Saturday, July 25, 2015

[July 2015] INSANE JULY HAUL (Innisfree, Cure, Dollywink, D.U.P, etc.)


For TOO LONG have I been gone, my buddies!!!! MY PALS!!~
Thank you for still being here, hahaha. I promise I won't leave for that long again! Phew~

Did you miss me? Ya, right? 

As in "yeah, you did, right?"
Not a "ya rite lol."

As I am writing this, I am eating a Tokyo Banana. I'm guessing you know what it is?

It's one of Japan's most popular snacks, and is apparently a #1 tourist souvenir thing.
It tastes so WEIRD... but I can't stop eating it omfg.

In the past couple of weeks, I have spent over $100 on these Japanese snacks.* Boxes of the Hangetsu crackers (!!!! SO GOOD!!!!) and some Tokyo Banana!
You have no idea LOL. Onomnomnomnom.
(*: For fam/friends, ofc! Not just mine!~~~~)

My friends are all "you're actually psycho".
You know, I've heard that a lot in the past couple of weeks. Nahahahhaa. 

I'm now called "the cracker lady".

If I'm whining about anything to my friends, they immediately go for the "well..... this wouldn't have happened if you hadn't bought your crackers" line. 

.....which is almost always true. 

Anyways - I come back to you with a gigantic skincare/cosmetics haul. I got these products this month, and many of these products are hauled straight from Korea and Japan!

I'll divide up the haul into sections. "Skincare", "Makeup/cosmetics" and "lol random".
(Because in every haul, there's always a WTF purchase.)

[Laneige, IOPE, Sulwhasoo, etc.]

Eee~ Lotte Duty Free offered up much duty-free goodies. Much yes. Much yay.

L to R: Laneige multi cleanser (foam cleanser), IOPE trouble clinic (foam cleanser), Laneige oil free cleanser, Laneige water sleeping pack

Laneige Multi Cleanser(s)
I actually bought 3 of them - I can't remember the exact price, but through the conversion (Won to CDN) and duty free, it ended up being around $20 each.
I pay around $28 for them in Toronto, so... yes. Got 3.
Need to wash face.
I use these in the night time - they have tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny little exfoliating beads. You can barely feel them. 

IOPE Trouble Solution Cleansing Foam 
I should have bought more of these. Darn it. I bought 1.
I use this in the morning - it has a slight peppermint scent. Cleanses well. It's actually a huge part of my daily skincare regime.

If you have acne-prone skin, oily skin, combination skin, or trouble skin --- try this out.
I don't get acne too much, but I had these horrible clogged pores on the side of my cheek for the longest time. I think this product might have helped to get rid of those.
(Tbh, along with several other products, so I have no idea what actually helped.)

Laneige oil-free cleansing liquid 
Didn't like this at first, I liked their moisture cleansing oil better (pink bottle). But the pink bottle was nowhere to be found. So I settled on this, because I didn't just want to waste $22 USD.
Eh, it's alright. Would buy again.

Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion (Medium Beige, #23)
Had this before, it's grown on me. I like it. It matches my skin colour a lot better than the other cushions out there.
I like this better the famous IOPE one, and the Laneige ones.

Got this at the duty free for $41 USD. Comes with refill.

I love, love the limited edition packaging!
It's so beautiful, so much beautifuller (hehe) than my original Sulwhasoo one (pictured above).

Laneige Water Bank Essence_EX (x2)
Duo package - I saved money!~

I love this essence. It's really nice, light, but still very moisturizing. Doesn't make my face sticky, I find that it's perfect for summer and winter season.
This set was $57 USD.

Laneige Bright Renew Plus (Serum and Cream)

They repackaged the "White renew plus" line to "Bright renew plus".
I was obsessed with getting brighter skin because I looked so... idk, DULL.
I already reviewed the serum on this blog, I really liked it.

Yay, I got a new serum, and yay for the cream! I've really been loving both.

Innisfree "It's Real" Mask sheets 

I got a lot of them. 10 are in each bundle (I think).
I used a couple tea tree, it's alright.

Dermal "Red Ginseng" Masks 

I don't even know how many I have.

I originally had 30 or 40 of them.
My friend bought these for me, because the Amazon seller didn't ship it directly to Toronto. :(

These are my ALL-TIME favourite masks.

Love, love, love!

Biore watery essence sunscreen

I am terrified of getting wrinkles!!! It's gonna happen, but oh gosh.
Pls no sun!!!

Sunscreen is good. Yes.

Nexcare Acne Patches
Because sometimes I get pimples. :(

These were picked up from Korea, at Olive Young. 1+1, oh yay.
I like these patches a lot more than the ones at The Face Shop. Those barely work, tbh... not on me, at least.

I'm gonna keep 1 sheet for myself, and 1 for le bff.
I'm so nice, right?????? :D

Sheseido "Perfect Whip" foam cleanser
This is a super popular cleanser - but it's so marked up here in Toronto... Meh.

My friend picked this up in Japan, and gave it to me. Arigato, lice-sama.
Where your vlog at?

Apparently they're like $3-4 in Japan? Wat.

It's Skin "Self Care Foot Peeling"
Y'all have probably tried some brand of the famous "foot peelings", but this is my first time. I still haven't used it, I'M SCARED. D:

Someone described the skin-peeling as "standing on top of mushy grass" 

Omg... not sure what to feel about this, but to be perfectly honest, I think I need it. My feet need it! Hoho.
I'll do a review on them, if y'all wanna see my mushy skin peeling off.


Cure Natural Aqua Peeling Gel(s)
Y'all already know The Amazing. 

Another product I've heard endless talk about. Everyone says it's absolutely amazing, etcetcetc.

The price was always the "nty" point for me. At approximately $45 a bottle, it's super expensive...
But in the end, I bought 1, and my friend bought me another.

CURE is basically an exfoliator and chemical peel. You put a good dollop on your face, and rub gently. It is said that people can see their dead skin peeling away, and rolling up into little balls.

Have you used cure? 
(Haha you probably have... I'm always very late at jumping the bandwagon.)

End of skincare stuff!!!!

[Dollywink, D.U.P, etc.]

Tbh, it's basically just eyelashes. 

Dollywink false eyelashes 
I got some of the famous dollywink falsies.
Y'all already know I've basically tried every single DW eyelash out there.

But I just had to stock up on these.

I got multiples of the #15, and one box of the #23!

The #15 is called "pure girl".
It's half lashes, so it fits the end-half of your eye. These are similar to DW #4 (I think it's called "feminine girl"?), but these are much more natural. Shorter, too.

When worn, these look barely noticeable. It just adds that extra "ump!!!!!!" to your eyes, in a subtle way. Lol.

Especially if you have short, asian lashes like I do.

Not sure about #23. Never tried this yet. Tbh, I just bought it out of impulse.


Will you ever understand my love for DUP?

TBH, these lashes were created from the eyelash pixies up in heaven and sent down on a rainbow of PURE 24K GOLD.

I used up the boxes I showed you last year (in this blog post), so... I BOUGHT MORE! :D

I just HAD to pick up these boxes of DUP. It'll last me... a while. I see it as an investment, yo.

But no seriously, these are so good. You need these in your life.

Update May 13, 2018: GOD, I'M STILL TRYING TO USE THESE UP. I USE THEM EVERYDAY. I still have more than half of the boxes.

We make money to spend it, right? 

Most of these boxes are my favourite, #923.
They have a mix of brown and black - so they look super natural. They're so soft, so wispy.

If you have anywhere from $12-25 (yo, markups are HIGH), do yourself a favour and buy a box. Please.
It is so amazing. pls pls pls.

Sailormoon eyeliner
I just bought this because - hello, SAILORMOON CUTIE MOON ROD. 
This was around $21 CAN.

I can just see it now.
I'll be on the TTC, trying to do my makeup on the train.

Everyone is just in their dead, morning states.


End of makeup stuff!!!!~~~~

The "lol random" stuff
Because it was neither "skincare" or "makeup", but still equally as essential to purchase. 

Sailormoon socks from Korea
Because I need the sailor scouts on my feet. 

My kind friend got me these in Korea. 
She had to legit look through sock vendor after sock vendor. 
Until she found it. 

Even then, 2 of the characters were missing (Mercury and Chibi), and STILL SHE LOOKED ON. 
All in the midst of the MERS scare.

What a pal rite???
Btw I awarded her efforts with crackers. So all is good!!!

Rohto eye drops
Because I need eye drops.

When you wear contacts, omg. These are life saving. 

They have that "minty fresh" feel, so it casually burns your eyeballs for a second. But in a really refreshing way. 

Also, I stupidly over-paid for that Lycée one. $$$$$.
Never again. Ugh. 
It's a good product, but so many stores in Toronto mark these up so high, it's ridiculous. 

Tonymoly hair tint 
Because I need to have green hair sometimes. 

It's hair tint. It comes in a little pan, and you basically just swipe your hair with it.

Repurchase? No. 
It's way too messy.

I only used the green one so far, but it's incredibly messy and difficult to use. Green dye was all over my clothes, my skin, MY FACE. 

Cheap, but too much work. 

omg, that's it. we're done.
that was a long post, right?
are you tired?

me too. 

do you think I spent my money wisely?
hell ya!~~~~~
okok. phew.
here is a candy for your efforts.

What about you?
What have you bought recently?


  1. Omg you got so many stuff LOL !!!! *ENVYYY* I love the face masks you got and please do a review on everything you got! I want to get the CURE too but maybe later >O< And the sunscreen you picked up I was also eyeing that c: Thank you for following me and commenting on my post!
    Jessie @ bijou-heart

  2. the socks are adorable!! and that banana looks so freaking tasty! gah i want one right now x

    Much Love | | Bloglovin' | Instagram

  3. I need those false eyelashes ! I love using dollywink, but I might have to try D.U.P now !
    Korean socks are so cute, I have one that has Big Bang's T.O.P's face on it, haha !


  4. love your hauls! i haven't tried the nexcare acne patches but most koreans are using it. ;;;
    anyways love love love your blog! definitely following you!


  5. OMG YOU ARE BAAAAAACK! Please to not ever leave me alone in this cold, lonely, and scary blogging world again? XD <3

    Cure, I STILL haven't bit the bullet and given into that temptation. I have Amazon Prime now and I could totally snag it with free 2-day shipping at like $35 USD, buuuuut T____T Is it worth the money (in any country) that you pay? Or is it an exfoliator that I can live without? D:

    That Sulwhasoo packaging tho.

    Them falsies tho too.

    SUUUUPER jelly of the Sailor Moon goodies you snagged; I seriously want to get the powder just because of the compact, but I'm thinking I need that eyeliner in my life, even if it's just once to get that little Moon Rod! And those moonie soooooocks!!!! <3

    That Rhoto freezy feel on my eyeballs, is heaveeeeeeen. I just have the regular one with the red cap that you can find at Target/Walmart. I wanna try the Lychee one. Like... how does that even work? IS IT A FLAVOR FOR YOU EYEBALL!? D: O__o

    I have been on the longest cosmetics spending ban of sorts; I haven't really "bought" anything new, aside from typical daily stuff that I use and go through often. I HAVE however purchased some new Korean brand items to try out; I recently snagged Nature Republics Aloe gel (best cooling moisturizer evar for these hot months >__<), decided to pick up The Darkness lash glue to see if it's worth some of the hype I've heard, and been digging some awesome Korean brand eyeliners. (I should post on that soon).

    Anyway. :3 :3 <3 ^_^ ^.~ Happy to see a post from yooouuu!

  6. welcome back!!! loving all the products you got ^_~

  7. omgg crazy haull >3< ..
    finally u r back, I've been waiting ur post for so long ^^

    damn envy youu >///////<, bunch of falses, and the socks are so cute

  8. omg!! so jealous of your japan haul items! And those eyelashes are also one of my faves!!! Definitely makes me miss japan so much!

  9. Great haul! I really wanna try out that Sulwhasoo cushion! Would love to hear your thoughts on it ;) Thanks for sharing <3

    Pastel Boulevard

  10. Great haul! The Sulwahsoo cushion case looks so pretty, I will have to try it out!

  11. Woah so much stuff *u*
    So jealous
    So much shisedo stuff... I need it all
    And that sailor moon eyelkiner looks incredible
    Yay you're back to posting! ^.^

  12. I missed you haha

    Tokyo banana look DELICIOUS!! <3 I never tried this >o<

    Their is so many products which look so nice! I always wanted to try Laneige products! And the cushion look really pretty >w<
    I love Sailor Moon products! It's so cute >w< Ha I want them too ToT
    And socks are kawaii =w= <3

    Hair tint is so funny to use! I love them too :33

  13. Wow there's so many cute goodies here! All the packaging is so pretty especially the Sulwahsoo cushion case omg!^0^ Thank you sharing and thank you so much for following hehe!~ xx

  14. SUCH A HUGE HAUL JUNE! I love the PERFECT WHIP! And OMG, the sulwhasoo limited ed packaging is such a beauty!

    Celly | Asian Beauty and Makeup Blog

  15. WELL WELL WELL, LOOK WHO'S BACK, FLAUNTING THEIR INSANE SPENDING HABITS WITH THEM. (Seriously, $150 on snacks?? GURL, DO YOU WANT TO BUY ME FOOD TOO? I work in Yorkville now, so y'now ;) /coughcough/) 100% would try that Tokyo Banana. Can't seem to find out where Meow Meow Boutique is located though?

    HOLY SHIT @ THOSE FALSIES. AND FACE MASKS. AND I'M GON' NEED THOSE SAILOR MOON SOCKS AND EYELINER. The Sulwhsoo compact is super pretty--looks kinda vintage-y and cla$$y as hell.

  16. You bought so many lashes--I thought they were photos from a store. (*≧▽≦) Amazing haul though! I really want to try some of those Laneige products now and the Dermal masks. The Sailor Moon eyeliner and socks are super adorable!

  17. Omg,, haul overload!!!
    Too many stuffs here, and my eyes are popping like hell when I saw them ^^

    HAve a great day hun!
    Anyway, I just followed you on Bloglovin and Twitter :)

    Jhem |

  18. Even if the Sailor Moon eyeliner doesn't work well or doesn't show up boldly, it deserves to be bought. I neeed that in my life (though I'd have to see if it's cruelty free). Very good haul, btw. Super impressive and great pictures. P.S. Meow Meow Boutique is a purrfect name! ♥

  19. Wowww what a haul! I just stumbled across your blog and I really love it. I really want to get the Lineige sleep pack and the Tokyo Banana looks great >//w//<

    Daisy | LittleKawaiiDaisy

  20. Now I regret that I did not buy Tokyo Banana when I was in Japan. :( I thought it looked so weird. Haha! Glad to know it tastes good. Oh my goodness.... this is such a huge haul. You bought so many masks from Innisfree. I've always wanted to try those. It's hard to get in my country 'cause we don't have a local shop here yet. And the packaging of Sulwhasoo.. so damn pretty! I like the floral design on its compact. I hope you review that one first. I heard a lot of good things about the Sailormoon eyeliner esp. from Kim Dao.

  21. wow that's one epic haul!! O_O+++ I tried tokyo banana before but couldn't get over how weird it tasted LOL. totally chuckled when you talked about whipping out the sailor moon eyeliner on the train. haha

  22. This is indeed an insane haul!!! These are a lot! Haha

    xo, Janine

  23. OH MY GOSH I AM SO JEALOUS OF ALL THE STUFF YOU BOUGHT. The LE compact is so cute, and yes indeed we make money to spend on things ;) Tokyo banana looks pretty weird haha, kinda like a giraffe and a banana had a baby.

    becky ♡ star violet

  24. Owh WOW, Jun-ie! That was such a long haul lol but I love all your hauls! I just bought the Laneige Water Bank Essence & so far I am lovin’ it. I would like to try 'The Cure'! Super keen!

    Hana | Bold Expression

  25. Amazing haul, so many interesting products! x

    The Belle Narrative

  26. That tokyo banana look's yummy! I can't blame you haha

    And damn lol you got so much stuff! :O
    I'm jelly! I wanna try those, i might buy them online though.
    Anyway, as always you're blog post are fun and helpful.
    Welcome back beautiful June x

  27. Juneeee <3 <3 <3
    So happy you're back into the blogging world T^T I've missed reading your posts so much! Girl i am so jealous of your haul right now especially the amount of lashes that you bought they look amazing T_T
    I can see you're a fan of Sailor moon, that eyeliner is SOCUTE! What's the wand thing next to it though!?
    The sailor scouts socks got me falling in love too hehe! Thanks for sharing this haul with us and hopefully you don't leave us again again on blogging hiatus >~<


  28. OMGGG june!! Those lashes look soooo nice omg where shall I buy them? D: omg all the skincare o-o I want LOL. I love your haul it's making me want to spend all my money again but I'll resist xD anyways, loveeeee this haul and blog post! btw do those acne things help? o: thanks :D xx lizzz

  29. omgg such a big haul!! I'm soo jelly >.< I really like your blog^^ Thank you for stopping by~
    The packaging of the perfect cushion looks soo lovely, everything is actually amazing. <3

    A C Y H O Z - blog

  30. Loved this haul and it was so cute to read with the adorable gifs too :')
    omg those giraffe snacks I AM SO INTRIGUED I CANNOT!!!!
    Such beautiful lashes you've stocked up on ^_^ I love the look of the half ones especially as they're easier to wear for newbies like me :P
    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe x

  31. Junee!!!! where have you been?!! haha great to see a post from you (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧
    oh!! I've seen so many people rave about tokyo bananas, but I haven't tried it yet! Is it a type of cake? or an actually banana thing?!
    The packaging for the suhwahso is pretty~
    WAH! So many masks & falsies!!
    xx Charmaine

    Charrmyn || Kara Cupid Inspired Makeup Tutorial

  32. I literally drool on everything you bought....Can't you share? winkeu ;D
    I've added a lot of things to my wishlist...this long and fantastic haul was a nice way to comeback <3

  33. OMG those Sailor Moon socks are The. Cutest. EVER.
    And thanks for the intro to Meowmeow Boutique. I'm going to check them out. And that weird banana haha :)

    xo Carbar

  34. Never get tired of scrolling down on a good haul post. LOL
    I spot some of my all time faves here. I love love the Biore sunscreen and the Shiseido FT cleanser. Have repurchased them many times!
    Also, the Sul Hwa Soo LE compact is just amazing! It is a higher-end than IOPE and Laneige and I'm tempted to try their color 17, but the herbal medicine scent is something else that makes me hesitate.

  35. So many goodies!! Bet that Tokyo banana thing was good :) I used to use Perfect Whip and loved Rohto's eye drops!! Awesome haul!

  36. Oh my gosh... That cushion has to be the prettiest cushion ever out in the market. Not even Etude House who's known for cute packaging can beat that. It looks so simple yet elegant! Really beautiful. It makes me want to try it. Love this post! Followed. :)
    Cindy C.

  37. Now this is what I call stocking :P
    I'm a huge fan of the Innisfree green tea sheet masks :3 they are just sooo good.
    Oh and liner is so pretty *-*

  38. The Cure Natural Aqua Gel is amaaazing. I totally bought two while I was in Hong Kong. I was circling around thinking about how ridiculous I was being for wanting to buy two, but I was glad I did it in the end because it's worth it! Love it.
    Those Sailor Moon socks are so cute. I'd buy them all, too. And that Sulwhasoo LE cushion is gorgeous! I'm serious; I want one. This is such a great haul!

  39. All those LASHES thoughhhh! You lucky gal!

  40. OMG I love everything you got!!! Tokyo Banana looks really good! :D And so much skincare. That Sailor Moon wand eyeliner is really fun and quirky to bring around. The socks though... we do really need sailor scouts on our feet. ♥ Hihi Lovely haul, June!

  41. GIRLLLL !!! I loveeee everything that you got (jealoussss!) hehehe wowww I use that Biore sunscreen tooo <3 <3 and super envious of the dollywink lashes you got *_* <3

    ♥ Lauren xx | laurlauu . beauty . fashion . life . blog

  42. I use the Cure Natural Aqua Gel and yass it is soo good. My mom uses the Perfect Whip cleanser and I heard she said it's really nice too :) Great haul you have there heheh~

    NICOLE'S NOTEBOOK - lifestyle, food, travel & beauty+

  43. What a beautiful thing *-*
    These cilia are super love <3

  44. hahaha "casually burns your eyeballs"

    Those Sailor Moon socks are just adorable!

  45. ahhh envious of your haul!! I have a few of those innisfree rice bran masks too. Would love to try iope some time!

    Macarons and Mischief

  46. ohemgeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tokyo banana nooooooo.. I'm so gonna spend all my money on tokyo banana and tokyo whatever, why does japan always have to be... why... *incoherentmutters* why... japan why...

    anyway, that sulwhasoo cushion is so pretty omgggggg... meeep meeep!!! I gotta find it somehow somewhere!

    andn oh oh oh ohohoh... those socks sailor moooooooooooon~~~~

  47. omgggg came across your blog and I absolutely love it! It's such a pretty and cute blog too! Looking forward to your future posts sweetie! <3

  48. what a great hauls ,oh my, you could make a makeup store for that lol!
    and yes you are spend your money wisely,see it is a perfect investment kkk! XD
    i just got back from Japan and it's true that the Shiseido perfect whip is insanely cheap,i have bought it too!
    D.U.P eyelashes are so appealing so i also grab two of them
    but the sailor moon eyeliner is kinda rare to see at makeup and drugstore her
    i dint get once instead i bought the sailor mercury one T^T
    anyway,new follower here and i love your blog!

  49. I want the Sailor Moon socks and eyeliner~! I'd never use the eyeliner, it's too cute <33

  50. omg! i'm so jealous right now! ugh! this is one hell of a haul! my top fave would be the iope and laniege. but oh well, i love em all! can't wait for your reviews! <3

  51. it's really insane! lol~ too muccchhhh and love them!

  52. OH MY WOWOWOWOW so much things! *___* such a lucky girl!
    I want Sailor Moon things too *-*

  53. Ahhh those have to be the cutest socks ever! I need them all in my life D: I'll have to look into those DUP eyelashes too since you seem to like them a whole lot hahah :{D

  54. Those socks are the absolutely cutest things >w< aww!!
    I'm in a serious need of cute socks... Wish I could find as adorable socks as those ones <3

  55. WOW. Amazing haul! Have you tried the Muji cleanser. If you aren't too impressed with the Laniege one I'll read more reviews about it. What other oil cleansers have you tried?


  56. Drooling over this haul!! I love Cure peeling of the best out there! I especially love the Sulwhasoo compact!! So beautiful :-)


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