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[Review] Etude House Precious Mineral BB cream (Bright fit)


Wow... I've been gone for a long while, haven't I? I'm really sorry about that! This year's first term of uni is going to be an absolute pain so I'm pretty much frantically studying/cramming if I'm not in lecture. Basically.
I'll be posting a lot more after mid-December, though! ;o; Sobsob.

Today's review will be on the much-hyped about Etude House BB cream precious mineral (bright fit). This post is sponsored by a small store called "Psychedelico Milly". Have you heard of them before? They're a small "big cartel" store that sells accessories, apparel, bags and cosmetics. More on them later!

So without further ado, here's the review on Etude House BB cream~ (Honey Beige, W24)


"Precious mineral BB cream promotes silky complexion with pearl infused sheer coverage. Contain-sadenosine and arbutus for anti-wrinkle and whitening efficiencies. SPF for UV protection"

- UV protection (SPF 30)
- Whitening, anti-wrinkle
- Anti-darkening (isn't that the same thing as UV protection...?)

- Prevents skin from becoming oily/dull by controlling sebum balance
- "Natural antioxidant powder" prevents oxidization, to get you vivid+clean skin tone
- Pearl ingredient extract = whitening, moisturizing, prevents melanin accumulation to give you bright/clear skin.
- Seaweed extract = moisturizes skin

There are 4 different shades in the "bright fit" range. I'll be reviewing the "Honey Beige/W24" shade.

Packaging: Standard, it's good and hygienic, and the pump packaging allows for better control in how much you want to use, without wasting too much product. (I really don't like BB creams that come in jars... looking at you, Holika Holika.)

Scent: Floral scent, the scent fades away after a couple minutes.

Price: $15.50 at Psychedelico Milly
(Not a huge difference from eBay stores, I'd consider it a fair price if you're not a fan of eBay. I've seen these BB creams extremely overpriced in other stores, so be careful when buying!)

I actually ended up choosing a shade that was pretty dark on me. One of my friends uses this BB cream, and she's the same shade in MUFE HD as me, so I just got the same shade she uses for this. Uhm... it was darker. Though it may be harder to tell in the "face" picture below, it's definitely not similar to mufe hd n120. I'd fit the "natural beige" shade much better, so I guess I'll use this when I get darker.

I compared this BB cream to the same BB/foundations I used in the last Iope review.

1. MUFE HD N120
2. Etude house CC cream, silky
3. Etude house precious mineral Bb cream (w24) bright fit
4. Etude house nymph aura volumer balm #2
5. Missha perfect M BB cream #23 


The BB cream part - the BB cream was creamy, and it spreads smoothly and nicely over the face. I had no complaints about the actual application. For BB creams, I like using my hands (compared to a sponge, brush, etc.) because the warmth of my hands really makes the product go on smoother and just generally gives off a better finish than when I use a brush or something.

Look! I used a bit of the BB cream on Mrs. Orange (Mrs. Tangerine? Idk). Mrs. Orange has pretty big pores, which she's very insecure about. But this BB cream seems to have covered them quite well to some extent, and Mrs. Orange is a veddy veddy content old gal.

Though it was on the "creamy" side, it felt pretty lightweight on my face. No problems there! It kind of reminded me of the Lancome Teint Idole foundation, minus the "foundation feel". The BB cream gives off a pretty dewy look, it's got a shiny, healthy glow to it.

Coverage is decent, better than other BB creams I've tried, but still won't cover up dark pigmentation spots, scars, etc. too well.

My experience
A lot of people have raved about this BB cream, many stating that this is their "HG". Humhum. I don't think this is "HG" material for myself, though. 

To me, it's just a standard BB cream that offers a bit of coverage, while giving a bit of SPF. It's nothing "sent from the Gods" or anything like that. Decent and standard.

I see myself using this BB cream on those lazy days, when you don't feel like reaching for your usual foundation or something. The days when you don't want to look too done up, but are going for just a "my skin but (a bit) better" look.

It's decent and standard, and would be great for people looking for a natural, healthy skin tone (without too much coverage).

But for me? No, I don't think I will. 
NOTE: There's nothing wrong with the BB cream.

But if this is $15, I'd rather just keep the $15, save a couple more dollars and get myself an "IOPE air cushion refill". It offers the same amount of coverage, it's really easy to use, and it gives you a helluva lot more SPF.

- Offers decent amount of coverage
- Natural, dewy look
- Affordable
- Easy to buy
- Ease of use (pump packaging, and it's travel friendly)
- 4 different shades

- Pales in comparison to BB creams that do the same, but can offer more (more SPF, more skin benefits, etc.)

Rating: 3/5
Wasn't an amazing product, but it did what it had to do. Though I didn't buy into the hype of this Etude House BB cream, I should remind you that it's just my opinion. Lots of people have had good experiences with this - I'm just not a fan of Etude House BB creams overall, as I always find them lacking in some way or another.

Psychedelico Milly
This BB cream was from Psychedelico Milly, a "big cartel" store. Though it's a pretty small store (compared to the huge online asian stores you're familiar with), I had fun browsing around.

They sell accessories, apparel, bags, cosmetics and more - products are shipped from Vancouver (Canada) or Seoul and the cosmetics are 100% authentic. No fishy business here.

If you're not a fan of using eBay, and want to support a smaller, "cozier" store, PM's definitely not a bad place to shop from!

What about you?
Have you used this BB cream before? What'd you think about it?


  1. I think by anti-darkening they meant that it doesn't oxidise? Nice cream for lightest coverage, but I'd prefer more coverage))

  2. Those alphabetic masks sound really interesting =)

  3. Thanks for the review June^-^ I use this BB cream a lot, I like the coverage that it gives me! :D

    Would you like to take part in my first giveaway? Funnily enough I'm giving away a set of the Etude House masks you featured in this post, it's not a huge prize, but I'd be very grateful if you joined in! ^-^

    1. No problemo, Emily - and thanks for the invitation! I'll check it out - these masks are so cute haha. *o*

  4. I think the coverage would be too sheer for my liking because my skin looks so horrible haha xD But the price and the finish it has looks super nice *w* Anyways, awesome review as always, June :3
    What's the best BB cream you've ever tried with good coverage but natural finish? I have the feeling that my holika bb cream is emptied soon T^T

    Btw, Congratz to Mrs Tangerine's for finding her HG bb cream haha xD

  5. whoa.. thats an awesome comparison. I guess, the last Mischa bb cream would suit me.. im dusky :(

  6. I've seen this everywhere with online shops saying that this BB cream is their best selling product. Having tried their CC cream (which was very disappointing to me), I was wondering what could make people go hype over this product too. Now I know that this product is actually only your typical kind of standard BB cream, thank you June!

  7. Nice review :) I prefer the Cotton Fit one better because I find this one makes me super oily after few hours of using it. Cotton Fit one makes me oily too but not as much as this one. But I do like the coverage though. :)

  8. Welcome back doll impressive review.

  9. What a nice bb cream! Alhtough I've quit getting bb creams...I always end up looking too gray when I use them T___T
    Please take care,have a nice day!*

  10. I do like this BB cream. I am sort of amazed at the level of hype surrounding it, but as a basic BB cream it's certainly a good one. Oh, and I totally got a couple of the alphabetical masks too and wrote about them on my blog a few days ago, hehe. My name is really long though so I just got enough to spell out "hi." :P

  11. Thanks for the review! I've never tried any BB cream from Etude House cause my friends told me it's kinda oily. Hmm... but this sounds interesting!

  12. Juuune! ^o^ I was wondering where you've been, I've missed your reviews!!! *U* I love the pump idea and I was thinking about Holika Holika too when you mentioned that functionality LOL. I do love my Aqua Petit Jelly BB though. XD Nice review as always, I think I'd probably pass on this one too :/

  13. Haha the orange made me crack up!

  14. oooh thank you for compared swatches with missha 23 :D
    i've never tried etude house bb cream before but looking forwatrd to do. But like you said, i also think this would be just a bb cream and nothing special.. thats one of another reason why i still havent try it yet.
    anyway great review June ^^

  15. I haven't tried this one yet but I've tried the other variant of EH BB Cream and I find it too sheer. I love something semi to matte finish. I think the anti darkening thing is when the BB cream oxidize, it'll not get dark/en.

  16. I like it, but I think it will be too dark for my skin in any colour (screw you scandinavian skin!!). But this is really a nice detailed review!

  17. Yay! You're finally back ^_^
    I've been waiting for you to update your blog hehe! Hope your doing well with all the uni work, you must be soo tired! This is such an awesome review, you have really nice photos! The alphabet masks are so cute, a lot of beauty bloggers have been recommending them lately, i think it's quite unique how each letter stands for a different ingredient :P Looks like the BB cream has pretty good coverage, but it sucks how the price is a bit on the expensive side!


  18. Welcome back June! I've missed you! Haha I've never tried this bb cream but I know a lot of people call this their HG bb cream. I have the cotton fit one as the coverage is better I guess but still kinda oily haha. Thank you for your detailed review though ^^

  19. i gave this to my mom but she didnt like it and gave it to my dad but my dad got a zit right after a use lol this bb cream has no use anymore in my housr

  20. Sounds and seems like an amazing bb cream! I'm sorry it's too dark for you, maybe mix it with your really pale white ones? that's what I do with my missha bb cream that's now too dark for me! I'd love to try this one!

  21. Hey, I tried a sample of the cotton fit BB and I still have samples of the bright fit one to try. also My sister bought this one, because it was available in darker shades, too. For her it is perfect. I'll see if I will write a review about it. But the Iope Cushion would be more interesting to try :D thanks for the nice review!

  22. I haven't really tried any BB cream from Etude house and I think I won't even attempt to try it after reading this post >_<" thanks for sharing your honest thoughts ^_~

  23. awwww ALWAYS love your reviews June!!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧
    ohh what r u studying at uni?
    lol I would have to buy 9 masks to spell my name..~
    OMG you made mrs Orange look so CUTEEEE (≧‿≦)
    xxx Charmaineeeee

  24. I know how you feel about school, omg ; A;. It's like the worst mid-October and late-November LOL... and then finals.

    But thank you for the review! I've seen a lot of reviews, and a lot of people seem to like it. I just never got it since it seemed pretty generic to me >__<. I think I'll pass on it to get the Iope air cushion haha.

  25. Thank you for the post, June! I wrote the same review last week. It is strange lol I think if you had more imperfections on your face like me you would like it a little bit more :D

  26. your tangerine test is so cute! i have a sample of this and it's pretty decent for lazy days :D

  27. I love the graphics of your blog *_*
    Btw, thanks for the review! ^_^

    A loser like me

  28. superr indepth post and very informative!

  29. I have a sample sachet of this but haven't tried it yet. Thanks for the review. Very informative!
    Dawn |

  30. Really cute. I always love how well organized and colorful your reviews are. Bravo xoxoxo


  31. The color blends in quite well to your skin tone! Maybe it's just me or it looks a bit too dark though? I like how you also tested it on an orange (tangerine?) haha very cute. To be honest I was never really a big fan of Etude House products to begin with.... Thanks for the review though!!! It was very informative ^^

  32. Great post!! The review of the BB Cream is amazinG!! Thanks for that!! I didn't know the alphabet masks!!


  33. Hi, I just nominated you as Versatile Blogger Award
    I love your reviews ^_^

    for more information about this award, please visit my blog

  34. The alphabet masks are sooo cute! :3 Yey for spelling your name! Hehe. I like this BB cream but it's not HG as you said. :)

  35. Oh, my god, your blog is amazing!

  36. I love Etude House products!!! My favorite has to be their Eyebrow pencil AND nailpolishes!!! I haven't had a chance to try out the BB Cream so I wouldn't know, but I really do recommend their nail polishes!!! I added you on GFC too, looking forward to your next post!! <3

    xoxo, Kerynn
    Fall Outfit: 3 tips to elongate your legs

  37. I have like 5 samples of these just sitting around, but now I'm tempted to try them after reading your review. I've never really like the BB creams from Etude House, but if these are good for a lazy day, then that's fine by me. :)

  38. The Etude House BB cream I tried ended up looking greyish as the day progressed and gave me a sick complexion. I think I have samples of this one and I'm planning on trying it soon.

  39. This is such a nice review! I really like the pictures you took, everything looks really clear; I also like the little cute tangerine hehe~
    -Kiyomi ♡

  40. such a very useful post, thanks ;)

  41. Thanks for your recommendations. Kisses beauty!

  42. i LOVE your blog, so glad I came across it! I wish the UK sold korean products ><

    following you ^^

  43. Mrs Orange look good! I love BB creams, but if you say you wouldn't repurchase it I won't even purchase it then. But OK, I have so many BB creams, I think it's fine not to buy this one! Although I got curious to see if its nice... t differs from skin to skin, for sure. denisesplanet com

  44. Sweety of orange!
    Great review thank you! I think it'll be a bit too dark for me. Glad to see, that there are 4 shades

  45. I'm so excited to try this, I just ordered mine! x

  46. ahaha your review is so fun. thanks for the very useful comparisons! and the orange. omg.

    xoxo Sarah (xlicious girl)
    Japanese Gyaru Makeup Blog
    Incoco Nail Polish Strip Giveaway (Ends 11/20)

  47. I adore this bb cream - I think I've gone through 3-4 tubes already, and although I try other bbs I always come back to this :)
    However I'm between shade 2 and w13 so I need to have two to mix together in order to get my shade T_T

  48. Thank you for this review it's really interesting, I wanna try this BB cream!!

    Moeri chan

  49. mrs orange/tangerine is the cutest. thank you for the review on bb cream! i've never tried it before but it's nice and informative to know. ♡

  50. Your reviews are so detailed and informative~ Thanks for that! ^__^ also I was wondering if you can recommend any bb creams without the whitening? Thats the only thing that doesn't appeal to me XD

  51. This is a really great review, super informative! :)
    The BB cream comparison made it easier to know which one is better.
    anyway, followed your blog <3 Hope I could see more informative review in the future :D

    Join my international giveaway,

  52. Great review! I have been eyeing those letter masks..but can't find them!

    Secrets Of Camille

  53. Hi unni! I love your blog so much! I actually just joined your giveaway and saw one of your reviews. Your reviews are great!!!

  54. Ahhhh, that is the BB Cream my husband brought home for me from Korea buuuut he got a shade that is too dark for my skin. In the summer time, it's passable and doesn't look too dark since I get quite tan, but now that it's winter time, the color really doesn't match once compared to my neck and my face. ;A; but the consistency and the moisturizing aspect of the BB Cream is not that bad. ^^

  55. Nice review :)
    Can you tell me whatac shade you are?

  56. Thank you for this review! I was seriously having doubts on whether I should buy this product or not. Guess I would have to stick to my Missha's BB Cream for now until I can find a better one.

  57. I was hesitant whether I should buy this bb cream of one of the other two EH precious mineral bb creams, and I ended up buying the 3 of them... I just hope I won't regret it xD

  58. HAHA! Funny with Mrs Tangerine! Quite good idea!!!

  59. How dark is that? I have slightly tanned asian skin. My forehead and mouth around is dark than the rest of my face. #23 in the Missha Moisture Cushion and 75 Natural Beige in Maybelline Dream Velvet is just a pinch too light. Will Honey Beige suit my skin?


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