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[Review] Berrisom OOPS! My lip tint pack SET (6 shades) - UPDATED 2018

This post has been updated as of March 18th, 2016. 

This post has been updated as of May 13, 2018. (Photobucket messed up my blog completely - years later, I am beginning to attempt to salvage it. lol.)

For the longest time, I was dead from asian beauty/makeup/cosmetics news. Basically, I was completely disconnected from ANYTHING.
I was a caveman.

But even within the underdepths of my caveman rock, I HEARD ABOUT THIS!!! The hype about the Berrisom lip tint packs were unreal. So many of my friends came back from Korea this summer raving about them.

"LIP TATTOO! PEEL OFF YOUR LIPS!!!" and interesting, all-caps statements like that. 

So many people were talking about this. Youtubers, GetItBeauty and my friends.

stare at this rainbow forever

The set was provided to me for review by 
For those of you who don't know, this is the same store as the previous "". They just rebranded.
They're known for their insanely low product prices. The shipping pretty much evens it out, but I'd recommend stopping by their store and checking if they have the stuff you need.

Description and Packaging 

Yeah, you might be asking, "what is this??????"
The OOPS! My Lip Tint packs are basically a "lip tattoo". Each colour comes in a 15g tube.

1. You apply the product directly on your lips. 
2. Wait 10 minutes. 
3. Peel it off.
4. You now have a tinted lip that will last FOREVER. 
(i.e., 12 hours.)

There are currently a total of 9 colours.
The set comes with 6. 

The OOPS! My Lip Tint Pack (OMLTP) has gotten so popular.
Berrisom (the company) actually patented the product. 
Meaning: Berrisom is the only company to produce this product. 
Meaning #2: Don't make unauthorized copies of this product. Or u go 2 jail. 

This product was featured in multiple magazines, the #1 bestseller in stores (Eg. Olive Young, and NS Home Shopping) and recommended by Korean star celebrity makeup artists.

Clinical tests were apparently run, and the results:

1. Lasts for 12 hours 
2. Exfoliating - improved keratin 
3. Moisturizing - raised moisture levels for lips


Just to let you know, the lip packs are sold separately as well. However, it's usually a better deal to buy the set (if you want more than 1, etc.)

(From left to right)

#1 - Virgin Red
#2 - Vivid Scarlet
#3 - Lovely Peach
#4 - Pure Pink
#5 - Bubble Pink
#6 - Sexy Red

From what I've heard and seen in numerous different shops, "sexy red" is one of the most popular colours.

Below: "Virgin red" (lol)

Swatches and tips (for application)

It took forever swatching these (lip swatches) because I literally needed 1 day at a time to use 1 colour!
When they call it a "lip tattoo", they really mean lip tattoo. The colour will not budge without some next level power.

Okay, so it was really difficult applying these. Especially the first time, with the first colour "Virgin red". It feels a little tingly when you put it on. I have no idea why.

And no (if you have relatively smooth lips), it doesn't hurt peeling the tint off. 

(From left to right)

#1 - Virgin Red
#2 - Vivid Scarlet
#3 - Lovely Peach
#4 - Pure Pink
#5 - Bubble Pink
#6 - Sexy Red

My top 3 tips for a smooth application?

1. Have smooth lips (Don't be chapped. Really.)
2. Do not overuse! (Put on a thin layer. Not too thin that you can't peel it off properly, but not too much. If you overuse, i'lll lengthen the dry-time by FOREVER.)
3. Use it directly from the applicator. (No, don't use a Q-tip. The threads of the Q-tip will...make it...messier. I tried... sob.)

Natural lip colour, above^

Update may 13, 2018: DEADASS LMFAO WTF MY APPLICATION 10/10

Still clearly messy but gg

Peeled off like a rattlesnake yo

All the swatches

My thoughts?

If you like bright lips with an insane staying power, you really need to try these! Definitely. Each tube  has 15g of product.
Some stores claim that a tube lasts for "20 applications", but... nah... to be honest, I'd be surprised if it got 10.

I really enjoyed trying out the Berrisom lip packs, and will repurchase the colour "pure pink" and "sexy red". 
Personally, I liked the colours a lot more after they had slightly faded, leaving a soft, pretty tint.

My biggest tip?
Seriously ----- if you get your hands on 1 (or more), and want to wear it in public... try it the night before at home, first. 
These aren't like usual liptints/sticks.

"Oh, ewwwww, I don't like the colour on me"
-wipe wipe-

It doesn't work that like here, girl!!!!!!

If you put it on (assuming you did it correctly), the colour will legit LAST. Trust me on that. The worst thing is to YOLO-put-on-a-random-colour before work.

I put on the "Vivid Scarlet" before my NEW JOB, ok? LOOOOOOOOL. 
I'm sorry, but LOL.
Orange-red does not look good on me. No matter what I do. I can't. Not even. No. 
I was so embarrassed for the rest of the day.

Price comparison: - $25.26 USD - $32 USD (BB cosmetic) - $30

(If used correctly: smooth lips beforehand, proper application, no overuse, etc.)

- Insane lasting power (12 hours)
- Vivid colours
- Exfoliates lips
- Moisturizes lips
- Easy to wear (no transfer, no replication)  *UPDATED
- Weightless, doesn't feel like you have anything on (obviously)
- 9 different shades to choose from (If purchased individually)

- Difficult to apply at first (but you'll get used to it!)
- Not recommended for "quick make up" routines
- Takes forever to dry
- If you mess up, you mess up. FOR A LONG TIME. (Hard to erase completely off)
- Weird scent for some of the colours ("Vivid Scarlet" smelt like blood...)


Hi, this is March 18th 2016 June speaking.
I originally gave this product a 5/5, but with a warning that the product needs to be used "properly". (You need moisturized lips, no chappiness, etc.) I gave it a 5/5 because it met all the promises it had, like lasting long, moisturizing lips (it didn't dry me out), and vivid colours.

But that was, TBH, way too high of a rating.

I'm giving it a solid 3/5 now. Maybe 2/5. 
I don't usually update my reviews, I'm consistent with what I like, and what I don't like. What I think is good, what I think is not good.

But man.
I used it again a couple times (usually when I'm bored, never "serious" makeup application... which says a lot), and it's just not 5/5 material.
It's hard to use and it's not practical. The lasting power is, obviously as a "lip tattoo", awesome. But if you mess up, you really mess up. It's not worth it.
If I had an important date, meeting, a day when my makeup had to be on point... hell, I would stay away from this.

Knowing how clumsy I am, using this product on an important day... it'll mess up my life LOL. It's a cute and quirky product though. Great for some days, and some situations.
BAD for others.


What about you?
Have you tried these lip tints? What'd you think about it? Which colour is your favourite? 


  1. "smells like blood" oh gawd- ahhaa that makes it sounds scary!!
    I've been eyeing these lip tint-tattoos' because they looked super cool. ^^
    It looks the the darker colours worked best. Oh! maybe try applying somthing like vaseline around your lips then the lip tattoo? maybe it might make it less messy-ish when applying?
    Yay June!! haha you're blog definitely back!! Been missing your blog ♡♡♡
    xx Charmaine

    Charrmyn || Sapphire 8 in 1 Curler Review

  2. Oh wow. It's my first time hearing something like this. It looks really pigmented. Too bad I have chappy lips.

  3. Omggg I was just eyeing this product the other day!! I was watching the video that the members of Rainbow posted on youtube trying on this lip tint and i was blown away by the result *o*!!!

    It's sounds like such a cool product and great for lazy people like me who can't be bothered to reapply lip sticks during the day >_<~~~ I think most of the colours look really similar though but pure pink looks the best on you hehe~~

  4. I've seen this selling everywhere online but didn't really feel interested or have the urge to try it, mostly because I'm lazy hahaha! That Sexy Red definitely looks amazing though :D

  5. I've heard a lot about this new product! I never considered ordering it mostly because I kinda prefer tints to do the ultra-famous "bitten lip" - I'm still looking for the perfect lip concealer and for the perfect lip tint for that. I might try out Etude House's and Peripera's lip tints and Innisfree's lip concealer. Any recommendations?

    And yes! Why would people use a random colour before important events? I don't know but, whenever I have something like that I'm always extra careful with my makeup. But that's me...

    Anyway, I really enjoy Korean beauty <3 I have another enormous wishlist and I don't know what to do ( buying stuff would be an options of course!)

    Have a nice day, Take care!

  6. OMG!! this sure looks so messy and I love the way you explained :D

    <a href='" > Get Set Blush </a>

  7. It is different! You made such a big mess :) I don't really like scented makeup products however except that it looks interesting and worth a try x

  8. first off, selfie game on point! LOL :)

    and this seems like a nice's like ripping your lip skin when it's dry.... (totally enjoying doing that..which is bad,lol)

    definitely need practice because it looks messy.. lol; how did you have to clean up afterwards, the bottom lip area?

    but 'sexy red' does look good on you and so does 'pure pink'

    Simply MiuYee

  9. I was eyeing a product like this at a korean store but it was from a different brand. It was good to hear your thoughts on this one tho!! I can see how it could really be difficult but worth it! Most of the colors really looked good <3 BTW, loved your selfies

    BCfactor Blog

  10. I watched people apply these on some Korean beauty show! Don't think I can use them though because my lips are always chapped even though I drink so much water every day...
    Your writing is so funny & your review is so thorough; thanks for this post! ^^

  11. I have these too! AMAZING STAYING POWER OMFG.
    Application takes a little bit of a learning curve, but so, so worth it!

  12. Vivid red and scarlet looks beautiful! I have the scarlet one, and I think using the q-tip helped me with precision along the edges of my lips! =p

    Celly | Asian Beauty and Makeup Blog

  13. Things like these exist?! Omg I NEED THEM!! I've never heard of this kind of lip product! PP, VS and BP look amazing, and I'd actually love to try LP, I love orange as a lip color <3
    And they will stay in place even if you apply lots of lip gloss or lip balm on top of it, right?
    Thank you so much for sharing!!

    Lipstick and Mocha

  14. Thank you so much for this review! <3
    I've been hesitating if I should buy the whole package on stylekorean or just a few, but I've made the decision to only try the sexy red first :P Cause that color looks the pretties ^^
    A lip color that lasts for 12 hours sounds truly amazing! Can't wait to try this out :)

  15. Only 10 applications? Well at least it was affordable. And you got to try a lot of colours. :) That virgin red though is really really red. Whoah.

    CJ | From Manila with Love

  16. I've always wanted to try this but kept hesitating because most of the reviews I've seen show the color payoff to be lacking. BUT OMG, seeing your review makes me want to purchase right now! All the colors look so nice and vibrant on your lips.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  17. I've heard so much about these, they look so fun to play around with. I love things that peel off lol

    x Mishs Beauty Diary

  18. I've been seeing this kind of lip product everywhere lately.. It's not something for me, but I find it very interesting..
    thanks for the review!!

  19. I am a lipstick LOVER and these are gorgeous!!! Omg. I love it!

  20. This product is so exciting 0 . 0 wow!!!
    never seen something like that before

  21. I really wanna try this lip tint, since they come in many pretty shades. I wanna try the pure pink one ^^

  22. This looks scary but at the same time I really want to try it out lmao!
    Great post~
    Minae ♥ MinaekeiLatest Blog Post!

  23. I've heard a lot about these and I'm interested in trying them~! Great review <33

  24. I've heard a lot about these! They seem cool *u* I feel like if anyone walked in while I was applyign these they'd be quite freaked out though hehe
    "What's on your lips?"

  25. aahh... I've seen this since forever but the peeling part always scares me, lololol...
    also, my lips are pretty dark soooo I'm not sure if it will suit me *SOBS* but I'm so curious though...
    maybe I should try one.. maybe.. hmm...

    that forever staying power kinda tempt me :3

  26. It does look hard to apply, and I don't want blood smelling lips... but I still want to try it for its amazingly unique formula! :D

  27. Thank you for this very detailed review. I could see how much time and effort was put into taking the photos and waiting and all. It sure looks promising to have a lip tint that lasts though I know it is not for lazy people like me who is always in a hurry for work. Maybe putting on the night before and peeling off is the way to go? The gif you used for the hanging down your head is so cute.

    BTW, thanx for stopping by my bog recently. I thought we were connected before and I thought I followed you before too coz your blog name looks familiar. I just followed you and I hope we continue to stay connected.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  28. What the heck, I've never even heard about these before or seem anything remotely like it!! This is so weird, yet super cool! I'll have to try these sometime. Thanks for following my blog! <3

  29. I'm so curious about these lipstains but my lips are so dry most of the time so i ruin staying power by applying lip balm very often :s

  30. waw the color is so vivid!!! i have lip tatoo too some monomola thing it was awful, hard to peel and the color ... well what color it doesn't give any color to my lips :( btw nice t see you again because i quietly waiting for you to post something lol


  31. Awesome review! It sounds like an ingenious idea, but I don't think I'd personally try it due to the hassle. ( ´ ▽ ` )

  32. I've seen a couple tutorials of people applying these and have been really interested to pick a few up! I love the colors in this set, they look so vibrant and unique while still being pretty wearable. The only thing scaring me away at the moment is how difficult they look to apply, but maybe it's worth experimenting with :)

  33. LOLLLLLL it's good to hear it lasts forever - maybe a bit toooo long for my tastes, haha. Wouldn't it be cool if lip colors won't smear off when you're eating or drinking, but you can remove them whenever you wanted? Maybe one day, man. One day.

    becky ♡ star violet

  34. I have seen so many people review these, but quite a few said they are drying! I have super dry lips so anything remotely drying is a huge no no. Also, I don't really go for red lips in the day time... Ahh I'm still so curious about them though! Thanks for all the swatches and review.

  35. Wow, I gotta try this product! Love me some red lipstick but difficult to find one that stays put! :))

  36. Wow I've never heard of this but the result you've got looks amazing & I just love how bright the color turned out <3 Actually, I always get frustrated when I buy an expensive lipstick (YSL, Chanel, etc) and then they hardly even last one-two hours! This product kinda reminded me of bleaching strips for your teeth (in the way it works) ^^; but if it only lasts for half that long that would already be enough reason for me to buy this for my lips. Thank you for sharing this! :)


  37. I recently brought the shade "Sexy Red" so I'm pretty excited to review it! So far, it feels okay but personally, my lips sort of felt really dry straight after removing the pack but I do love the color payoff


  38. I've seen these lip tints popping up all over the blogsphere recently but I don't think it's the right product for me. Somehow I have a feeling it's geared more towards the younger crowd.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  39. The pigmentation look absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing your review on them :D


  40. I love this product so much! I do not own it but I also saw some celebrities from Korea testing these out on a youtube channel recently. Would love to get my hands on these. Thanks for the review, and it looks like they definitely take a bit of practice!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  41. I like the IDEA, but I just know I would screw up the application really badly. Ahaha.

  42. I looove Lip Tints and its a shame that the application is messy but they look so good ..x

  43. Wow Lip tatoo?! It can be great when you know how to apply it easly haha
    It's a great idea :3

  44. I like red and pink you too! :3 I can't do lip tattoos! Lip stains already hate me. I have a bad habit of not applying stuff on the way I like the first time, so I'd be screwed with the lip tattoos. I don't think I can do it AND I really don't wanna walk around all day with a perma-lip color I don't like or didn't want on the way it's stuck on me.

    Maybe I'm too safe, but I dig gradient lips; I can still wear something crazy vibrant, but it's still ok because ya know, it's just a hint. And it's subtle. XD Loved the review, also... Can'I just say!? I like yo lashes giiiiirl... and your brows? SERIOUS goals right thar. <3 I'm in loof. :3 ^__^ (Mine are getting sparse and too thin for my liking and they are not growing out as fast as I want them toooooo)

  45. Oooh, these seem cool! Lovely Peach is a bit too yellow, but other shades are great! A bit similar, though, so I don't think I'd buy all 5. :D Are they non sticky once you peel them off?

  46. I haven't tried this lip tint yet, ive been meaning to try this hmm maybe next time. Anyway im a bit worried that it smells blood.

  47. your review was really helpful! (and it made me laugh haha. you're cute)

    when i first saw this product i was really interested in using it, but i already have like 12389043 lip products that i haven't even used lol. i'm still keeping an eye on this product in the future tho

  48. ..........this is some next level....SORCERY. I was so confused by the concept/description at first but the idea behind it is kinda brilliant, NGL. 'Virgin Red' has to be my favourite and totes feeling you on the oranges though (maybe a more coral orange? idek).


  49. Omg this looks like an amazing product! Where the heck have I been and I haven't heard about this??! Thanks for the review!

  50. HAHAHA THIS IS NOT FOR ME. Patience in the morning? lololol
    I can already see myself struggling with this product... leaving a big red stain on my cheek and my table... and everywhere else. However, I can imagine the satisfaction from pulling something like this off yours lips *^* Still, great review, and I think they suit you well! C:

  51. This looks so incredibly hard to use. The tint sounds great, but I can just imagine squeezing this on my face or something.

    7% Solution

  52. Oh my god I have been looking for reviews of this since I saw a video on fb haha thank you so much for the review!! I really wanna try the orange one because I dont really like having red lips orz ;_; <33

  53. I also bought these set but I keep on forgetting to use them -_-
    Great review!!
    now following <3

  54. I also heard about it so much, but really, besides being ultra lasting, why would I use it instead of normal lipstick? It looks really good for situations like traveling where you cant retouch make up often, or for people who work for a long time, but for a teenager, since it doesnt sell here, I feel like its not worth the stress (brazilian mail service sucks, so it is quite a stress to import something).
    Anyway, thank you so much for the visit, I'm sorry my blog is not in english, you can actually click on the little flags to have it google translated, but we all know who bad google translation is ): I wish we can blog-meet again, though >_<
    xoxo :*

  55. This is INSANEEEEEE! Never seen anything that lasts that long and literally peels off, I love how asian beauty is so innovative and out of the box ^_^
    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe x

  56. That is insane! I would probably want at least one of these. But thanks for the heads up on the difficulty in application. Yikes!

  57. Haha I've seen those on youtube, I always wanted to try them they look so much fun :) And good thing you mention to put a thin layer, hahaha that would been disasterous for me. Great review!

  58. I really love the packaging of these lippies. I guess you would need to apply them with a lip brush though and maybe a similar lip liner all over the lips to make them more opaque. I wonder if you can mix different things with them like a lip liner though due to the formula. I think it's kind of unique how you can peel the product off your lips.

    Only The Brave Blog

  59. Me encantan los tintes labiales y este no lo he probado, pero ahora mismo voy a comprar virgin red!
    Un blog excelente.

  60. I've heard so much about this but never tried it. But seeing so many reviews makes me want to try it so bad now that I've seen there's a Sexy Red shade. I'm going to try this soon! x

  61. OMG!!! I've been looking for someone positive review about this product! This is a lip tattoo that I really want to try. I had heard alot about them but never tried it before. because I'm a little bit scared of tattoo. but now, I would love to give one a try!!
    anyway I love red lipstick and feel great wearing it. You can never go wrong with a sexy red lipstick look!

    I followed you, hope you follow me back. :)

  62. I had these sent to me and I absolutely HATED them. They didn't stay on my lips at all and the color just wasn't there. Seeing your pictures makes me think I may have gotten a dud but I think this is way too gimmicky and not worth the money so I'm surprised to see a 5/5 for this! xx

  63. I am seriously in love with this! I really hope to order this soon and test it out. I heard it lasts a really long time so hopefully it will live up to the name! :)

  64. They now have the lip tattoo removal, you can remove the color just like how makeup removal works.. do not have to worry abt messy it anymore..


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