Friday, March 15, 2013

"so wanna be my woman?"

So I actually went to class today, my English lecture. I haven’t attended an English lecture in… a month? I have no idea, but I’m a very, very bad student.
I shall blame the lack of attendance on my allergies, yes.

Anyways, I came 5 minutes early and sat at the very back of the room (so, err… I could leave early halfway through the lecture). There’s people milling around, finding seats, talking to their friends, etc. I notice this random guy standing near the exit doors, beside a pillar. Our eyes kinda met for like a split second, but me being all antisocial and awkward look away a millisecond later.

There’s a few empty seats beside me (I’m sitting at the very end of a row), and soon he comes and asks “can I sit here?” and he’s all friendly and jolly and stuff. I say sure, and start turning on my laptop, getting ready for class. I’m not too social with strangers at school (though I can be crazy damn social outside of it) so I don’t try initiating a conversation with the guy.

But as I’m taking out my notebook, he starts talking to me.

“What’s your name?”
“June.” (I’m a woman of few words, sometimes!!)
“Oh hi, I’m JJ. Nice to meet you.”

He takes my hand in the strongest damn handshake EVER. Seriously.

He goes on, saying “I’m here for two reasons. A, because these seats are comfortable and I’m bored. B, because a friend said I might fall in love”

Sunday, January 27, 2013


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Saturday, January 26, 2013

How to: open circle lens vials

When I got my first pair of circle lenses, I just stared at the bottle 'cause it was so cute - and I didn't know how to open it.

Behold, a "how to" post! This post will tell you how to safely open circle lens vials/bottles. Some users have gotten hurt from the aluminum part, so be careful when you're opening it!

1. Find the little arrow (it's on the metal part, pointing upwards)
I circled the arrows on the picture below. 

2. Stick a tweezer under the white cap part, and wrestle the white cap off. It does take a little bit of effort to get it off. 
Just don't go crazy and end up cutting yourself with the aluminium!

3. It should look like this.
If the cap has a little bit of metal stuck on to it [1st picture], you can just slowly wiggle the cap off to the side, like you're slowly peeling an orange or something. The alumium should peel off with the cap.

If you just pulled off the cap [no metal attached to it, 2nd picture], just stick a tweezer under the metal and peel it off slowly.

4. Tadah! It looks like this!
Lookit all that metaaaaal. 

5. So, you've got the squishy white topper still on.
This part is really easy with no worries attached. Just pop it off.

6. Remember to prepare your lenses before wear.
Soak them in contact solution for a minimum of 8 hours. Do not wear your lenses right after taking them from the bottle. Your eyes will burn from the solution.

Take care of your eyes, you've only got 1 pair! ^__^
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