About Me

Hello, welcome to my blog!

Lol I was drunk af here
My name is June, and I was born in April.
In case you were wondering.

I'm Korean, and live in Toronto. I'm pretty basic, lol. I like shopping, cuddling with my dog, and I live my life like a hermit.

I'm not sure what to write here. I've always been terribly bad at introductions. As a kid, I hated first-day-of-school introductions. I swear that's where my anxiety first started lol.


I have a passion for dogs, makeup and skincare. 

I really, really want to go to an anime convention. I don't even really watch anime, but... omg.

Fast facts!
Age: 25
Ethnicity: Korean
Favourite makeup brands: Any Korean/Japanese brand. Lol.
Favourite skincare brand: Sulwhasoo 

I decided to start up a blog in 2013 - it's always been something I really wanted to do, but never acted on it. But one rainy evening at a Starbucks with friends, that all changed.

So poof, tada! Here it is.

One of my goals is to introduce more people to the world of Korean (and Japanese) cosmetics, so you'll see a lot of reviews, hauls and giveaways for the like! Other than that, this blog will basically features bit of everything - from makeup reviews, OOTDs, NOTDs, diary entries, and everything else under the blogging sun.

Update: Some people have been asking why I named the blog "Junniku". 
In Korean, people just put a "-ie" at the end of a name to show affection or relationship. (I.e. So, my mom would call me "Jun-ie") I just reworded it to "Junni".
The "ku" part is... random. It's just what my fingers felt like typing when I was signing up for a blog.

*Other than the social media accounts listed on the side of this blog, I don't have anything else. If, for some reason, I "contact" you on a different account - it is not me.

Updated: May 27, 2019.
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