Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Back from the dead

Hey, everyone!
I'm basically back from the dead - the last "actual" post was back in March... jeez. When I loaft, I really do loaft.
By the way, my name is June. In case you forgot...
...have you forgotten?

Seriously speaking though, I wasn't in a position to sit down and post regularly until now. At one point, I temporarily took the blog down because I felt guilty seeing the same post over and over again on the top of the blog. LOL.
Anyways --- everything has calmed down, and I'm (kinda) back in time for the summer bloggy season! Nomsayin'?

It's been a long time since I posted... I feel kinda awks. Can you tell? It's like...

So. Welcome back to my blog, yo~


I didn't want to start of blogging straight with a review, because those can get a little boring at times. Like, do you really want to read me ramble about a product? Or do you want to listen to my random, fascinating adventures of life?
Please, say the latter. 
(I don't really have any fascinating life adventures, but let's pretend I do.)

If you follow me on Instagram/Twitter, I guess you still got updates here and there.
(Lol jk i barely update those too.)
(Lol i promise i'm not blatantly poking you to my social media i promise)

Speaking of Instagram and Twitter, it (totally smoothly) brings me over to my next topic of discussion!

Don't you hate it when you accidentally "like" something? 

I rage-tweet about this sometimes (yes, multiple times), because I have the incurable curse of the "chubby fingers". 
Or the "clumsy fingers".
Or the "clumsy brain". 
Or the "involuntary-double-tapping-of-the-middle-of-the-screen". 
Take what you will. 

Random story - I was Instagram-stalking one of my old, old crushes from back in the day. This is like, an 7-8th grade crush we're talking about. It was a random day of stalking.

And I come across this picture that he uploaded from like, longer-ish ago. It was a picture he took of a "Church of scientology", probably somewhere in downtown Toronto.
Caption (jokingly): Sunday service 

On top of insta-stalking a guy who I haven't talked to for years, I accidentally "like" that specific picture. (Out of the 50+ other pics he had)
Hello, please kill me now. 
I'm still cringing.

And you know that "____ has liked your picture!" notification that you get? 
Oh GOD. 

Commence 15 minutes of googling "does notification show up if your IG is private"
"How to hide notifications from yourself"
"How to make your IG private"
"How to change your IG username"
"How to delete IG account"
"How to live life after accidentally 'liking' IG pic"

And at that point, he probably already saw it. But wao, that was 15 min of sheer "ohgodohgod" until I got over it.
Anyways, yeah. That was my random story of the day.

Yeah, so back to blogging!
I'll probably start blogging beauty/makeup-related things soon enough, because... that is kinda basically what my blog is kinda about.
Skincare or makeup? Hmm.

So... this is basically a better update than last night's pansy-ass update.
(Like really, what was that?)


  1. Omgg hahahahah i totally feel you in that IG situation!
    It's so awkward when it happens over Facebook too :')
    Anyways glad to know your back June ^o^ Can't wait for your new posts !!


  2. welcome back :)


  3. Welcome back, and I know how you feel about this involuntry double tappingof the middle of the screen! It happens to me very often!
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

  4. I know the feelings when you accidentally "like" something. It's like life doesn't matter anymore. You just want to get rid of the notification :P

  5. reminds me of my primer Facebook stalking times

  6. Ah! How I missed you and your witty blogging posts~ ^_^ I'm seriously...so glad you are back from the dead, I missed you June! (And no, i didn't forget your name ;) And I seriously understand the whole 'accidentally liking' catastrophe... OTL (psh...who are we kidding, it's no accident, we're just fail stalkers). xD When I first got my instagram, I stalked...people... and it was not pretty when I went like to their first ever instagram post and liked their picture. =_= but well...at least their picture was nice? >.< But anyway, yesh! I am still happy you are back! And it's really nice just hearing (not really hearing...) your voice again June! Hehe <3

    Love, Aimee
    My Blog | Recent Blog Post - Born Pretty Store Haul

  7. hahaha loved that cute story of you and your crush's church pic. welcome back :) i was wondering why i havent seen updates on bloglovin from your blog.
    and to answer your Q, i think a mxture of review & lifestyle stuff is nice.

  8. i think you can unlike a pic if you like a pic accidentally and it won't show up on your notif. well idk really though bc this doesn't seem to happen a lot to me (well i only have 2 crushes since i was a baby and my current long crush is a social media n00b meaning is he doesn't have any social medias which is i guess a good thing.........................)


  9. Omfg I know how you feel LMAO. I don't think they get a notif if you unlike, unless they're actually looking at their instagram at that moment.

    But the worst is twitter LOL, because you can't escape if they have email notifications on... even if you unfavourite/unfollow. Like if you follow or favourite something by mistake, you're basically doomed. You don't even get the double tap, you just tap once somewhere on the screen and you're doomed. That happened with my ex LMAO, and I was like oh shit. I'm doomed. I'm a stalker, goodbye cruel world... And that is why I don't use twitter on my phone :c

  10. I've done that way too many times I stopped caring about it lol XD srsly tho, I kept liking pics I don't mean to like and kept disliking pics I want to like (so like... I tap on it too many times so I liked and disliked and liked and disliked it all over again lolololol).. and *GLOMPS* I missed you! YAY!

  11. I was reading your this post when major thing happens to me also! I also accidentally liked the photo of my crush from so long ago but still i have a crush on him ughhhh i don't want to remember that one!

    Visit my blog: www.sarahrizaga.blogspot.com

  12. So understand you in that IG situation! Lol
    Welcome back! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I will be sure to visit again :)

    MJ // www.littlepandacrafts.blogspot.com

  13. Yay welcome back! Summer is always a good time to pick up blogging again!
    I totally understand that feel in that IG situation, thankfully it hasn't occurred to me, but I am ever so conscious after hearing these social media "horror" stories. xD But it's ok I think everyone has some stalker tendencies once in a while hoho~ >w<

  14. What a funny story! Your blog is really cute, and I love the banner. (*≧▽≦)

  15. Ooomg I feel your pain in terms of awkward social media stalking, I've done more than my fair share of that .___.) But I think that unless he was looking at his phone at that exact moment he may not have seen any notification (or if his phone was on airplane mode or something). And if you unlike the post after you like it it doesn't show up on their notifications at all ^^' So hopefully he didn't see it! lol

  16. Welcome back! I found this story very amusing since not too long ago I was put in that same awkward moment. After stressing over for LONG time I just said "Don't unlike it, cause they should be happy you gave them a free like" XD

  17. Oh gosh, I feel you so much right now. I could never get over the embarrassment whenever that happens lol. Maybe the lesson behind it is not to stalk people's SNS or.. it's a sign that we need to become PRO so that this situation will not reoccur again. xD Anyway, it's lovely to have you back and I'm looking forward to your upcoming posts! :D xx

  18. That happens to me too. But I get over it quickly by thinking that at the end of the day, he would either just brush it off (which means he doesn't care) or he will react (which means he does care). Either way, I'm not on the losing end. Hahaha. #optimism


  19. That sucks with the instagram thing, I hate it when it happens! But glad that you are back, can't wait for more of your posts!


  20. Oh June I feel really stupid too when things like that happen!! Like I wish a hole could just pop up and I would be gone already.

    I like it when bloggers post things about their daily life and themselves, it's always interesting to me! Go write whatever you feel like sharing, June!

  21. Ahhh, it's something I do too often ;; I've accidentally followed people on twitter too that I knew in real life ;_; I think reading about your adventures would be really fun! Glad to see you back in the blogesphere :D

    I changed my url ^_^

  22. Haha, welcome back! I know exactly how you feel with the stalking... once I friend-requested someone who I was just creeping on. >_<; and they accepted!

  23. LMAO I'm so excited that you're even posting, even if they're pansy ass posts. I don't care, bring on the pansy ass! Also, on a serious note, I would love to hear what's going on in your amazingly-awesomely-busy-cool life! :D And also makeup and skincare reviews are always a plus, but I truly love reading pretty much anything that comes out of your fingers (via you typing on the keyboard.. was that awks? I bet it was awks.... awwwk-werrrrrrrd...) XD

  24. bwhahaha omg I totally feel you June!!!
    once I was also stalking some people from my school [ that i avoid interacting with lol ]
    and my mum was stalking with me and she started touchign my screen and liked the bloody photo!!
    akusgdasgd omg I died. the photo was.. ewww and mum liked it on my account.
    ahahah I can't wait to see you blog again~~
    xx Charmaine

    Charrmyn || Krystal F(x) Red Light Makeup Tutorial || Join My Giveaway

  25. Welcome back! xx


  26. You're back!!! I was wondering what happened to your blog (:yaaaay

  27. I'm glad you're back!!

    Welcome back my dear!! :)

    Xoxo & Hugs


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