Thursday, October 9, 2014

BLOG SALE (New Lancome, Urban Decay, Etude House, etc.)

Yo, hello.
So basically, I have way too much stuff. Too much excess. Too many "backups" that I purchased, that were never used... etc.
Way too many.

So this is your chance to grab the stuff! I'll be selling different things, from brands like Urban Decay, Lancome, Etude House, Nature Republic... etc.

All of the items are either BRAND SPANKING NEW, or used like... three times - MAXIMUM.

I am not selling anything that I personally would not buy.


- No refunds/exchanges.
- Paypal only.
- Payment must be received 24 hours after invoice.
- I am not responsible for breakage or damage after shipping the product to you. (I'll do my absolute best to make sure it doesn't, though. I'm good at that.)
- USA/Canadian residences only. 

- Serious buyers only.
- Prices are non-negotiatable. Do not haggle with me. #scaryvoice

How to buy

- You must have a Paypal account.

- When you're ready to buy, please leave a comment below or send me an email. (

Include the following information:

- Which items you wish to purchase:
- Paypal email address:
- Full name and Shipping address:

(If commenting, you can just put the top 2 information bits, - you can tell me your address in email.)

I will send out the invoice within 12 hours.
Payment must be received within 24 hours, or the item goes to the next person.

* DO NOT SEND PAYMENT BEFORE HEARING FROM ME. (Seriously though, who does that?)

After receiving payment and finalizing any last requests, I will send your package the same day/the next day. No later.



I am shipping from Toronto, Canada.
You pay for shipping.

Shipping will be $3-10, depending on the size/weight of the package (and distance it'll travel, I assume). I will try and quote you the shipping price as best as I can.

*Shipping charges not included in the prices listed below.
- Tracking available for extra charges.

Extra info

- Everything is 100% authentic. I don't EVER buy fake. If I planned to use it, I'm going to make sure I get the real deal. (All the "Can buy at Sephora" brands are bought from Sephora. No sketchy places.)

- Each purchase will come with a Korean cosmetic sample! (Samples are new and... fresh, obviously)
- It will also come with a handwritten "thank you" note and a sticker. (AHAHAHA sorry I'm bored T__T)
I'm so professional.

- NONE of these items were sponsored/press samples. Selling those would be... unethical, wouldn't it?

- Some of the items will not come with the box. I am a horrible person, and I always try to throw them out ASAP (I have no room for boxes, yo).

- Below, I'll be listing the blog sale items. UNDER THIS LIST will be the "constantly-updated" list of items, of what has been sold/still available.



Retail price: $64 CAN (Sephora)
Selling price: $40
Condition: Like new, I only swatched it to "ooh and ahh" over the colours. Never used on my eyelids.
- Comes with the brush, and mini primer. (Mini primer has been used, though. Probably around 80% full. If you don't want it, let me know and I won't include it.)
- No box
Reason for selling: I don't have time for eyeshadow AND I don't really wear it now anyways - but I cannot resist buying it. Do you feel my dilemma? The palette is absolutely gorgeous. You know it is.

Crisp and fresh, yo.


Retail price: $24 CAN (Sephora)
Selling price: $13
Condition: Brand spanking new. Did not use once. 100% full.
- No box
Reason for selling: I bought it with the Naked palette. I did not use said Naked palette. So, therefore, I did not get to use the primer. Isn't life funny?

That scratch under the "U"... I made that scratch RIGHT when I was about to take the picture. -___- ugh...


Retail price: $55 CAN each (Sephora)
Selling price: $30
Condition: BRAND, SPANKING NEW - never been touched. Never really been opened, either.
Reason for selling: My aunt brought way too many for us - and I don't wear eyeshadow anymore. I have a couple used ones (not listed in the blog sale), and they're pretty amazing. I use my personal "Bronze amour" palette for most of my circle lens reviews.
- No box (Okay - starting from now, I'm going to save all my boxes...)
- "Taupe craze" (x2!)
- "Bronze amour"
- "Dancing rose" (Spring 2014 collection, "French Ballerine") . Reviewed HERE.

Top 2 is "Taupe craze". Bottom left is "Bronze Amour". Bottom right is "Dancing rose"
Taupe craze
Taupe craze
Bronze amour (flash - colours look a little more saturated than normal here. Esp the highlighter.)
Bronze amour (Beside window)
Bronze amour (flash)

"Dancing rose" - Limited Edition. 
Dancing rose
Dancing rose (the "lid" colour looks a little smudged/touched in this picture, but I have no idea why. 


Retail price (on Jolse): Approximately $14 USD
Selling price: $8
- Comes with box
Reason for selling: I bought the "honey beige" as a backup, but never used it - I just stuck with my MUFE. I bought the "sand beige" because I thought I'd get darker in the summer, but... never did. So it stayed untouched.
- Honey beige W24 (My review here)
- Sand beige W15


Retail price (on Jolse): Approximately $10 USD
Selling price: $6
Condition: BRAND, SPANKING NEW. Never even felt the air, yo. Never been opened. #FRESH.
- Comes with box
Reason for selling: Do you know how many of these I have? A lot. And I have a lot more Essies and OPIs. I cannot handle the mountain of nail polish. It's suffocating me. I kid you not, they used to call me "the nail polish goddess" in high school (jk), and I used to bring my Essies to class. My girlies and I would just do our nails in accounting 101. THOSE WERE THE DAYS.
- #7, "Peach Crush"
- #2, "Kiss of Fire"

#7, Peach Crush
#2, Kiss of Fire
Size comparison. (Beauty blender is in its original "pre-soaked" state)

Retail price: $30 (E.L.F.) USD
Selling price: $15
Condition: 10 of the brushes have never been used - never been pulled out of their sleeves. However, the "small smudge brush" has been used once (when I left my Tonymoly brush at my Cousin's).
Reason for selling: Bought it myself, but didn't use. I should have known - I only use my Beauty Blender (too lazy to use anything else).

The 3 pictures above were taken when I first bought them - they're in the exact same state. (Other than the small smudge brush, which was used once.)

Retail price: $40 (Sephora) CAN
Selling price: $26
Condition: Used 3 times, but barely used any product. 95% full.
- No box (...I have now learned to keep all my boxes...)
Reason for selling: I recently bought this at one of the Sephoras in NYC (was not an online purchase). It cost me a hefty $40 (Or something, don't remember an American price if there were any), but I have at least 6 cleansers in my shower caddy alone - I couldn't give it any attention. Sorry, Dr. Jart. :(

[CURRENTLY SOLD/UNSOLD] - Sold items will be crossed out
In Canadian dollars, yo.

1. Urban Decay Naked Palette ($40)
2. Urban Decay Primer Potion ($13)
3. Lancome colour design 5 shadow palette and liner ($30)
- Taupe craze
- Taupe craze
- Bronze amour
- Dancing rose 
4. Etude House BB cream ($8)
- Honey beige
- Sand beige
5. Etude House juicy cocktail gradation nails ($6)
- #7, Peach crush 
- #2, Kiss of fire
6. ELF 11 piece brush set ($15)
7. Dr. Jart Pore minish cleansing bubble ($26)

Thanks. :)
Purchases will go to a decent cause (aka, feeding me. I need lunch money... sob.)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fall favourites 2014! (Beauty stuff)

I know I said I was "back from the dead" (In July), and... clearly I was still dead. But hi!

I've been on this Pocky craze lately. I'm a Pocky fiend in general, but I just went insane this summer and found myself regularly at H-mart for my Pocky fix. I am/was a monster.
I probably gained a bit of weight from all that... sob...

A few weeks ago, I went to H-mart and just went psycho. I bought like... 6 or 7 boxes, all different Pocky flavours.
The total bill was like... $21? The H-mart lady was all "o____o" when she rang me up, lol.

Yes, I am a girl who drops $21 on Pocky alone.
I am definitely a psycho.

Anyways - one of the flavours I bought was this "Rum and Raisin" one.

- Never, ever, ever buy "Rum and Raisin" Pocky. Never. It is made for the sole purpose to make you barf your brains out. 


I showed my friends before I tried it, and I was all happy and excited. They were like "....why would you...omg."
My friends, how wise y'all are!!

I ate half a stick, and was all like "nope. nope." and shoved it to the back of my desk drawer, beside my tablet and my pencils (and a few random false eyelashes... because I'm messy and crazy like that.)
It is death. 
On a stick. 

So... I completely missed the summer blogging season. LOL. 

I'm back with a "Fall favourites" post - I've never done one before, mostly because... I don't know.

But behold -- I have gathered a few favourites that are proven to be very worthy of a mention!!!
I name this "fall favourites", because these are the products I have been using most, and I know I'll use it religiously for fall season.

1. Make Up For Ever (MUFE) Artist Liner (Shade: M-10)
2. Urban Decay Naked Flushed palette
3. Dior Lip Glow
4. Etude House Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails (#5, "Princess Mary")
5. D.U.P False Eyelashes Brown Mix Secret Line (No. 923)

1. Make Up For Ever 
- Artist Liner (Shade: M-10)

"The New MUFE Artist Liner is a twist-up, gliding eye pencil that delivers intense colour payoff to let you unleash your inner artist!"

This is one of my all time favourite liners to use lately - the colour itself is pretty damn pigmented and is an intense black colour. It's very versatile - you can use it for a simple, everyday line... or you can do a smokey eye effect as well. :)
IT'S SO SMOOTH. Not even joking - it glides on my skin like butter.

It's butter, but kinda also like iron. When it sets, it lasts a really, really, really long time. You'll need a good remover to remove this.

Though I currently have the shade "M-10", I'll be picking this up in a brown colour as well. (Either shade M-50 or M-60... or... both...) I use brown more often anyways, but thought that the black colour would be cool to use during the fall-winter season. It costs $23CAN at Sephora.

It comes in 15 different colours and 5 different finishes... and tbh... I'm probably gonna pick up more than just a brown. Maybe a green colour? Blue? Purple? Hehe.

2. Urban Decay
- Naked Flushed palette 

Another one of my favourites - this is Urban Decay's Naked Flushed palette. It is very, very pretty. I think 3 colours go pretty decently with my skin. I use the bronzer and blush the most. I hardly find myself reaching for the highlighter part, but that's only because I don't really wear highlighter anyways.
If you've seen my circle lens reviews, I'm pretty much always wearing this in my pictures.

The packaging is good - very travel friendly, but still has a generous amount of product and a decently sized mirror.

I'll buy it again and again. (There are now a few more versions of the flushed palette now: "Native", "Streak" and "Strip")
It's $35 CAN at Sephora.

3. Dior
- Lip Glow (Colour reviver balm)

I got this as a gift. Just saying. I don't often drop a hefty $35 for a lip balm. 

I'm very glad I have it, though. To be honest... I don't know why, but it's one of my favourite lip products. It just basically "enhances my natural lip colour" while moisturizing and protecting my lips as well.

It's definitely expensive (basically overpriced...). I don't think the "special unique shade" really "lasts all day". It lasts for a bit, but I do like the sheeny colour it gives my lips. After a short while, its gone.
...Until I swipe it on my lips again, that is.

Don't know why I like it so much, but I do.
It's weird.

One of life's "wtf????" stuff, I guess.

4. Etude House  
- Juicy Cocktail #5, "Princess Mary"

It's just so pretty. The colour is so rich and... yaaaaa. I love it for the fall season. It's so sparkly and UGH. I LOVE.

The only thing that holds me back from wearing this 24/7 is the glitter. I have both a passion and a fear of glitter/sparkle polishes because they take forever to remove.

I ordered the Innisfree peel-off base coat, though. So my nail life should be amaaaaaazing quite soon.

I love this nail set.
You use the 3 colours to make a pretty gradient nail - the bottles are labelled 1, 2 and 3 (in order of what you should use first, and directions come in the packaging.) The chunky sparkles go at the tip of the nail~

It's like having pieces of gold and fairy dust on your fingers. You feel me?
Everyone likes having gold-and-fairy-dusted fingers.

5. D.U.P
- False eyelashes (No. 923)

A month ago, I was walking down the street with a friend. It was like 10pm or something. I stopped by this random asian cosmetics store. I had the sudden urge to buy falsies, you see.

After 5 minutes of looking around, my friend goes all, "yo these are cute". And she holds up these.

As with most Japanese lashes, they are pricey - $22 for 2 pairs. 
But they are amazing.
I bought them (odd, because I never listen to said friend's advice on beauty stuff) and I am SO SO SO HAPPY I DID.
Thank you, friend!

2 weeks later, I went online and bought 8 more pairs. I'm not even joking. (They're a bit cheaper online, so... I went crazy.)

They're so natural and fluttery and feathery. I LOVE. They're really good quality as well! I can very easily get multiple uses out of a pair.

I used to love Dolly wink eyelashes because I thought they were the best. Now, I don't even look at my DWs. My new eyelash bae is D.U.P, yo~~~~~~~~~

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

So - that was a pretty long post.

What are your fall favourites?
- Do you use any of these products? Heard of them before? 

Tell me????????? Tell me??????

Random side note: As I'm typing this, I'm also looking at this asian food grocery site.
Yes, I am trying to buy Pocky online. I really do have issues...
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