Friday, July 12, 2013

[Review] Laneige Water Sleeping Pack _EX

If I could take one (makeup/skincare) product with me on a deserted island, this would be the one. Laneige's Water Sleeping Pack_EX. 
... and sunscreen. I'll probably need that too. 

I'm not a "gasp" person. I never thought that any product would be so good, it'd make me go all "GASPP!!" But the first time I applied this mask and looked  in the mirror the morning after, I swear I did. My skin had been red, splotchy and dull the day before, but this product made it amazing. In just the first use, it made my skin brighter, softer and a whole lot less red. 

So, without any further ado, I present to you: Laneige's famous, "Water Sleeping Pack _EX". 


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Things I would tell my younger self

When I was in 6th grade, I had just gotten side bangs. 
Having the "center part" for my entire life, this was a huge, awesome change. But to my dismay, these bangs kept curling inward to my face, and spazzed all... squiggly everywhere. I thought my hair was so ugly, and I was jealous of my friends, who had all owned their own straighteners.

So one morning, after my mum had ironed her shirt for the day, I crept into the room and found that the iron was still very much warm.

I put my head on the ironing board.
And I ironed my bangs.

Needless to say - but I completely damaged my hair! It got so... burnt and crazy, I can't even describe how bad it looked. I guess it was my fault for being completely and utterly whack! @__@

I just happened to remember this incident last night, so I decided to dedicate today's post to the topic "things I would tell the young June" - beauty, fashion and life related tips I'd give the younger me. 


This is gonna be embarassing. 

1. Don't iron your hair.

2. Just because The Cute Boy told you your hair smelt good, doesn't mean you should dump the entire shampoo bottle on your head the next day. 

3. Be careful with that wax strip!!! DO NOT DROP IT (Wax side down) ON YOUR WOODEN FLOOR, DAMMIT. 

4. Please don't buy 234823948239 "J-14" (and the like) magazines just for the posters. 

5. Do not over-wax your upper lip. You will have an angry, bright red moustache for the next 5 days. It will be embarrassing. 

6. Don't cry over backstabbing friends. 

7. Please - don't wear that thick, heavy Lululemon sweater in the middle of July, just to "show off" to The Cute Boy.
He doesn't care.
You will melt. 

8. Just because The Cute Boy's favourite colour is red, doesn't mean you should go to the mall every single weekend to buy new red clothes. 

9. Don't try to tan in the middle of the recess playground (ahem, on the cement). Trust me - it won't be the same as a "vacation" tan. 

10. Don't cry over not winning the High school student council election. It was your fault you treated it like a popularity contest, and did a 10 second speech. (Next to the girl who did an actual, real one) 

11. Be nicer to people. The friends you had in Gr. 12 could have been the friends you had your entire HS life. 

12. It's okay for people to be in your life for a short time. People come and go, enjoy them while you have them - and don't wallow in the past.


14. Water really does help with acne. Drink that stuff.

15. Please don't make friends with that girl. She'll tell the coach you have a crush on him, and proceed to ruin your extracurricular life. 

16. Don't buy that "Skin79 hot pink BB cream" for $30 at Pmall. DON'T!

17. Don't try to dry shave your legs 30 seconds before you have to leave the house. Results will hurt. 

18. Buy a bra, man! You're in xxx grade! @__@ (It was way too embarrassing to say, lol.)

19. Uh, what are you doing with that needle? 
Why are you burning it with that candle flame?
WAIT, are you going to poke your pimple with a red hot needle?! 

20. Use chapstick, blistex, whatever. Chapped lips are not attractive.

21. Wearing clothes with huge "A&F" letters on them doesn't automatically make you cool. Stop. -__-

Those are the 21 things I would tell my younger self! Phew! Some of these are embarrassingly recent (can you guess which?), too!

What would you tell your younger self? 
[Beauty, fashion, life tips to the younger you!]

Friday, July 5, 2013

[Review] Tonymoly petite bunny gloss bars!

The Tonymoly petite bunny gloss bars have been on my shopping list for a long time, but I couldn't choose which one to buy! In the end, I saved up some cash and purchased all nine colours. I have no idea what I'm going to do with all of these, but eh - they're nice to look at, right?

Description and packaging

There are 9 Tonymoly bunny bars in total - each has a different, pretty colour and scent! Each of the bars also has its own bunny cap, which have varying facial expressions. How cute is that?!

They're described as being an "intermediate form between lipstick and lipgloss". When the adorable caps are off, they look like regular lipstigloss (?) bars. There are 2g of product in a bar. The downside of the packaging is that they come with a little barcode sticker on them. Once you take this sticker off, you lose the number of the shade. (I find this incredibly annoying, I like having my numbers on the actual product! Do I sound crazy yet?~)

You can buy these for $6 on ebay! 

(From left to right)
#1 - Juicy strawberry
#2 - Juicy grape
#3 - Juicy apple
#4 - Juicy cherry
#5 - Juicy peach
#6 - Juicy orange
#7 - Neon orange
#8 - Neon yellow (doesn't go on lips yellow, it changes colour once applied)
#9 - Neon red

The bottom of the gloss bar has a date imprinted onto it - this is the manufacture date.

click to read more, and see swatches!~

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

[Review] The Face Shop's mini pet perfume hand cream

Hey guys, I'm back with another review. This time, I'll be reviewing The Face Shop's mini pet perfume hand creams - in 2 scents, "sweet" and "floral"!~

Aren't they absolutely adorable? 


The packaging is adorable - it's what made me go crazy over it!~ There's currently 4 different versions of the hand creams, so you can pick out different, unique ones to fit your own tastes.

[There's the kitty, bear, monkey and hamster/bear/puppy]
I have no idea what the last one is, so yeah.

Although the bottle part is adorable, the product doesn't come in an outer box. So if you're planning to give this one as a gift, well, no box. There's just a little plastic wrap around it, that's all! It doesn't detract any cuteness though, so that's just a very minor thing.

"Fruity floral" scent

You've got to twist the kitty's head off to get to the product inside - when you first open it, there's a little clear film over the bottle.

It's not a sticker, so you don't have to peel it off. Just a tiny flick of a finger will do. I don't really get why TFS did that, though. I see no point in having a flimsy seal, if it's not going to seal the product in...?

And on the bottom of the bottle are the product's information. 

- "Lovely me:ex"
- Mini pet perfume hand cream
- 03 white floral (04 fruity floral for "sweet")
- 30mL
- The Face Shop
- Made in Korea
- Expiration date: 2015/ 09/ 04 (2015/09/15 for "sweet")

You can flip the sticker, and it opens up to have some more information, mostly about the product's ingredients.


In Korea: $4
(Lowest) on eBay: $6
In North American stores: $8-13

The product: 

Basically, people buy this product just for its adorable packaging. There aren't any "WOW!" properties of the hand cream that make it stand out, and worth buying. 

It's got no anti-aging claims, no sun protection, etc. It's just a simple hand cream that smells very nice. Ideal for a young person, or someone who just loves cute stuff.
Note: Both of the hand creams, "floral" and "sweet" are white in colour. 

I took a little dab of the product and applied it to my wrists. Surprisingly, the smell lasts for quite a long while. It's not heavy nor is it sticky, and leaves a very nice scent that goes strong for a couple of hours, actually!

Between the "floral" and "sweet" scents, I'd have to say that floral is better. It's got a light, pleasant, flowery smell to it. It's got a stronger scent than "sweet", though. The smell reminds me of flowers (really nice flowers), and all that good stuff.

"Sweet" has a lighter scent - it would be good for people who only want a FAINT scent on their hands.  It doesn't really remind me of "fruity florals". It smells like grandma perfume, actually. (I have no idea how to describe that so yeah...)

- Isn't sticky or heavy
- Not oily
- Smells nice
- Small and cute bottle, very portable
- Bottle is hardy (will not break if you drop it)

- If you apply too much, it will get oily, greasy and have a overpowering smell. If you don't go crazy over this and smear it all over yourself, you'll be fine.


I would repurchase this product if the price was $4 (or less).
Anything more than that is overpaying for it, and I wouldn't recommend it if you had to buy it for $6+. 

It's an adorable, lovely smelling product. But with that $6+, you can find yourself a hand cream that actually does wonders, and a lot of it. Aveeno has a really good oatmeal one that comes in a HUGE pump bottle that costs around $7.



Sunday, June 30, 2013

[Review] The Face Shop FACEit Styling Auto Gel Liner

Hello, I'll be reviewing The Face Shop's "FACEit Styling Auto Gel Liner" in black and brown. Phew, that's a long name~

This is the same eyeliner used by Hong Sunghee in an episode of Get It Beauty! HSH is a celebrity Korean makeup artist (she is Suzy's makeup artist!), and Get It Beauty is a very popular makeup/style tip show in Korea.

[Read more, and see the pictures!]
I've also included the link to the specific "Get It Beauty" episode.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Liebster Blog Award!

On Monday, I had 3 lovely people nominate me for the Liebster blog award!

I've never been nominated for this award before, so it was a really pleasant surprise to be nominated like that! Thank you to FrauleinStephenie and Phailee for their nominations! [Please check out their blogs, each is a very worthwhile read!]

The Rules 
- You must link back the person who nominated you.
- You must answer the 10 Liebster questions given to you by the nominee before you.
- You must pick 10 bloggers to be nominated for the award with under 200 followers.
- You must come up with 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
- You must go to their blogs and notify you nominees.

The Questions
[Note: I'm basically answering 31 questions here, so if you're sticking around for the ride, it's going to be a pretty long one!]

Fraulein's questions (first set):
1. Where do you go on your next vacation?
- I'll be either going to South Korea or Australia for my next vacation. (I was going to go to S.Korea this month, but health problems forced me to cancel my flight.)

2.  What beauty product are you hoarding or have the most from?
- It's a tie: I hoard both eyeliners and lip products! 

3.  Lipstick or Lipgloss?
- Lipgloss. 

4.  What's your favourite dish?
- I have too many... but Korean/Japanese curry is one of them!

5.  Your favourite color when it comes to lips?
- Pink!

6. Do/did you dye your hair and if yes, did you do it by yourself?
- I don't dye.

7. What do you do apart from blogging?
- I shop. Nothing else, really. T___T #sadlife. 

8. What is the next big achievement you want to succed in?
- It's weightloss. I'm aiming for 105 pounds, I've already cut down 17 pounds. ^__^ 

9. Do you have any favourite movies or series?
- Flashpoint (Canadian drama that recently ended)
각시탈 (Gaksital), a Korean drama. MY ULTIMATE FAVOURITE. 

10. Do you play an instrument?
- Trumpet and piano. (I've never known an Asian that hasn't taken piano lessons...) 

11. What's your favourite color?
- Mint, turquoise and blue. (I love them all!)

Stephenie's questions (second set):
1) What are the 3 most important things in life? 
- Family, love and being content with yourself (basically love all around...)

2) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change?
- To be more social. 

3) Where do you see yourself in 5 years' time?
- I have no idea... T___T -shivers-

4) Name one silly/funny/unusual/quirky habit of yours.
- I can't touch pictures of bugs, or underwater sea stuff. 

5) What are your top 5 favourite make-up products?
- Holikaholika heart lipsticks
- Holikaholika jewel light eyeliners
- Dior addict lip glow
- Tonymoly backstage gel liner
- Blistex lip medex (Okay, it's not makeup. But I LOVE it.)

6) What are your top 5 favourite skincare products?
- Laneige water sleeping pack_ex
- Laneige multiberry yogurt peeling gel
- Laneige light power essential skin refiner (toner)
- Laneige light balancing emulsion 
- Laneige water bank essence 
Biased? HELL NAW.

7) What's your ideal way to spend a Saturday?
- At home, stalking blogs or watching Youtube makeup gurus. (I'm exciting.)
- Or shopping. 

8) What's the first thing you do when you get out of bed?
- Check my phone. 

9) Favourite high street shop (for clothes)?
- Club Monaco (Don't know if that's considered "high street"?)

10) If you could move to another country to live, where would it be?
- Nowhere. I love Toronto. You'd have to drag me out of here. 

Phailee's questions (third set):
1. You have been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award. How do you feel?
- Special! 

2. What is one type of make up you cannot live without? (BB Cream, foundation, eyeliner, etc.)
- BB cream (It's a new favourite, I've always stuck to foundation until now)

3. What is your favorite brand of makeup?
- Lancome and Holikaholika

4. Coffee or tea? Why?
- Tea. It's good. 

5. What are five wardrobe essentials to every girl's closet?
- A wide brimmed hat
- A silk/chiffon maxi dress
- 3 different pairs of riding/western boots (I count this as 1)
- A pale yellow jumper 
- Black leggings

6. Name three places you wish to visit before you die.
- South Korea
- Hawaii
- Paris 
(These are places I've had the chance to go to; I just really want to visit there again and again.)

7. Favorite season? Why?
- Winter. I'm Canadian!

8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
- No idea. T__T

9. What do you consider to be the greatest accomplishment of your life so far?
- Owning a dog. (I know, I must sound pathetic. BUT I LOVE DOGS.)

10. What do you plan to do with your blog in the future?
- OOTDS. I've been slacking WAY too much on this, and need to start! 

I nominate...
1. Sindy - Milkiibunnii
2. Katie - Milkeipure
3. Rhia - Tantan6
4. Misa - Misa Raisu
6. Katy - Kittie cosmetics
7. Serotinal - Serotinal
9. Rowanne - Rollierockz
10. Ellie - Ellie yo candy 

My questions for you:
1. What's one makeup step that you can skip? (Lipgloss, foundation, eyeliner, etc.)
2. What brand do you use to remove makeup?
3. How many days a week do you not wear makeup?
4. What's your favourite skincare brand?
5. Have you ever used St. Ives' Apricot Scrub? Do you like it?
6. Do you wear false lashes often?
7. How much money do you spend on makeup (in a month)?
8. Do you use a setting spray?
9. Dogs or cats?
10. What was your first makeup product (and brand)?

Sorry if that was a really long read, or if my questions weren't that interesting!~ ;n;

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Versatile Blogger Award!

I'm thankful to have been nominated for my first Versatile Blogger award! This is the first award I've ever been nominated for, so I'm really excited! Thanks to Sam - she has a great blog that features some awesome reviews, NOTDs, and DYIs!

I nominate...
1. Rachael - Wayycher
2. Laura - Lauraleia
3. Alex - Skyway avenue
4. Miwitch - Miwitch
6. Sindy - MilkiiBunnii
7. Sabrina - Sabrinata Judin
9. My Nyugen - Style a la My
10. Dolly - Sincerely Dolly
11. Lana - Glitterish World
12. Mikichigo - Mikichigo
13. Chee - Sparkly Chee
14. Trang - Beauty Bloggr
15. Jo - Neverland

VBA Rules 

1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
2. Include a link to their blog.
3. Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award
4. Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

7 things about me 

1. I laugh very easily, but I cry very easily too. 
2. I have a dog named Happy. (She's the little white thing on my blog banner, if you were wondering.)
3. I have a love of shoes! 
4. I can't say "specifically" properly. It's quite embarassing. ("schpiffically!")
5. I love kdramas - it's in my blood. (Currently watching "I hear your voice" and "You're the best, lee soon-shin")
6. I have severe allergies - if I smell ramen, I can't breathe and need to call 9-1-1. (Yeah, ikr?) 
7. I can't touch pictures of dark, underwater sea life. It's a phobia...?

That's it for now! It's been such a grossly humid day (gonna be like this the entire week, arugh), so I'm off to go shopping. Retail therapy for environmentally stressful days, whoohoo~
Here's a questionable pixel here to explain how I'm feeling.

Byebye, and thank you for reading! 
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