Friday, January 31, 2014

[Review] Mizon honey black sugar scrub

My first review in 2014! (I know...)
I haven't been that great with keeping up with my blog, but after all the holidays and a month of lazying around, I'll be writing up a storm now! Yes?

If you live in Toronto, you know how cold it's been lately (or anywhere nearby, really). My face is really sensitive in the wintertime, and I'm terrified about being outside for too long. My skin actually burns. Ice burn? Cold burn? 

Not sure what it's called exactly, but its red and hella painful for a good week or two. When I have a cold-burn and wash, tone or moisturize my face... it blinds me for a few seconds because of the shearing pain.
I kid you not. 
(Have you guys ever experienced this too? Or is it just me and my freaky skin?)

Anyways, the wintertime calls for some serious skin-pampering. I need me my skin stuff.

I'll be reviewing Mizon's "honey black sugar scrub" today for y'all. Featured in my September haul, I've had this product for quite awhile now. (My brother bought it for me. Thanks Dan.)


I'm sure most of you have heard of Skinfood's black sugar scrub. This is basically the same thing, but the Mizon brand. Mizon's well known for their snail products (i.e. snail repair cream). Other than the snail cream, I haven't tried too many Mizon products.

"Mild exfoliation with natural sugar and rich skin nourishing with honey. Experience smooth, radiant skin immediately."
(*NOTE: Some of the jars have a different description underneath the "Special Therapy Honey Black Sugar Scrub". I'm pretty sure this one is the newer version, though the product is exactly the same.)

The scrub comes in a little plastic jar, and no spatula is included. When you twist open the jar, a thin, plastic cover covers the product from air exposure or spillage.

- 90g of product

- Approximately $13 on eBay
This is a tad more expensive than Skinfood's sugar scrub, which sells for approximately $10 (eBay). If you're looking to buy this particular scrub, I'd recommend eBay's Korean sellers.

Product claims
- Complete removal of dead skin cells
- Clears blackheads and whiteheads
- Controls excess sebum 
- Moisturizes and softens skin texture (Olive oil, grape seed oil, meadow foam seed oil, sunflower seed oil)
- 35% black sugar powder

Scent, texture, etc. 
When I first opened it, I was like "OMG. ". It smells absolutely amazing, so sweet and tasty...smelling... ya.
It smells like Pepsi. I personally don't like excessive fragrance in skincare, but omg I like this.

The product itself looks basically like the Skinfood sugar scrub - dark brown, with visible sugar grains. Texture is exactly what you'd expect from a sugar scrub. Grainy and slippery. I actually found it surprisingly hard to scoop a good amount with my fingers.


If you've never tried a sugar scrub like this before - basically, it feels like a "St.Ives apricot scrub", but slightly bigger and rounder grains. (With the St.Ives, you can feel the jagged edges of the apricot - you only feel round beads with Mizon's scrub.)

There are lots of grainy sugary stuff in here! It feels pretty exfoliating when you apply it to your face.
It does feel a little "waxy" though.


I've never used the Skinfood sugar scrub, but I can safely say that Skinfood and Mizon's sugar scrubs are basically the same thing. If you're happy with your Skinfood, you'd probably be happy with this.

The biggest issue I found with this product? 
It takes FOREVER to wash off. Forever and a half.
It doesn't sound like a big deal, but seriously. The waxy and oily feeling on my face... it was a struggle to get rid of. I have to wash and scrub my face for a good 10 minutes to get the feeling off.

But after The Struggle, my skin is super duper soft. You think a baby's butt is the softest, smoothest thing in the world?
My friend... you are horribly wrong.

It's yo face after using this product!

Skin improvements?

I think Mizon's scrub really does exfoliate your face effectively - my face is incredibly soft and smooth after using it. Honestly, the 10 minutes of hardcore washing is bothersome (and not too great for the skin), but I like to use this once in a while to get that super duper softness.
If I'm not feeling lazy. 

As for its blackhead/whitehead clearing claims... nope, doesn't do anything about those.
Straight up - I still have my blackheads here and there. For the blackhead/whitehead clearing claims, they don't own up.

Repurchase? Final thoughts.

I will not repurchase this again. Mizon scrub - thanks for making my skin so soft, but that's all you're really good for. I'm looking for something that can exfoliate my skin, but also clears blackheads and actually makes my skin better.
(As opposed to simply just making it soft)

For $13, I could've gotten (or put money towards) skincare that really helps my face. To make it softer, smoother and clears the problem areas that I have.

You might like this product if you:
- Have dry skin
- Flaky skin
- Having smooth, soft, moisturized skin is most important for you (as opposed to having all that, and clearing acne)

Otherwise... I'd skip this.
Like so many skincare products out there - it's not horribly bad, but there's always something better (and for a similar price).

What about you?
Have you used a sugar scrub before? Skinfood? Mizon? 
What's your favourite exfoliator? Do you use peeling gels or scrubs? (Or something else?)

Disclaimer: This product is not sponsored. My opinion cannot be bought.


  1. I have my own homemade recipe for black sugar scrub (^___^)~* I know that sticky feeling after using a storebought one and yes, it takes forever to get rid off and my skin does not like that at all ^^ Thank you for your honest and helpful review! ♡ I was thinking of trying one of these, but in that case I rather stick to my own black sugar scrub (sometimes I'm just too lazy to mix it together and then I wish I had a premade one ^^")

  2. Juneeeeeeeeee!! I missed you and your posts <\3

    But thank you for the review! >.< I just can't use exfoliation products during the winter time... OTL I live in California too and I still just can't exfoliate my skin! I need to wait till it gets a tad bit warmer in the mornings, if not I need like a bunch of lotion. >.< it sucks you need to wash it off for a long time.. I like my skincare products to be quick and easy xD (wish it came with a spatula or something too!)

    But thanks for the review June! :D Hopefully you'll be able to blog moreeee~ <3

    Love, Aimee

  3. I want one as well. I want to try it :)

  4. I've been searching my entire life for a product that would make my skin soft while clearing the blackheads as well lol. It's probably non-existent or very very hard to find :( I'm currently in love with a peeling gel from Primera, a Korean natural brand. It's a really great product - I think I might do a review on it sometime soon :)

    xx Stella
    Giveaway on my blog!

  5. I really want to try it. My skin is dry, so maybe it would be good for me.
    Bai, Shiki

  6. I own the Skinfood Black Sugar Scrub (I was just using it some minutes ago XD) and I have to say, that I think that this one is a bit different. The Skinfood Srub is not so fluid looking like this one (perhaps because this one contains more oil/honey? I don't know). And the Skinfood scrub has a citrus scent to it. Also, it doesn't feel slippery or oily. I'll make a review next week I guess.
    The condition of your skin being sensitive to the cold sounds horrible. Hope your skin recovers soon.

  7. I live in Finland and I know what you mean by the cold burns. My hands are super dry because of the winter and whenever I apply hand cream (usually before I go to sleep) I can just imagine my skin screaming and it gets red and burns D::: I didn't know why because I've been using this same hand cream for ages and it hasn't done it earlier. But now it all makes sense :D

  8. Your hands are really hairy o.o

  9. I never tried anything from them but. I'm glad I saw this review. I'm planning on investing some money on Korean products during the year and a facial mask is one of the items I want to get (I'm thinking about that volcanic mask from innisfree)
    Thank you very much for the review!
    Take care*

  10. ahhh waxy oily feelilng, that would scare me cuz I have oily skin as is! thanks for the review. I'm always a big fan of skinfood and scrubs!

  11. Sugary products usually have similar problems ~~
    Thank you so much for the detailed review ^.^

  12. I've always wanted to try a sugar scrub. Just the thought of cleaning my face with sugar sounds like a fun idea am i right? haha~~ xoxox

  13. Haha. :P I like the idea of a super smooth face, but I'm so lazy with skincare that I'd give up after half washing it off.

  14. JUNEE YOU'RE BACK ! How long has it been? It felt like you haven't been blogging for a few hundred years lol.
    I never experienced that 'cold burn' in my face but on my hands or arms D: I feel you ;__; But it's probably from the cold weather leaving your skin super duper dry and making it crack. This sugar scrub sounds good and the baby skin feeling lures me ... but I need to pass here too. The volvanic clay mask sounds like a better product against blackheads >~< Thanks for this review and happy lunar new years ~~
    ps: LOL at the comment about your hands


  15. it look interesting, great review :)

  16. I love Skinfood Black Sugar Scrub, especially its scent :D But I can get the came results with homemade scrub (ground coffee+sugar+coconut oil) :D However, I am still tempted, with both Skinfood and Mizon mask as I love such scents (and Mizon's packaging is prettier than the Skinfood one :D) :D:D

  17. My skin is the same as yours! It's so sensitive in the winter time >.< Thank you for the review!!!

  18. My friend swears by Skinfood's scrub! Might have to try either that or this Mizon one!
    I make my own sugar scrub by mixing it with olive oil; a really cheap effective scrub but I may treat myself and indulgence one day :P

  19. I'm currently using a black sugar serum from Skinfood and I'm LOVING IT. <3 I really want to try the scurb as well; glad it's not as expensive as the serum. Hopefully, it's a little less waxy than this one! *^*
    Thank you for the review! <3

  20. I don't use any sugar scrub .w.
    Thanks for the review and thanks for your comment on my blog<3 I just followed you. Mind to followback?<3

  21. Too bad that it looks so good but not working in removing those blackhead/whiteheads..

  22. I have super dry skin because of a disease, so this sounds SUPER wonderful to me! *___* But I hate this waxy feeling on my face, it would make me super crazy >__<'

  23. I've used the Skinfood scrub a few times and it's nice, but doesn't do anything amazing. A scrub that smells like Pepsi though... I want it! Haha. PS I hope this doesn't seem like spam, but I made a Google+ community for people to share their posts about Asian cosmetics, so if that interests you please join! Linky-link:

  24. COLD DOES BURN lol. oh god, keep warm june. we are like, freezing our butts here. i did'nt even know what -30C was like until this year.
    this does sound simliar to the skin food which i've used but that one definitely washes off cleaner from the sounds of it.
    and also, keep in mind that exfoliatle /does/ help clear away blackheads since it sloughs off the dead skin which mixes with sebum to fill in your pores. you dont really need anything more special than that really :)
    A Beautiful Zen

  25. Ahhh, I really hope that your skin will return to its original state soon. Winter does no good for my skin either, I can't wait for it to pass so I can finally enjoy the weather without a winter jacket. :( As I was reading your review, it sounded so promising and I squealed when you mentioned that it smelled like Pepsi. *___* But what a shame that there's no visible changes in whitehead & blackheads! Thank you for your review June, but I think I'll skip this one as well. I'm quite lazy and I don't think I would include it in my own skincare routine since it takes over 10 mins to wash it off lol. xD

  26. I've never heard of cold burns but the weather where I live doesn't get cold enough for something like that to happen :o I hope it gets better! It sucks this takes such a long time to wash off ;; The search for a blackhead/whitehead remover continues XD

  27. WELL WELL WELL, LOOK WHO'S BACK ON THE BLOGOSPHERE. (But ugh, the cold does burn. Currently trying to figure out if wearing ski masks to school is appropriate without me looking like I'm about to shoot the whole place down...)

    MAYBE IT SMELLS LIKE PEPSI BECAUSE PEPSI IS FULL OF SUGAR AND THIS PRODUCT IS FULL OF SUGAR?? Could it be difficult to wash off because of the whole 'honey' thing?? (idk, honey is kinda sticky and difficult to wash off for me, so)
    Current favourite exfoliator is Kate Somerville's 'Exfolikate'. :3

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

  28. It's good to see you back again☺♥
    I absolutely love this scrub as I have dry skin♥ Nice review ☺

  29. I have a really dry nose and oil face, so I can't wait to try this on my nose! Thank you for the post! :)

  30. Sounds very high maintenance :P

  31. I personally look for more than a smoothing soothing scrub as well. I also want one that really exfoliates and purifies my skin. So I'll pass on this one. But I am kind of intrigued by the cola smell though :-)

  32. I have almost the same product like u
    Freeman black sugar and charcoal might be a better product without giving you oily feeling after wash

    would you like to follow each other to keep in touch?
    Please, let me know! ;)

  33. just dropping by, i was looking at this product in online stores but decided not to get it anymore after reading this post. thanks!! ^^

  34. Excellent review! I have sensitive skin and I've been experiencing the same thing "cold burn". It's not a good feeling. My skin has also been really dry. Waxy is NOT good! That's horrible. I've only tried the Skin Food Body Scrub and I liked it. Here's the link, if you would like to read it. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I love yours and I'm following you via bloglovin.

  35. Kind of love homemade scrubs now - they tend to do it better than anything else! Some oats and honey! Does the trick :) Plus a deep cleanser - I just wrote a blog post about the Clarisonic because I swear nothing else has ever cleaned my skin so well or gotten rid of my problem breakouts (my skin still thinks i'm 16, I'm really not!)

    Maybe this product is good when you've got lots of time on your hands and need a good exfoliate! :)
    Love your blog, thanks for your comment too x

    alice x

  36. love this. so much<3 the little moving icons are so cute! xx Peach

  37. I use this exfoliator from st.ives with peach apricot or something. I bought it on sale for like $5 at shoppers drugmart, lol. It works great and I think it cleans my face pretty well and leaves it pretty soft after I wash it too. =)

    I totally know what you mean about the cold weather in Toronto. (I live in Toronto too) I'm sooooo tired of the cold and snowing weather. Can't wait until spring, omg!

  38. It looks like pudding or chocolate cream. :3 Skinfood is overpriced here in Manila, so I don't really buy their products. This one from Mizon is interesting! Now if only I could get my hands on this brand. ;)

  39. Heyyy. Thank you for dropping by at my photography's blog. I'm so shyy. Haha.

    By the way, I don't chance yet to try scrub because lack of money. But, I would like to try on the sugar scrub. Its look yummy. Hehe

    Greetings from Malaysia.

    P/s: Will try to post on English :)

  40. Whoa, I've never seen a sugar scrub this dark! I make my own with raw sugar and coconut oil, but this looks like a great substitute if I'm too lazy to make mine haha thank you for sharing!

    Win a one-of-a-kind flower crown from CrownedByFlowers by entering my international giveaway!

    Pop by and visit my blog Taken By Surprise! xx

  41. I have a few Mizon products, but haven't used any skin care items. I do like and have used Origins Modern Friction. I've used it for a few years and I like using it once or twice a week. It's pretty good with the polishing effect, and smoothing the skin, but does not do anything for blackheads. I haven't found anything that helps with blackheads yet. Still on the hunt! Nice review as always June! <3

  42. Thanks for the thoroughly honest review. I'd love to find an exfoliator that's also great for acne and brightening up my seems as though this one wouldn't be anything new if all it does is soften.


    <a href=">Another Beautiful Thing </a>

  43. I have tried one Mizon product before- the snail gel cream and it work amazingly! Maybe if you are look for a scrub that exfoliates your skin and clean your blackheads you can try Skinfood's Black sugar scrub!

  44. Hey hey! I think you can try washing off with lukewarm water, it helps to remove these residue much more effectively! I do that with my Skinfood Scrub and any masks pack that requires wash off ^_^ And I think this really looks similar to the Skinfood one I own! Hehe should work the same ~ =D

  45. Thanks for this informative review! I have never heard of Mizon, are they korean as well? I have to say based on your review I would not purchase it either, but reviews are great for this reason too, as I will not make the mistake of purchasing this!

    rae at lovefromberlin

  46. I use it too and for me it does help with blackheads :) Anyways, I like changing exfoliators every now and then and I usually use three interchangeably :))

  47. I actually bought this product after reading your review, my skin was very dry but this really does work, I can see that my skin has improved.

  48. UHM. This is perfect for my flakes! I wish we were roommates so I could raid your Mizon scrub and you can try my Camaru Amazonian Clay Mask :(
    Beauty By Tellie

  49. Awh, such a shame it takes forever to wash off! I hate when scrubs have that - it makes my arms sore, hahaha. Great review, dear :) xoxo

  50. Thanks for the review

    恵美より ♥

  51. I've pretty much given up trying to find a scrub that actually helps clear blackheads, nothing I've tried so far (and I've tried a lot) works. The only thing that comes close is the Borghese mud mask for me. I do like the scent description of this product though, and I can always use some baby-butt-soft skin :D Thanks for the review!

  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. aahaha June!! your bro is so sweet buying stuff for you!
    Now I'm confused if I should buy this or not!!
    the softtt skin is so tempting~~ but the waxy and hard-to-wash-off is making me think ヽ(* ≧ ω ≦)ノ
    always love your reviews~
    xxox Charmainee

  54. Thanks for reviewing this product dear!
    I'm using Clarins Gentle Refiner to exfoliate my face. I've never tried Mizon nor Skinfood sugar scrub. Might want to give it a try :D

    MITCH | Click to join OhDearBumblebees' Giveaway~*

  55. Love your reviews <3

  56. Oh I've been looking for a honey exfoliator lately... but it's sad this doesn't really SCRUB! I had this other "scrub" that also only made my skin soft but I felt like it did nothing to my face except tighten my pores. How useless, haha.


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