moly products and the apple peeling cream is one of them! I seriously recommend the face shop papaya peeling gel! its sooo good! I have a review of it on my blog if u wanna check it out :3


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