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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Korean cosmetics haul! [Tonymoly, Etude house, The Face Shop]

It's so hot in Toronto right now. You can feel the sun bearing holes into your back when you walk down the streets, I'm not even joking.

To add to the crazy factor - I don't have AC in my house

Because it's absolutely boiling inside the house, I always try to find ways to get the heck out and take advantage of AC in malls! Ahaha~ So that's exactly what I did yesterday, when I decided to go to Pacific mall.

I hadn't visited the Tonymoly store yet, so that was my #1 priority! I finally found it (it was beside the Amore Pacific store)

So anyways - Pmall. I went in empty handed, and I came out with this. 

Here's a list of what I got that day: 

1. 10 Tonymoly cucumber mask sheets
2. 10 Tonymoly pomegranate mask sheets (+2 Tonymoly snail mask sheets as a gift from store)
3. 10 C&F herb mask sheets
4. 10 C&F cucumber and green tea mask sheets

5. 3 The Face Shop nail polishes 
6. The Face Shop "pink cushion" blush
7. The Face Shop herb day lip and eye makeup remover tissues
8. [2] The Face Shop nail repair sheets (lemon and paraffin)
9. The Face Shop cotton pad box

10. [2] Tonymoly bunny bars (#3 apple, #4 cherry)
11. Tonymoly cooling eyes stick
12. [2] Missha hand creams 

13. Etude house juicy cocktail graduation nails (Princess Mary)
14. LOTS of samples


Sorry if the packaging looks foggy - I had put them in the fridge (I always use my masks cold), and I took them out to take pictures! 

Tonymoly had a mask sale (10 masks for $10), so I went crazy. The shop girl gave me 2 snail masks for free as well, and said that they were a "hot selling" item right now. I don't doubt her at all - snail emulsion stuff has been a pretty big craze nowadays. 

I've never tried Tonymoly's masks before, so I hope they work well for me! ^____^

I also bought 20 C&F masks at "Debbie". It's a store that sells Missha, Tonymoly, Dr. Jart, etc! 

These masks are always on a "package deal". You buy 10 for $10. They're a regular purchase for me, I absolutely LOVE these masks. They work wonders on my skin, and make it look and feel amaaaazing. *___* I bought 10 herb, 5 cucumber, 5 green tea! 

The Face Shop

I've been to this shop so many times, the ajumma there recognizes me. I bought the above items, and the total price wasn't a lot at all - I think I paid around $12 for the above stuff. Still, she gave me SO many samples, I liked that a lot heheh. 

Random stuff 

These were just random stuff I bought.  Can you guess why I bought 2 more Tonymoly bunny bars, and 2 hand creams? ^___~ 

Anyways, I'm excited to try the Tonymoly fresh aqua cooling eyes stick! It looks pretty cool, and I got it for only $3! (It was on sale, ahaha) The Etude House nail set looks SO pretty as well! So excited, yayyyy! 

Well, that's my haul for this post! Whoohoo, I did go a little mask crazy...

By the way - if anyone lives in Toronto or goes to Pmall: "Debbie" is having a crazy sale right now! I just had to take some pictures and let you guys know!

What did you get on your latest haul? Have you tried these products before?

Monday, June 17, 2013

[Review] The Face Shop "Real nature" face masks

Warning: Picture heavy post!

Face masks have worked quite well on my skin. They provide moisture and gentle skin care. So whenever I browse around Pacific mall (apparently the largest asian mall in North America hah), I always end up buying face masks. It's a no brainer for me - they're cheap, convenient and totally efficient!

The Face Shop opened in Pacific mall a couple of months ago. It's one of my favourite Korean makeup/skincare stores, so every time I visit, I'm always freakishly excited. If I have the money and justify the store sticker price, I end up bringing a couple eyeliners or small goodies home. 

Even though I have an obsession with face masks, I never thought of buying face masks in that store. D'oh!

Then a couple of weeks ago, a friend in Korea mailed me a huge package. Inside were a bunch of goodies and I was so happy to find a bunch of face masks from TFS! I think there were 10 of them in there? And since the packaging was so pretty, I ran out that same day to P-mall and got myself more TFS masks. 

Packaging: 5/5
Love the packaging design - it's simple and gets to the point. (It's also the reason why this post is so darn picture heavy. I love it.) There's also enough english for non-Korean readers to understand. Plus... picture demos! Gotta love them picture demos!

What it claims 
Because I have several different "flavours" of this mask, I just thought I'd take pictures of the packaging so you can see yourself. I personally find that better than reading a whole block of boring text. 
I also like pictures and pretty colours, so yeah. 

In order, the pictures will show:
1. TFS pomegranate mask 
2. TFS raspberry mask
3. TFS pumpkin mask
4. TFS mung bean mask 
5. TFS olive mask
6. TFS aloe vera mask
7. TFS ginseng mask
[Not shown: TFS cucumber mask]

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