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[Review] Berrisom OOPS! My lip tint pack SET (6 shades) - UPDATED 2018

This post has been updated as of March 18th, 2016. 

This post has been updated as of May 13, 2018. (Photobucket messed up my blog completely - years later, I am beginning to attempt to salvage it. lol.)

For the longest time, I was dead from asian beauty/makeup/cosmetics news. Basically, I was completely disconnected from ANYTHING.
I was a caveman.

But even within the underdepths of my caveman rock, I HEARD ABOUT THIS!!! The hype about the Berrisom lip tint packs were unreal. So many of my friends came back from Korea this summer raving about them.

"LIP TATTOO! PEEL OFF YOUR LIPS!!!" and interesting, all-caps statements like that. 

So many people were talking about this. Youtubers, GetItBeauty and my friends.

stare at this rainbow forever

The set was provided to me for review by 
For those of you who don't know, this is the same store as the previous "". They just rebranded.
They're known for their insanely low product prices. The shipping pretty much evens it out, but I'd recommend stopping by their store and checking if they have the stuff you need.

Description and Packaging 

Yeah, you might be asking, "what is this??????"
The OOPS! My Lip Tint packs are basically a "lip tattoo". Each colour comes in a 15g tube.

1. You apply the product directly on your lips. 
2. Wait 10 minutes. 
3. Peel it off.
4. You now have a tinted lip that will last FOREVER. 
(i.e., 12 hours.)

There are currently a total of 9 colours.
The set comes with 6. 

The OOPS! My Lip Tint Pack (OMLTP) has gotten so popular.
Berrisom (the company) actually patented the product. 
Meaning: Berrisom is the only company to produce this product. 
Meaning #2: Don't make unauthorized copies of this product. Or u go 2 jail. 

This product was featured in multiple magazines, the #1 bestseller in stores (Eg. Olive Young, and NS Home Shopping) and recommended by Korean star celebrity makeup artists.

Clinical tests were apparently run, and the results:

1. Lasts for 12 hours 
2. Exfoliating - improved keratin 
3. Moisturizing - raised moisture levels for lips


Just to let you know, the lip packs are sold separately as well. However, it's usually a better deal to buy the set (if you want more than 1, etc.)

(From left to right)

#1 - Virgin Red
#2 - Vivid Scarlet
#3 - Lovely Peach
#4 - Pure Pink
#5 - Bubble Pink
#6 - Sexy Red

From what I've heard and seen in numerous different shops, "sexy red" is one of the most popular colours.

Below: "Virgin red" (lol)

Swatches and tips (for application)

It took forever swatching these (lip swatches) because I literally needed 1 day at a time to use 1 colour!
When they call it a "lip tattoo", they really mean lip tattoo. The colour will not budge without some next level power.

Okay, so it was really difficult applying these. Especially the first time, with the first colour "Virgin red". It feels a little tingly when you put it on. I have no idea why.

And no (if you have relatively smooth lips), it doesn't hurt peeling the tint off. 

(From left to right)

#1 - Virgin Red
#2 - Vivid Scarlet
#3 - Lovely Peach
#4 - Pure Pink
#5 - Bubble Pink
#6 - Sexy Red

My top 3 tips for a smooth application?

1. Have smooth lips (Don't be chapped. Really.)
2. Do not overuse! (Put on a thin layer. Not too thin that you can't peel it off properly, but not too much. If you overuse, i'lll lengthen the dry-time by FOREVER.)
3. Use it directly from the applicator. (No, don't use a Q-tip. The threads of the Q-tip will...make it...messier. I tried... sob.)

Natural lip colour, above^

Update may 13, 2018: DEADASS LMFAO WTF MY APPLICATION 10/10

Still clearly messy but gg

Peeled off like a rattlesnake yo

All the swatches

My thoughts?

If you like bright lips with an insane staying power, you really need to try these! Definitely. Each tube  has 15g of product.
Some stores claim that a tube lasts for "20 applications", but... nah... to be honest, I'd be surprised if it got 10.

I really enjoyed trying out the Berrisom lip packs, and will repurchase the colour "pure pink" and "sexy red". 
Personally, I liked the colours a lot more after they had slightly faded, leaving a soft, pretty tint.

My biggest tip?
Seriously ----- if you get your hands on 1 (or more), and want to wear it in public... try it the night before at home, first. 
These aren't like usual liptints/sticks.

"Oh, ewwwww, I don't like the colour on me"
-wipe wipe-

It doesn't work that like here, girl!!!!!!

If you put it on (assuming you did it correctly), the colour will legit LAST. Trust me on that. The worst thing is to YOLO-put-on-a-random-colour before work.

I put on the "Vivid Scarlet" before my NEW JOB, ok? LOOOOOOOOL. 
I'm sorry, but LOL.
Orange-red does not look good on me. No matter what I do. I can't. Not even. No. 
I was so embarrassed for the rest of the day.

Price comparison: - $25.26 USD - $32 USD (BB cosmetic) - $30

(If used correctly: smooth lips beforehand, proper application, no overuse, etc.)

- Insane lasting power (12 hours)
- Vivid colours
- Exfoliates lips
- Moisturizes lips
- Easy to wear (no transfer, no replication)  *UPDATED
- Weightless, doesn't feel like you have anything on (obviously)
- 9 different shades to choose from (If purchased individually)

- Difficult to apply at first (but you'll get used to it!)
- Not recommended for "quick make up" routines
- Takes forever to dry
- If you mess up, you mess up. FOR A LONG TIME. (Hard to erase completely off)
- Weird scent for some of the colours ("Vivid Scarlet" smelt like blood...)


Hi, this is March 18th 2016 June speaking.
I originally gave this product a 5/5, but with a warning that the product needs to be used "properly". (You need moisturized lips, no chappiness, etc.) I gave it a 5/5 because it met all the promises it had, like lasting long, moisturizing lips (it didn't dry me out), and vivid colours.

But that was, TBH, way too high of a rating.

I'm giving it a solid 3/5 now. Maybe 2/5. 
I don't usually update my reviews, I'm consistent with what I like, and what I don't like. What I think is good, what I think is not good.

But man.
I used it again a couple times (usually when I'm bored, never "serious" makeup application... which says a lot), and it's just not 5/5 material.
It's hard to use and it's not practical. The lasting power is, obviously as a "lip tattoo", awesome. But if you mess up, you really mess up. It's not worth it.
If I had an important date, meeting, a day when my makeup had to be on point... hell, I would stay away from this.

Knowing how clumsy I am, using this product on an important day... it'll mess up my life LOL. It's a cute and quirky product though. Great for some days, and some situations.
BAD for others.


What about you?
Have you tried these lip tints? What'd you think about it? Which colour is your favourite? 

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