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[Review] "Beauteque" BB bag! - August 2015

Hello guys, I'm back with a review - this time, it's on a company called "Beauteque" and it's "BB bags". 

I've said it before on my blog, but subscription boxes aren't really my "thing". A lot of my friends do, they love that stuff.

But uhm... $20 for a box can get me lunch/dinner/lots of Pocky. So going into this review, know that I have super high expectations HAHAA. I want to see value, I say!

Beauteque sent me a BB bag, and I'm here to give you all the details. 

I use "bag" and "box" interchangeably. 

What's a "BB Bag"?

It's a monthly subscription service that gives "at least 6 full sized luxury products". These can include skincare, makeup... and even jewelry!

Each BB bag has approximately $65-85 worth of products! You get a lot more than what you pay for.

There are a lot of different subscription options. Each of the options are prepaid.
- Month to month option, you're gonna be billed on the 15th.
- Subscribe after the 5th? You're going to get the next month's bag.
(If you subscribe on June 6th, you're not going to get the June BB bag. You'll get the July one.)

Easy peasy.

Can I choose what's in my BB bag?

You have some options.
On the 15th of every month, they will send you an email survey. Fill it out and you can have some option-power over your bag.
- Options: lotion scent, lipstick colour, perfume "flavour", etc.
- If you don't fill it out within the deadline, Beauteque will choose for you.


- Month to month = $24/month
- 3 Months = $24/Month
- 6 Months = $24/Month
- 12 Months = $22/Month
Shipping charges apply. 
Yo... I wrote "Month" so many times... it's starting to look weird to me. Does that happen to you too? I'm legitimately tripping out here.

Tip: Use coupon "JUNNIKU10" to get discount to get an additional gift in the bag!


Bags get shipped on the end of the 2nd week (of each month).
- Beauteque ships to: USA, Canada, Europe, Australia

August 2015 BB bag

This is such a pretty bag. Ugh. I would have loved it so much.
Unfortunately, they had put the info card on top of the bag, and in transit... I guess it imprinted onto it.

IT'S SO SAD. :( 

Not sure how any of the products here can be appropriately themed as "treasure" or anything nautical, or "under the sea" or even pirate...
But yeah!
I like the theme concept LOL... pretty cute. 

The information card gives you a brief about each of the items in the bag, and how to use. AWESOME.
They also give you a "value" for each item, so you know the approximate cost of the bag. 

= $71

Additional pictures 

-Han Aka V-Line chin patch 
-Botanical Choice "shiny and hydrating hair mask"
-Purederm "Clean & fresh apple peeling gel"

The Han aka V-line patch is actually curious... very curious. I heard from another person that they actually work, even though its for a limited time. WANT TO TRY. 
Purederm stuff... it's ok. I already tried the peeling gel, it's fine. The hair mask is an automatic give-away to Mr. Junniku. I hate using hair products other than shamp+condi. 

The SAEM "Cover perfection TIP concealer" 

I lost my two (2!!!!!!!) MUFE concealers, and... yo girl don't have enough $$ to buy another one. Ok? So I was concealer-less.
BUT THANK THE HEAVENS THIS WAS IN THE BAG. It's so good, so creamy... so... YES. It's an awesome concealer, and thankfully matches my colour. Will be buying a separate one of these in the future! YES. 
I had no idea this concealer was so popular, but whaaaaoow. Thank you for including this in the BB bag, Beauteque!!!!!!

Update: May 13, 2018 - YEARS LATER, I still love this concealer. Went to Korea last summer and stocked up. It's so cheap. 

Holika Holika "Wonder drawing" no smudge liquid eyeliner 

I can't use eyeliners like this to save my life. But I guess I can practise lol.

Mizon all in one snail repair cream (tube)

The famous Mizon snail cream - in a smaller tube format! I reviewed the cream already on my blog here, but I like this format better. Tubes are better than tubs!!!!!!! FOREVER.

Opalis "Best wish" facial oil blotting paper

Oil blotting sheets; comes in super sturdy packaging and it's really nice to use. Same quality as the Sephora collection papers, which... are like... $12? Or something. YAAASS.


If I were have to paid $24 for this box, I think it would be okay. 
I wouldn't be disappointed. 
I'd be pretty happy with my box right here. Happy enough to buy it again.

However, I have to say that the number of masks in this box disappointed me a bit - if I had paid for this box, I would have hoped for other products, preferably not masks. 
If I had wanted so many masks, I had probably gone with their "mask maven" subscription. 

When you see their "at least full sized luxury products!" I don't really think of masks as "full sized"... is it just me?

According to Beauteque, this box is worth $71.25.
The products' listed value is obviously overvalued at times (ahem, the Mizon snail repair cream), but still. Either way...
For $24, it's a pretty fair deal. Sweet.

The fact that they include popular products (Mizon snail cream, the Saem concealer) and a bunch of versatile products (eyeliner, everyone can use another black liquid liner)... 
for me, it's enough to overlook the previously mentioned cons. 

Pros (Why you should subscribe)
- Premium, good quality products
- Comes with at least 6 products 
- Always will be more than $24 retail value; you always get more 
- No 2 BB bags will be the same (month to month)
- Offers options for each bag
- Multiple subscription options (month to month, 3 months, 6 months, etc.)
- Fast customer service
- Company has transparency (they tell you exactly when to expect certain things; emails, surveys, shipping dates, etc.)
- Ships to multiple areas, not limited to North America

- Some products overvalued; so the box may be overvalued (still worth over $24, though)
- Too many masks in this bag (in particular)

Would I buy a BB bag? 

It's $24 for a bag - and you get enough items to make up for the cost! Because they include a lot of Korean products (which I always appreciate), I like it. 
Subscription boxes are a risk, but sometimes you gotta take a risk. How else will you find your next HG? 
Maybe it's in the next BB bag. ;) HEHEHE.

I know that personally, I'll be picking up the "The Saem" concealer. I tried it out thanks to Beauteque, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. 
Please try it!!! 

There's always going to be that ONE product I don't like in a box, but... I mean, I have friends. They can have it, hahahahaha. 

What about you?
Have you heard of Beauteque? Do you subscribe to any bags/boxes already? Do you like them?

Disclaimer: The products above were sent to me for review. All opinions are my own. My opinion cannot be bought.
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