Where to shop

I'm often asked where I buy my Asian (Korean/Japanese) cosmetics or circle lenses. So I've created a page that specifically answers the #1 asked question on my blog, hohoho~

The following stores may or may not sponsor me.
This page is not a "sponsors" page, but shops that I truly believe have excellent products, amazing customer service and just overall a pleasure to purchase from! These are stores that I personally shop at myself, so I both know and trust them.

Please note that this list may change, and some stores will be added or taken away from this page at any time - keep checking back for updates!
A full list of sponsors, whether I recommend their stores or not, can be found on the sidebar of this blog. [Currently in the process of adding the banners there]

Individual store reviews can be found throughout this blog, and will be linked here sometime in the near future.

Updated: May 13, 2018.

Review of w2beauty (now Beautytap) on my blog HERE. 
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