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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

[Review] Makeup Forever - Aqua Cream #54 & Aqua Rouge #20

Hello! I'm back with a double review this time!

Today I'll be reviewing 2 products from Makeup Forever. You've probably heard of the brand, right? They're one of the most well known brands in makeup today, and everyone's seen the MUFE section in Sephora!
The products I will be reviewing are both from Makeup Forever's AQUA summer 2013 collection.

1. Aqua Cream #54 
- These Aqua Creams give intense colour that "lasts through even the warmest days". They offer crease-free, smudge-proof colour for both eyes and lips (they can even be used as blush, if you'd like). Evaporating oils and a "special filmogen polymer" work together in order to set the pigments and keep moisture out. 3 new shades have been introduced to the "Aqua cream" line: #52 Pearly Green Lagoon, #53 Pearly Pastel Green and #54 Pearly Mauve. (Pictures below)

From left to right: #52, 53, 54

2. Aqua Rouge #20 ("baby pink")
These are super vibrant shades, and extremely long lasting! They have 2 sides; you can wear the liquid lip colour alone, or apply the clear gloss on top of it for extra shine and for a beautiful, "kiss-proof and smudge proof" effect.
- 5 new shades have been introduced to their Aqua rouge line: #16 Fuschia, #19 pomegranate, #20 baby pink, #17 bright coral and #18 coral. (Pictures below)

From left to right: #16, 17, 18, 19, 20.

I was offered a chance to review 2 of these products - the Aqua cream #54 (pearly mauve) and Aqua Rouge #20 (baby pink). The package arrived in just a single day, and here's a picture of what I received.

I was told that the Aqua Cream would be quite difficult to get off (without an oil based remover), so they sent me a sample size of their Sens'eyes waterprof makeup remover! Quite nice, I do like that. ^_^

I'll begin the reviewing the Aqua Cream #54 (pearly mauve)

It's not often that I use eyeshadow - in fact, I barely do. I just like to use it when I'm reviewing something particular (circle lenses), so it's not a really big daily makeup routine for me. It's just a hassle to do, really.

In all honesty, I don't like having to prime my eyelids, picking different colours to apply, blending in between the colours (making absolutely sure they're blended), and possibly freaking out about the fall-out... It's just not my cup of tea.
What I do like: eyeliner. maybe mascara. bam - done.

So hmm. Trying out Pearly Mauve was a little different for me. First, everything listed above - and second - I've never tried a cream eyeshadow! I panicked a little at how hard the application would be...

But I'm happy to say that it wasn't hard to apply. And on top of that - I actually do think I've found a new goodie! Here's the swatches:

Left: 2 swipes. Right: 1 light swipe.
They're super duper pigmented. A little goes quite a long way - and blend very, very easily. Which obviously, every lazy person (like me) would like. Who likes to blend over and over again, anyways? No one's got time for that.

I was told that one of the best tricks is to use this Aqua cream directly onto the clean eyelid. Don't use primer or any base before, there needs to be "no barrier between the eyeshadow and the skin", otherwise it just won't stick as well in place. It stays on forever, and doesn't crease nor smudge, and the only way to remove it perfectly is through an oil based remover.

I was really impressed with this eyeshadow cream. It is incredibly easy to use, and quick at that! You could either do a light, simple eye make with this - or pack it on for a much more vibrant colour. Below, I just did a very, very simple eye. I literally just swiped this over my bare eyelids and put a bit of eyeliner on (ahem, and falsies but that's just for review purposes). It took me a really short while, and no crazy "oh god oh god too much" or "oh god oh god what is happening" mutters were muttered!

In the beginning and I was quite the skeptic: "Purple? Really? How wearable is this?"
But this colour is completely wearable! Trust me - I'm a 100% natural kind of girl, I'm one to not even wear any kind of eyeshadow, neutral or not. But this? I'd wear it out. 

1. It's easy and quick to use. (No excessive blended needed, no hassle!)
2. The colour is super pretty. 
3. Pretty versatile - I can play around with it. Simple and just a pop of colour or really, really vibrant (for one of those "yay colour yay!" days, you know.)

Recommend? I actually would! If you're looking for an easy to use eyeshadow with no hassle, this is a great product. I really, really like this colour - and I'll probably (given that I actually keep using this product and fall more in love with it) will buy a different colour as well. Maybe a peachy shimmer? Ohohoh!

I've actually seen these talked about on Wayne Goss's makeup channel on Youtube (Gossmakeupartist). He has a bajillion of these in different colours and uses them absolutely beautifully as well. If he finds it worth to spend so much (out of his own pocket) on so many different colours, then I personally think it's definitely worth it as well. ^.^ 

Now for the Aqua Rouge #20 (baby pink) review:

This is the other product that I tried out: The Aqua Rouge lipgloss in #20 baby pink. I've actually never heard about this product before, so I was definitely curious.

It's a dual ended lipgloss. One end has the pigmented colour, and the other end contains a clear gloss (Both, obviously, have their own brushes)!

I'm definitely a lip product girl - I will hoard lipsticks, lipglosses, lip balms, lip moisturizers... anything to do with lips. I don't know why, but I guess it has something to do with that fact that they're so wearable. Even without any other makeup on, I can just swipe some colour on my lips and hop out the door.

This being said, I did have quite high expectations of this lipgloss.

The pigmented gloss end is very, very... pigmented. It's almost like lipstick melted into a gloss (liquid cream)! There's really NO sheerness whatsoever with this baby. I did like that it was so pigmented, but really... I do like to stick to natural colours when I'm out (especially when I'm at school, library, etc. I'm a student, y'know~). It was fun playing around with the pigment-y part, but I figured I'd only use it for really "dramatic" days.

When applied, the pigmented part felt great at first. Moist, but not sticky at all. Then it started to dry pretty quickly, and the colour almost became matte. This really isn't my preferred look at all - I do like a bit of a gloss on my lips, you see.

But have no fear - that's when the other end comes in.

I do think the clear lipgloss part is a necessity to wearing this lipgloss. It gives the most prettiest glossy shine, and really moisturizes your lips as well. The previous "dry" feeling I got from only applying the colour gloss was completely gone after I swiped this on. I absolutely love this clear gloss.

The only thing that I would be "meh" about is that the clear gloss' brush gets a bit "dirty" after use. If you've got any remaining colour on your lips from the pigmented part, it might transfer over to this brush, staining it slightly with a pink colour. That just bothers me a wee bit, but oh well. Nothing's crazy perfect in life, right? xD (I'm probably just crazy)

Bare lips:

Right: #20 only. Left: #20+clear gloss

I personally wouldn't wear the pigmented end alone - I'd definitely recommened that you always use the gloss with it! It makes it so much more prettier, in my honest opinion. I truthfully and genuinely love this gloss.

1. Great colours (wide range, not just the 5 mentioned)!
2. Can use 1 end or another (but I recommend using both)
3. Very, very pigmented
4. Extremely long lasting. Nothing will stop this lipgloss from leaving your lips (except an oil based remover, that is!)
- Make sure you want to use the colour before you apply it, because it's going to stay on for a long, long time.

Repurchase? I would definitely purchase an Aqua Rouge lipgloss. I'm not sure what colour yet, but probably a lighter pink than "baby pink"! I really like this gloss - the second day I used it, I went out with a friend. Even though I knew the colour would be stuck (like iron) to my lips the whole day, I carried this gloss everywhere I went, "just in case". I have no idea why, but I just liked unnecessarily applying it. I love it.

So concludes my first "double review". I hope you enjoyed reading it, and maybe I've convinced you to take the plunge and try one of these products out!

If I personally had the choice to choose between purchasing an Aqua cream or an Aqua Rouge, I'd definitely go for Aqua Rouge. Why?
Although I genuinely like both products, I just can't imagine wearing eyeshadow alone, but I definitely can use the Aqua rouge on its own! ^__^

What about you?
Have you tried these products before? What do you think about them? 

[Note: You may be wondering where all the Korean cosmetic reviews have gone - no worries, they'll be back and comin' after this!]

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review purposes. As always, this review is 100% honest. My opinion will never be bought. 
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