Monday, October 14, 2013

[Review] Iope Air Cushion XP Cover 23

Do you chase beauty trends? 
I don't - not really.

But even if you're not a trend chaser, you've probably heard of "air cushions". They were a huge hit in Korea recently, and is currently the product to use now as well. Almost every brand has their own air cushion product, but Iope's Air Cushion XP is the #1 best selling. It's seen as the cushion that started it all~

Literally every single Korean girl/woman I know has heard of this particular product. If they don't already have it, they want it. My friend, Shin, brought one back from Korea and she raved about it so much my ears dropped off.

At first, I didn't really understand the insane hype. It's just another way to put on foundation, isn't it?
Hmm. After actually trying it - I get the hype now. I've been bitten by the cushion bug! ): Oh NoOoOOo.

The Iope Air Cushion XP (upgrade from EX) - here's what's inside this small white pact.

1. Built in mirror (good size!)
2. Blue "air puff" (a special puff to dab at the foundation sponge and apply the makeup)
3. A sponge soaked with foundation

The air puff and the sponge are divided with second "lid". It holds the air puff in place, while keeping air out from the bottom compartment (where the sponge is).


"Not to mention the greatly increased SPF, it includes more than 25% of hydro-mineral ingredient to keep the skin moist and glossy.

It's application over makeup does not push away the makeup, and keeps the skin protected from the UV ray all day long.

Small container with more bang!

A 4-in-1 marvel of whitening + cooling + UV block + makeup with consumer's convenience in mind!"
- Description from

This product is actually really convenient - they're not joking about that. It's "bam bam apply done" with this thing. I don't need any brushes, soak a beauty blender, or get my hands dirty. A+!

The air puff is also made specifically not to absorb too much product. So what you have on the puff... will go to your face. Magic, isn't it? If only all worldly sponges were like that.

The pact itself is a little bulky, but small at the same time. It's easy to fit into a purse. It's also easy to pull it out in the middle of the day, and touch up. (I don't find myself needing to touch up, though.)

- SPF 50+/PA+++
- Sweat proof
- Vitamin B5, Vitamin E derivatives, Vitamin P.
- 30% mineral water 
- Usually comes with refill (warning: some stores will not include the refill, so make sure you know what you're paying for)

Types / Shades
I have the "cover" in shade 23.

There's 3 types of the Iope Air Cushion.

1. Natural
2. Shimmer
3. Cover

Then, there's 3 shades (colours) that you can choose from.

1. 21
2. 23
3. 22 (for "shimmer")

Size (amount of product you get)

It's a small pact and you can easily carry it in a bag, big or small. There's about 15ml of product in 1 pact. That's half the size of a MUFE HD Foundation.
- If you buy it with an additional refill, that's 30ml. (same amount in MUFE HD)


You can buy this for $39 at Mootta. (No refill)

If you buy it with no refill, it's quite expensive for that price imo.
But obviously, Iope is pricier compared to the "cute brands" (i.e. Etude House, Tonymoly, The Face Shop, Holika Holika).


Yeah, I probably took way too many pictures for this section. But overdoing is better than under-doing?  I think?

There are 2 pictures for each "set".
1. Picture with flash (the brighter one)
2. Picture with no flash (dim window light - it was a rainy day)
- "Natural light" photos will be posted as soon as this impossible Toronto weather gets better.

I've compared the "Iope cover 23" to other well known BB/CC creams/foundations. Below:
(Note: My skin colour is usually MUFE N120; and Cover 23 is similar to that.)

(Left to right)

1. Makeup Forever HD foundation (Shade N120)
2. Etude House CC cream (#1 Silky)
3. Missha BB cream (#23)
4. Etude House nymph aura volumer baby glow balm (02 natural beige)

1) MUFE N120
2) Etude house CC cream
3) Iope Air Cushion Cover 23 
4) Etude house baby balm 02 natural beige
5) Missha 23



The "cover" shades obviously (through name) offer more coverage than "natural" or "shimmer". Many of my friends/family use the natural version, and it looks like it covers any bits of skin redness just fine.

I'd have to say that coverage is good for Cover (23). It offers medium coverage - but it's buildable. If I have particularly red skin for a day, this will easily cover most of it up.
- That being said, I don't think it covers large, red, inflamed pimples that well.

It still looks natural, and I don't look "caked".
The Iope air cushion gives a healthy glow, but it doesn't look greasy either. I still like to put on some powder on top of it.

Which brings me to my next point - staying power is decent. Stays on for a good while, and I don't even think about touching up.

The "sweat proof" claim. If it's a bad day (i.e. hot and gross), it'll slip off a bit. I don't know why Iope claimed that this is sweat proof... I don't see anything that really helps support that.

Thoughts / Experience 

I actually really liked this Air Cushion! It's one of my favourite products right now - granted, there are a few "cons", but the overall experience of using this was awesome.

I'm quite tanned from the summer, so the shade doesn't fit me perfectly right now.
For much of the year (October - May), I'm a MUFE N120 and this is a very close shade match to it. So it'll match me later on in the upcoming months. I hope I get a bit paler, I really want to use this more often!

Convenience? This is convenience in a pact.
You don't have to soak a beauty blender, bring out 'yo brushes, get your fingers dirty, etc. Take out the air puff and use.
Touch up throughout the day? Easy.

It looks really natural, and light - but still offers enough coverage for me. (Again though, I don't think it'll cover large, inflamed acne too well.)

Additional note: I don't think this is easy to use on dry skin, though. I have combination skin (usually), but when I'm a little drier than usual and use this product... it will show. It will. If you have dry, flaky skin, it'll accentuate that more than other BB/CC/foundation pacts I've tried. I guess you can exfoliate well and super moisturize, though. Hmm.

The Air Puff 

I thought this was a noteworthy thing to talk about. Some people  have been talking about the air puff, how difficult it is to clean, etc.

The puff is specially designed to pick up the foundation and apply in on your face "flawlessly", without absorbing a lot of product (compared to usual sponges). And it works!

But when it comes to cleaning said air puff... hm. I've tried to, just to see how hard it was to clean.
It's difficult.

So rather than spending time attempting to wash and clean this air puff (or using a dirty puff for a long time, or using a puff with soapy/remover remains still in it), in my honest-honest opinion... I would just get a new one.
It's not too expensive.
- You can find air puffs for $2-3 in Korea.
- They're around $4 (lowest) on eBay. Some are priced at $9-10, but... I say just get the $4 one. Same thing. (Just make sure you're getting an air puff, and not a "regular puff")

- Lightweight
- Natural looking
- Gives off a lovely, healthy glow
- Medium, buildable coverage
- SPF 50+/PA+++
- Vitamins included

- Accentuates flaky skin patches
- Air Puff is difficult to clean
- Not sweat proof
- Expensive (If you're used to buying the "cute brand" foundations/BB/CCs)


Yes, I would definitely recommend this product if you're looking for a natural, pretty, healthy look! I'm a big fan of this cushion, and I'm really happy that I had a chance to try this out.


Yes, I will be repurchasing a refill of this. I won't be buying a full, new set (i.e. a new pact + refill) because I don't need a new pact (the "shell" part).

Yeah, the price for the Iope Air Cushion is pretty pricey.
But if I had to shell out that $35+ for a new pact, I'll bite the bullet and get it. It's too good to pass up.

Note: I don't give half marks.

Coverage: 3/5 (medium but buildable)
Quality: 5/5
Ease of use: 4/5 (loses a point for the "air puff problem")

Overall: 4/5

That concludes the review! Maybe you'll jump on the cushion bandwagon?

What about you?
What do you think about the "legendary" Iope Air Cushion? Have you tried cushions before? 

Note: This product was sponsored. The review is 100% honest. My opinion cannot be bought.

Monday, October 7, 2013

[Review] Tonymoly Green Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream


I'm back with another review! After reviewing the Tonymoly Appletox honey cream, I was curious about the green apple (ahem, for the packaging really). It turns out that one random day, my brother felt super nice and decided to buy this apple for me. Nice, ain't he?
He's not usually that nice but whatevs, y'know.

Anyways, tada - here it is! This is Tonymoly's "Green Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream"!


This '3-in-1' multi peeling cream contains both unripened apple extract and papaya extract, which work to remove dead skin cells and manage impurities. In just one application, this cream delivers 3 functions - massage, moisture, and peeling.

"Contains green apple extract. Minerals such as (Mg, Fe) and Vitamins such as (A, E, B1, B6, C) 
maintain skin’s natural firmness and brightness. This is a highly effective exfoliator. AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) accelerates skin’s natural exfoliating process. Acid loosens the bind between the skin and the dead cell, which makes them easy to remove. This will soothe the outer skin to make is fresh and silky."

The green appletox comes (obviously) in an adorable, apple shaped tub. It doesn't have the extra leaf design that the red appletox has, but still - it's cute nevertheless! There is 80ml of product inside here, same as the red appletox.

No box was included with this purchase (it came on its own, bubble wrapped). And unlike the red appletox, this one did not come with a spatula. That's a "boo"!

The cream itself is white in colour, and isn't really "thick". It's quite easy to spread around, so it's easy to use. As for the smell - it's not as "heavenly" as the red appletox, but there's still a light, fresh, "unripe apple" fragrance to it.
It's not overwhelming and it doesn't give me allergic reactions. So that's good!

Size: The size of a real apple, just fuller around the edges. It contains 80ml of product inside.

Price: Approximately $9 on eBay.


1. After washing, apply a moderate amount all over your face. Avoid the lip and eye area.
2. Massage for 1-2 minutes, and wait another half minute.
3. Massage again (dead skin cells should be peeling off and visible at this point), and wash with warm water.


Note: I didn't take a picture of the dead skin cells coming off my face, because... idk. I guess it looks better on the hand, yes? (Before/after face shots below)

I got a good dollop of the cream on my hand here. Wish it came with a spatula!

Massaging for a couple minutes - doop de doop.

I like to wait a bit longer than the 30 second mark - I personally find that the dead skin cells come off easier, quicker and less messier if I wait around 1-2 minutes.


My thoughts + experience

I thought this was an useful product.

Other exfoliators (like St. Ives apricot scrub) just exfoliate with those little apricot beads, and you feel it scrub away at your skin. This Tonymoly apple, though, there wasn't any "scrubby" feeling or any harsh abrasions. I've got really sensitive skin sometimes, and this didn't hurt my face. (FYI, it's painless.) Even though you can't really feel anything, you can see the dead skin come off! Whoo!~ 

After using this product, my skin felt really soft. Baby butt soft. I like that.


The downside, however... even though my face felt super smooth and soft, it didn't feel "fresh", or light. Because really - if a whole lot of dead skin was taken off my face, wouldn't I feel fresh faced, like my skin could breathe?
Hm... it didn't. Just felt normal. Meh.
(NOTE: If you like the "fresh" face feeling too, I'd recommend the Innisfree super volcanic clay mask. That is freeeeeesh.)

Below is Tonymoly's promo picture for this product. 

I will tell you right now - those are not accurate/realistic results. Sorry 'fo bustin' yo bubble. 

There is a slight brightening effect. (Obviously, not as crazy as the promo pic.)
Other than that - doesn't get rid of blackheads, acne, etc. 

How I use it

I just basically use this as a "pre" step before the actual skincare part. Meaning: I use this product only to make the effect of the other skincare products better and stronger.

Analogy: Y'know Yu-gi-oh? (The card game / old anime show)
Basically, I summon this "weak" appletox-monster and later morph/combine it with another monster... so that the final outcome (the fused monster) is better than the original appletox-monster. 

I would never ever use the "weak" appletox-monster alone in battle, and would never ever depend on the appletox-monster alone.

Omigod what did I just say. o____o
Ok whatever let's forget that.

Anyways. I don't think that this Appletox is good enough to use alone.
As in: "Scrub off my dead skin... and done!"= nono.

I use it to scrub off my dead skin, and then use products on top of that. Because you took off the layer of dead skin, products would absorb much easily into the skin now.
So after the Appletox, I use my essence, serum, cream, etc.

That being said - I think peeling creams like this are very useful. If you don't have a peeling cream like this yet, I'd recommend you to get one!

TL;DR: Useful, effective cream in getting rid of dead skin cells.
- Don't use it alone and think your skin will become amazing after using it by itself.
- Other products should be used after this to bring full use of the Appletox cream.

- Makes skin super soft and smooth
- Effectively gets rid of dead skin cells
- Cheap ($9)
- Slight brightening effect
- Gets rid of excess oil

- Doesn't get rid of blackheads/acne
- No spatula
- Not really portable

Yes, I'd recommend this product to anyone who doesn't have a peeling cream.
It's cheap! You can't really go wrong with $9. (And the packaging alone is loooovely.)

Unless I find a cheaper peeling cream, I'll repurchase this.

What about you?

Have you used this product before?
What's your favourite Tonymoly product? 

Disclaimer: This product was not sponsored. 

Monday, September 30, 2013

[Circle lens review] Geo 3 tone lens


Today's post will be on a circle lens review. I've reviewed several lenses from Geo's "World series" so far, and I'll be talking about the green version! Hip, hip, hooray! This review is sponsored by Geocolouredlenses.

If you're not familiar with this particular line yet, here's a picture of them. They've got lots of different names, such as Berry Cessy or simply "tri tone". The universal code name for this particular lens is CM-903.


Here's a quick description of these lenses:

Brand: Geo Medical
Base curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 14.0mm (Some stores list these as 14.2)
Life: 1 year (I don't recommend using lenses for 3+ months)
Colour: Green
Water content: 38%
Made in Korea 

Colours available (5): Blue, brown, gray, green, violet
Price: Currently $22.03 [here]


I've definitely said this so many times now, haha. The Geo 3 tones are one of my favourite lines (next to the Neo Glamours), because they're small in diameter, comfortable and pretty natural looking! 

As for the green colour - I don't mind green lenses. I've only had 1 other green lens before (my green Glamours), and it looked fine to me. I think they look really natural on brown eyes, but still give that pretty hint of colour. 

It starts (outside to in) with a small black limbal ring, then to a leafy green colour, finishing off with a pretty yellow. The colours blend nicely together, so it looks like a very natural lens. 


Comparison, flash, window, dim indoor

My thoughts

First off - the service at Geocolouredlenses was good. The package arrived within 2 weeks, which is completely fair. A lens case, Geo circle lens manual, and even a Geocolouredlenses business card were included. I don't have anything to complain about their service.

Humm! I thought these lenses would give off a browny-green colour like the Glamour greens, but it turns out they're more vibrant than those! While still not "omg this is so vibrant", they certainly cover the brown on my eyes and change it up. They don't look too "brownish", but they're still very very natural. I don't mind the lenses at all; in fact, I actually think these are pretty nice looking

Comfort wise - they're the same as the other World lenses I've tried. Very comfortable, with minimal irritation. I start to feel dry after a good several hours, which is okay. I don't really like wearing any lenses for a long time anyways. 

I like the design, comfort and the fact that they look really natural. Even though this is only my 2nd pair of greens, I think it's pretty safe to say that these would be one of my favourite green lenses!

You'd like these lenses if you're looking for a natural lens with a bit of colour, nothing too overboard. These lenses offer very little (if any) enlargement. So if you're specifically looking for a big lens, stay away - this really isn't what you're looking for! 


Colour: /5
Enlargement: /5
Comfort: /5
Overall rating: /5

More Pictures 

More pictures of the lenses in action! 

So that concludes today's review!

What about you?
Have you tried green lenses before? What do you think?

Disclaimer: These reviews were sponsored, but this review is 100% honest. My opinion cannot be bought. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

[Review] Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask (2013)

Hey guys!

I'm back with another "Innisfree" review today - this time, on one of their popular skincare products. It's called the "Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask".

If you've seen my past reviews on pore-related products, you've probably seen a close up of my pores (specifically on the nose). I have huge, congested pores on my nose, and the pores around my nose are also quite large.

As you can imagine, I've gone through many masks (both clay and sheet) and strips and gels and creams - all trying to fix this up. Kiehl's, Neutrogena, Clean and Clear, Holika Holika, I've used a variety of brands trying to get rid of this problem.
None have worked. 

I've basically given up. I probably wouldn't have tried another "pore care" mask if I hadn't been asked to review this.

I kid you not - I'm so glad I did.


"It's more powerful than red clay and mud in terms of absorbing sebum. The micro 'multi-porous' structure of the volcanic clusters work to absorb the sebum inside your pores.
- Rare and pure ingredient from Jeju island
- Formulated from solidified lava caused by volcanic eruptions on Jeju
- Aborbs impurities and sebum deeply embedded within pores

- Tightens pores
- Removes sebum 
- Exfoliates dead skin cells
- Offers deep cleansing
- Enhances skin tone
- Provides cooling effects

This is a "7 free" product - this mask is free from:
1. Artificial fragrance
2. Artificial pigments 
3. Parabens 
4. Benzophenone
5. Ethanol 
6. Animal ingredients (ingredients taken from animals)
7. Mineral oil 

The 100ml comes in a little tub, and it does come with a box. No spatula was included. The tub is made of plastic, and it's quite small. I'd say it's pretty portable, because it's so tiny.

This product is apparently the "updated, 2013" version of the previous Innisfree clay masks. It comes in 2 different sizes - the 100ml, and the 200ml.

100ml comes in a tub (this one)
200ml comes in a large tube (pictured below with the tub)

When you twist open the lid, the clay mask is grey in colour. It has little beads as well, the volcanic pore clusters!

It's quite thick (but smooth) in texture, and easily spreads across the face. It's cold, and gives a cooling effect as well. After 10-15minutes, the mask hardens on your face but doesn't feel too stiff.

It has a volcanic-y smell - similar smell to the other "volcanic" skincare products I've tried. I personally like the scent because it smells fresh! You don't notice the smell when it hardens on your face.

- $15.88 on Jolse (100ml)
- $27.99 on Jolse (200ml)


It was a thick clay mask, but I think it's definitely a lot easier to apply than Etude House's "Wonder Pore" white clay mask.

It feels cool and soothing on my skin, which I really like! When hardened (I leave it on for 15 minutes, instead of the recommended 10), it feels stiff but not uncomfortably stiff.

So I leave it on for 15 min. These are the after pictures. (Below)
I'm breaking out, but I feel that after using this mask, some of the zits have gone away faster - and it definitely took care of cleaning my pores.

My thoughts + experience

Sometimes, I'm easy to please with makeup/cosmetics. If it's decent quality and I like the shade, I'll like it. It's a very different story for my skincare.

I am extremely picky with the products I use on my face. To be honest, the only skincare brands I've used (regularly) is Laneige and Shisedo. Even then, I pick out many of my Laneige/Shisedo products often and replace them with new products (same brand) every once in a while.

So it's a pretty big deal that I love this product so much! I've heard a lot of good things about Innisfree's skincare, but didn't know it was this good until now. The Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask (SVPCM) is my go-to mask now.

Right after use, my skin feels very fresh and clean. It feels smooth, light and "breathable". Deep cleansing? Yes, it does.
The pores on my nose are very clean after using this. There is a huge difference between using this simple (no-pain) clay mask and a pore strip. See below.

There is a clear difference between using a pore strip, and using this pore clay mask. The pore strip removes the "peach fuzz" off my face. It removes some blackheads, but it is not effective enough. It only (partially, barely) gets rid of the junk you have.

The pore clay mask is different. It deep cleanses your pores. It gets rid of the deep, embedded pore-junk I have. It cleans it so well that I don't have a lot "pore-junk" even later. It really does cleanse my skin and make it fresh, preventing more congested pores.


Within the first 5 days of receiving it, I used it 3 times. That's a bit more than recommended, but I just couldn't let go of this thing. I saw a noticeable change in my closed comedones (acne bumps), and they either shrank or disappeared. In 5 days!!! WHAT? o___o I still have some closed comedones left, but I have no doubt that this will take care of them.

I'm actually kicking myself for not discovering this sooner.
I could've saved so much money, by not buying those useless Kiehl's / Neutrogena / C&C / Holika Holika mask packs... T_____T

I am a huge fan of this mask. 
VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: It works well enough on its own - but I've actually been using it in conjunction with other specific "skincare routine steps". These steps are my ultimate "all kill" in skincare. It's noticeably changed my skin.
(My "all kill" skincare routine will be posted up soon, where this product plays a big part!)

- Deep cleanses pores
- "7 free"
- Cleanses and tightens pores
- Exfoliates
- Makes skin softer
- Cooling effect
- Gets rid of my closed comedones (saw results after 5 days)
Pictures of this will be posted in the upcoming "all kill" skincare routine post

- 100ml doesn't last too long (I went through this tub fast. If you like this, I really suggest getting the 200ml. It's cheaper for the amount!)

Wash it off after 15 minutes - no longer. I once pushed the limit too hard (I dozed off before washing it off), and had it on my face for 30-45min. My skin wasn't too great the next day. It was a bit dry and even a little "flaky" in some areas.

Rating: 4/5
The 100ml specifically gets a 4/5 rating. It loses a star because of its size and price. For the 100ml, I do believe that it's a bit expensive (even though its amazing). It's just too small, that's all.

I'd suggest getting the 200ml, if you're looking for an even "price vs. size" match.

Repurchase? Yes. I have. 
After hitting the halfway mark on this 100ml tub, I knew it was amazing. I quickly ordered the 200ml tube. I love the tube version WAY better - it's easier to use, more hygienic, and better price! I will now be repurchasing the tube version (not the tub).

Thanks for reading, guys!

What about you?
Have you tried clay masks before? What works for your pores?

Note: This review is sponsored, but is 100% honest. My opinion cannot be bought. (Repurchase of 200ml tube was not sponsored.)
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