Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What I got for Christmas 2015! (hi lol)

Hi lol.
As always, I'm back after poofing for so long.
You guys seem to really, really like my haul posts

Today is a different type of "haul" - it's one of those infamous "What I got for Christmas" posts. I've literally watched so many WIGFC videos on Youtube, I legit feel the need to go all

"And just a disclaimer, I'm not trying to brag in any shape, way, or form"

LOL. You know they say that stuff in the beginning of every. single. video. LOL.
But seriously, take it easy man. It's just a Christmas haul-ish post.
It makes a really good gift guide, too. Am I the only one that uses it as a gift guide?


I'll organize this post a bit. Here's a (very loose) Table of Contents.
1. Skincare
2. Makeup
3. The other cool stuff


1. Skincare

I got quite a lot of skincare and makeup this year - some stuff from Sephora, some stuff from online Korean shops.

My friend got me this skincare from an online Korean beauty shop! I've wanted this skincare for a while. I've literally heard so much about COSRX, and everyone is crazy about the brand now. My main to-go skincare brands will always be Laneige, IOPE and Sheseido...

I've always had a few (very, very, very, almost "permanent") clogged pores on my right cheek, but literally. This zapped them away. Holy MOLEY.
You have to be careful with it, though. I kinda over-did it the first week, and my face was a bit red.

I heard crazy stuff about the acwell 5.5 cleanser, too. I haven't tried it yet, as I'm trying to introduce all this new skincare slowly. Bit by bit. So my skin doesn't freak out, y'know?

I heard crazy stuff about the su:um37 miracle rose cleaning stick as well. Haven't tried it yet, but will let you know! This product had a crazy cult following, and was sold out for the longest time... thankfully friends grabbed it for me!

- More Skincare

Ayy, I'm continued to be showered with skincare.

I was given these products; none of them are new to me, I always have them in my skincare shelf. Except the IOPE ultimate hydro cream. I haven't tried that yet, and I don't really know anything about it - haven't read any reviews yet.

The Laneige multi cleanser is my night foam cleanser. I don't keep up with pH levels and all that, so I'm not sure the pH of this. But eh, it seems to work well? For the past 3 years so... I'm good.

The Laneige brightening serum and cream... it's amazing. I was gifted these and I'm so happy because I'll be good for the next 3ish months!
I love it, can't live without it, must maintain nice skin. 10/10.
Thank you!

- Skincare/Makeup

We're in that weird space between the "skincare" and "makeup" category, so... teehehehee.

Joseon Beauty Cream, Stila stay all day liquid eyeliner, Shiseido eyelash curler.
The trio.

I've used the Stila eyeliner before, it's pretty good!
I got my first Stila liner as a replacement for my Marc Jacobs eyeliner (because MJ was too expensive and ran out so quickly). I think this is my go-to eyeliner now!

Another friend spoiled me with the Joseon Beauty Cream, which I've been curious about. Apparently this product is crazy popular as well, and tbh even if it weren't this popular, I'd buy it.

I might do a review on this, if there hasn't been too many reviews on the blogosphere lately... (It's really popular lmao)

And guys. This eyelash curler.

Y'all know I'm psycho about my eyelashes. But did you know - I never before had an eyelash curler above $5? wat

I always used curlers from The Face Shop (which are $3, btw). People kept raving about this, I never bought it... but finally this month I got one! It's funny - a day or two before I received this curler, I actually caved and bought it. When I was gifted though, I just ended up giving the curler I purchased too. Lol.

The raves are real. The Sheseido eyelash curler is bae.
It literally curls every single eyelash, does not pinch my eyelids, omg. Sheseido, you never disappoint.
I believe.

2. Makeup

From my family friend (who's visiting from Korea this winter), I got a Sulwhasoo cushion foundation!

Y'all know I'm crazy about this cushion.
I use it every day.
It makes my skin look all glowy, but not in the "ew" way. lol. hehehehe.

My other Sulwhasoo cushions (same line, same colour, lol.) Welcome to the fam, new cushion. 

The next Christmas gift is an interesting one (imo, lol). I participated in this year's Reddit Secret Santa exchange. If you don't know what that is, it's basically a giant internet secret santa.
Person A gifts person B, person B gifts person C

My Secret Santa (still have no idea who it was, LOL) apparently did some next level stalking, and found out I'm obsessed with Laneige.

A week later, I got Laneige skincare and makeup in the mail! It was so cutely wrapped in gift wrap (I posted the pic on my Snapchat), and there was a cute little card as well.

I received the Laneige trial/travel size "Perfect Renew" line. I haven't actively used the line before, but I have tried the refiner and emulsion. It feels really, really nice.

I also got the travel set for the "Moisture" line, the 4 piece set. I use the Water Bank gel cream and the essence DAILY. I just came back from Mexico (yesterday, actually), and took it with me. Saves so much space and luggage weight!
So convenient!

Last, I got the little Laneige makeup set. The foundation is so watery and nice, I had to look it up. I might actually get the full size of it...

The tiny lipgloss keychain is the CUTEST ever. I'm gonna use it. teehehehe. It's too cute.
(I'm putting this gift in the "makeup" category... it's mostly skincare, but whatevs. There's a tiny keychain lipgloss in here, so it counts. lol.)

3. The Other Cool Stuff 

I got a lot of other cool stuff, hehe.

From my bae buddy, I got an Aritzia scarf! She saw the pattern I wanted on Snapchat, and got it for me. 10/10 bae.

It's SO NICE. This is my first Aritzia scarf (ik, i'm basic af now), but omg. It's 100% wool, and omg... it's so warm... I love it. I wore it every day since I got it.
I love the colours, and the pattern is so nice too. Yayayya~

Another gift from her, I got a Victoria's Secret Kimono robe!
I LOVE these robes - I have the black one already, and use it all the time. It's absolutely perfect.
She got me the robe in a pretty cherry red colour! I definitely need a little colour in my life tbh.
Thank you my #1 bae grill

It's just so pretty~~~~~ very silky and smooth~ Yaaas.

And from my brother, I got yet another Aritzia scarf! Wao!

I was surprised at the one he picked out. He knew I wanted a scarf in a Birchy colour, and definitely pulled through.
I'm gonna collect Aritzia scarves now. Teeehejk.

From my dad, I got 2 gifts this Christmas! The first one, I got much earlier (ahem, in early November) but he was adamant that "its a christmas gift so don't ask me for anything". LOL.
(The next few pics are a little dark and shitty. I received them on different days, so the lightning for some pics were off and dark.)

He got me the iPhone 6s.
I originally wanted the pink colour, but in the end, I got the gold. I love it!

I had the Samsung Galaxy 4 before... and eh. It was my first Samsung, but I didn't like it. It's not as comfortable for me as the iPhone. I'm an Apple kind of girl. #TraitorKorean

My other gift this year was a pair of Bose earphones.
Mine actually broke (!!!!) and it was acting seriously weird. If it was connected to my phone and playing music, it would randomly pause, randomly start, randomly fast forward (so the voices sounded like chipmunk voices...), ugh. It was a mess.

I love Bose earphones.
They're a white pair (specifically for iPhones), and I really like it. I'm using right now, tbh. yayayay.

Moving on, I got more gifts from our family friend in Korea! They're always super nice and they the #1 bae. (Next to bae buddy)

I got a pretty red thread bracelet from Cruciani, and a silver necklace from Korea. The necklace is a little out of focus in the picture, but it's really dainty and tiny. I really like it. :)

The next "gift", I got for myself. A "good job surviving thus far" kind of gift.

Really shitty dark pic, but eh...?
The Sam Edelman penny riding boots - they are a MUST have.
I have a pair from 2 years ago, I wear them literally all the time (in the fall/winter). I was frantically looking for a second boot, similar to the Penny, as a "backup".

I found the actual Penny! Better than any "similar to penny" boot, lol. It was on sale at The Bay (The Canadian version of Nordstrom, basically...) and omg. I snagged it at a great price. IN MY SIZE, TOO!
Definitely gonna get a lot of use out of these babies. You really need to check it out, they're so so so comfy!

From Erika, my brother's girlfriend, I got several goodies LOL. Sorry, the pictures for the following are so, so bad (very late at night).

She wrote me a really sweet handmade card, and got me a water bottle, lip balms and hair ties! ALL essentials.

I LOVE the water bottle! It's made of glass and there's the silicone purple heart sleeve... very nice. Erika's basically the "water girl", man. Whenever I see her she ALWAYS has a water bottle!!!!
Very healthy.
I'm basically at level "permanently dehydrated", so a water bottle is a very good gift! Thank yew my bae.
She owns a hamster. It's so cute.

I got some lip balms, and OMG. I always need lip balms. I got a super cute Fresh balm set. I bought last year's set (2014) and it was nice... but the colours weren't too usable for me.

I also got a Jack Black lip balm (it's considered a "men's lip balm"), but it's honestly my favourite out of the bunch. Out of any lip balms that I own, actually.
I prefer it over my Dior glow as well.
This one is now a staple in my purse!!!!

I also got some hair ties - these are really useful because they're soft and don't leave the "kink" in your hair after!

Moving on! I got some Christmas money this year, and used some of the money to buy some things I've been needing. For example, Clarisonic brush heads.

I was given the Clarisonic Plus as a gift from work, but I didn't really want to use the brush head it came with. ("Sensitive", the black and white regular one that all Clarisonics come with.)

I went to Sephora and bought a 2 pack! It was a better value than buying just one, you see. I would have preferred it to have 2 "Radiance" brushes, but eh. Maybe on days when I'm feeling extra dirty, I'll use the sensitive.
Radiance brush heads are softer and gentler than the sensitive ones.

I got some gift cards from my family as well!

From my grandparents, I got an Indigo gift card (It's basically like the Canadian Barnes and Nobles). I used it to buy a book (Shopaholic, LOL) and some stationary. Indigo has really nice home stuff!
Btw, when did bookstores decide that selling home stuff was like... relevant? Is it relevant? Idk. But every single bookstore you go to nowadays has at least a LITTLE section of home goods. (Candles, glassware, rugs, etc...)

From my cousin (who just passed her big pharmacy exam!!!) I got a Starbucks gift card! Yo, this card is actually gonna last me FOREVER.
And I actually hardcore get SB every single day.

My last gift was again from my friend, who really spoilt me this year. A Louis Vuitton Favourite MM crossbody!
The picture really does it no justice - it's so pretty in real life LOL. I am master picture shit taker.
It even has a little golden chain in the inside (not pictured).
Thank you, hehe~

That's it for my christmas gifts!

GUYS, I HAD TO WRITE THIS POST TWICE. I tried writing it in Mexico (I was on holiday), and for some reason it didn't save!!! Ugh! LOL.

Anyways, I'm sorry this post was late! I hope you guys had a really great Christmas/Holidays, and a happy new year.
For 2016, I've been playing with the idea of making a Youtube channel, but I'm not too sure yet.

What about you?
What'd you give, or get? How'd you spend the Holidays?


  1. great post honey, beautyfull presents :)
    kisses from poland :*

  2. WOW look at you being all spoiled with gifts and shizzles! <3 But hey, I understand it though~ You're such a down to earth, sweet, witty, and gorgeous gaaaaal~ I would buy you tons of gifts too if I wasn't trying to survive here haha. :( Either way, I'm so glad to see that you had a great Christmas and you were at Mexico?! How was it? Hope you had a great time there soaking all the sun's rays.

    As for how I spent my first Christmas being away from home, I just went out for dinner with friends. But we ate good food, so all is good. :p Miss ya!

    1. Ayyyy my bae Chloeeee!! T-T You think too highly of me, tbh I am a shit hole LOL. Mexico was fun, but I (just discovered...lmao fml) have sun allergies! So that part... not so fun! LOL. MISS YOU TOO!!!!!

  3. wowo that joseon brand from your beauty cream seems so interesting. It's beautiful which gives me also the feeling that the product is very natural as well. and omg that LV bag <3 Your bf got sum taste hehe ^^

    A C Y H O Z - blog


  4. Omg SOO much stuff!! I envy you so much!! Your family is so kind and your boyfriend omg he's a real angel tbh! The scarfs look so soft and omg I love the skincare things you got! I always wanted to try cosrx too but never had enough money and I didn't know where to get it too lol. I recently read a review about that cleanser stick and she seemed to like it!! So much Laneige stuff too *-* But tbh, I sometimes think its a waste to use these expensive skincare products on my hormonal acne teen skin because it's so expensive and idk if it helps against hormonal blemishes :-(
    I didn't get anything from my bf this christmas because he forgot about it ;-; sighs. But I got some money from my parents and my brother~ It was still nice to just sit together with my family and eat yummy food! Lol

    Mindy ♥

  5. I fell in love with that Shiseido eyelash curler! But they're all great gifts, you're very lucky :) Hope you had a great Christmas holidays and Happy New Year!

    Greetings from Barcelona, Spain :)

  6. Wow <3 You're very blessed! :) Happy new year, June! <3

  7. OMO so many cool stuff *^* You received a lot of beauty product >w< I hope you will do some reviews :D
    I've done a "christmas presents" post on my blog too xDD
    Happy New Year! I wish you the best <3

  8. I need to try Korean skincare and make up, I've heard its the best around and love your iPhone! xx

  9. You've got beautiful Christmas presents! I envy you, how much cosmetics you received~

    Have a nice day ^^

  10. You got some really cool Christmas presents! Totally envious of all that skincare! CosRx is the best. I'm currently in love with their Snail Mucin Essence and the sum:m37 Rose Cleaning Stick is one of my faves. I would get that Joseon Beauty Cream just for the packaging alone. It's gorgeous! Happy New Year June!

  11. Can we just take a minute and bless this post. You totally got me when you mentioned watching WIGFC videos. I mean yeah the disclaimer part but it's a real great way to think of more gifts !!! It's always tough to find gifts for people and this really helped me out!!! Literally need a new liquid eyeliner asap. HAHA♥ Have a beautiful day~

  12. You got such nice things! I really want to try those cosrx products, I also have some pretty stubborn blackheads and hopefully I'll get the wonderous results you did :) loving the aritzia scarves too, I feel like they go with everything!


  13. You got so many wonderful presents...those leather boots are gorgeous...and I do like the skin care products!!

  14. Lots of goodies!! Woohoo! I LOVE the stila eyeliner! It's good stuff! It just doesn't budge off my face!

    Shannon Sage

  15. Ooh you got so many lovely things! ^.^ All that Shisedo c:
    My main present this year was a new laptop lol, my old one is like 8+ years old so it's definitely time for an upgrade x3
    You should start a youtube channel! I support that plan ^_^ We can go on the youtube endeavor together haha

  16. waaa so many things u got XD I wanna try the laneige serum and cream too XD

    I've actually never bought an eyelash curler. I'm using one that I stole/*ahem* 'borrowed' from my mom's makeup box and never returned.

    1. LMFAOOOO. My dad rarely gets me anything trust me LOL. HOW HAVE YOU NEVER BOUGHT A CURLER... WTF... I SHOULD SEND YOU ONE. WTF?


  18. Ooooohmahgosh. As much as I loved my own presents, I kinda wish I was you right now. First off, I am in LOVE with Korean skincare stuff, and so far I've only had samples of the cosrx stuff, but I've also heard MANY good things about it so I might go with the full sized when I can. I've never tried any of the fresh balm set, but they look AMAZING, and it's so cool you got three of them as a gift! Hope your new year was as nice as your Christmas :)

    Sam |

  19. I love those boots!! Looks like a great christmas :)

  20. That's some xmas haul there missy! D: Table contents LMAO. <3

  21. WOW! This is seriously one of the best Christmas haul I've seen! And Ive recently bought the cosrx black head product and would love to how you use it(I don't wanna over do it hihi) ! Please do reply to this comment <3

    BCfactor Blog |

    1. LOL hey girlie, and thank you! Uh, for the 2 cosrx products... I use the BHA blackhead during the morning, wait 20 min, and then apply the rest of my skincare/sunscreen/makeup. At night, I'll use the AHA liquid, wait 20 min, etc! I only apply like 2 drops to a cotton pad and wipe my face gently.


  22. Hahah I know what you mean, they're great for gift guides! Where's the water bottle from, I love the pattern? Those people who always have water are lifesavers, I hate drinking from the water fountains at school haha

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

  23. Ooooo~ so much skincare!! && New phone!!! I still need to get my new phone too :P

    BLOG: <a href=">♥ lazypandah blog (✪㉨✪)♥</a>

  24. oh my god, words can't describe how jealous I am of you right now! Your family, boyfriend and friends must know you so well to get you such beautiful gifts! I literally got 3 presents for Xmas :P. The Coxrx power liquid is totally bomb. I've almost finished my bottle!

  25. Oh, you got so many amazing presents! I love every single beauty product, I wish I could try them all! Thanks for sharing :)

    Check out my blog if you want:

    Tamara xxx

  26. You got so many amazing presents! I love Louis Vuitton and that bag is gorgeous, bet you can't wait to use it!

    Rebecca Coco

  27. I've read about the cosrx stuff before - but now your opinion has convinced me to try it out!! Do you know where I could get them online?
    that laneige mini makeup set is cute! I've only gotten their waterbank trial kits & skincare kits.
    Once my grandma went to laneige and bought enough to redeem their carry on travel suit case (◍˃̶ᗜ˂̶◍)ノ” Both my grandma & mum are all about Laneige skin care!
    hehe yess June!! next Victoria Secret model in the making ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡
    how's Mexico?!
    xx Charmaine

    charrmyn || Leavers 2015 pt.I - Discover Hong Kong with me!

  28. The eyelash curler looks amazing ♥

  29. Wow!! You certainly received a lot of awesome presents this year! The VS robe and LV bag both look so gorgeous!

    Toni x

  30. Oh my God! You got the best gifts ever! There's just so much I love and would love as gifts as well haha! What I'm most curious about is the beauty cream and so jealous of the iPhone 6s. I do want the pink one so bad xx

  31. Ooh I would love to see some reviews on the skincare and cosmetics you got! I really want to try out some Korean brands but I have super sensitive skin

  32. Wow you were really blessed! I'm so jealous T_T Your boyfriend knows you so well! I hope that you will continue with your great posts! Have fun in Mexico~

  33. Wow, that's a lot of skincare and makeup!! The trio gift for the beauty cream is so cute hahaha. I'm happy you like the shisedo curler, it's what I use and I like it a lot too! I find that the curler part is flatter than other eyelash curlers and it really gets the shape of my eye well.

    Aritzia scarves are so pretty - maybe I should treat myself to one, soon.

    becky ♡ star violet

  34. All of the skincare products, omg. love!

    I know what you mean about switching to Android from iPhone. I had an iphone for 5 years and just got the Galaxy s6 a couple of months ago and while I love all the customization options I still miss having all Apple gear. Sigh.


  35. I love your water bottle, and your robe and especially your iphone! I am saving up for the new iphone myself. So many lovely gifts you lucky thing! xx

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

  36. The Clari's'onic! Definitely, hands down the best!

  37. Oh my gosh! You got a ton of skincare items. That's a lot to use. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  38. wow that is a lot of good stuff you got :-D

  39. Omg, you got so much amazing stuff. I can only dream of getting that much for Christmas

  40. You've got so many gifts! You are so lucky :)


  41. You got many amazing gifts wish to you that you get this in next Christmas

    Castor Oil Hair Treatment

  42. Where in the heck do you put all those skincare products?! Haha great haul x
    Minae ♥ MinaekeiLatest Blog Post!

  43. So many cute gifts :3 especially skincare hehe
    Sweety Rainy Days

  44. So many skincare items! I'm jealous hah >_< I wish people would understand my obsession and get me Asian skincare/makeup for holidays. Looks like such an awesome Christmas haul, thanks for sharing with us ^.^

  45. Daaang, so much skincare girl! You must have flawless skin hahaha. Let us know how the Clarisonic works!

  46. I really want to get all of the balm fresh set! ♡

    Ohdearmilk ✧・゜*

  47. am totally so jealous with all the GIFTS you have!!!! You are so blessed I can say =D

    Thanks for dropping by my blog!

    Sharon Lee

  48. So many goodies for Christmas! I love, love, love Sulwhasoo too! It's amazing <3

  49. You got some really nice gifts ^_^ I really enjoy my Clarisonic, but it recently broke! So, I need a new one. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

  50. Yaaaay so glad you're back!! <3 haha I too am an iphone girl, I have only had apple smart phones, before I had a sony erricson, but I can't see myself going back to anything else now! Getting bose earphones is such a great gift! I always pick up a couple from amazon and still end up disappointed when they break a couple of weeks later *rolls eye*
    Iqra | The Blushing Giraffe x

  51. So many nice presents! I just started using the CosRx Galactomyces and my skin looks better now than it has in years, I'm glad you had a good experience as well. :)

  52. Oh wow! Those are amazing gifts!!! I especially love the cosmetics! :)


    ♥ Tay

  53. Totally agreed that the cream packaging looks awesome. And great looking water bottle as well!

    7% Solution

  54. Wow, that's an amaaazing haul! Lol.
    I have the Shiseido eyelash curler, too; it's like the Rolls Royce of curlers, imo. I just wish that they sold the replacement silicone pads, since I lost me but don't want to purchase a new curler.

  55. Omg!!! SO many things that I would love for christmas!!! SO lucky!!! I'm amazed at all those nice skincare products and the pretty sulwhasoo foundation compact!! And the fresh balm set!!! Wonderful haul!!! <3 <3 <3 from Chuonie :)

    Chuonie.Blogspot.Com I

  56. woooah so many skin care products for Christmas ! so lucky ! <33 :O

  57. Hi just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the pictures
    aren't loading correctly. I'm not sure why but I think its a linking issue.
    I've tried it in two different browsers and both show the same outcome.


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