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What I got for Christmas 2013 (+Giveaway winners)

So... Christmas was 7ish days ago. This is definitely a late post, but really - when have I ever been on time for anything? ;o; Eeep.

I hope you guys had a great Christmas (or if you don't celebrate it, a happy and restful winter)! I'm just dreading the day when I have to go out and trudge my way to school again. 
So FWP, eh?

I was actually very, very lucky this year and received a lot of presents and love from my family. We went to Cabo for winter break, so I got to spend a lot of time with them and it was definitely nice to chill after being so crazed. 

Anyways, today I have a "What I got for Christmas 2013" post for you. These posts are honestly so popular and everyone does them, and I also have a personal addiction to reading/viewing them, heh. I'm just generally a really nosey person in general. You too? 

Let's get on to it! 
(Giveaway winners will be at the bottom of the post) 

MUFE HD foundation, shade n120 
One of my aunts gave me some money to buy myself a MUFE HD foundation, so thank you! My other bottle was getting a bit too old, so yee. This is the shade N120, and the only foundation that I really, really, really like. 

Thanks to my brother, who got me this Clarisonic Mia. I had really been wanting to try one, and my skin's been being "meh" these days thanks to the Winter weather. I've used it once so far, and its so... interesting! o__o 
I like the feeling of an oversized electric toothbrush on my forehead, yes. 

(By the way, sorry that some of the pictures look too dark and gross. It's next to impossible to get good lightning for me these days. T__T)

Next up - a Marc Jacobs perfume!
This is the Daisy eau so fresh one. I don't wear perfume and I used to find it way too much of a hassle to remember to wear it, but omg. I love this so much. ;o; I luuuuurve it. 

When I was opening this, I thought it was the pale yellow one, but bam. It was the "Fresh" version! They smell exactly the same through, but I like this one better now, hehe. 8D It comes in a big bottle (4.25oz), so I know it'll last forever and a half. It smells fresh and flowery, but not "old lady". 
Me likey. 

From my grandparents (mom's side) I got this notebook! I absolutely love this special, special present. When I was a baby, I used to spend the most time with my grandparents while my parents were at work. I'm quite close to them. 

I remember walking home (aka grandparents house) from kindergarden with my older cousins, and we used to chase and corner the chipmunks near their house. 
They were terrified; and we were delighted by their terror. #meanchildren

My grandparents had a huge backyard, so in the wintertime we used to rush out and make snowmen. We used my grandpa's golf clubs as the snowman's arms. They were long. 
...random memories, yeah. 

In the notebook, my grandma wrote a letter to us (she gave a notebook to each of her grandchildren), and my grandpa was the one who typed it out on the computer.
I love them so much, man. I'm telling ya. 

I have an obsession with Forever21 socks - they're so cheap, but ARGH they're so adorable. Why are they so adorable? F21 has a huge selection of these socks, and I kid you not - whenever I go to the mall, I always end up picking a new sock. 

One of my cousins, Joy, got me a whole hoopla of them... plus 3 mini candles from Bath and Body Works! The socks are absolutely adorable. The burger and the fries... rainbow stripes... owls... meow cats... anchors... and fuzzy sleepy socks! SOCKS SOCKS SOCKS. 

My dad got me this pretty Tiffany and Co. necklace for Christmas. I had really been wanting this specific necklace for the longest time; I had stalked it on the store website for months, just to look at it... lol. 

My dad's a person who has absolutely no interest in fancy shmancy stuff, hates wasting money on fancy shamancy stuff, and hates buying new stuff. (Ex: I had been looking to buy a watch lately, and he's like "what do you need a new watch for? You have that red Roots watch."
...I got that watch in 3rd grade. And it's kinda broken... o.o

So it was a surprise that he'd actually get me this necklace. He handed it to me and said in his usual gruff way (in Korean) "be healthy", lol. 
Gotta love my pops. 

This year was definitely a strangely surprisingly nice Christmas. My dad was on a curious roll. He always grumbled about the $10 aviators I wore all the time, going all "your eyes are going to get bad". So when we were flying back to Toronto, he picked up these Ray Ban aviators for me as a Christmas present. 
(I'm not sure what the exact model name is, sorry about that! I'll edit this post when I get back home to see.)

I really, really like these sunglasses a lot, and now my dad and I can be sunglass twinsiiiiiees! ^o^ (He has an old pair he got a long, long time ago... when he was my age or something.)

For Christmas, my mom got me a new backpack! I had really needed a backpack for the longest time, but I never went around getting it. I had been lugging around those huge Longchamp bags to school, and let me tell you - that's a perfect way to screw up your arm. It kills. 

My mom didn't like those 2 strap Herschel backpacks, thinking that it looked childish, and she liked this plain one, heh. Thanks, ma! I'll be a jolly good studious student with this backpack~

I'm sure I'm not alone, but I LOVE getting new school supplies. 

So I'm super excited with this and packing it up already haha (school doesn't start for another week and a half or something). 

My mom also got me a pair of leather Sam Edelman boots, but I haven't been able to picture of them. (It's kind of difficult to go home lately, so yeah.)

Taaddaaa, I got a new watch! 
As mentioned before, I've been looking for a watch for a long time. People had given me gift cards to stores throughout the year, so I gathered enough moolah to get a one for Christmas. This gold Michael Kors watch is so pretty, and I really like the simplicity of it. ^__^ 

I'm kinda terrified I'll break it or something, it's still in it's "new and shiney" state right now... heh. 

And lastly... an elf present from me to myself! Elf was having one of it's crazy sales (50% off) and there was free shipping with orders of $35+. So me and 2 other friends combined our orders. 

This is the first time I've ever actually owned an elf product for myself. The price itself was "OMG worthy". 

I bought: 
1. A brush holder ($15)
2. A brush set ($15)
3. A "Little black beauty book" 48 eyeshadow book ($6)
4. A tweezer ($1, not shown)

Honestly, the eyeshadows are a little "meh". 
But because there are so many colours and because it was cheap, this will be awesome for those "gonna eff up my face today!!!!111!!!!" days. (days to experiment with crazy looks, to play with, etc.)

Though it's pretty pricey, the brush holder is really nice! As far as I could tell, it's decent quality and feels really sturdy. 

The brush set... hm. It's okay. I haven't really used the brushes yet (I stick to my beauty blender), but just bought this set on impulse. It's not amazing, but I guess it does the job. $15 for a whole set is pretty good. 
(It does have a "polluted factory" smell, though. I can't stand that. Bleh.)

Well, that's that!
Other family members gave me money for Christmas, and I'll spend some of that on a future haul to share with you guys. ^_^ 
Though I wasn't able to show everything I got, I'm super happy to finally share this post with y'all!

Giveaway winners 
I'm sorry I wasn't able to announce the winners beforehand, but here they are: congrats, guys! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Surprise winners!
While the giveaway was going on, it got me thinking: because this is a raffle giveaway, it's not garunteed that my actual readers will win my giveaway. Someone random could just pop in, enter a quick entry, and win - and loyal readers (who read, comment, etc.) are left with a lesser chance of winning.

In addition to the 2 winners of the "1000" giveaway palooza, I'll be gifting 2 more people! Though the prize isn't as large as the original ones, you'll be getting some of the same stuff! I hope it shows how much I appreciate your support and love. ^_^ (And your lovely comments, teeheeheebedeehee)

The 2 "surprise" winners are: 
- Anna (; Tonymoly "blackhead out oil gel" egg + sheet masks
- Wai K. (; Tonymoly bunny mist + sheet masks

Thank you guys for always commenting nice stuff on here, and just generally being 2 awesome people. 
I'm actually really genuinely happy that I met you guys, and hope that we'll all blog and be happy together for as long as Blogspot exists bwahahhahaha. 

I'll be surprise-gifting people in the future as well - there's too many of you wonderful people out there! ;o;


What about you?
What'd you get for Christmas? (Clothes, electronics, makeup, etc?)
What'd you do for the winter break?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My christmas 2013

So I'm kinda back! Exams are basically done, and I have a couple of days to just chill out. "Chilling out" basically means hibernating for a few days. 

Though I won't be home for Christmas, the tree is up and the house has a festive mood going on. Since this is the first Christmas blogging, I thought I'd show you a sneak peek into our Christmas decorating shenanigans - mainly, my tree. 

The Tree 

Every year, I'm basically the one who decorates the tree - and we usually put it up like, December 26th. Really, really late. 
And we keep it up till March... lol. #lazy

I'm the one who puts up the tree, and I'm also the one who picked all the ornaments out. Our house doesn't really have strong Christmas family traditions, you see. So none of our ornaments have a particular story, or were made by ourselves.

The more ornate ornaments were handmade... just not by us...
That makes it just as special, right?
...lets pretend it does.............

On a side note, we don't have a Christmas stocking tradition! I have never had a stocking in my entire life.... :(
Do you get stockings stuffed? 

Some of you guys might remember, but I wrote a "facts about me" post a few months back. In it, I mentioned that I was obsessed with anything handmade. That includes ornaments, lol.
So when I saw all these fancy ornies (lol...ornies) in a store, I jumped on them and hoarded them all.

There are a few ornaments that weren't purchased, but came in little chocolate baskets as decorations. I just stuck them on the tree. Recycling! 

On a side note, LOVE those Chocolate baskets that everyone gifts during Christmas. I can gobble everything in a basket by myself, hohohohohoho.
(On another side note, those baskets look so full, but basically it's just a single chocolate bar and a pack of hot chocolate mix... humph.)

The strand of pearl/crystal/glass/plastic balls (or whatever they are) are basically the only thing on the tree that is "ours". No Christmas tree of mine is finished without The Strands.

I have no idea where we got them, but we've had these strands for the longest time. I remember playing with them when I was a baby.
I also remember "leashing" my baby brother with them and dragging him around the kitchen.

Cabbage... flower... cabbageflower.

One of the "recycled" ornaments is this white cabbage-y looking flower thing. My mom went to this random flower arranging class a few years ago, and came home with a basket... of fake arranged flowers.

When that basket eventually fell apart, I kept the biggest parts and stick them on the tree every year. I'm such a good hoarder recycler. Pat on the back, pls.

Oh my goodness The Shiney. Look at all that glitter oh myyyy. Oh myyy. My eyes just feast on the glitter and I find an inner happiness in the depths of my cold hard Christmas-deprived soul.
Am I scary yet

More random pictures

That's enough of the tree, now let's look at the random little knick knacks! (i.e. I went camera-happy and just took a few more random, stumble-around-the-house-while-pressing-the-button photos).

These 4 little houses are Christmas houses! Can you tell?
My cousin bought us these last Christmas, and they're actually so cool. Each house has a tiny button, which plays music when you press it. The houses are sold separately, but if you have all 4, there's a special "set" effect.
I LIKE. *___* 

(And the random Santa on the side is from a wine bottle. Lol.)

This is a former Godiva chocolate basket, which we got as a gift a few years back. Everything inside was really, really yummy... there was just so little of it. I was sad.
But the sled packaging thing was really cute, so I was happy.

(And the random bow on the sled is from... I'm not sure, but I picked it up somewhere and stuck it on there.)

I'm pretty sure my mom made this half-wreath thing, but I can't be too sure. It looks like she made it. I'll have to ask her about it.

My friends, this is my dog's worst enemy.
She's absolutely terrified of this mini Santa figure (I think it's because it towers over her, and she's scared of big stuff).
It's hilarious, though. Every time I bring it out from the basement, she goes running. 

I like the fancy-ness of Santa's outfit. He's carrying a fancy shmancy snowflake, while wearing a fur trimmed robe thingymajig. #fashionablesanta

Santa is carrying a bunch of fruits and a bunch of ice-frosted tree branches! #natureman

I bought this snowglobe when I was in 6th grade. I had a snowglobe phase. 
On a random side note, the falling "snowflakes" are HUGE. Why are they so huge? If snowflakes were that huge in real life, it would be quite scary. 

So that finishes today's review! I really liked rambling today, hehe - it's a nice breath of freshness from the usual product reviews. 

So! What about you?
- Have you decorated yet? 
- Do you decorate? 
- What are some of your Christmas traditions?
- Do you have stockings? (I am so jealous.......)
- Do you go "all out" with Christmas decorating? 
- What does your tree look like?
- Do you have special ornaments that you made yourself? 
- Do you buy 100% of your tree ornaments? 
- Why am I asking so many questions?
- Can you tell I'm excited?

If you wrote a Christmas/holiday-related post on your blog, please link it in the comments below! I'd love to read it! 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

[Review] Laneige Original Essence White Plus Renew

I'm curious - are you happy with your skin?
Can you say that you don't need any skin-related oomphs?

I'd have to say that I definitely need some extra oomphs to make my skin look nicer. I (usually) don't go to school with makeup on, so the least I can do is have nice, bright, clear skin. It's like... a public service thing, lol.
We don't want anyone screaming over my midterm/final state-of-self. 

Anyways, today I'll be talking about a Laneige product; this is the "Original Essence" in the White Plus Renew line. This product is from the popular online store, "ibuybeauti" - one of the few online stores I trust 100%, and personally purchase from.

Laneige's "Original Essence" is apparently their #1 top seller - on their website, they list it as the #1 most popular and purchased product. 
(#2 is the famous Water Sleeping Pack, #3 is the equally famous Laneige Cushion.)
I've seen lots of reviews for this product, and dang. It looks like a lot of people have had positive experiences with it.

This product has also won a number of awards as well, such as an award from Naver, and the Ceci k-beauty awards. 


"For the most beautifully radiant skin via 6 functions; lustre, moisture, brightness, evens skin tone, slows melanin rate and reduces dullness."

- For all skin types
- Day and night use 
- L-proved remedy
- Camellia Sinensis Leaf and Yeast extracts 

7 years of research has gone into this product. Approximately 1,200 women in Asian cities were asked what they think about beauty, and many of them responded that "bright and flawless skin" was the most important (and desirable) feature to have. 

A partnership with "L-proved remedy" and Laneige's own "Melacrusher" and boom - Laneige's Original Essence (White Plus Renew) was born in early 2013. 

The product claims to "up" your skin 2 tones up - in 2 weeks, with a whole package of benefits. Evening skin tone, reducing dullness, you name it... it claims it. 

The "Melacrusher" technology works on your skin to actively remove the melanin veil on your skin. (Melanin is natural to your body and is the "thing" that gives colour to your skin, iris and hair.) Laneige states that 4 "mild ingredients" are used in the product to give you a complexion 2 tones brighter. 

- 40ml of product in each bottle.

Price and "ibuybeauti"

You can buy this product at ibuybeauti for $44.99. This is definitely one of the cheapest and fairest prices I've seen for this product. I have seen this exact same product selling for $70 in other stores.

I think it's also worth noting that ibuybeauti includes a number of freebies! Samples and face masks, and sometimes they add in bigger freebies as well, depending on how big your order is.

I recently purchased my Dr. Jart toner/lotion set from ibuybeauti... and good lawd. I thought I received the wrong order because of the number of freebies in that box, seriously (you can see a picture of that haul in my Twitter images).

Customer service is extremely fast as well, and they are completely reliable in service, reliability and authenticity of the products. Many of the items are the lowest I've seen online (ex: Laneige Original Essence, and the Dr. Jart ctrl-A set).

Definitely, definitely, definitely one of my all time favourite stores.

My skin... before.

I really wanted to try this product because of all those claims. We're in going into Winter now, and my skin really shows it. I get dull, crackly skin. It looks gross and it feels "bleh". 

On top of this, I've been experimenting with a bunch of nail polishes lately. I'm not sure if it's just me, but nail polish makes my skin EXTREMELY dull, like I'm a walking corpse. I kid you not. (Seriously, is it just me? Do I have an allergy to nail polish I don't know about? Hmm.)

On top of that... I was majorly breaking out. I think it was stress and hormones, but it was a huge mess. This review is actually a bit late because I've had such a crazy issue with zits, and I had to take a break off using any products (other than the bare, bare, basics) for a while. 

...basically, I look lifeless. 
So any product that claims to fix this issue is immediately on my radar. 


If you're big on Asian cosmetics and skincare, you've probably heard of the immense craze over "whitening" products. Please note that I won't be (deeply) discussing any controversies in whitening/brightening products in this post. If you've got any opinions about the matter, feel free to leave a comment! 

I'm not using this product to look "like a white girl". I'm using this product for the reasons mentioned above - to brighten and give my skin a... sense of life. To look like I'm a living human being, and not a walking dead person. 
A "yellow" person could have dull or bright skin.
A "black" person could have dull or bright skin.
An "olive" person could have dull or bright skin.
A "white" person could have dull or bright skin.
I'd personally like bright skin over my dull. 

How to Use 

I started using the product in early November, and have been using it until now. Though the instructions say to use the product every morning and evening, admittedly I wasn't too diligent with it. There were some days where I just scuttled off without using it. Scuttle scuttle!~

The essence is easy to use, and it's pretty thin and lightweight. It's not creamy, nor does it sit on your face and feel like it's clogging up every pore. It absorbs pretty quickly and leaves my face feeling soft and moisturized.

Before and after 

To be honest, I'm a little "iffy" on showing you these pictures - I tried my best, but lighting was just so difficult to get right. (Taking the "before" and "after" pictures were difficult to get under the same lightning at the time.)

All in all, this isn't just a "claim" product. Laneige's Original Essence offers many different benefits, and I can say that it actually works. Though it's not too clear in the before/after photo, it really did brighten up my skin. It reduced the redness on my face, and helped fade away dark spots.

My experience 

I honestly think that this product works. To recap, the 6 claims were:
- Lustre
- Moisture
- Brightness
- Evens out skin tone
- Slows melanin rate
- Reduces dullness

I've actually seen these claims actually work out. The redness around my nose and cheeks are most effected, and it's definitely improved. My skin has generally brighten up and any little dark spots I had on my face faded significantly. I definitely saw the product working.

I'd have to warn you, though - Laneige claims that you see progress in as little as 2 weeks. Some people have seen results in 2 weeks. I didn't. It took longer for me to see results (this may be because I skipped a day or two). I started seeing results in the 3-4 week mark.

This product has made enough of a difference to see not just by myself, but by other people as well. My family (who sees me everyday, and wouldn't notice anything unless it's huge), has seen a change.
Friends have also noticed a difference and said my skin's definitely improved and it's "less red and stuff".

It works - and if this is a kind of product that you need, I think it's worth giving a shot.

- Visible change
- Moisturizes skin
- Brightens up skin tone
- Evens out skin tone, reduces redness
- Helps to fade out dark spots
- Doesn't feel greasy
- Absorbs quickly

- Pricey
- Need to be diligent and use this regularly to see results
(not really a "con", but just a warning for the lazier people, hehee~)

Note: I don't give half marks. 

It's one of the better skincare products I've tried so far, and one of my favourite products from Laneige. It works, and I've seen the changes!

...I'm so picky with ratings, and because my ratings are only out of 5, it's difficult to rate a product sometimes (I never give half marks). There's a big difference between a "4" and a "5" though, and I don't think this product deserves a whole point lower.
You feel me?

What about you?
Do you use "whitening" products? Would you be interested in trying this?
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