Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My christmas 2013

So I'm kinda back! Exams are basically done, and I have a couple of days to just chill out. "Chilling out" basically means hibernating for a few days. 

Though I won't be home for Christmas, the tree is up and the house has a festive mood going on. Since this is the first Christmas blogging, I thought I'd show you a sneak peek into our Christmas decorating shenanigans - mainly, my tree. 

The Tree 

Every year, I'm basically the one who decorates the tree - and we usually put it up like, December 26th. Really, really late. 
And we keep it up till March... lol. #lazy

I'm the one who puts up the tree, and I'm also the one who picked all the ornaments out. Our house doesn't really have strong Christmas family traditions, you see. So none of our ornaments have a particular story, or were made by ourselves.

The more ornate ornaments were handmade... just not by us...
That makes it just as special, right?
...lets pretend it does.............

On a side note, we don't have a Christmas stocking tradition! I have never had a stocking in my entire life.... :(
Do you get stockings stuffed? 

Some of you guys might remember, but I wrote a "facts about me" post a few months back. In it, I mentioned that I was obsessed with anything handmade. That includes ornaments, lol.
So when I saw all these fancy ornies (lol...ornies) in a store, I jumped on them and hoarded them all.

There are a few ornaments that weren't purchased, but came in little chocolate baskets as decorations. I just stuck them on the tree. Recycling! 

On a side note, LOVE those Chocolate baskets that everyone gifts during Christmas. I can gobble everything in a basket by myself, hohohohohoho.
(On another side note, those baskets look so full, but basically it's just a single chocolate bar and a pack of hot chocolate mix... humph.)

The strand of pearl/crystal/glass/plastic balls (or whatever they are) are basically the only thing on the tree that is "ours". No Christmas tree of mine is finished without The Strands.

I have no idea where we got them, but we've had these strands for the longest time. I remember playing with them when I was a baby.
I also remember "leashing" my baby brother with them and dragging him around the kitchen.

Cabbage... flower... cabbageflower.

One of the "recycled" ornaments is this white cabbage-y looking flower thing. My mom went to this random flower arranging class a few years ago, and came home with a basket... of fake arranged flowers.

When that basket eventually fell apart, I kept the biggest parts and stick them on the tree every year. I'm such a good hoarder recycler. Pat on the back, pls.

Oh my goodness The Shiney. Look at all that glitter oh myyyy. Oh myyy. My eyes just feast on the glitter and I find an inner happiness in the depths of my cold hard Christmas-deprived soul.
Am I scary yet

More random pictures

That's enough of the tree, now let's look at the random little knick knacks! (i.e. I went camera-happy and just took a few more random, stumble-around-the-house-while-pressing-the-button photos).

These 4 little houses are Christmas houses! Can you tell?
My cousin bought us these last Christmas, and they're actually so cool. Each house has a tiny button, which plays music when you press it. The houses are sold separately, but if you have all 4, there's a special "set" effect.
I LIKE. *___* 

(And the random Santa on the side is from a wine bottle. Lol.)

This is a former Godiva chocolate basket, which we got as a gift a few years back. Everything inside was really, really yummy... there was just so little of it. I was sad.
But the sled packaging thing was really cute, so I was happy.

(And the random bow on the sled is from... I'm not sure, but I picked it up somewhere and stuck it on there.)

I'm pretty sure my mom made this half-wreath thing, but I can't be too sure. It looks like she made it. I'll have to ask her about it.

My friends, this is my dog's worst enemy.
She's absolutely terrified of this mini Santa figure (I think it's because it towers over her, and she's scared of big stuff).
It's hilarious, though. Every time I bring it out from the basement, she goes running. 

I like the fancy-ness of Santa's outfit. He's carrying a fancy shmancy snowflake, while wearing a fur trimmed robe thingymajig. #fashionablesanta

Santa is carrying a bunch of fruits and a bunch of ice-frosted tree branches! #natureman

I bought this snowglobe when I was in 6th grade. I had a snowglobe phase. 
On a random side note, the falling "snowflakes" are HUGE. Why are they so huge? If snowflakes were that huge in real life, it would be quite scary. 

So that finishes today's review! I really liked rambling today, hehe - it's a nice breath of freshness from the usual product reviews. 

So! What about you?
- Have you decorated yet? 
- Do you decorate? 
- What are some of your Christmas traditions?
- Do you have stockings? (I am so jealous.......)
- Do you go "all out" with Christmas decorating? 
- What does your tree look like?
- Do you have special ornaments that you made yourself? 
- Do you buy 100% of your tree ornaments? 
- Why am I asking so many questions?
- Can you tell I'm excited?

If you wrote a Christmas/holiday-related post on your blog, please link it in the comments below! I'd love to read it! 


  1. It's a lie that you put your christmas tree up late,
    I specifically remember you saying you put in up in mid November
    Anyways, I like my christmas tree in my basement study room cause it lights up the entire room so I can see my books I'm reading for the exams clearly... LOL

    1. I put it up mid-November THIS year, LOL. Because I needed to basically get it over with, and not worry about it during exams lolll fml.
      And I just died.

    2. It's past your bedtime go to sleep

    3. Girl puhleeeeze. I'm a rebel, remember?

  2. I love that your dog is scared of the Santa statue. To be fair he does kind of have crazy eyes though. When I was a kid my family put up a tree every year with a mishmash of gifted and homemade ornaments, which probably is kind of weird because we're Jewish. All of the other Jewish kids in my class thought it was totally odd, but I say any excuse to celebrate is a good one...

    1. LOL, he really does (and it doesn't help that I chase her around the house with it... lolimhorrible). And ooh, I agree - any celebration is celebration loll~ :D

  3. (Holy crap our dogs need to meet because they have so much in common--both are racist, and scared of things larger than them...[+other weird things my dog does])(BUT YEAH IT'S HILARIOUS TO SEE THEM JUMP AND RUN AWAY FAST I SOB EVERYTIME)

    Ouuu, what's the special house set effect?
    I don't really decorate the house either, but I've actually done it this year! It's nice to see the house all Christmassy c:
    PS. Your tree + ornaments are gorgeous

    1. LOL IKR. Her eyes go all crazy panicky and I just die laughing. And the special house effect is basically all of the houses lighting up together, and making a special christmas song effect lol. They light up in sync! It is cool. *o*
      Hehe, thanks Vanessa 8DDD

  4. I didn't decorate, and didn't even help decorate this year lol T__T I decorated at work, but that doesn't really count XD Your tree is adorable ^__^ Thanks for sharing! I never had a stocking until I got married. My family doesn't really celebrate Christmas at all.

    1. Hehe, thanks Anna! Decorating at work definitely counts, and you're super lucky about the stockings. ;o; Merp I'm gonna start a stocking tradition next year hohohoho

  5. Haven't had any decent stocking stuffers in freaking ages cause the parents got lazy. It used to be overflowing with candy, accessories, and pokemon cards but now my mom hands me deodorant that was on sale or hand soap. Like bathroom hand soap. What the hell am I gonna do with hand soap and why couldn't she have just placed it in the bathroom.
    My dad just put up the tree yesterday and I went into immediate lazy/shutdown mode and just sat there while he did everything. Usually I do it all myself and take it down but this year was my freedom. As for traditions we don't have any really except for opening presents on christmas eve ONLY if we go to church. Obv the brother and I are impatient weirdos so we go to church just for presents. Exactly what Jesus would've wanted.

    1. LOL, I feel ya!~ And though the deodorant and soap does sound useful.. omg - I want me a stocking with candy and pokemon cards too! ;o; (And are these scented hand soaps we're talking about? Because scented hand soaps are special hand soaps, especially if they're strawberry scented)

    2. Naawww its like the liquid generic brand that smells like shea butter or something. Yeah it smells nice but its like max 3$ at Pharmaprix (or Shoppers to you). If it was fancy schmancy I wouldn't have complained cause those are nice but nope. Then again she bought my brother vaseline so I think her judgement on stocking stuffers may have declined over the years. We seriously could not keep a straight face when my mom handed him that jar.

  6. Waaaah that's awesome! *_____* I wish we'd decorate like this over here too, but just no. My mother hates christmas so we don't even decorate. Q_Q'

  7. ornies (lol...) are really pretty, i would have hoarded on them too so you are not alone in that matter!! Your tree looks super pretty, and no stockings so far?? Maybe you should start now then :D

  8. The ornaments on your tree are soooo eye catching. :D And I would also be creeped out by that Santa statue (especially when in the dark) LOL. Your house looks so Christmas-y now. Love it! :D

  9. I love love love your tree and your photos! What camera do you use? ill ask for it for Christmas! haha

  10. Love your tree! Its so pretty :3
    I've never had stocking either ;A;
    I wonder if we're missing out on anything. Hehe x3

  11. So pretty! We do stockings at my house every year and my mother and grandmother have the most fun with that

  12. lol in my house we ended up putting the tree all over the years since we're too lazy to wrap it up again at the end of the season -___-" it's always sitting at the corner of the guest room and we only lit up the lamp on christmas haha! i don't put stockings in my house but my college do! it's really a fun way to exchange gifts with your friends and you know the excitement when you found out that your stocking is filled with something XD Oh and also we exchange cards and it's really nice to read cute messages from your friends, even the ones living abroad! Aaah at times like this I'm really loving the christmas and holiday spirit! Hahah you can tell that I'm really excited too XD

    ☼ ☀Summer Solstice☀ ☼

  13. Ohhhh Junnipie, I always enjoy every single post you write because they are so genuine and.. so you? Does that even make sense? xD Your Christmas tree looks amazing and your family should be lucky with you for decorating it so nicely! My family sadly doesn't celebrate Christmas and I have never had a stocking filled before. Looking at your pictures make me feel that I am missing out the fun. T-T But luckily we still watch Christmas movies together and have a feast at night. P.S.: I hope Happy will be able to enjoy Christmas with you despite her fear for the mini Santa. :)

  14. Congrats on finishing your exams! You definitely should take advantage of the next couple of days to chill. I wish I could.

    Wow, you bring out tree out late! Ours is usually bought and decorated by the first or second week of December and we throw it out the first week of January.

    I totally agree about those Christmas baskets! They make it look super stuffed but it's like two small boxes of chocolates and then just a whole lot of stuffing.

    We don't really have any traditions except to buy and decorate a tree. We also have Christmas dinner every year and we open presents on Christmas morning. We do have stockings and my parents also stuff things in them although for the past couple of years, it's been on and off. I think they forget sometimes >_<

    I was actually going to make a post about the Christmas decorations all over the house but just never got around to doing it. Now I definitely have to do it soon since it's almost Christmas!

  15. So pretty tree!! I don't have christmas tree yet! I'm propably going to buy it tomorrow! :)
    The story about your dog and the santa figure is so funny xD I think my dog would be like that too!!
    & congrats for finishing your exams!! :)

  16. I love how you have a strand of beads on your Christmas tree - how cute! Having your Christmas tree on display until March is quite funny haha.

  17. Oh gosh! I was passing by your blog but I had to comment when I saw this post.. I set my xmas tree too and I love handmade stuff but dont have lots of handmade things on it because of not having this family tradition...

    Sadly, I tried once to put stocking stuffed here but it didnt work out lol But your tree looks so nice and clean *-* Congratulations!

    So, you had a snowglobe phase and I'm still in mine hahahah I think it may never end o-o

  18. The Christmas tree looks so pretty. I haven't even gotten any decorations yet... ^^;;

  19. We don't even put up Christmas tree much-less to have stocking....sad life


  20. AAAhhhh your tree is so beautiful! All the rest of the decorations too! Have a beautiful Christmas!

    Amazing blog! Following you!


  21. omg your christmas tree looks so shiny and let's just say awesome HAHA. I wanna buy all the recycled stuff you made and I agree with your dog, THAT SANTA IS CREEPY especially his eyes omg, they're too light and small omg and Santa doesn't have any eye lashes LOL XD
    We don't even have a christmas tree because my family is too lazy to get one and clean up all the mess after christmas .__. We don't celebrate christmas THAT big here just presents and stuff~ */envys your perfect christmas tree and decorations/* GIVE ME YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE, JUNE

  22. Ahhh your photos are really lovely!! This makes me want to post photos of my Christmas tree as well.


    We decorate Christmas tree, but we don't make the decorations ourselves--except my dad. We don't have stockings! But last year my dad put up some CHINESE RED ENVELOPES with some money in it on the tree.

  23. I'm so jealous of your Christmas tree :( I wish mine could look as good as yours!
    Also loving the quality of your pictures *0*


  24. Your Christmas tree is so pretty *-*
    We don't have a the stocking tradition in my country, just the regular gift-exchange.
    Take care, Merry Christmas :3

  25. Oh.. christmas filled your home =) i love santa claus!

  26. aww very lovely pictures!!
    you tree look very pretty :)

    new follower :)
    come and say hi: Alice's Pink Diary
    Alice's Pink Diary FACEBOOK PAGE

  27. I love the mood you've got there hehe! And I love Christmas trees! How pretty they are with those decorations~ I wish I could own one too!!

    #fashionablesanta indeed. LOOL
    My family has this little tiny fake tree that isn't even taller than myself. We just put it up- HAHA
    Thank you for sharing your tree with us! *A* It's really pretty even if I lot of it is reused.

  29. Your tree is absolutely beautiful. Hope you have a Merry Christmas
    Heidi’s Wanderings

  30. The decorations are so pretty, just like you (o^.^o)~ Have a magical Christmas dear ^^

  31. My family doesn't really have a christmas tradition too!!! Your tree looks so awesome!! 10 times more festive looking than my families!

  32. Wow those christmas ornaments are really beautiful! <3 We always decorate here the first of december x)

  33. I love this beautiful Christmas-themed post! The ornaments were well picked by you. ; ) Congrats on finishing your finals! I used to always finish exams way before Christmas and my friends were unlucky enough to have exams all the way until the very last day. It sucks because I had nobody to hang out with during that time. LOL

  34. I really love all of the decorations, so elegant and nice^_^
    Your pictures are always so great!!I want your camera!!ahah
    And same here, I've never had a stocking eitherlol
    Thank you for sharing(:

  35. so pretty! Merry Christmas! <33

  36. the tree looks so beautiful!! especially the ornaments

  37. The decorations for the tree look soooooo pretty I am jellie bellie!!! <3 Would love to see shots of the ENTIRE scene bahahah.

    Just followed you on GFC, look forward to you next post!
    xoxo, Mango ❤
    MangoRabbitRabbit's Blog | Sephora Rose Gold Eyeliner: Before & After!

  38. so beautifuö *_* your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  39. I like this decorations. :) It's so beautiful! ^^

  40. Wow I hope I get to decorate Christmas tree too but my family doesn't celebrate Christmas :( Boo. Your tree looks great btw :D

    I'm nominating you for The Versatile Blogger Award! Please check out my post for more info! :D

    xx Stella


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