Saturday, December 7, 2013

[Review] Laneige Original Essence White Plus Renew

I'm curious - are you happy with your skin?
Can you say that you don't need any skin-related oomphs?

I'd have to say that I definitely need some extra oomphs to make my skin look nicer. I (usually) don't go to school with makeup on, so the least I can do is have nice, bright, clear skin. It's like... a public service thing, lol.
We don't want anyone screaming over my midterm/final state-of-self. 

Anyways, today I'll be talking about a Laneige product; this is the "Original Essence" in the White Plus Renew line. This product is from the popular online store, "ibuybeauti" - one of the few online stores I trust 100%, and personally purchase from.

Laneige's "Original Essence" is apparently their #1 top seller - on their website, they list it as the #1 most popular and purchased product. 
(#2 is the famous Water Sleeping Pack, #3 is the equally famous Laneige Cushion.)
I've seen lots of reviews for this product, and dang. It looks like a lot of people have had positive experiences with it.

This product has also won a number of awards as well, such as an award from Naver, and the Ceci k-beauty awards. 


"For the most beautifully radiant skin via 6 functions; lustre, moisture, brightness, evens skin tone, slows melanin rate and reduces dullness."

- For all skin types
- Day and night use 
- L-proved remedy
- Camellia Sinensis Leaf and Yeast extracts 

7 years of research has gone into this product. Approximately 1,200 women in Asian cities were asked what they think about beauty, and many of them responded that "bright and flawless skin" was the most important (and desirable) feature to have. 

A partnership with "L-proved remedy" and Laneige's own "Melacrusher" and boom - Laneige's Original Essence (White Plus Renew) was born in early 2013. 

The product claims to "up" your skin 2 tones up - in 2 weeks, with a whole package of benefits. Evening skin tone, reducing dullness, you name it... it claims it. 

The "Melacrusher" technology works on your skin to actively remove the melanin veil on your skin. (Melanin is natural to your body and is the "thing" that gives colour to your skin, iris and hair.) Laneige states that 4 "mild ingredients" are used in the product to give you a complexion 2 tones brighter. 

- 40ml of product in each bottle.

Price and "ibuybeauti"

You can buy this product at ibuybeauti for $44.99. This is definitely one of the cheapest and fairest prices I've seen for this product. I have seen this exact same product selling for $70 in other stores.

I think it's also worth noting that ibuybeauti includes a number of freebies! Samples and face masks, and sometimes they add in bigger freebies as well, depending on how big your order is.

I recently purchased my Dr. Jart toner/lotion set from ibuybeauti... and good lawd. I thought I received the wrong order because of the number of freebies in that box, seriously (you can see a picture of that haul in my Twitter images).

Customer service is extremely fast as well, and they are completely reliable in service, reliability and authenticity of the products. Many of the items are the lowest I've seen online (ex: Laneige Original Essence, and the Dr. Jart ctrl-A set).

Definitely, definitely, definitely one of my all time favourite stores.

My skin... before.

I really wanted to try this product because of all those claims. We're in going into Winter now, and my skin really shows it. I get dull, crackly skin. It looks gross and it feels "bleh". 

On top of this, I've been experimenting with a bunch of nail polishes lately. I'm not sure if it's just me, but nail polish makes my skin EXTREMELY dull, like I'm a walking corpse. I kid you not. (Seriously, is it just me? Do I have an allergy to nail polish I don't know about? Hmm.)

On top of that... I was majorly breaking out. I think it was stress and hormones, but it was a huge mess. This review is actually a bit late because I've had such a crazy issue with zits, and I had to take a break off using any products (other than the bare, bare, basics) for a while. 

...basically, I look lifeless. 
So any product that claims to fix this issue is immediately on my radar. 


If you're big on Asian cosmetics and skincare, you've probably heard of the immense craze over "whitening" products. Please note that I won't be (deeply) discussing any controversies in whitening/brightening products in this post. If you've got any opinions about the matter, feel free to leave a comment! 

I'm not using this product to look "like a white girl". I'm using this product for the reasons mentioned above - to brighten and give my skin a... sense of life. To look like I'm a living human being, and not a walking dead person. 
A "yellow" person could have dull or bright skin.
A "black" person could have dull or bright skin.
An "olive" person could have dull or bright skin.
A "white" person could have dull or bright skin.
I'd personally like bright skin over my dull. 

How to Use 

I started using the product in early November, and have been using it until now. Though the instructions say to use the product every morning and evening, admittedly I wasn't too diligent with it. There were some days where I just scuttled off without using it. Scuttle scuttle!~

The essence is easy to use, and it's pretty thin and lightweight. It's not creamy, nor does it sit on your face and feel like it's clogging up every pore. It absorbs pretty quickly and leaves my face feeling soft and moisturized.

Before and after 

To be honest, I'm a little "iffy" on showing you these pictures - I tried my best, but lighting was just so difficult to get right. (Taking the "before" and "after" pictures were difficult to get under the same lightning at the time.)

All in all, this isn't just a "claim" product. Laneige's Original Essence offers many different benefits, and I can say that it actually works. Though it's not too clear in the before/after photo, it really did brighten up my skin. It reduced the redness on my face, and helped fade away dark spots.

My experience 

I honestly think that this product works. To recap, the 6 claims were:
- Lustre
- Moisture
- Brightness
- Evens out skin tone
- Slows melanin rate
- Reduces dullness

I've actually seen these claims actually work out. The redness around my nose and cheeks are most effected, and it's definitely improved. My skin has generally brighten up and any little dark spots I had on my face faded significantly. I definitely saw the product working.

I'd have to warn you, though - Laneige claims that you see progress in as little as 2 weeks. Some people have seen results in 2 weeks. I didn't. It took longer for me to see results (this may be because I skipped a day or two). I started seeing results in the 3-4 week mark.

This product has made enough of a difference to see not just by myself, but by other people as well. My family (who sees me everyday, and wouldn't notice anything unless it's huge), has seen a change.
Friends have also noticed a difference and said my skin's definitely improved and it's "less red and stuff".

It works - and if this is a kind of product that you need, I think it's worth giving a shot.

- Visible change
- Moisturizes skin
- Brightens up skin tone
- Evens out skin tone, reduces redness
- Helps to fade out dark spots
- Doesn't feel greasy
- Absorbs quickly

- Pricey
- Need to be diligent and use this regularly to see results
(not really a "con", but just a warning for the lazier people, hehee~)

Note: I don't give half marks. 

It's one of the better skincare products I've tried so far, and one of my favourite products from Laneige. It works, and I've seen the changes!

...I'm so picky with ratings, and because my ratings are only out of 5, it's difficult to rate a product sometimes (I never give half marks). There's a big difference between a "4" and a "5" though, and I don't think this product deserves a whole point lower.
You feel me?

What about you?
Do you use "whitening" products? Would you be interested in trying this?


  1. I love how detailed your reviews are. You really cover everything!! You totally sold me on this product, lol. I can definitely see a difference in the before && after photos. Your skin looks brighter, your pores look smaller, and the spots have faded in the after photo. I really want to try this product, I think it could make a huge difference in the appearance of my skin.

    xo, Sarah
    Hustla, baby.

  2. Hey! When I first saw the title I was jumping in joy! Finally a beauty blogger that I followed regularly posted a review on this.
    I've been tempted to buy this many times but I'm still not sure.. I just want to get rid the dullness of my skin. Sigh. But then, one question would be, does this product has anti-aging ingredient? i would love to go for this one if it offers whitening and anti-aging properties as well. I don't think this is targeted to those below 20s so can I assume it's an anti-aging product?
    Right now I'm using TheFaceShop Flebote White Crystal complete line. Like you, I saw the result within a month. But it's been 3 months already and I'm still on the fence whether to get another set or go for Laneige White Plus Renew set. Would love to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks, dear!
    xx, Mira |
    P.S.: sorry for the long reply

  3. wow. wow. just wow.

    I have been wanting to try their skin care products, I guess they're really good at it.

    I feel the same, June. I don't aim to be 'whitened', there's a clear difference between 'not dull' and 'not white'. My skin looks really dull, I'm interested to try products that have whitening effect but I'm afraid they will just white out my face. Now, let's see if I could save up some money and try this! Thanks for the review, June!

  4. Hmm. I love Laneige product since it made from mineral ingredients or water base. :) Nice review anyway.

  5. not exacty happy with my skin. i've noticed the top layer is way more dehydrated than i thought and i've been looking for solutions every since that discovery. am thinking of trying some facial oils out...we'll see how that goes.
    i'm a bit impressed that this actually did soemthing for your dark spot. i'm always a bit skeptical of brightening products. there are so many on the market and not many do much.
    A Beautiful Zen

  6. That's amazing that the spot on your cheek has lightened! I've only used some hydrating skincare from them! But I'd love to try a bb cream from them and I do need a pigment lightening serum soon!

  7. the before and after picture syas it all, it does reduce dark spot and your pores became smaller :) awesome!

  8. Ooooo! Really loved that this worked good for you! Really can't believe how well this worked! I think it really did help your skin a lot. I think a lot of white people always think asians want to lighten their skin just to be white like caucasians but that's almost never the case. Anyways great review! :)

  9. wow~ the difference of the before and after pictures are amazing!
    Since my pores are craters, I must try this product out

    Thank you for the review June ^^

    1. Hi Mary!~ Thanks for reading hehe - but I'd have to point out that (thanks to my meh photography skills) the "after" picture is taken slightly above the "before". My pores definitely improved, but because the view of the pictures is slightly different, it over-does it and makes my pores in the "before" look nonexistent. They've improved, but t not so crazily! xD

  10. Interesting product! I've been considering whether to get it or not because it's kind of like a whitening product and I'm usually allergic to those. Hmmm but you result is just great! May be I should try it :D Thanks for the review!

  11. Looks like a really nice product :o I'll search for it, I like to enjoy skin care <3
    Take care, have a nice day!*

  12. I'm really surprised at how much this has worked, I'm always so skeptical of anything like this :O great review!

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  13. It's been a while since you posted something, June ~ I really wanna try this Laneige product too but it's sooo expensive, I might be broke if I really buy this but it sounds so nice T__T Can you recommend me any cheaper alternative for fading dark spots and reducing redness? It can be a mask or anything too, I was actually thinking about the Innisfree volcanic clay mask because you loved it so much but not sure if it helps healing scars too ;w; Anyways, thanks for your review ^u^

    1. I knooww, Mindy - school is such a horror right now, I can't even think! ;o; The Innisfree Volcanic mask itself hasn't helped with healing any scars for me, I think my cleansers/different "extra" skin stuff helps with the scars. Products that help with dark spots (well, the ones that work) are generally pricier than "normal/everyday" skin products. I'm not sure about any cheaper alternatives, but I've heard that the Tonymoly Tomatox has helped some people!

      For redness - it may be because you're using cleansers/other products that are too harsh on the skin. Maybe switch up your daily skincare routine products, and to something with less alcohol content?~

    2. okay thank you so much, June~
      omg I have a sample of the Tonymoly Tomatox, gonna try it today hehe~ If that doesn't work I might have to try the essence from Laneige. I'm so desperate atm because of my acne scars on my cheeks, they really drive me crazy LOL >,<
      I already use a cleanser without alcohol but I still have a few red spots after cleaning my face that's so weird omg. My face is a mess atm OTL

  14. Thanks for this review June, always so useful and detailed! I'm definitely going to be buying this once I get paid (December is such an expensive month... >_<), it sounds really good and I LOVE my skincare. xx

  15. Oh god, Laneige is always super expensive. @A@ I was lucky to get a ton of free samples of their products when I had been at my local asian cosmetics shop.
    I'm so happy you posted about this product though! I've been looking a detailed review that really showed what it did to the skin. Your pore really did get considerably smaller! *A*

    Thank you so much for the review, Junie! <3

  16. you sold on me on this product but it's soooo expensive
    does it help with discoloration?

  17. Idk whenever I see the words "whitening" or "brightening" I cringe. The best way to make your skin "glow" is to get proper nutrition and products really can't do that for you, that's just my opinion. Makeup on the other hand can definitely give you a glow. I agree any skin can be "bright" or "dull" but I just don't think a whitening skincare product is the way to go about that. I'm glad this worked for you though...

  18. 5/5 ??
    I just love the way you elaborated the whole product review.
    It is just so perfect!!!

  19. Thanks for the review! I've been really curious about Laneige lately... I'm trying a few of their basic skincare items right now, and while they're nice they're not blowing my mind. Will look into this one!

  20. I have heard of Laneige before but it was one of those things where I heard about it once and then never again, haha. Seeing this makes me want to try it, but you're right about the price! I'll have to hold off and save up for this. You make it sound worth it, though♥ I love your in-depth reviews.

  21. I've heard about how great this product is. Wish the price would not be so high TT
    I agree with you. Most Korean used whitening products although most of them are already have fair skin.
    My friend said that Koreans used whitening products to prevent pigmentation.

  22. Great review June, thanks for sharing! Im a HUGE fan of Laneige (minus their prices) as I think their products work well with my skin. The sleeping pack is definitely my favourite and definitely worth investing in ^^

    I find it funny how westerners want to be more dark whilst us Asians want to be white XD although I dont tend to buy into "whitening" products because I believe its just a marketing con... i believe they should use "brightening" instead - or maybe its just me ><

    Look forward torl reading your next post dear :*

  23. Perfect post with your opinion about the product and photos of results, thanks!

  24. Wait wait wait wait WHAT? You don't go to school with makeup on????? TOO GOOD FOR MAKEUP NOW, EH. (jkjk, jealous tho, because I thought about going to school barefaced the other day but chickened out and slapped some concealer on, heh)

    Whoah, I see some impressive results with the dark spot D: (also don't know if it's the lighting, but reduced visibility of pores)
    Definitely interested in trying this product out...eventually. aka when I come into a fortune, heh
    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

  25. do you already make a post about laneige CC compact?

  26. Haha~ this product will arrive at my house tomorrow and this review made me even more excited ^-^ I love your way of writing things in such a detailed way. Definitely my favourite review blog which I can rely on before buying products. Thank you!

  27. I've been looking for a detailed review on this since it came out in stores, thank you!! I love your detailed posts and have been thinking about blogging too, is it hard? Thank you again!

  28. omg I really love Laneige products!!~~ both me and my mummy uses them~
    Lovely review!!!
    bwhahaha Junee!! I always love how you add your own little touch to your reviews!!
    your little thing about "Y U TRY 2 B WHITE" is so true lol!!! Its for brightening skin not making people actually white!!!!
    Thx for the review Junee!!!
    xxoxo Charmaineeee

  29. The thing about nail polish and your skin is really interesting and odd... I've never heard of that kind of connection before. o.o

    Yeah, bright = white is not always the case. xD I'm extremely pale and my skin still isn't bright. T_T

  30. Oooh, this looks really high end ^_^
    The only Laniege I've tried so far is the sleeping pack, which I quite like!
    Your skin looks nice and bright after usage - I'm tempted now...
    All my bbs have 'whitening' properties! I did use creams and masks with whitening properties before, but not so much lately - in Korean skincare you really can't avoid it anyway. Nearly everything has whitening/brightening properties.

  31. Want to try this product. Thankyou for your post.

  32. Definitely gonna get me some of this! <3

  33. Nice review June! I totally get you on the breaking out part, and I blame it completely on school. My sleeping schedule and the amount of water I've been drinking is terrible. > < If only school could be stress-free hm? Thank god there's winter break.

    I've heard a lot of good things about this essence, and now I really want to try it. I kind of sort of have a thing for whitening products. Amore Pacific's official eBay shop is having a sale on this right now, and you can get it for only $37.18! What a temptation. Unfortunately my wallet is really hurting after my last haul... but this will definitely be the first thing I buy next time I'm shopping.

  34. hope they have a sample on this.... i so want to try this product!!

  35. hello ..nice post jun,^^
    i'm waiting next your post!


  36. Awesome review :) I have had my eyes on this original essence for a while now, but the fact that alcohol is one of the top three ingredients in this product is kind of off- putting. I've heard a lot about the 'pro- aging' and drying effects of alcohol on skin and I would like to ask you whether it is worth forgoing a product because of its alcohol content, and whether I should concern myself over the long term effects of using products containing alcohol.
    It would be amazing to hear your thoughts on this rankling issue :)

  37. Hey :) Thank you for your wonderfully detailed review on the product. I'd been hesitating on whether to purchase this for the longest time and your review made me very convinced I SHOULD get it :) I would just like to ask though, is the effect of the product lasting even after discontinued use? I hope that the fading of spots and tightening of pores is permanent as I would not like to keep purchasing this product in order to maintain my skin tone. Hope you reply soon. Thanks xx

  38. Also, just another quick question, does this essence help to fade dark spots made by acne/breakouts? Thanks and hope you reply soon xx

  39. Hello! Do you use Twitter? I'd like to follow
    you if that would be ok. I'm undoubtedly enjoying your
    blog and look forward to new updates.


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