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This blog accepts sponsored products for review.
If interested, please contact me through my email, but not before reading the following points below.

- My post is mine alone. My blog is written by me, and is owned by me. Many of the points below will relate to this. My writing will never be influenced by complimentary products, nor will I accept offers to "guest post".

- I don't accept any products that are not related to my blog niche. If you have questions about this, feel free to email me. I currently focus mainly on Korean cosmetics/skincare.
Examples of products that I will not accept: Pills/supplements, services, dog treats, laundry detergent, etc. (I'm being completely serious, I've gotten offers like these before.)
- My blog isn't a commercial. With the exception of attended brand events, I don't write specifically about brand/shop launches or promotions. I will not write a post simply to promote a brand or shop, especially without having experienced the service myself; neither will I accept paid posts.
The few posts that I post are mine, and are written completely by myself.
- I am not obligated to review your product (positively, or at all). I appreciate your offer for a sponsorship, but I am not obligated to give a positive review about your product. Nor am I obligated to actually review it at all. If I have any reasons for not reviewing a product, I will email you and explain myself.

Thank you to the sponsors interested in working with me and my blog!
For business related inquiries, please contact me at:

For all other inquiries, feel free to give me a shout through my Twitter!
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