Friday, January 31, 2014

[Review] Mizon honey black sugar scrub

My first review in 2014! (I know...)
I haven't been that great with keeping up with my blog, but after all the holidays and a month of lazying around, I'll be writing up a storm now! Yes?

If you live in Toronto, you know how cold it's been lately (or anywhere nearby, really). My face is really sensitive in the wintertime, and I'm terrified about being outside for too long. My skin actually burns. Ice burn? Cold burn? 

Not sure what it's called exactly, but its red and hella painful for a good week or two. When I have a cold-burn and wash, tone or moisturize my face... it blinds me for a few seconds because of the shearing pain.
I kid you not. 
(Have you guys ever experienced this too? Or is it just me and my freaky skin?)

Anyways, the wintertime calls for some serious skin-pampering. I need me my skin stuff.

I'll be reviewing Mizon's "honey black sugar scrub" today for y'all. Featured in my September haul, I've had this product for quite awhile now. (My brother bought it for me. Thanks Dan.)


I'm sure most of you have heard of Skinfood's black sugar scrub. This is basically the same thing, but the Mizon brand. Mizon's well known for their snail products (i.e. snail repair cream). Other than the snail cream, I haven't tried too many Mizon products.

"Mild exfoliation with natural sugar and rich skin nourishing with honey. Experience smooth, radiant skin immediately."
(*NOTE: Some of the jars have a different description underneath the "Special Therapy Honey Black Sugar Scrub". I'm pretty sure this one is the newer version, though the product is exactly the same.)

The scrub comes in a little plastic jar, and no spatula is included. When you twist open the jar, a thin, plastic cover covers the product from air exposure or spillage.

- 90g of product

- Approximately $13 on eBay
This is a tad more expensive than Skinfood's sugar scrub, which sells for approximately $10 (eBay). If you're looking to buy this particular scrub, I'd recommend eBay's Korean sellers.

Product claims
- Complete removal of dead skin cells
- Clears blackheads and whiteheads
- Controls excess sebum 
- Moisturizes and softens skin texture (Olive oil, grape seed oil, meadow foam seed oil, sunflower seed oil)
- 35% black sugar powder

Scent, texture, etc. 
When I first opened it, I was like "OMG. ". It smells absolutely amazing, so sweet and tasty...smelling... ya.
It smells like Pepsi. I personally don't like excessive fragrance in skincare, but omg I like this.

The product itself looks basically like the Skinfood sugar scrub - dark brown, with visible sugar grains. Texture is exactly what you'd expect from a sugar scrub. Grainy and slippery. I actually found it surprisingly hard to scoop a good amount with my fingers.


If you've never tried a sugar scrub like this before - basically, it feels like a "St.Ives apricot scrub", but slightly bigger and rounder grains. (With the St.Ives, you can feel the jagged edges of the apricot - you only feel round beads with Mizon's scrub.)

There are lots of grainy sugary stuff in here! It feels pretty exfoliating when you apply it to your face.
It does feel a little "waxy" though.


I've never used the Skinfood sugar scrub, but I can safely say that Skinfood and Mizon's sugar scrubs are basically the same thing. If you're happy with your Skinfood, you'd probably be happy with this.

The biggest issue I found with this product? 
It takes FOREVER to wash off. Forever and a half.
It doesn't sound like a big deal, but seriously. The waxy and oily feeling on my face... it was a struggle to get rid of. I have to wash and scrub my face for a good 10 minutes to get the feeling off.

But after The Struggle, my skin is super duper soft. You think a baby's butt is the softest, smoothest thing in the world?
My friend... you are horribly wrong.

It's yo face after using this product!

Skin improvements?

I think Mizon's scrub really does exfoliate your face effectively - my face is incredibly soft and smooth after using it. Honestly, the 10 minutes of hardcore washing is bothersome (and not too great for the skin), but I like to use this once in a while to get that super duper softness.
If I'm not feeling lazy. 

As for its blackhead/whitehead clearing claims... nope, doesn't do anything about those.
Straight up - I still have my blackheads here and there. For the blackhead/whitehead clearing claims, they don't own up.

Repurchase? Final thoughts.

I will not repurchase this again. Mizon scrub - thanks for making my skin so soft, but that's all you're really good for. I'm looking for something that can exfoliate my skin, but also clears blackheads and actually makes my skin better.
(As opposed to simply just making it soft)

For $13, I could've gotten (or put money towards) skincare that really helps my face. To make it softer, smoother and clears the problem areas that I have.

You might like this product if you:
- Have dry skin
- Flaky skin
- Having smooth, soft, moisturized skin is most important for you (as opposed to having all that, and clearing acne)

Otherwise... I'd skip this.
Like so many skincare products out there - it's not horribly bad, but there's always something better (and for a similar price).

What about you?
Have you used a sugar scrub before? Skinfood? Mizon? 
What's your favourite exfoliator? Do you use peeling gels or scrubs? (Or something else?)

Disclaimer: This product is not sponsored. My opinion cannot be bought.

Friday, January 3, 2014

What I got for Christmas 2013 (+Giveaway winners)

So... Christmas was 7ish days ago. This is definitely a late post, but really - when have I ever been on time for anything? ;o; Eeep.

I hope you guys had a great Christmas (or if you don't celebrate it, a happy and restful winter)! I'm just dreading the day when I have to go out and trudge my way to school again. 
So FWP, eh?

I was actually very, very lucky this year and received a lot of presents and love from my family. We went to Cabo for winter break, so I got to spend a lot of time with them and it was definitely nice to chill after being so crazed. 

Anyways, today I have a "What I got for Christmas 2013" post for you. These posts are honestly so popular and everyone does them, and I also have a personal addiction to reading/viewing them, heh. I'm just generally a really nosey person in general. You too? 

Let's get on to it! 
(Giveaway winners will be at the bottom of the post) 

MUFE HD foundation, shade n120 
One of my aunts gave me some money to buy myself a MUFE HD foundation, so thank you! My other bottle was getting a bit too old, so yee. This is the shade N120, and the only foundation that I really, really, really like. 

Thanks to my brother, who got me this Clarisonic Mia. I had really been wanting to try one, and my skin's been being "meh" these days thanks to the Winter weather. I've used it once so far, and its so... interesting! o__o 
I like the feeling of an oversized electric toothbrush on my forehead, yes. 

(By the way, sorry that some of the pictures look too dark and gross. It's next to impossible to get good lightning for me these days. T__T)

Next up - a Marc Jacobs perfume!
This is the Daisy eau so fresh one. I don't wear perfume and I used to find it way too much of a hassle to remember to wear it, but omg. I love this so much. ;o; I luuuuurve it. 

When I was opening this, I thought it was the pale yellow one, but bam. It was the "Fresh" version! They smell exactly the same through, but I like this one better now, hehe. 8D It comes in a big bottle (4.25oz), so I know it'll last forever and a half. It smells fresh and flowery, but not "old lady". 
Me likey. 

From my grandparents (mom's side) I got this notebook! I absolutely love this special, special present. When I was a baby, I used to spend the most time with my grandparents while my parents were at work. I'm quite close to them. 

I remember walking home (aka grandparents house) from kindergarden with my older cousins, and we used to chase and corner the chipmunks near their house. 
They were terrified; and we were delighted by their terror. #meanchildren

My grandparents had a huge backyard, so in the wintertime we used to rush out and make snowmen. We used my grandpa's golf clubs as the snowman's arms. They were long. 
...random memories, yeah. 

In the notebook, my grandma wrote a letter to us (she gave a notebook to each of her grandchildren), and my grandpa was the one who typed it out on the computer.
I love them so much, man. I'm telling ya. 

I have an obsession with Forever21 socks - they're so cheap, but ARGH they're so adorable. Why are they so adorable? F21 has a huge selection of these socks, and I kid you not - whenever I go to the mall, I always end up picking a new sock. 

One of my cousins, Joy, got me a whole hoopla of them... plus 3 mini candles from Bath and Body Works! The socks are absolutely adorable. The burger and the fries... rainbow stripes... owls... meow cats... anchors... and fuzzy sleepy socks! SOCKS SOCKS SOCKS. 

My dad got me this pretty Tiffany and Co. necklace for Christmas. I had really been wanting this specific necklace for the longest time; I had stalked it on the store website for months, just to look at it... lol. 

My dad's a person who has absolutely no interest in fancy shmancy stuff, hates wasting money on fancy shamancy stuff, and hates buying new stuff. (Ex: I had been looking to buy a watch lately, and he's like "what do you need a new watch for? You have that red Roots watch."
...I got that watch in 3rd grade. And it's kinda broken... o.o

So it was a surprise that he'd actually get me this necklace. He handed it to me and said in his usual gruff way (in Korean) "be healthy", lol. 
Gotta love my pops. 

This year was definitely a strangely surprisingly nice Christmas. My dad was on a curious roll. He always grumbled about the $10 aviators I wore all the time, going all "your eyes are going to get bad". So when we were flying back to Toronto, he picked up these Ray Ban aviators for me as a Christmas present. 
(I'm not sure what the exact model name is, sorry about that! I'll edit this post when I get back home to see.)

I really, really like these sunglasses a lot, and now my dad and I can be sunglass twinsiiiiiees! ^o^ (He has an old pair he got a long, long time ago... when he was my age or something.)

For Christmas, my mom got me a new backpack! I had really needed a backpack for the longest time, but I never went around getting it. I had been lugging around those huge Longchamp bags to school, and let me tell you - that's a perfect way to screw up your arm. It kills. 

My mom didn't like those 2 strap Herschel backpacks, thinking that it looked childish, and she liked this plain one, heh. Thanks, ma! I'll be a jolly good studious student with this backpack~

I'm sure I'm not alone, but I LOVE getting new school supplies. 

So I'm super excited with this and packing it up already haha (school doesn't start for another week and a half or something). 

My mom also got me a pair of leather Sam Edelman boots, but I haven't been able to picture of them. (It's kind of difficult to go home lately, so yeah.)

Taaddaaa, I got a new watch! 
As mentioned before, I've been looking for a watch for a long time. People had given me gift cards to stores throughout the year, so I gathered enough moolah to get a one for Christmas. This gold Michael Kors watch is so pretty, and I really like the simplicity of it. ^__^ 

I'm kinda terrified I'll break it or something, it's still in it's "new and shiney" state right now... heh. 

And lastly... an elf present from me to myself! Elf was having one of it's crazy sales (50% off) and there was free shipping with orders of $35+. So me and 2 other friends combined our orders. 

This is the first time I've ever actually owned an elf product for myself. The price itself was "OMG worthy". 

I bought: 
1. A brush holder ($15)
2. A brush set ($15)
3. A "Little black beauty book" 48 eyeshadow book ($6)
4. A tweezer ($1, not shown)

Honestly, the eyeshadows are a little "meh". 
But because there are so many colours and because it was cheap, this will be awesome for those "gonna eff up my face today!!!!111!!!!" days. (days to experiment with crazy looks, to play with, etc.)

Though it's pretty pricey, the brush holder is really nice! As far as I could tell, it's decent quality and feels really sturdy. 

The brush set... hm. It's okay. I haven't really used the brushes yet (I stick to my beauty blender), but just bought this set on impulse. It's not amazing, but I guess it does the job. $15 for a whole set is pretty good. 
(It does have a "polluted factory" smell, though. I can't stand that. Bleh.)

Well, that's that!
Other family members gave me money for Christmas, and I'll spend some of that on a future haul to share with you guys. ^_^ 
Though I wasn't able to show everything I got, I'm super happy to finally share this post with y'all!

Giveaway winners 
I'm sorry I wasn't able to announce the winners beforehand, but here they are: congrats, guys! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Surprise winners!
While the giveaway was going on, it got me thinking: because this is a raffle giveaway, it's not garunteed that my actual readers will win my giveaway. Someone random could just pop in, enter a quick entry, and win - and loyal readers (who read, comment, etc.) are left with a lesser chance of winning.

In addition to the 2 winners of the "1000" giveaway palooza, I'll be gifting 2 more people! Though the prize isn't as large as the original ones, you'll be getting some of the same stuff! I hope it shows how much I appreciate your support and love. ^_^ (And your lovely comments, teeheeheebedeehee)

The 2 "surprise" winners are: 
- Anna (; Tonymoly "blackhead out oil gel" egg + sheet masks
- Wai K. (; Tonymoly bunny mist + sheet masks

Thank you guys for always commenting nice stuff on here, and just generally being 2 awesome people. 
I'm actually really genuinely happy that I met you guys, and hope that we'll all blog and be happy together for as long as Blogspot exists bwahahhahaha. 

I'll be surprise-gifting people in the future as well - there's too many of you wonderful people out there! ;o;


What about you?
What'd you get for Christmas? (Clothes, electronics, makeup, etc?)
What'd you do for the winter break?

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